WE ARE CHAOS by Marilyn Manson

WE ARE CHAOS [Marilyn Manson] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 5:03
2 4:00
3 4:17
4 4:29
5 3:16
6 4:15
7 3:33
8 3:49
9 4:22
10 5:23
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WE ARE CHAOS by Marilyn Manson Album Reviews

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- 👍5 star

💕 it

- New Wave Synth Sound of the late 70s early 80s4 star

I really like the sound Manson has going on this record. It reminds me a bit of Bowie mixed with Peter Murphy. Lush orchestration at times, simple piano tones with a lovely bass at others. The vocals are outstanding, and the poetry he has written for these tracks is top notch. Manson is on a roll. Three amazing albums in a row, The Pale Emperor; Heaven Upside Down; and We Are Chaos . All are fantastic additions to his discography. I hope he can keep this winning streak going. I will happily be spending the next year with We Are Chaos, digesting all of its lovely nuances.

- Missing the old marylin manson3 star

Best songs don’t chase the dead ,half way one step forward, we are chaos,solve coagula

- Something unique5 star

It’s Marilyn Manson in a different style that I’ve not heard of before. I’m just gonna go with that.

- Red, Black, and Blue🇺🇸5 star

This album is a different approach and takes some patience, but is well worth the wait to appreciate it for all its beauty. There is not a bad song on this album. Well worth taking the time to listen and appreciate it.

- We Are Chaos4 star

This is a good album. Broken Needle is my Fav. Don't chase the dead, Perfume,Keep My Head Up, Half-Way are good songs. The rest are pretty good also. I like its a little different than the last album which just about every song was great. I can't wait for a tour. Seen Manson ten times, always a great show. Keep putting out the albums Manson.

- Not a die hard Manson fan, but...4 star

This album is pretty good. Downloaded 7 songs that I like . Broken Needle , Paint you with my love , half way and one step, don’t chase the dead , we are chaos , solve coagula , keep my head together .

- Best album since Holywood5 star

This album is fantastic. Old school fans need to hear this record-

- Manson made love to Coldplay...1 star

And wrote this song. For everyone who’s like “oh he’s David Bowie” he never was and never will be. He was himself and should have stayed that way. Problem is he should stop being MM and be someone else. For ppl who want to compare him to Bowie so much, would be more Bowie. Anyway much older ppl can really rock. Why can’t he?

- A Masterpiece5 star

Manson has done it again. A somber, introspective gut-punch that we all needed during this hellish time on earth. Stand out tracks: We Are Chaos, Paint You With My Love, Half-Way & One Step Forward, Keep My Head Together, and Broken Needle.

- Love it5 star

He’s doing some of his best work in these last three albums. Love this direction, he’s going deeper and I’m here for it. 👏

- A Classic5 star

Anything less than 5 stars is ridiculous. This one is a classic. Pretty different from his first handful of albums and still is really good. The lyrics, the song layouts, the music, the messages. All songs are good and catchy. 5/5. Great work again by Marilyn Manson.

- Best Manson album in a long time.5 star

I love every song from the first one all the way to the last...this is in my opinion my favorite work of Manson’s. It’s a masterpiece just like his paintings, Rock on🤟🏼🤟🏼

- Trash1 star


- Marilyn Manson Forever!4 star

The ever evolving Marilyn Manson keeps putting out hits after hits, may not be Anti-Christ Super Star, but what really is.....love this album....

- Awesome5 star

I been a fan since the 90’s , long time , mechanical animals is up on the fav list of mine. This goes into my play list Something fresh..

- First WAP now this?1 star

No wonder why the world is in the state that it’s in.

- Beautiful Album5 star

Love this side of Manson. Never fails to impress me. I really love the song Paint You with my Love, it gives me major John Lennon vibes. Only down side is the album is too short :(

- The Usual Solid Release4 star

Not enough hard rock-n-roll energy for me to warrant five ⭐️⭐️. I hear a lot of EMDM and HEOL. None-the-less, this release is as good as expected. Hoping for a tour in 2021. 🤞🏻🖤 P.s. I wish Apple would limit reviews to only those who purchase a full release. That would keep the bible thumpers away at minimum.

- Bad album from an even worse human being1 star

This album sounds like it was made by an abuser 💔

- Broken Needle5 star

I love this new album, so different not what I expected and lovin it with each replay

- Sorry MM1 star

But what happen to 1996 MM this is legit full of slow boring repetitive recycle beats gosh 😔 so disappointed

- Soft Garbage1 star

Manson has gone soft. He's now the cupcake of Metal. His lack of creativity shines through. Manson needs to rely on real musicians to write good songs. While his voice is unique, without a great rhythm and harsh virtuoso guitar, he just sounds like a drugged up grandma asking for someone to change her diapers. His music is flabby and noisy, just like Manson himself/itself. TERRIBLE ALBUM. Maybe its time for Manson to write children's songs for Antifa.

- Marilyn Manson Forever!5 star

This album rocks from start to finish! An absolute masterpiece!

- Good album4 star

I’ve listened the new album 3 times and I like it, I downloaded 6 songs out of 10 on my iPhone, from previous album I downloaded only 2 songs. And We Are chaos is awesome song!

