Folklore (deluxe version) by Taylor Swift

Folklore (deluxe version) [Taylor Swift] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:30
2 3:59
3 3:50
4 4:45
5 4:15
6 3:28
7 3:28
8 4:21
9 3:15
10 3:10
11 4:12
12 3:57
13 4:49
14 4:54
15 3:54
16 3:40
17 3:31
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Folklore (deluxe version) by Taylor Swift Album Reviews

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- Just what I needed5 star

I don’t know how Taylor Swift does it but every one of her albums has been just what I needed in that moment in my life. This is a beautiful addition to her repertoire and I’m loving every second of it. Calm listening in my overwhelming and stressed out life. Thank you for this, Taylor ❤️


I love all of the songs on this album!

- Taylor Swift is the music industry5 star

Yet again the music industry Ms.Taylor Swift released a new and surprisingly album. This album is good no words can describe the excitement that this album brought to me and my fellow swifties. The songs are absolutely perfect and awesome no words can describe how good this album is. Cardigan, Hoax, and Exile are my holy trinity. I also absolutely love that Taylor is re recording her older songs can’t wait. ALSO P.S HATERS GONNA HATE

- Masterpiece5 star

Such a beautiful lyrical journey

- I love hoax5 star

I love the song hoax. reminds everyone COVID is Nothing but a political hoax.

- Disappointing3 star

I have Taylor all over my playlists but not so much this time. Every song sounds the same. She’s whispering the lyrics in a certain way that I can’t tell one song from the next. I downloaded two songs from this album. That’s all I could stomach.

- Thank you Taylor5 star

One of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. I love it from beginning to end. What a wonderful piece of art. I love that Bon Iver was included in the album! He has been one of my favorite artists for years. This album deserves a Grammy! Congratulations Taylor Swift!

- amazing!5 star

such a beautiful, honest album.

- Iconic5 star

All the 1 star reviews are from barbz 🤢

- 🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢1 star

what was that??? it’s so boring and repetitive 🤢🤢 don’t waste your money on this 🤮🤮

- This Album is Fantastic5 star

I love every song on this album and it is amazing how the songs are related. Great job Taylor

- QUEEN5 star


- folklore is amazing5 star

I've been listening to this CD on repeat every day since I got it. This is her best yet, in my opinion. Favorites are The Last Great American Dynasty, Exile, August, Mirrorball, Betty, and The Lakes, but honestly I love them all and never skip one.

- So AWESOME!!!5 star

He who has never listened to Exile can be horribly regretful !😍😍❤️❤️

- Review folklore5 star

Really love these all songs... Now stay at home and feeling it.

- Her best album5 star

Saved 2020

- Fresh.5 star

I love how she moved away from pop and went more folky. This was a great listen and now a new fan.

- BEST5 star


- Lol!!1 star

People still listen to her? Bleh.

- Best album in years!!!!5 star

Think the lyrical genius of Red, plus the instrumental vibes that got us all loving Taylor back in the start of her career, and you have a phenomenal stripped-down album that showcases her amazing talent as a musician & songwriter. This is the album I’ve been waiting for for years - one that centers around storytelling, love & finding yourself. Bravo Taylor, you are truly a gifted soul !!!

- AMAZING5 star

Perfect vibe for nonstop listening while muddling through current events

- Amazing Growth5 star

I think she knew she was in need of a sea change, musically. Lover, by all means, was a good album. But after three pop records I wonder if she felt the dangers of diminishing returns and if she, for once, felt like she was chasing the zeitgeist instead of defining it. Folklore feels like a renaissance album, not just for her own personal artistry but for her standing in popular culture. The great ones- and I mean that rarefied air of generational songwriters- know how to adapt to changing times while keeping one foot firmly planted in the soil of their own talent. That is exactly what Folklore sounds like to me. I was beginning to worry that she had resigned herself to follow the contours of pop stardom; that she was content to live out album cycles with nauseating hype and radio-ready singles. But I am so, so glad to be proven wrong. Clearly what made Taylor great in the past still holds true today: she will pivot when the road becomes too familiar, she will orbit musical genres without ever firmly landing, and she will always be deadly with a pen and paper.

- So good!!5 star

I love this album so much it’s so beautiful and pretty!!


taylor really snapped with this

- Masterpiece5 star

folklore is beautiful, from the lyricism to the instrumentals. the story telling in this album is above and beyond, each song takes you on a journey through the characters’ lives. i can’t get enough of this album!

- ariana5 star


- The best.5 star

Simply put, her best yet.

- Rip off artist!!1 star

How about be original? You ripped off iamamiwhoami and myrkur’s art. You are still decades behind them.

- Wish I could give it a zero1 star

So so bad

- AMAZING5 star

Such poetic lyrics and amazing imagery. I love it!!!!

