KIDZ BOP 2021 by KIDZ BOP Kids

KIDZ BOP 2021 [KIDZ BOP Kids] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1Blinding Lights 2:59
D1-2Say So 3:06
D1-3Adore You 3:07
D1-4Break My Heart 3:24
D1-5Savage Love 2:50
D1-6Intentions 2:42
D1-7Rain On Me 3:03
D1-8Sunday Best 2:37
D1-9Memories 3:07
D1-10Kings & Queens 2:26
D1-11Stuck With U 3:40
D1-12Supalonely 2:57
D1-13Everything I Wanted 3:24
D1-14Toosie Slide 3:02
D1-15Stupid Love 3:06
D1-16Falling 2:35
D1-17RITMO 3:21
D2-1Cuz I Love You 2:52
D2-2Panini 1:55
D2-3Physical 3:01
D2-4What A Man Gotta Do 2:57
D2-6Don't Start Now 3:01
D2-72020 Vision 2:57
D2-8Dance Monkey 3:19
D2-9Before You Go 3:34
D2-10Trampoline 3:04
D2-11Lonely 3:10
D2-12Breaking Me 2:46
D2-13You Should Be Sad 3:18
D2-14Ily (i Love You Baby) 2:56
D2-15Into The Unknown 2:43
D2-16Rare 3:41
D2-17In Your Eyes 3:40
D2-18The Bones (US Version) 2:57
D2-19Me & Ur Ghost (US Version) 3:01
D2-20Favorito 3:30
D2-21La Canciòn 3:07
D2-22Au Revoir 3:12
D2-23194 Länder 3:26
D2-24Wenn Sie Tanzt 3:14
D2-25Übermorgen 2:45
D2-26走れ! 3:57
D2-27I Like It (Japan) 3:24
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KIDZ BOP 2021 by KIDZ BOP Kids Album Reviews

- Stop already


- ..

It’s ok but prefer the regular version

- literally dogwater

Why do they still make kids bop albums by the way? Isn't it 2021? All these kids want to be drug dealers when they grow up, i don't think they need censoring anymore. :p

- Not good

No popular songs only savage love this stick

- Karen attracted

I have a Karen knocking at my door

- 💜😍👍👑

I want to congratulate KIDZ BOP on making there 2021 album and want to say they are amazing and I love ALL there albums! #😃💜KIDZBOP!

- Yhhhj


- Love

Amazing they are my fav songs

- Kidz bop should get canceled

Why do they ruin songs with their dumb remixes

- The best songs ever!

These are the best songs ever!

- Poop

So good 🤟

- A lousy waste of time

They ruined blinding lights. It is abolished garbage

- Love it

I love all your songs and kidz bop

- 🤬🤬🤬

This is such trash can’t believe people listen to this

- Love this music

Love this!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Bad

Kids bop is trash they mess every single song they sing This deserves a 0 star ⭐️

- Kids Bop

Should You rather do blinding lights or savage love type it

- Kidz bop

Why u gotta copy crap

- Chile-

I would be embarrassed if I was one of these kids😭🤚🏻

- 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀👍🏻

They are like the best at music

- I haven’t heard from kidz bop in a long time

But I just wanted to say this is nice album

- I’m going out get my hair appointment yesterday so I’ll have my hair appointment at nine done


- Savage love

Hi I love savage love that's my favorite song Buy can I buy another with you can you make a Savage love song kind of like that sub called love love love my heart

- Copying

Bruh they ligit copy the songs and sing it and not gonna lie I kinda like the original creators when I first heard there songs I was like ok it’s only a few maybe they like it but up til this na I give this a one star maybe they should make their own songs

- Why

Why is it so high

- Kids Bop

Kids Bop is the type of company to money grab an artists hard work. The fact that they continue to degrade and decrease the quality and value of the original songs is ridiculous. I hated them when I was a kid and I still hate them now. Clean versions exist for a reason. Kids have no clue what depression, anxiety and misery is— so stop fabricating their perspectives. By the time I was 13 I was already listening to explicit music. Some parents didn’t appreciate my mother doing that but I wasn’t their child and still I turned out fine. Lady Gaga was the first artist I absolutely fell in love with. I was 11 years old at the time. Over a decade later Kids Bop still disrespects her music in kid friendly versions. Chromatica is already a clean album, stop disrespecting her work.