- Complete and utter garbage1 star

He sounds like he’s trying to be like Pink Floyd or nick cave. This is his worst work yet.

- amazing5 star

best album since Holywood in my opinion

- Lifetime fan since the beginning5 star

Love manson and his work. Another great album.

- Fantastic5 star

I buy all of his albums. I love them all. But some of them are just plain stars. Like this one. Probably one of the best albums since Holywood or Golden Age of Grotesque.

- Forget what came before4 star

Sounds almost like David Bowie

- MM5 star

Brilliant his third best album

- flop1 star


- why1 star

is this number 1 ✨


Amazing music!!

- More crap from a talentless hack.1 star

Useless. Not an ounce of talent.

- Garbage1 star

Dude hasn’t had it in years. Don’t even know why he’s still making albums.

- Still one of the best artists of all time5 star

Manson has a song for every mood. He’s starting to remind me of Trent Reznor in regards to how diverse his writing has begun. Genius and still relavent.

- just sounds like noise1 star

This album is terrible lol........ awkward

- Good5 star


- Yes5 star

He still got it

- I’m not special, I’m just broken (needle)5 star

Solid Album! Mechanical Animals meets HolyWood. Love how he ends it. “And I’ll put you away”

- We Are Chaos5 star

this album is so amazing, it caputures his true essence but yet is with the furturistic times the music is doing these days. Keep Rocing Man!!!

- Definitely lives up to the expectations5 star

MM always thinks outside his box to give us something fresh. Wouldn't necessarily say he reinvents himself but he is not afraid to show us different sides of himself. Title track is my anthem and several other track are borderline masterpieces. Too many reviewers on here review the artist and not the art. This one may not grab everyone on the sample clips. But it is a very well put together album and worth an undivided listen before judgement. Love the last few albums as much as his first few.

- Sounds like a contractual requirement....1 star

Manson needs Trent Reznor to come to the rescue of this bland sounding music. I listened to it and none of these songs excited me. Sounds

- horrible1 star

stop being n abuser

- abuser ❤️1 star

sorry i don’t support abusers ❤️

- Masterpiece5 star

First listen...it’s like EMDM. Three days later...it’s his most personal album yet and a masterpiece. Last two songs are the best.

- Neutered.2 star

All these trax sound like any given 1980s big haired trash rock. C'mon Manson. Break out of whatever box you're in and lay it out loud and driving hard. There's a need for it.

- Sounds the same as everything else he’s made1 star

Same. Same. Same. Nothing new. More wining from a guy who thought he was a shock revolutionary.

- I love this Album5 star

I love his earlier stuff of course. Been a fan since he started. But this is awesome, melodic,different, and beautiful.


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BaileyZCrawly - Fantastic5 star

I love all of Manson’s music but this may be my favorite Manson album of all time

Mimine040 - Amazing5 star

Just insanely cool!! We are chaos and broken needle is perfect!! Marilyn is killing it one more time!!

mactd95 - Not as daring as last album.4 star

Solid release but not as good as last two albums. Mansons work hasn’t declined it quality but it’s definitely shifted a lot with his age.

Kelseyray16 - Garbage1 star

Same old recycled garbage he’s been putting out for over a decade. Not one heavy track.

Queen Metalia - Disturbing1 star

I find his music disturbing

gabriel15 - Moyen4 star

Moyen pas son meuilleur Manque d’énergie

katelin84 - Exceeded My Expectations5 star

If 70s glam and 80s goth had a baby, this album would be it. It’s melodic, dark, and at times very pretty. In my opinion, this is Manson’s best overall offering since ACS. So good.

vandandan - Theme of 20205 star

Dystopian realness.

The6Lord - Hail Manson 🤘😈🤘5 star

Amazing album kinda sounds like mechinacal animals album.

Pamels Gawth - We Are Chaos5 star

Perfect album...the evolution of Manson makes perfect sense ..this album does not disappoint

JF76T - Art5 star

His best album. Pure art. This is a musical journey and a masterpiece. I appreciate a lot the Bowie and the Depeche Mode vibes. Best album of 2020 so far.

shwvve - Trash1 star


lindennnn - good as expected5 star

i try to play track 5, keeps asking me to authorize my pc... doesn't do to other tracks then itunes freezes indefinitely... so i guess i can't play half way and one step forward.

EgSparks - Love it5 star

Can’t wait for more

@myYvr - Yup!5 star

I’m in.

Jer.... - A nice change5 star

Definitely a change in tone from his previous works. It's good though! Looking forward to hearing more.

François Desrosiers - Marilyn Manson you will always surprise me! 🤩5 star

I really like the mix of Bowie and Depeche Mode and other styles that I hear, I really got to hear the whole album in September!🤘🏻👌🏻😍

Babymerwitch - Amazing!5 star

Classic Manson with a matured sound showing hints of Alice Cooper and The Smiths and I think his writing is as powerful as ever. Any bad critique needs to let go of the young screamer teen angst era but still of course play them on repeat as we all do, and focus on the music and the messages. These songs still have a tone of punch to them like other Manson songs, but in a deeper musical way - without sacrificing the artist authenticity at the same time.

