Folklore (deluxe version) by Taylor Swift

Folklore (deluxe version) [Taylor Swift] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.The 1 3:30
2.Cardigan 3:59
3.The Last Great American Dynasty 3:50
4.Exile (feat. Bon Iver) 4:45
5.My Tears Ricochet 4:15
6.Mirrorball 3:28
7.Seven 3:28
8.August 4:21
9.This Is Me Trying 3:15
10.Illicit Affairs 3:10
11.Invisible String 4:12
12.Mad Woman 3:57
13.Epiphany 4:49
14.Betty 4:54
15.Peace 3:54
16.Hoax 3:40
17.The Lakes (bonus Track) 3:31

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Folklore (deluxe version) by Taylor Swift Album Reviews

- So good!!

I love this album so much it’s so beautiful and pretty!!


It’s such a good album. NO SKIPS!!!

- Her best

Her best album ever.

- Spectacular

It’s beautiful, amazing and full of amazing storytelling. I couldn’t have been happier listening to this masterpiece.

- Just what I needed

I don’t know how Taylor Swift does it but every one of her albums has been just what I needed in that moment in my life. This is a beautiful addition to her repertoire and I’m loving every second of it. Calm listening in my overwhelming and stressed out life. Thank you for this, Taylor ❤️

- Review folklore

Really love these all songs... Now stay at home and feeling it.

- Folklore is the New Favorite

Reputation was my favorite before Folklore came about. Lover was fun, but the lyrics for a few of the songs didn’t touch me too much. I extremely enjoy Taylor’s reflective stance in her songwriting during this album. If you’re looking for your typical pop sound, you’ll be disappointed. But if you listen to Taylor for her lyrics and the meanings/stories behind those songs, you’ll be touched more than you were during her reflective days of Red or her rebellious days of Reputation.



- Indio Canvas

Taylor Swift, is remembering what you have to say, she guides such simplicity to guide, tour, & glimpse her new old & pending predictions to make music I really respect her she’s amazing 💙

- amazing!

such a beautiful, honest album.

- It’s dull.

It’s dull

- ❤️❤️❤️

Disappoint with the rollout of the product, but that does not diminish the quality of the songs and album. Overall, it’s a masterpiece.

- No me gusto

Prefiero su música antigua

- Folklore

A new direction. Beautiful and timeless. The peace we needed.

- Great Album!

I hope she has a concert for this album, as she did not have many for Lover.

- Excellent

Taylor’s voice is so beautiful and haunting in some of her songs. I love the range she covers on this album.

- Amazing Growth

I think she knew she was in need of a sea change, musically. Lover, by all means, was a good album. But after three pop records I wonder if she felt the dangers of diminishing returns and if she, for once, felt like she was chasing the zeitgeist instead of defining it. Folklore feels like a renaissance album, not just for her own personal artistry but for her standing in popular culture. The great ones- and I mean that rarefied air of generational songwriters- know how to adapt to changing times while keeping one foot firmly planted in the soil of their own talent. That is exactly what Folklore sounds like to me. I was beginning to worry that she had resigned herself to follow the contours of pop stardom; that she was content to live out album cycles with nauseating hype and radio-ready singles. But I am so, so glad to be proven wrong. Clearly what made Taylor great in the past still holds true today: she will pivot when the road becomes too familiar, she will orbit musical genres without ever firmly landing, and she will always be deadly with a pen and paper.

- Iconic

All the 1 star reviews are from barbz 🤢

- I love hoax

I love the song hoax. reminds everyone COVID is Nothing but a political hoax.


I love all of the songs on this album!


He who has never listened to Exile can be horribly regretful !😍😍❤️❤️

- Amazing

The Lakes is such beautiful poetry !

