Starting Over by Chris Stapleton

Starting Over [Chris Stapleton] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:00
2 3:51
3 5:09
4 3:43
5 2:58
6 4:34
7 4:05
8 3:31
9 3:22
10 3:15
11 4:01
12 4:03
13 3:33
14 3:35
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Starting Over by Chris Stapleton Album Reviews

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- Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!!

Love the sound of Cold!! Missed seeing you this year. Please stay where you are.

- Great so far

Can’t wait to the album gets released

- The greatest

Glad to have him back!

- Beautiful

Soulful as always

- If This is Starting Over...

What makes Chris Stapleton and his band absolutely appealing to so many is the ability to rock out in southern rock, slow down to blues, skirt the line of Stapleton’s roots in blue grass, and just good country. He’s versatile, his music doesn’t all sound the same, thankfully. It’s not a one-hit-wonder material, it’s well-made and absolute talent. My wife and I saw Chris Stapleton live in Virginia a couple years ago and it was a great concert, rained and stormed like crazy and it made for a wild and memorable show. We’re looking forward to seeing Chris Stapleton again, performing many of the songs off Starting Over.

- Excited

Can’t wait for the rest!

- Pity The Fool

As B.A. Baracus used to say on the television program, The A Team... “I pity the fool that lets their cult of personality determine what music they listen to.” I may be paraphrasing...

- Christ Stapleton......

I am obsessed with his music. His voice is amazing!!!! Every day I check to see if he slipped out a song!! I can’t wait for his album to be released next month 😍😍😇

- Hypocrites

All you people only care about black lives when they’re killed by white cops. Other than that....COMPLETE SILENCE

- Writing Songs

He just writes songs he wants to listen to *wink*...and guess what? I want to listen to them too...

- Beyond country

He’s “classified” as country, but his style is so beyond what country music has morphed into the past few decades. He’s country, he’s rock and he’s blues.....and that sound is still very clear on the new album. The first couple of tracks released show his musical diversity. So far, so great!


I have great hopes for this new album!

- Lost me with his socialist Marxist views.

Darn shame and another cliche Hollywood sheep

- 🤮

Not good at all.

- Actual music.

Can’t say that, much these days! Always liked Chris’ MUSIC


First listened to country music as a boy (black boy) from Mississippi!! I grew up on Hank Jr. Conway, Merle, Willie etc.. Chris has pulled me back in!! The new songs are awesome!!

- More great tunes

Can’t wait till the other songs become available!

- A new fan

I have never been a fan of country music. Listening to some older Chris Stapleton has changed my mind. I love the new song Cold and can’t wait to hear the new album. Thanks for changing my mind, opening new doors, expanding my vocabulary, enhancing my appreciation.

- Bad

Not good

- Chris has pipes like some of the old soul singers.💎

Is it Country or Country/Soul? 🎤Cold can be put up there with some of the best soul music of our time. 🎷His voice sounds incredible.👍and the orchestration is beautiful💎 This is going to be a good album, if Cold is any indication of what’s to come. 🎼Bravo Chris


AMAZING. love it. Makes me feel emotions; as an amazing song should. Cannot wait for the rest of the album. Good job

- Love this album!

Keep up the great work man! You sound incredible in the 2 newly released singles. I can't stop listening to COLD--outstanding!! Can't wait to see you sing in person!

- Terrible

His new music sounds worse than the BLM rederick he spews. Mabey he can make music with Lil Wayne or Cardi B for his new fans to sell more albums than this crap is going to sell.

- Fantastic!

Love this song. Love Chris Stapleton. Love country music. And love BLM.

- keep it in the dump



Buy and stream HOLY

- Cold


- No


- Excellent!

Love him even more after his comments about BLM! Those who refuse to support him after that were never true fans to begin with. They won’t be missed.

- Love “Cold”

I have only listened to “Cold” so far and purchased it right away. Great bluesy country flavor & soul touching song! Keep up the great work Chris Stapleton! 👍🏼

- Such a fantastic voice!