Christ is Lord 333 - refund1 star

shooter and Marilyn Manson need to get their souls back. They got ripped off by satan, no surprise

Fitnessfellow - He has matured5 star

He has found his groove on this album. Well done MM 🖤

ab08bcb942 - Nope1 star

He’s gone downhill very badly with this album.

Quinoes - Album of the year5 star

After listening to Marilyn Manson from the nineties when he was huge I’d have to admit that while I did listen to the hits still, this album has made me look back again at all of his work. With everything going on in the world at the moment this is a shining light. Definitely the best and most original music I have heard in a long time.

AverykeenBowiefan - YESSSSSSSSS!!!5 star

Here in Tasmania I just listened through Red Black and Blue, just half an hour after it was released... I can't describe the grin that carved into my face at the moment!! My favourite albums of his have been High End of Low (for songs like Devour, I Wanna Kill... and Wight Spider) and Pale Emperor (for the ones like Deep Six, Warship My Wreak and Birds of Hell Awaiting)... and in that one song we got the sleekness and melancholy of Pale Emperor combined with the organic, backwoods gnarliness of High End... and so far all the other songs are just dropping my jaw!! Paint You With My Love is like In The Shaddow Of The Valley Of Death Mark 2!! Thank you so, so much Marilyn Manson :D this is a treasure!!

MrTDandH - Can’t wait!!!!5 star

WE ARE CHAOS = We are golden

Fred1428 - M5 star

Awesome song just good old fashion Manson

Gift rigid - Amazing5 star

I can’t wait for this album I love Manson so much❤️

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Juninho_Paulista - Brilliant5 star

Genuinely blown away by this. A masterpiece! Don't listen to the doubters!

Adf85 - Worth more than one listen4 star

I initially listened to this over the course of a couple of days on the drive to work, and it never grabbed me, the tune We Are Chaos made me quite sad. Having listened to it now on headphones and I can confirm its a cracker of an album. It's one of Manson's more sober or grown up pieces since The Pale Emperor. I don't know why I haven't given it full marks yet (maybe because I love TPE) but it's a testament to a man that knows that banging on the door of Antichrist Superstar isn't what is necessary in 2020. Bravo to Mr Warner/Manson, Bravo.

Ben_Patrick - One of his best5 star


fhchchcjhxh - Decent3 star

I suggest we are CHAOS red black and blue and maybe broken needle but overall ok 👌

Azza262&83 - Deaddddd1 star

Wtf is this lmao

M-MOO - Genius5 star

Great album.

tattootu - ballbag603 star

sorry marilynu r dated. u nedded to be more aggrevise like ur older stuff

bornvillain17 - It’s a real grower5 star

First listen I wasn’t sure - now I think it’s actually his best work. It’s an amazing album, more ballad driven but amazing. Can’t stop listening to itn

carefulsquid - Stunning5 star

Best album in a long time. Excellent. Thank you.

Jack1066 - A new high5 star

A 21st century Mechanical Animals. MMs most accessible album to date and a contender for his best album so far.

Paul 67 - Boring c..p1 star

Heaven Upside Down was Manson back to his best. This music is boring radio friendly rubbish. Another play once and never play again Manson album

Hutchingchong - Awful1 star

Worst album to date

mazangel - Just incredible5 star

So good!

tolo171 - Amazing!!!5 star

Amazing album! Thank you MM for that masterpiece!

PeteButler - Not enough energy! Sounds like a deflating air bed1 star

Not as powerful as some of mansons earlier albums. It’s worth a listen.. but it’s not better than any of his other albums.

fayejaap - EW1 star

Worst song ever I bought it then it sounded horrible

dee186x - Loving this new album 🖤5 star

Never used to be a fan but found his most recent music over the years to be amazing and have ended up liking a lot of his old music aswell now. Loving all the tracks on this new album, I’m so happy he’s still making good music 🙂😈😊

kikilouz - Legend 🥵5 star

Manson rules 💙

Purecare21 - Masterpiece.5 star

Definitely the best work since 2001. Music sound real. Lyric do have meaning. Really brilliant album. Manson does become better with age

Daveyp03 - 👌🏻5 star

We are chaos 👌🏻

Steve McQwark - One of Manson’s Best5 star

We Are Chaos is definitely one of Manson’s top songs to date. I hope the rest of the album is just as good!

danthepumpkinman - Love it !5 star

The song “We are chaos” is softer but it definitely does describe 2020 and what we are in my opinion

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I1021bt5 star

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Charbelazzi185 star

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Elioabisaab5 star

@ThomasKhoury_: Lau business students, this is a call for change 🗣 The same scenario is happening year after year and we are still givin…

ThomasKhoury_5 star

Lau business students, this is a call for change 🗣 The same scenario is happening year after year and we are still…

Firesafesussex5 star

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Musiquese25 star

Resenha do novo trabalho de Marilyn Manson: "We are Chaos"! Obrigadão ao nosso parceiro Adão Alves por mais essa! C…

Complyorcry5 star

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Billwoo435330065 star

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Ms_sharims5 star

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