- Joni Mitchell Vibes

The artistry of Taylor’s songwriting has always shined no matter what sound she is attempting to capture on any given album (country, pop, synth), but the sound of THIS album perfectly fits the beauty and timelessness of her songwriting. Much like Joni Mitchell, Taylor’s storytelling feels both from a different time and completely current, ready to fit whatever you have personally experienced, ready to validate and expose, ready to help you process and heal and grow. To me this album stands as her best, both lyrically and sonically, since Red. Each song feels like an independent story — harkening back to the familiarity of fables while remaining relevant as a new piece of art. Yet, the album as a whole — more than her recent albums in my opinion — feels like a cohesive unit: it’s a story with a panoptic feel, complete with characters and lyrics that explore the depth of human experience when it comes to love and loss in life. Taylor Swift wrote and produced an album of 17 songs that is both brilliant and beautiful during quarantine. She continues to astound me with the dedication she has to her craft and with her ability to speak truth about life in such a masterful and connective way. This quieter album is the very thing I’d hoped we’d get at some point in her career, and I’m so thankful it has come at this time.

- Disappointing

I have Taylor all over my playlists but not so much this time. Every song sounds the same. She’s whispering the lyrics in a certain way that I can’t tell one song from the next. I downloaded two songs from this album. That’s all I could stomach.

- perfect

poetic, beautiful, interesting. it’s insane i’ve been listening to it non stop the magical lyrics mixed with songs of fiction and fortune are magnificent. she’s out done herself again for the 8th time in a row with this stunning album full of love,pain, and just straight vibes.

- 🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢

what was that??? it’s so boring and repetitive 🤢🤢 don’t waste your money on this 🤮🤮

- This Album is Fantastic

I love every song on this album and it is amazing how the songs are related. Great job Taylor

- Her best album

Saved 2020

- Love it

Taylor, you are a QUEEN!!!!! 👑👑👑👑 This album is AMAZINGGGGGGG!! My give song is hands down The Lakes


This album is top tier!!! Personally believe it is Taylor’s best album!!! So good!!

- Yes

I don't know what is it about this album but it's almost like a love/hate relationship. It's made me feel something I didn't really want to feel but I needed to feel it. It's so hard to describe. It's like this has unlocked a different part of my brain. Thank you for writing this, I think everyone needed it.

- No

No no used to love her

- the lakes is so pretty


- No tanks

But this time maybe next one will be better

- Masterpiece

Such a beautiful lyrical journey

- Just awful

Music for the low IQ people out there.

- yes


- Amazing album!

This is such a nice, creative, and just emotional album. I love how mature its is, and how her lyrics are so amazing. No other writer like Taylor.



- I had a marvelous time listening to this album.

I did not care for Lover at all, but I was completely blown away by this album! This album feels more mature and inviting with thought provoking lyrics and beautiful music. Maybe she should leave Pop behind!


Best.Album.Ever. The people who gave this 1 star have no taste

- My first Taylor’s album, a MASTERPIECE.

I’m new to Taylor Swift, this album blew me away. Undeniably a masterpiece, one day music history will look back and it’ll be seen as a great written and sonic piece. Her lyrics are deep in self awareness, story telling, depth that some of us went through this 2020-quarantine times. The piano is simply marvelous.


Perfect vibe for nonstop listening while muddling through current events

- Best album in years!!!!

Think the lyrical genius of Red, plus the instrumental vibes that got us all loving Taylor back in the start of her career, and you have a phenomenal stripped-down album that showcases her amazing talent as a musician & songwriter. This is the album I’ve been waiting for for years - one that centers around storytelling, love & finding yourself. Bravo Taylor, you are truly a gifted soul !!!

- folklore is amazing

I've been listening to this CD on repeat every day since I got it. This is her best yet, in my opinion. Favorites are The Last Great American Dynasty, Exile, August, Mirrorball, Betty, and The Lakes, but honestly I love them all and never skip one.

- Fresh.

I love how she moved away from pop and went more folky. This was a great listen and now a new fan.

- Thank you Taylor

One of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. I love it from beginning to end. What a wonderful piece of art. I love that Bon Iver was included in the album! He has been one of my favorite artists for years. This album deserves a Grammy! Congratulations Taylor Swift!