- Lone wolf girls night5 star

To much swears!🙈

- Absolutely love this album5 star

I love Folklore so much

- Yes5 star


- Iconic5 star

I’ll be listening to this for years

- Folklore will be remembered well past 2020!5 star

I didn’t know what to expect with this album. With each listen, I have fallen deeper in love with it. The Lakes, The Last Great American Dynasty, Mad Woman, and Cardigan are some great standouts. It is a nice album to listen too, and makes me reflect on things. Definitely buying the Vinyl LP.

- Just What We Need Now5 star

Soft, thoughtful, pared-down: perfect for the part of me that is sore and tired from the multiple pandemics (COVID, racism, white supremacy, and this horrorshow of an administration) pushing at the doors right now. Read a review in the New York Times that caused me to preview the tracks, and I really loved what I heard.

- Nah Girl!1 star

Girl, your vocals are way too basic to make anything like this sound interesting . Stick to the fuller pop sound. It hides the fact that your vocals are basic!


All of you who are complaining about the extra $1 and “deluxe” crap need to stop talking. You guys are still feeding into her crap and buying it regardless lol. You guys think she cares? Nope. It is all about the money & you poor simpletons are falling for it. Leaving reviews will not get you anywhere lol. Welcome to Covid-19:)

- Horrible1 star

So disappointed

- my ranking (they’re all amazing)5 star

i think the bonus track THE LAKES IS THE BEST. For the rest of the album... 1. cardigan 2. invisible string 3. peace 4. this is me trying 5. exile 6. epiphany 7. mirrorball 8. seven 9. betty 10. hoax 11. mad woman 12. august 13. the last great american dynasty 14. the 1 15. illicit affairs 16. my tears ricochet

- Album of the year5 star

This is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard wow💞

- On the clearance rack already????1 star

Not her best work. Songwriting is still pretty ok but the album put me to sleep. So I’d say if you’re into meditation or ambient music, get the album. But you don’t want to listen to this on your way to work in the morning. 😴🚘🚗

- Love it5 star

Music for right now. We really need this right now. Great job Taylor❤️❤️❤️⭐️

- Good but not Great1 star

Light years ahead of Lover but also light years behind Red and 1989 and LESS basic appealing to masses type of vibe and sound, but still relatively basic in my opinion. The story telling aspect is exceptionally strong, but there are elements that frankly don’t fit in and it seems very Low key energy. Suddenly Taylor’s all about Love when she spent the better part of her career viciously tearing down exes and enemies for her sole benefit, love how people were just ok with her being a bully in a sense and then her saying spread love As if she hasn’t created so much hate and war in this world. The album speaks volumes about Taylor’s personality trying to cover up her vicious bully side in an attempt to rebrand.

- 😴😴😴1 star

me dió sueño

- Rep is and will always best1 star

Yep I said it

- Song Ranking4 star

Fav: 😇 Good: 🙂 Meh: 😐 Bad: 😕 1. the last great american dynasty/invisible string (can’t pick) 😇 2. the 1 😇 3. cardigan 😇 4. exile 😇 5. my tears ricochet 😇 6. betty 😇 7. illicit affairs 😇 8. august 🙂 9. the lakes 🙂 10. epiphany 🙂 11. seven 🙂 12. peace 😐 13. this is me trying 😐 14. hoax 😐 15. mirrorball 😕 16. mad woman 😕 Note: This may not be completely accurate, as I put it together pretty quickly, but I know my first, fifteenth, and sixteenth are correct.

- Amazing5 star

I love it to the moon and to saturn.

- AMAZING5 star


- This album is everything5 star

Folklore is a masterpiece. Beautifully written full of imagery and concepts. I also love the production. Well done Taylor and everyone who worked on it.


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Jonny_78888888 - Not awful, not Good, below average2 star


DLTSODKPHSAM - Amazing Album5 star

There are no words to describe the musical genius who we know as Taylor Swift, keep making albums girl!!

linkjo100 - Perfect album5 star

This is her second best album right after RED.

Hopey Mcd - incredible5 star

i love it

trolled lol - troll1 star


@nathanpiasecki - Yes5 star

Wow TayTay

Fckck - Amazing album. Love 💗5 star

Love ❤️2020. Taylor swift is the best.💕best alternative album. Taylor can make any album. She the best


the best song off folklore is finally available digitally 😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃

Pat Kornday - Great Folk Album5 star

Great to see something totally different and unexpected from Taylor Swift good folk album more mature than past country pop and pop albums .

fizzingwhizzbee - Taylor's best work5 star

Until this album, I was not a fan of Taylor Swift. Her music just didn't do anything for me. I heard 'Cardigan' on the radio today and while I immediately recognised Taylor's voice, I couldn't believe how beautiful the song was. Out of curiosity, I visited her YouTube channel to listen to the other songs on this album and I was pleasantly surprised. I was interested to read about her collaboration with Aaron Dessner from 'The National' in co-writing several songs on this album. What a fantastic collaboration that has proven to be. Taylor's fans will either love the chilled, lyrically poetic vibe of 'folklore', which is certainly different from what the upbeat pop they would be used to, or they will hate it. For me, it's a side of Taylor that I really like and has given me an appreciation of her artistic talent and maturity.