He makes great music AND respects human dignity? Sign me up!

- R H

Loving this album already, thank you Chris for some more awesome music!! Hope to see you on the road again very soon.

- So Far Its good

Starting Over is a good song, waiting to see how the rest of the album is. This guy really needs to put out a blues album though.

- Oh that Voice

So happy to finally hear some new music! Never disappoints! Keep it coming!

- Excellent song!

What Chris Stapleton actually said was, “Do I think black lives matter? Absolutely. I don’t know how you could think they don’t. I think we all have a lot of work to do, you know, as individuals and as a society. And if you don’t think that, I think you’re not looking.” He never offered his support for BLM. He didn’t endorse BLM. Keep the excellent tunes coming, Chris!!

- Not good

Terrible downfall

- Once a fan

Song sounds good. Gonna wait for the entire album to make up my mind. Really wish you would’ve never did that CBS interview. Not sure if you said America was a myth or a mess? But you let CBS put ya in that position. And ALL LIVES MATTER

- 💗💗


- Bad ratings

If you’re rating this bad because you’re against BLM, you’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Chris Stapleton is actually for equality, and it’s sad some of you losers are against equality.

- El Stinko

Politics aside, this stinks.

- Trash

BLM endorsement sums up this song

- Starting Over?

Sounds like what you need to do with this album, Chris, if this pedestrian single is the best you’ve got. Oh, and I refuse to support anyone who supports Marxist terrorists who hate America. Buh bye. Say hi to the [Dixie] Chicks for me. —Former Fan

- Welcome Back Stapleton!

What a great song! Saw him live and it was a fantastic show! Sad to see so many racist comments on here. Leave your predetermined hatred and lack of social understanding of issues to yourself! You fake fans advertise your ignorance more than your lack of intelligence realizes. Kept going strong Chris Stapleton!

- Starting Over

Great song. I’ve always enjoyed your music and like you even more now that you have taken this humanitarian stance. Don’t let the racist get you down.

- Love the Song!

I can’t wait to hear the whole record! It’s also nice to know you are a compassionate human being, who isn’t afraid to speak out for what you believe in. Keep it up!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

- Starting Over

Awesome music from one of the best voices in country.

- Starting over

Great song right where I am layed off due to Covid a nurse go figure JALrn

- R.

Great song. Sad when customer reviews becomes a platform for knuckle dragging, mouth breathers to express their blatant racism. News flash... Artists for decades have been trying to figure out ways to keep bigots like you out of their shows. Good riddance...

- Real Country Music

He’s one of the few people putting out real country music these days. Most of the mainstream country singers are posers who think putting country sounding words into their songs make them authentic. A shame that there’s so many whiny snowflakes giving this 1 star because they’re too stupid and petty to shut their mouths and listen to the music instead of worry about whose opinions they like. Sad.

- Fantastic!

I see the racists and right wingers out here hating because he chose to support people of color. Everybody can have an opinion til it goes against theirs. “Keep politics out” lol what?! Country always has dealt with political and social issues all the back to loretta Lynn’s the pill! Get over it, this dude makes great music and is a genuine person. Sorry he doesn’t fit your cookie cutter cousin loving figure.

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ATG in Stittsville - Cold


sl007stef - Cold

Super composition 👌

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Desert Hugo90 - Prefection

I can only review on the bases of the first two tracks and based on them I can't wait for the full release . Vocal preformace on Cold has got to rank as the best Country male preformance in the last 5 years they are nothing short of incredible .

LivinginHavana - Supreme

Incredible voice. This album is going to be out of this world.

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@Maricalamariii: Hi twitter. Several months ago I packed up everything and moved my baby and I out of an abusive situation. We’re starti…


@Maricalamariii: Hi twitter. Several months ago I packed up everything and moved my baby and I out of an abusive situation. We’re starti…


@Maricalamariii: Hi twitter. Several months ago I packed up everything and moved my baby and I out of an abusive situation. We’re starti…

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