What You See Ain't Always What You Get (Deluxe Edi... by Luke Combs

What You See Ain't Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) [Luke Combs] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Beer Never Broke My Heart 3:06
2.Refrigerator Door 3:24
3.Even Though I'm Leaving 3:45
4.Lovin' On You 3:15
5.Moon Over Mexico 3:24
6.1, 2 Many 3:00
7.Blue Collar Boys 3:41
8.New Every Day 3:19
9.Reasons 3:44
10.Every Little Bit Helps 4:08
11.Dear Today 3:39
12.What You See Is What You Get 2:52
13.Does To Me (feat. Eric Church) 3:43
14.Angels Workin' Overtime 4:13
15.All Over Again 3:30
16.Nothing Like You 3:16
17.Better Together 3:37
18.Six Feet Apart 3:19
19.Cold As You 3:06
20.The Other Guy 3:10
21.My Kinda Folk 4:27
22.Without You (feat. Amanda Shires) 3:44
23.Forever After All 3:52

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What You See Ain't Always What You Get (Deluxe Edition) by Luke Combs Album Reviews


This album is everything I never thought I’d need for 2020. Gets me pumped before work. My boyfriend and I sing these songs to each other through FaceTime. Forever after all has been a song we’ve been waiting to be released since we heard it in TikTok. I remember hearing Luke Combs for the first time on the radio. And his music got me through it the hardest breakup in my life. And his music brought me to the love of my life. THIS ALBUM IS AND WILL BE AMAZING!! Country music is still alive and going strong💕

- bad

ugly racists get 1 star

- ariana superior

i said what i said

- So overrated

Literally every country song sounds the same, and this is no different 🤢


I prefer this more then Ariana ❤️

- Bad fans

Fans are terrible.... dissing other artists and being annoying...

- People saying “racist” are annoying.

This spot is well deserved. Some white country dude takes the #1 song and a bunch of REAL racists freak out cause he’s white. Congratulations to you Luke! Love watching you grow. Keep showing the world what you’re made of.

- uhhhh

not good

- flop

this ain’t it

- Amazing

Luke never disappoints ❤️

- smh

it’s the blatant racism for me.


Not only is he just a disgusting rude and racist man, his music is not good.

- Great Album

While I don’t like when a artist releases a deluxe album, after I’ve paid for the original too, just buy the individual songs. They add up to be cheaper than purchasing the full album. Hopefully artist will understand this frustration and provide the deluxe additions for a discount to those that purchase the original album. I think $5 is fair.

- Terrible

the slbum was really bad it was a maga fest with nuthing but [email protected] music deserves no attention he is also obese and should admit himself into a hospital because he looks like hes one burger away from a heart attack.


I said what I said

- Does to me

Great as always

- Love it!

You deserve the number 1 spot! All these ridiculous haters didn’t even listen to the album!

- king

listen to country music as you should 😌💅

- terrible

cannot stand his voice. lyrics were eh, definitely could do better

- ????

Just release an ep

- This is what music has come to?

They just give anyone careers these days.. another confederate touting trash bag with nothing to offer to music. Country music really is in the gutter.

- Sorry!

No, it’s ok but......

- OmG sooo good👍


- Great music, great lyrics

Cancel culture needs to stop. I don’t agree with his past tweets but this is good music

- Worst album out there 🤷‍♂️

Can’t believe he actually tried maybe next time 😌

- Won’t download

Bought this album and it won’t download, it just says purchased I know it’s the album because I have bought other albums since and they download just fine What a RIP so no more Luke Combs purchases for me



- Ew


- Great Country!!!

Congrats Luke on another masterpiece, love it all the way through.

- Forever After All

Love love love this song !!! 💚💚💚

- awful


- trash

stream positions instead

- Amazing

The songs are amazing as per usual. Luke putting out hit after hit! Keep em coming Luke because they keep us going!

- Ummm

It’s not bad but at the same it it’s not the best.

- Is This a Trick or Scheme ? It’s like Double Billing

I’m a Luke Combs fan but this whole change the album cover, same songs & then iTunes purchasing the same exact songs twice without notifying you. This is like getting billed twice for the something. What is going on with how Nashville & Country Music are treating the fans ? Between how political Country Music is becoming & stunts like this album I am beginning to think they’re in self destruct mode & trying to beat up on country fans.

- Not good!!

Awful music.