- Taylor Swift is the music industry

Yet again the music industry Ms.Taylor Swift released a new and surprisingly album. This album is good no words can describe the excitement that this album brought to me and my fellow swifties. The songs are absolutely perfect and awesome no words can describe how good this album is. Cardigan, Hoax, and Exile are my holy trinity. I also absolutely love that Taylor is re recording her older songs can’t wait. ALSO P.S HATERS GONNA HATE

- Lol!!

People still listen to her? Bleh.

- Yes !

MIRRORBALL thank you ❤️❤️

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- Not awful, not Good, below average


- Brilliant

How to be in a great mood: 1. Put in your earphones, go to music and play folklore. 2. Repeat

- Amazing album. Love 💗

Love ❤️2020. Taylor swift is the best.💕best alternative album. Taylor can make any album. Taylor is the best!

- So down

why is this album depressing .

- troll


- Queen is back

This is a freaking masterpiece. Hands down the best music album of 2020

- Yes

Wow TayTay

- incredible

i love it

- First full album I have bought since digital downloads are the norm!

I fell in love with this album and it’s been playing on a loop constantly since August. It has such beautiful melodies that have a calming effect on my environment.


the best song off folklore is finally available digitally 😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😃

- Love!!!

She’s done it again, awesome album! The last great American is my current fav

- Perfect album

This is her second best album right after RED.

- Amazing Album

There are no words to describe the musical genius who we know as Taylor Swift, keep making albums girl!!

- Great Folk Album

Great to see something totally different and unexpected from Taylor Swift good folk album more mature than past country pop and pop albums .

- Just what I needed

I have been looking for something relaxing to listen to whilst studying. Thank you Taylor for this album. It couldn’t have come at a better time. This is my favourite album yet.

- Amazing

The lyrics are great and while the album as a whole is a bit bland I can’t get past the incredible lyrics and storytelling.

- I'm Dumbfounded

I dont understand how her albums are getting worse with every release. I thought her last album came out less than a year ago, What happend to that album?

- Her best album

This has surpassed reputation for me. Every track is magic

- Album of the decade

This well and truly is the album of the decade, it is a timeless, skiplees, boundless, masterpiece that will go on to be a staple, signature album in Taylor’s discography!! She has outdone herself.

- masterpiece

her most beautiful and lyrically genius album to date and we have no choice but to stan

- Taylor's best work

Until this album, I was not a fan of Taylor Swift. Her earlier material did not appeal to me. My favourite songs on the album are cardigan and august.

- Best music

At last, never before have I bought Taylor’s music and then this came along. She sings best when in her quiet register.

- Boring

If this wasn’t a ‘surprise’ album it would have tanked hard, the songs are super boring with basic lyrics

- No good

I want new Taylor not old bat chick

- Unexpected but Good

I like the album

- Four Words

Album of the Year!

- Soulful - love it

Wonderful album, so many songs to love, I would say this is Taylor’s best so far

- Dull

Most overrated album in ages, number one not because of the musical content . Just crazed Taylor game buying it because her name is on it

- Sooo good

I love it

- a mature album

in typical taylor swift fashion, she has reconstructed herself yet again. steering away from the pastel skies in "Lover", folklore is an escape to the countryside. Taylor Swift showcases her lyrical prowess in songs like "cardigan" "the last great american dynasty" and "exile" among others. folklore speaks truth, something we all need in 2020.

- Constantly evolving

Her sound alters with each album. Her songwriting is at its absolute peak here. Do yourself a favour and listen to it a few times and let it sink in.

- Too many holes in the old cardigan

A try hard!

- Amazing and beautifully written

From the lyrics to the music too the overall feel this album is truely one of Taylor’s best

- Masterpiece

Such a surprise and such an amazing album. Taylor’s writing I’m over the years had excelled and she is now a true story teller. Love this 🤍

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- Beautiful album!

Grammy album of the year❤️👏🏻

- the lakes is beautiful

this song is absolutely amazing and beautiful

- One of her bests

It’s so nice to now have ‘the lakes’ out now. The whole album is so cohesive and breathtaking. Hence why it is one her bests (along with reputation and Red)

- Beauty

The perfect blend of luscious melody and poetic lyricism. A master at the peak of her craft

- incredible

best album ever

- On repeat


- Album of the Year

Taylor at her best - this album is beautiful from start to finish and ‘The Lakes’ on the deluxe version is the perfect closer.