- Uhhh....

Who let them sing in foreign languages???

- Abosulute TRASh

It’s not good at all

- What is this like fr

This is dog

- Perfect

I love savage love you guys did well

- Adore you


- please stop making music

remove all your albums from itunes please

- I don’t like it

It was too long

- Avery Penn

You make me happy with your songs.I hope you have great days making your songs.

- Kidz Bop

I love this song I’m only eight this is good for kids to be there join music so me Kidz Bop sings everything perfectly even when they seen Havana that’s my favorite song thanks Kidz Bop

- Good kid music 😄😁!!

Gods music kids

- 🙄😒😑🥱

Ok, first I’ll start with the positive side: they do have a good idea of making inappropriate songs appropriate for all ages. Now for the negative side: THEY SING HORRIBLY!!! I loved the song “Stuck with U” but they ruined it!!! and “Savage love” I get that song cusses but like really??? And half of those songs are not inappropriate so leave them as they are!! LIKE RAIN ON ME AND STUCK WITH U!!! One of my friends sings them all the time and I feel like your music kills my ears! It’s a very good point to make the clean version, I think you should try to ONLY MAKE THE SONGS THAT CUSS into a clean version. Overall good message!!


Okay so who took down my review??? It was awesome and no one has the right to do that!! Eòwyn from LOTR said something and I wonder if it’s about Kids Bop; “Your words are poison.” And they are. Poison. To my ears. PLEEEEASE MAKE THIS GO AWAY NO ONE NOT EVEN COUNCILLOR BRONTE FROM KOTLC DESERVES TO HEAR THIS AWFUL RACKET!!!!! Sincerely, a representative from Kids Against Hurtful Stereotypes & Torturous Influences Movement (KAHSTIM)

- Molly

Great for the kids

- Why

When ur saying morning it sounds like moaning in say so 💀💀💀💀


I love kids bop but when they do some strange song that makes me mad. It is so expensive also.

- Jackson’s

Hi I am so happy that this is a very good. I love the song’s lyrics music 🎼 🎶🎶🎵🎹

- To Expensive

I would love to buy this if ... it wasn’t so much money

- Ok

Hi there

- Trash

Don’t have guts to say the explicit stuff!

- Eh

It’s ok. I feel like they kind of ruined everything I wanted but I like that they make the songs less inappropriate

- This is the best for kids

Hi you are doing a great job on the music because my daughter only dances with the music video and have you ever made the song watch me

- Surprising

I’m surprised there is only one hater


Stop this bull$hit

- I love I kidz bop I love them so much

I love

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Being a troll

- The best

I love it it would be sad if you didn’t love it

- Nicely music

This is great music and I always loved to listen to this music and this is perfect with the kids bop group as you know I watch this when I was 6 years old

- Noice

Its good!😺😺😺😺😸😸😸

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ITunes Charts UK

"KIDZ BOP 2021" and 23 more hit the Top 100 iTunesUK Albums Chart! Preview and more - .


Im surprised kidz bop still exists tbh, it was a commercial for the 2021 version.

Geo🧣 #StanSpaz

Right when I thought that 2021 couldn't start off any worse I see that they made a new kidz bop.


Kidz Bop has a set date at red rocks but Lotus doesn’t? - go fuck yourself already 2021! 🤨.

ITunes Charts UK

"KIDZ BOP 2021" and 17 more hit the Top 100 iTunesUK Albums Chart! Preview and more - .

Cameron’s twïtter tunnel of mystery

2021 kidz bop only.

Scino LLF



Can someone get me my stimmy so I can finally afford Kidz Bop 2021? 🙄.

⚡️mia🥂 ROCKJOONG🖤⛓

Kidz bop is so fuckin annoying on god idk how it’s still going even in 2021 😭.


Guys kidz bop 2021 is available RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

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