- Garbage

Taking out the trash

- Not a country fan but...

I don’t like many country artists but I seriously love Luke Combs! His voice is amazing and this is becoming one of my favorite albums, ever. It’s just so good!

- Stream positions!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so boring

- trash

money grab!!!

- Trasshhhhhhhhhh


- Young Ariana won

Queen of pop

- Ugh

Country needs to retire

- Flopped

AriAna did it better

- Nothing better

I love this album. The tittle says it all. Btw if you see a lot of 1 stars, that because people are stupid. People are mad that he did a deluxe edition because they don’t want to buy all the songs again. The album is actually the best thing ever.

- Don’t buy

He a racist and doesn’t believe in woman’s rights at all

- garbage

racist flop wbk

- yuck

no thanks

- Got me once but not a second time.

Got me once but not a second time.

- No


Wise 💸

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- luke combs

just don’t see the hype of this music

- the other guy

this whole album is beyond what words can explain🤩

- Amazing

Best country song ever made!

- Yet another amazing album from the man himself

Although this album only has 5 new songs in addition to What You See Is What You Get, they’re so perfect it’s worth the 5-star review

- Bleh

Same songs on the last 2-3 albums and people still buy this... 🤦🏻‍♂️ what a joke

- Great

Best Beer Drinking Song .



- Combs Keeps Finding a Way

Absolutely the best country artist that keeps adding to his best music in a pandemic.

- 100/10

amazing, the absolute best, could not possibly be any better. god bless this man and his team.

- Number 1

Luke combs can’t make a bad song!!!! Best album!!

- terrible

stream positions instead.

- Buy positions

Ariana Grande is better

- Great songs suited for a great artist

The songs added to the deluxe album fit very well with the rest of the album, with each song bringing something unique to the table. Hears to many more years of music from this guy 🍻

- flop

positions out now


He’s absolutely garbage!! He is sexiest and hates on women!! Stream Positions by Ariana Grande

- Not a country fan but...

I’m not a country fan and i’m still not. STREAM POSITIONS BY ARIANA GRANDE

- Eh


- GOAT= greatest of all time

Luke is the GOAT, I’ll say it always

- Love it!

I absolutely love Luke Combs! He has quickly become my favourite artist! And as always, this album doesn’t disappoint. “Forever After All” and “ The Other Guy” has been on constant repeat all day😊 If you love country music that gives you all the feels and emotions, you need to buy this album!!💕

- Amazing

This man just does not miss!

- trash literal trash

racist inbred country man makes more terrible music are we shocked. stream and BUY POSITIONS instead for your ears to be blessed

- sexist racist homophobic

do u really wanna support that? Stream Positions instead🙄

- Keep killing it !!!!!!!!


- Luke the GOAT

Never puts out a bad song ever, Ariana grande is Premature trash, absolute garbage

- um tanked so hard

stream positions instead, its good for your ears

- Bleh


- Fantastic!!

Luke Combs could sing Yankee Doodle and It would be the best song ever - and I would download it! Fabulous music! This guy has talent!!

- Forever after all

This song will be a broken heart one, best musician and song writer of all times can’t wait to receive it! 🥰 already pre oddered the album!✅

- Amazing

you can tell luke combs put so much effort and love into this album! he is amazing !

- Luke Combs... at it again!!!

Once again, another incredible album by Luke Combs!!


This is absolute musical gold! Such an amazing album! Not a single song misses a beat, he honestly cannot make a bad song. The absolute best 😍😍

- Incredible!!

Luke Combs can’t do wrong! He is truely talented!

- Amazing

Great songs. Can’t get enough of it

- Amazing ❤️

Magic to our ears 🎤

- Enjoyable

Great album. Similar tone to the previous one. Which is fine as I enjoy that one as well! Great lyrics....great melodies. Thumbs up from me. 👍👍

- yuck


- do not buy or stream. STREAM POSITIONS


- Forever after all

Luke Combs forever after all is the best of the best. Love all his music but this just touches you and brings tears to your eyes. Well done

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- my ears are bleeding

this album may be one of the worst things i’ve ever heard...

- Awesome


- Done it again 👏🏻

Such good songs and so many that I can relate too well done luke you’ve done it again keep the songs coming 👍🏼

- Amazing

Legit listen to this album everyday over and over and never get bored of it! Can’t pick a favourite but if I had to it would be actually I would end up writing a huge list so there is no point!

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