- Not for me

Sorry but this album isn’t really for me ,




The GRAMMYs better not snub her again, this is perfection periodt.

- Take me to the lakes...

One of her most beautiful songs. The lyrics and instrumentation get me tears eyed every time. A simple masterpiece.

- Folklore

Nice Album!

- Outstanding Bonus Track

The Lakes really proved that Taylor Swift is a Poet

- She's a legend.

A queen.

- folklore deserves the Grammy

This album is a masterpiece!!!💚


the lakes bonus track is superb



- Folklore

Folklore is the silver-lining of the emotional absurdity from this pandemic. It saved many unexplained emotions that we are experiencing during this quarantine. This is literally a Taylor Swift masterpiece. She vibe with us through her chill country songs, danced with us in her catchy pop songs, cried with us in every heartbreak we had, and with this Folklore, she definitely stand and stayed with us during this time of loneliness.


Love you through and through! 🇵🇭

- Her best—yet

Magnificent. A masterpiece.

- Best Album

Need I say more?!

- Folklore - Taylor Swift

A masterpiece, once in a lifetime album that rarely comes to the world of music. This album is in the same vein of classics and albums that will be remembered and referenced in the coming years. Truly deserve to sit beside humungous album by women like 21, jagged little, pill, come on over and etc... Bravo Taylor Swift, truly a living music legend

- Lyrical Masterpiece

A perfect album for this time of the year! It makes you wanna forget and escape to your very own forest to forget all the stressing situations happening right now. Indeed a escapism album.

- Her Best Album Yet

Religiously listening to this every night. Thank you Taylor Swift for giving me life this pandemic. ❤️💚💙

- folklore

With folklore, Taylor Swift once again saved the music industry.

- Her best album so far


- Folkloric

Beautifully written and beautifully produced, this is probably my favorite album of Taylor.

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Folkloren 🍂

Update I finally able to give the #Folklore album to my friend in person 🥰 I’m so happy he finally have it 🙌🏻💕 I also let him read the lover deluxe version 4 ☺️...again huge thank you to @ILoveTSDotCom @IHeartTSDotCom you’re awesoME! 👏🏻😽 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 .

The Swift Data

📈| European Apple Music Album Chart | 2021/01/10 #1. evermore (=) [26th day at #1] #16 folklore (-2) #143 Lover (+10) #165 1989 (-8) .

The Swift Data

📈| Worldwide Apple Music Album Chart | 2021/01/10 #1. evermore (=) [30th day at #1] #10. folklore (=) #31 Lover (+2) #47. 1989 (-5) #54 reputation (+5) #124. Red (+23) .

The Swift Data

📈| European iTunes Album Chart | 2021/01/09 #2. evermore (-1) [11 days at #1] #75. folklore (+36) #157 1989 (-50) .

The Swift Data

📈| Worldwide iTunes Album Chart | 2021/01/10 #1. evermore (=) [23rd day at #1] #15. 1989 (=) #35. folklore (+1) #51 reputation (-14) #55. Red (-6) #75. Lover (+9) .

Maya ↯

Folklore had 8 version and only available for the first week. deluxe album is not a drag. bundles for folklore were less than 70k. vinyls are not a drag. you release them when you have demand. willow had only 3 remixes. + .


Nobody talk to me im doing therapy (folklore (deluxe version) by taylor swift).


Ok back to this bad bitch.. .

Teresa Kaitlin

@taylords24 @AMNOTTAYLOR BE with one physical deluxe version that costs $50 ... Folklore with more than 17 versions of the album .


“folklore (deluxe version)” next milestones • Spotify: the 1 — 134 MILLION cardigan — 198 MILLION the last great american dynasty — 95 MILLION exile (feat. Bon Iver) — 169 MILLION my tears ricochet — 91 MILLION mirrorball — 76 MILLION seven — 74 MILLION .

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