POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR [Bring Me The Horizon] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 2:44
2 4:51
3 3:35
4 3:40
5 1:26
6 3:40
7 3:29
8 4:40
9 4:03
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POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR by Bring Me The Horizon Album Reviews

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- incredible

amazing album listen to it

- This is not sempiternal

A step back to their heavier roots, just wish they’d stop the collaborations, obey would be better without Youngblood and king slayer would be better without babymetal. We want bring me the horizon, nothing else. More screams, growls, breakdowns and heavy riffs. Less auto tune

- I love this band!

BMTH 4 life

- New!!

This ep is unique and refreshing. It takes elements of older nu-metal and fuses them with modern styles. The production just sounds so incredibly epic there’s not much else to it.

- This album slaps but

This album is amazing but there is allot of rerelease like obey, parasite eve just to name a few but it felt like likin park that’s not bad but it’s not original

- Best of Both Worlds

I love how kinda put their Sound from Amo into what they’ve done with Sempiternal and That’s the Spirit. The collaboration with both sounds makes this Album one of their Best. Also I cannot stop listening to Kingslayer with BABYMETAL, It’s my new favorite song by this Band.

- Solid

The worst part of this album is it was only 30min long.

- A Good Decision

They decided to go a little harder than Amo, I emphasize a little. It's by no means a return to their greatness they displayed on Sempiternal, but it's a step in the right direction.

- Nope

This is auto tuned emocore pop garbage with pop synthesizers and some absolutely terrible guest vocals by Babymetal.

- Delivered

Not even Amazon can deliver as many times as BMTH, this band! They never fail.

- Fantastic

There's hardly any lows on this album, the highs HEAVILY outweigh the very tiny lows. Honestly wasn't expecting much coming into this, but I constantly find myself coming back multiple times a day for a full relisten, and it STILL gets stuck in my head throughout the day. Very satisfied.

- Amazing...

This band once again is proving every one that they can really do anything they want with any genre and any feature and they will kill it, forever my favorite band.

- The album is promising, my rating: 9 out 10

This Album/EP from Bring Me The Horizon is very amazing and really good. I’m happy they went back to their heavier roots while still evolving with the sound of music they come out with. Kingslayer with BABYMETAL of all collaborations is one of my favorite songs, Oli bringing back his DeathCore/MetalCore growl/screams are perfect and it shows he still has it. Obey is very catchy with a strong Hard Rock mix adding YUNGBLUD in the song was very well done. Obviously we knew how strong Ludens/Teardrops/Parasite Eve were before this album fully released. I didn’t mind Amo and definitely was not my favorite, but BMTH bounced back with the energy in POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR

- Amazing!!!

I enjoy the constant evolution of BMTH. Although not as much of an evolution as Amo, Post Human does bring some new sounds, guest appearances and some of their older flavor. My favorites are Kingslayer, Teardrops and Parasite Eve, but the whole album is a banger!

- Yes!!!!!!!

This might be the best album they have came out with!!!! I freaking love it. So glad they bounced back from the last album. So sick!!

- Great tunes..

But negative (atheist) lyrics. I’m not religious by any means but I like music to inspire and uplift a bit more.

- Despite ripping off Deftones on a riff this is decent

It's better than there last two albums for sure. I was disappointed they ripped Deftones on a riff (swerve city) they need to do better than that. It's unfortinate because this was a harder album without a doubt. So I'll state for the record that its better.

- Five whole stars

It’s like a wonderful mix of all their best work. It pulls influence from everything from count your blessings to amo & everything in between, in addition to adding new elements. What I love about the bands vision (esp. Oli and Jordan’s style of production) is that they constantly experiment with new sounds while staying true to the bands original sound too. And obviously these lyrics are killer. Very mindful of everything we are all going through right now in the world, and makes for a great unfiltered commentary on how dismal living through a time period such as this, can be. Yet it’s hopeful somehow?! I don’t get it but I love these guys so much and I play this album entirely too much 😅 can’t wait for live shows to return because I NEED to hear dear diary live

- Masterpiece

Work of art. These guys have perfected their sound & this is my absolute favorite era of this band.

- Would have been better with no Babymetal & Amy Lee

Better than Amo and Music To..., but 1) hearing the opening of Deftones Swerve City near the end of Dear Diary and 2) the annoying Babymetal in Kingslayer, and 3) BMTH’s attempt at capturing Seether/Amy Lee’s sickening success of “Broken” in One Day just makes this fall a little flat for me. However, Dear Diary, Parasite Eve, Teardrops, and Obey are all overall some of the best things BMTH has done in a long time (and that’s not saying much) so it makes up for it. I’m hoping they at least keep this up, because after the past few releases I was worried BMTH had nothing left to do but dabble in country music or jazz.

- Wow

BMTH is easily the best rock band around. Very innovative!

- It’s good

I prefer amo. I’m just not really into heavy music anymore.



- Sheesh

Oli and Amy need to continue their collabs. What a duo!! This entire album is what I had hoped for and more.

- god tier


- Back to what they’re best at

Total improvement from amo🤘🏻 glad they didn’t leave rock/metal behind.

- BMTH Never Disappoints

I Love Every Track From This Album It’s Worth Buying I Was Always A Fan Even When Amo Came Out None Of Their Records Has Never Been Garbage I Will Always Love And Support This Band❤️😍

- Rock is not dead

This is AMAZING! I expected nothing less from them and they really brought it. I’m glad that everyone was able to come together for this album and create such a masterpiece!

- Babymetal!

I am so happy that they finally collaborate Babymetal and the new song kingslayer is just awesome! Yes I am a big fan of Babymetal 😀

- This album is batshit crazy and I’m loving it!