RefinedArts - Too many holes in the old cardigan1 star

A try hard!

demonbitch666 - Amazing and beautifully written5 star

From the lyrics to the music too the overall feel this album is truely one of Taylor’s best

Blue eyes 09 - Just what I needed5 star

I have been looking for something relaxing to listen to whilst studying. Thank you Taylor for this album. It couldn’t have come at a better time. This is my favourite album yet.

booby trapped - No good3 star

I want new Taylor not old bat chick

TaylorSwiftIsMyMom - masterpiece5 star

her most beautiful and lyrically genius album to date and we have no choice but to stan

Craigy1976 - I'm Dumbfounded1 star

I dont understand how her albums are getting worse with every release. I thought her last album came out less than a year ago, What happend to that album?

Corded destroyer - Boring1 star

If this wasn’t a ‘surprise’ album it would have tanked hard, the songs are super boring with basic lyrics

ellieunicornxox123 - Unexpected but Good4 star

I like the album

Fifi26* - Soulful - love it5 star

Wonderful album, so many songs to love, I would say this is Taylor’s best so far

Britneyfan92 - Constantly evolving5 star

Her sound alters with each album. Her songwriting is at its absolute peak here. Do yourself a favour and listen to it a few times and let it sink in.

Luke887 - Album of the decade5 star

This well and truly is the album of the decade, it is a timeless, skiplees, boundless, masterpiece that will go on to be a staple, signature album in Taylor’s discography!! She has outdone herself.

J.J. C 77 - Sooo good5 star

I love it

Hopmelb2000 - Dull1 star

Most overrated album in ages, number one not because of the musical content . Just crazed Taylor game buying it because her name is on it

Guggy156 - Her best album5 star

This has surpassed reputation for me. Every track is magic

op16 - Masterpiece5 star

Such a surprise and such an amazing album. Taylor’s writing I’m over the years had excelled and she is now a true story teller. Love this 🤍

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ju6pter on insta - incredible5 star

best album ever

小小小x - On repeat5 star


Shdhdhhchsjsjaoqosodj - ALBUM OF THE YEAR PERIODDDD5 star


Iain 59 - Beauty5 star

The perfect blend of luscious melody and poetic lyricism. A master at the peak of her craft

CJ loves tattoos - Beautiful album!5 star

Grammy album of the year❤️👏🏻

StuboReviews - Album of the Year5 star

Taylor at her best - this album is beautiful from start to finish and ‘The Lakes’ on the deluxe version is the perfect closer.

AlfieMeader - ALBUM OF THE YEAR!5 star

The GRAMMYs better not snub her again, this is perfection periodt.

gsherry71 - the lakes is beautiful5 star

this song is absolutely amazing and beautiful

1990 A.D. DLX - Take me to the lakes...5 star

One of her most beautiful songs. The lyrics and instrumentation get me tears eyed every time. A simple masterpiece.

iiswhoiis7 - Incredible!!5 star

The lakes is so good 😍

RJSK13 - One of her bests5 star

It’s so nice to now have ‘the lakes’ out now. The whole album is so cohesive and breathtaking. Hence why it is one her bests (along with reputation and Red)

Imannabela - Best Album5 star

Need I say more?!

jctophs - Folklore5 star

Nice Album!

Fc61jots - Her Best Album Yet5 star

Religiously listening to this every night. Thank you Taylor Swift for giving me life this pandemic. ❤️💚💙

@dominaek - ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!5 star


Shaft Jacques - Folklore5 star

Folklore is the silver-lining of the emotional absurdity from this pandemic. It saved many unexplained emotions that we are experiencing during this quarantine. This is literally a Taylor Swift masterpiece. She vibe with us through her chill country songs, danced with us in her catchy pop songs, cried with us in every heartbreak we had, and with this Folklore, she definitely stand and stayed with us during this time of loneliness.

John Neil Francisco - folklore deserves the Grammy5 star

This album is a masterpiece!!!💚

Prince Sy - folklore5 star

With folklore, Taylor Swift once again saved the music industry.

septemberlass11 - THANK YOU TAYTAY5 star

Love you through and through! 🇵🇭

Karyn Swiftiee - Beautiful5 star

the lakes is definitely a masterpiece

Krystine Wintour - Outstanding Bonus Track5 star

The Lakes really proved that Taylor Swift is a Poet

Shadowlord07 - ALBUM OF THE YEAR5 star

the lakes bonus track is superb

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