S&M2 (Live) by Metallica

S&M2 (Live) [Metallica] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1The Ecstasy Of Gold (Live) 2:41
D1-2The Call Of Ktulu (Live) 9:14
D1-3For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live) 4:36
D1-4The Day That Never Comes (Live) 8:26
D1-5The Memory Remains (Live) 5:42
D1-6Confusion (Live) 6:41
D1-7Moth Into Flame (Live) 6:17
D1-8The Outlaw Torn (Live)10:02
D1-9No Leaf Clover (Live) 5:30
D1-10Halo On Fire (Live) 8:17
D2-1Intro To Scythian Suite (Live) 5:16
D2-2Scythian Suite, Opus 20 II: The Ene... 3:39
D2-3Intro To The Iron Foundry (Live) 1:02
D2-4The Iron Foundry, Opus 19 (Live) 4:15
D2-5The Unforgiven III (Live) 8:19
D2-6All Within My Hands (Live) 6:13
D2-7(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (Live) 7:27
D2-8Wherever I May Roam (Live) 6:32
D2-9One (Live) 9:23
D2-10Master Of Puppets (Live) 8:29
D2-11Nothing Else Matters (Live) 6:39
D2-12Enter Sandman (Live) 8:45
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S&M2 (Live) by Metallica Album Reviews

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- worst album of all time

worst album of all time buy smile katy perry instead 😱

- Amazing

AMAZING!! How everything just flows together between all the different Orchestral instruments and the Band! I was in Symphony Orchestra for 8 years and if I could have played this amazing music with Metallica!!

- Actually 2 concerts

The music and mood of the music being played by the orchestra never matched the mood and music Metallica was playing. It seemed as though the Orchestra and Metallica had split a venue in half and decided to play at the same time. This left us with a Metallica concert where we can hear the orchestra playing their venue in the background. If you are looking for actual metal incorporated with orchestra music I implore you to check out Blind Guardian (although not Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra because that it just orchestra music with Blind Guardian’s vocalist singing) because they actually know what they’re doing. The song I would recommend most would be Sacred Worlds off of their At the Edge of Time album.

- Trash


- really bad album

esperaba más

- Perfection

99% of music is stuck in its genre, Metallica has once again risen above and created a theatrical performance that could sync with any dramatic film and be a better underscore than the original.

- Yes

For Whom the Bell Tolls is worth the price of the album download. Do it.

- I love it

I wish I could know this incredible band earlier!!!

- As Expected

Always great to hear the guys kicking ass. The energy on this album is very good. Hetfield has really taken care of his voice over the decades.

- A Treat for Metallica Fans

Wonderful. Don’t listen to the bad reviews. This show was truly something special for fans (James going a cappella!? What?!). Of course they had to do some repeats, it was a live show! I was there and I will never forget the energy.

- This is what you give us!

Long time fan, but if this is what they come out with instead of an actual legit album "Face Palm"

- Já era...

Falta de criatividade, álbum mediocre que serve apenas para cumprir contrato com a gravadora.

- Nope

I don’t like this

- Horrible

Just a cash grab smh

- terrible


- Great Sequel to S&M

I saw the full concert on Blu-ray in DTS 5.1 HD audio and it seriously blew me away. I thought Metallica sounded amazing on this set and I would highly recommend getting the audio and the concert film.

- Sheeple, send us your money

They should be ashamed that they are selling this crap.

- Horrible

This album sounds horrible tbh. Why can’t they just release something that hasn’t been heard before? Anyone can listen to them live on YouTube. A waste of money.

- Eh

I could do with out this album

- The best band ever!!

S&M2 is so sonically amazing!! Haters going to hate. Never mind them. This version of “All Within My Hands” is worth it alone. Well done boyz and keep it up!! It’s 100x better than S&M 1 and that was great. But the sound is so much better and the orchestra is not fighting with the band this time around. Both are easily heard and that’s why I love hearing some of the same songs from the first one in this one cause they’re better.

- Love Metallica, but dude

You had the opportunity to make S&M as great and better than S&M 1, but pretty much same songs? Should not have been one single repeat of a song.

- S&M2!

what can you say it’s s&m2 it’s going to be amazing

- Not pleasant

The album lacks the luster that live performances should have and doesn’t exceed expectations if you are a Metallica fan.

- Honestly.....not that good.

If your a fanboy this album is for you.....if your into metal and looking for new material....meh. Honestly its not that good......super dated....below avg production.

- Loved it

I can understand why people think this is a cash grab but for all of the content you get I think it’s worth it, the symphony adds an awesome new layer to classic ‘tallica songs and makes songs like “One” that much better and theatrical. Highly recommend, got chills during anesthesia too


Great just like always 💖


stream smile y’all haven’t had a hit in 20 years

- It’s beyond amazing

Wow!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🔥

- Straight trash!!

Garbage just like everything after Jason left.

- Songz like this are so bad

Quit and retire 0 starz ho

- Good but

I’m not as cynical as some of these other people but I do feel like this could have been much better. For one they could have played songs they didn’t play the first time around and the first 4 songs on “disc 2” were unnecessary additions and ruin the flow of the album. This is good but it could have been so much better.