Should be the anthem for 2020.

- Collab

Of course I’m going to rave about the collab with Amy. It’s dark, beautiful, like an ending to a epic movie.


These guys can do no wrong. Their stuff is always gold.

- 🔥🔥🔥

Once again Bring Me The Horizon doesn’t fail to deliver. They kill it no matter how they change the sound!

- Five stars idc

Best work since there is a hell. Every old fan who dissed this band will love them again watch.

- Great EP

This EP is one of the best they’ve put out so far. Parasite Eve, Teardrops, Kingslayer, and 1x1 are absolute bangers! Give it a listen, you won’t be sorry!

- Ok. No joke.

Yah. I was totally blown away from this album. And to be fair, I sat back and thought they were drip feeding us what i thought was the main hits just to give us nothing but filler songs, but i was totally wrong. The one with Amy Lee featured had me grinning from ear to ear. Keep on rocking BMTH!!



- Only for baby metal

The only thing good about it was baby metal. Bring me the horizon used to be good. Not so much any more

- 🔥

Easily in there top 3 best work

- So uhh

Rock of the year. Period

- Idk why I hate parasite eve so much

Love this, a huge step up over Amo, but I just think Parasite Eve is awful, idk why. My skip track.

- Fantastic

It’s a fantastic ep.

- All Killer, No Filler

Just realized my last review may have had some unsavory language that Apple frowns upon. Oh well, worth writing again. As somebody who was introduced to BMTH’s music when heavy music was their focus, I had grown to be 100% okay with not hearing that as their main sonic focus anymore. I thought “amo” was an absolute MASTERPIECE, it quickly became one of my favorite records of all time as a collection of bold and successful creative risks with undeniable sonic and lyrical depth and substance. “Music to Listen To” also piqued my interest, cool trippy music with Bring Me’s characteristic aggression and theatrics is nothing to complain about. Who needs blast beats and breakdowns anymore, right? Well, as it turns out, I did. We all did. BMTH take these 9 tracks to encapsulate the anxiety, grief, anger, and collective trauma we have all experienced as society has begun to reach the point of implosion over the past few years/months. The aggressive tone perfectly conveys the blatantly political and nihilist tones of the record, all while never skipping out on the opportunity to take a creative risk when the opportunity presents itself. Each song has its own character and the abundance of well-played yet out of left field features and collaborations throughout make clear this isn’t a safe play for the group, but an effort with genuine creative energy and intent. The blend of the unabashed experimentalism BMTH courted with on “amo” with the metal (or metalcore, or deathcore, or alt/nu metal, or thrash, whatever kinda label you could slap on distorted guitars and screaming) edge that had been their bread and butter years ago provides a unique soundscape that is guaranteed to grab your attention and keep it. I would say I’m speechless but clearly there’s a lot to say, so I’ll end with this: if you want to have your sugar honey ice & tea rocked in all the right ways, give this EP a listen.

- Very Consistent, and Even Innovative!

I've never liked Bring Me the Horizon. I was exposed to them ten years ago when I was a sophomore by one of my idiot classmates. The song was The Sadness Will Never End, and when I saw the album title for Heaven/Hell (no way I'm typing that nonsense out) I knew this band represented everything I hated in music of that time. So what brings me here? Well, I saw the song title for Itch for the Cure, and was curious as to what the rest of this EP sounds like. Out of curiosity I listened to the entire POST HUMAN ep and came out pleasantly surprised. I know Bring Me the Horizon's sound has evolved since 2013 (which admittedly they have songs here and there I've enjoyed from then to now) but POST HUMAN illustrates that this band may be setting a new style in rock music for the coming decade. The best example of this is Kingslayer, featuring Babymetal. By all means a song that should have gone horribly wrong, yet is executed brilliantly and juxtaposes Bring Me the Horizon's traditional metal sound with Babymetal's elegant vocals. Teardrops is a nice homage to Linkin Park and the duet with Amy Lee gives a solemn conclusion to a high energy EP. I know Medicine and Mantra off AMO sound similar to this, so I may listen to that album as well. One thing is for certain. Bring Me the Horizon has colored me impressed and I hope they can do it again with their next full length album.

- Mastapiece

Genuinely everything about this EP from front to back blew me out of the water. The last thing I expected was deathcore growls and deep gutterals but boy oh boy did bmth deliver on this one.

- Amazing

Easily one of their best projects to date!

- So rad!

Easily one of my favorite albums of all time! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Just buy and blast it!!

I am all about bands discovering new sounds and pushing the envelope, but sometimes it is always good to return back to that original sound and style that started it all. Great sound and lyrics that capture my full attention.

- This is amazing!!!

I haven't loved a bmth album this much since Sempeternal!! Every song is really unique and powerful!

- Awesome Album

I’ve loved all of there albums, and this is definitely my favorite. Dear Diary was my favorite, and I felt like there really weren’t any weak songs. All of the collaborations were fire.

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Pppprooeyabbb1111 - Fantastic Album

Great album - worth the buy and can’t wait to see where they continue to go. Hope they continue to go hard versus slower songs.

McLartyBottom - Bmth

Way better then the last album. Said I’d never bye another bmth album after the last one, but I caved once I heard it was not some pop album. Still not the old stuff but still great.

Rman66 - Trash


The6Lord - BMTH is freakin back🤘

To being good again

Slaysall - alot better than mantra

this album is absolutely amazing. ignore the person below👇🏻 he clearly doesnt know good music.

spudrocks - Refreshing

Good mix of a little bit a old and new

Nich0446 - Awesome

So looking forward to this, f the hater below

old3dg - Trash

It kinda sucks

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