- Albums is great!!

Really enjoyed listening it, wish i couldve been there metallics is the best!!🤘🏾

- Horrible

Who listens to this kind of music nowadays

- Metallica family forever

Any reason to listen to Metallica is a good reason! I love them, and I’m such a huge fan, I’ve seen them live many times, always put on an incredible show. They’re my favorite band. Haters are always gonna be haters. But this album is awesome. If I had one gripe it’s that I wish they would’ve done more songs instead of repeating those from SM1. Creeping Death is my favorite, and as the previous poster said, Welcome Home Sanitarium (that would’ve been incredible with a full orchestra. Metallica doesn’t just make music, they make masterpieces, and still are making masterpieces.I love Death Magnetic and Hardwired. Their music has always stirred something in me, and this is no exception.

- Great Album

All of the songs sound great live. All within my hands and the day that never comes are my favorites for sure

- trash

their worst album

- boring

bite my tounge.

- ???

Seek and destroy? Fade to black?

- “Not sure if you remember Cliff Burton..”

Cliff would be rolling in his grave if he saw what these chumps have done to Metallica. Didn’t think they could even more lame but aren’t they just full of surprises. Pathetic and terrible. F-

- Better than the first.

Life long tallica fan back to the 80s. This one just sounds better.

- flop katy outsold


- better than s&m 1



Buy Smile by Katy Perry

- Not it


- Fantastic!!!

How do you make Metallica sound even better? You add in a symphony. I love this. I had my doubts about this arrangement at first, but was quickly blown away. I liked S&M 1 better. I thought the energy, the sound, and the song selection was better but still. Get both S&Ms you will not be disappointed. Rock on!!!!


Pls buy SMILE

- It’s ok but not my best

I really like Metallica, but this album is not what I expected as a fan.

- St. Anger was the beginning of the decadence

If you get to see this show you’ll miss a lot S&M1. Sadly that Metallica is no longer here.

- So good

I love it

- Poor Choice

What else to say

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- Was there... any band would give there soul to be this good.

It’s great to hear these artists work with an amazing group of artists. :) The conductor and symphony makes things sound so tight. Hard to believe that level of precision can be achieved by a rock band. Just amazing!

- Metallica is back !

S&M2 will bring some old end newer track. Can’t wait to hear Moth into the Flame , All Within My Hands sounds great with the symphony and we have a Kirk Hammett solo in it . Metallica never disappoints.

- Absolutely epic!

S&M was always my favorite from Metallica, and S&M2 has revived my passion for the band. Rock & Roll is dead without Metallica. So I’m very happy that they still haven’t abandoned us..!

- S&M2

Metallica rocks!

- Awesome

I love the first album with the symphony, and the 2 songs they’ve released so far sound awesome as well! I’m really looking forward to it. The symphony adds a totally new element to these songs.

- Recycled

If you’ve listened to S&M1, any songs on that album that were replayed on this album sound the same. If you have the 1st S&M album, save your money and just download the songs that are new from this album.

- Meh...tallica

Half of it already on S&M1. Hetfield is losing his voice. Badly mixed. Some coordination issues. Twice the usual price. Meh.

- S&M 2

Awesome just like first S&M

- Terrible

When you don’t know what to do anymore You do this garbage 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

- Mixed

Pros: way more room for the orchestra. New songs are awesome, All Within my Hands really stands out .Crowd is present and adds to the energy. Cons: songs from the first S&M back in 1999 are basically a copy paste. I like Enter Sandman, One, Bellz etc... like any other fan but let it go already. Why was Orion, Mama said, Low man's lyrics, Fade to black and many others overlooked is beyond me.

- Finally a sequel worth waiting for

Awesome classic like the first time they played 20 years ago and now with a few new added songs including The Unforgiven III it’s definitely worth the wait

- Not new music


- big bang in the house!

y'all better be excited, because tallica is in the room again!!! these boys are still awesome and their music will never die. i LOVED the first symphony concert now we have another blessing from the boys. thanks very much! hope they put out another studio record too. 🥳

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Metallica - S&M2 - The Unvorgiven 3 (Live 09-08-2019 Chase Center San Fr... via @YouTube.

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Metallica - S&M2 - The Unvorgiven 3 (Live 09-08-2019 Chase Center San Fr... via @YouTube.


🔗 🎵 Fav Boyz (Steve Aoki's Gold Star Remix) 🎵 도깨비 (Favorite Boys) 🎵 HOLIDAY ft. DPR Live - Suzy 🎵 I Fall In Love Too Easily - Chet Baker 🎵 편지를 써 (Stand by You) .

12:00 💙💙¹²

@cloudssssy_ M2's Live Class!! check this out, theyre singing live .

Chris Coulter

@CoraJScott “The Outlaw Torn” - @Metallica Preferably the live cut on S&M or S&M2 Their performance with the San Francisco Symphony is incredible..

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Metallica - S&M2 - The Unvorgiven 3 (Live 09-08-2019 Chase Center San Fr... via @YouTube.

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