Goldmine by Gabby Barrett

Goldmine [Gabby Barrett] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.I Hope 3:30
2.Thank God 2:58
3.Write It On My Heart 2:59
4.Footprints On The Moon 3:10
5.You're The Only Reason 2:59
6.Goldmine 2:42
7.The Good Ones 3:35
8.Jesus & My Mama 3:30
9.Hall Of Fame 3:20
10.Got Me (feat. Shane & Shane) 3:55
11.Rose Needs A Jack 2:45
12.Strong 3:25
13.I Hope (feat. Charlie Puth) 3:29

Goldmine is the debut studio album from American country music singer Gabby Barrett. It was released on June 19, 2020, through Warner Music Nashville.

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Goldmine by Gabby Barrett Album Reviews

- Powerfull

Strong voice, sounds like cross between Carrie Underwood & Shania Twain. Superstar in the Making!!!!


Me and my mom listen to this all the time

- Yes

I like, but sounds familiar. I think carrie beat her to this beat and story.

- Love it

The whole album is so amazing! One of my personal Faviorte’s is I hope. Overall I love this album is so good and I love u gabby Barrett

- Amazing debut

Such a great first album! Was lucky enough to see her as Kane Brown’s opening act back in January. Wish I was able to see her at stagecoach, would’ve loved to hear her live again!

- Mixed feelings tbh

I listen to this song sometimes because I like how it sounds. But the message of the lyrics? Very questionable.

- G


- keep it in the dump


- S.O.T.Y!!!!

Song of the year!!!!!!!!

- Disgusting trump-supporting bigot

Her music is horrible & she’s a racist.

- Nope

Does Charlie have to be included in everything? He’s problematic and his voice bores me.

- Nice!

I love all of these songs! Great job Gabby! You were my absolute favorite on American idol. You have a God given talent and you have inspired me so much. I hear “I hope” and “the good ones” on 97.5 wamz. I hope that more songs from this album will play very soon. I will forever be your biggest fan. ❤️

- Nah! ...not for me!

Nah! ...The same reason I didn’t care for Gabby on Idol is evident here: obnoxious nasally voice trying to belt like Carrie Underwood. Though “I Hope” is a good song, the incredibly overexposed Charlie Puth has to come along and ruin it. Save your money and just steam it for free on Spotify!!

- Review

So I think she has some really good songs on here like I hope, Jesus and my mama, rose needs a jack, footprints on the moon, etc... I just feel like over half the songs have the same message of how in love with Cade she is(not a bad bad thing—just predictable... )maybe just diversify a little more in the future... maybe write about acceptance or small town USA or your relationship with your dad or overcoming mental health or the good times or a weekend barbecue or something other than how great your guy is lol

- Great album

Not a bad song on this album which is rare. I found I can listen to this without skipping a song or three which is rare today.

- Great Song!

I love the version with Charlie Puth, it makes this an awesome song! The others in this album could have some improvements, though.

- Love

Love this song

- Trash


- Trump supporter!? No longer a fan

People are saying she’s a Trump supporter, I’m a Biden supporter. Jesus did his thing and Biden won! 🙏✝️ She definitely screams at parts which are hard to listen to. For anyone thinking she has a nasally voice, it’s just her southern accent (i think). Edit: Turns out she is a Trump supporter. SAD 😞 no longer a fan

- Terrible

Is it just me or does she sound like Miley Cyrus in this song? I thought it was Miley when I heard it on the radio. Don’t like Miley Cyrus or Gabby Barrett.

- Perfect

Every song on this album is great!

- Meh

Idk what it is, there's just something off about her voice

- Love Charlie

Love Charlie, don’t care for Gabby screaming.



- Fantastic Debut Album

Gabby really puts her heart and soul into this album. All her songs are great. Love I Hope, The Good Ones, and Foot Prints on the Moon. Gabby is going to be the Next Carrie Underwood.


U have to buy it it’s the best I LOVE IT

- So over it!

I am so over hearing this song! It’s been pushed down our throats for a year and a half now! So much marketing and pushing of Gabby. There are so many other artists that deserve to be heard that I’d rather listen to TBH.

- Love her voice

My favorite song is “Got Me” soooo good, love “footprints on the moon”too ❤️

- Ahaha

The reason why she sang I Hope was because she wants to be like Carrie Underwood and she basically copied Before he cheats

- So good!

This entire album is amazing! I love her!

- Got me is our favorite 🙌🏼

Great song, had to purchase it after hearing it on Klove! ❤️

- Upcoming country queen

Gabby really has come a long way!!! From American idol to now!!! 🔥

- Disappointed

Expected much more gabby and not screaming like C. Underwood :/

- love her music !!

I know I Hope, Good Ones, and Hall of Fame like the back of my hand. I was very excited to hear these new songs and loved them when they came out. I would have to say I’ve been listening to Thank God the most ! Great music love her !!!

- “I Hope” = “Before He Cheats”

“I Hope” is too similar to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats”. I wish new artists would stop recycling old ideas and melodies.

- Yes

Charlie puth makes it 5 times better i love this song

- Excellent debut album

This album exemplifies the great voice gabby has. In most recent years contestants from reality shows haven’t made it big. It’s obvious to me and many others that gabby is now a household name. Props to you gabby.

- Great music

I usually don’t give 5s but I’m doing it because you don’t have to skip half of the songs to find a good one and I want say that who cares if she was a Trump supporter. That does not mean she has bad music so stop saying that.

- Very Good!

American Idol still brings about stars! The Good Ones is an amazing song!

- Good song


- flop

payola and trump supporter 💀

- About the $

Considering she released some of these song’s already as singles separate from the album, it makes me think she’s just doing that for extra money. Just release the album a few songs at a time if you want to prove me wrong. And unpopular opinion, but “I Hope” with Charlie Puth is terrible. I’m a big fan of Puth, but he makes it sound so much worse.

- so...

I love this and that she features Charlie, but she seems like a generic Carrie Underwood


God bless her! Great music.

- ❤️❤️❤️

Love it!!!

- Good

Good lyrics-just what country music needs

- I love love love your song i hope 😀

I love love love your song i hope 😀

- I like it

Really good

- Little bit...

It’s all about the song and then it’s about cheating! You’re just having a nice time and then you think about cheating when she says then I hope she cheats.

- -2 stars

-2 stars for obnoxious singing voice... good song anyways 👍🏽

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- Excellent !

Realy enjoyed your album , beautiful voice !

- Not even country 🤦🏻‍♂️

Nashville seriously needs a wake up call

- Incredible

One of the best albums I've heard in a long time

- Awful, will be forgotten about by next week

Get out of the country genre if you’re not going to actually sing country. Also, she sings out of her nose way too much and sounds super nasally. I’m good,

- Country Lover

Get your own style , don’t be a Carrie Underwood Wannabe .

- Trash

Go to the pop genre where you belong. You are ruining country radio.


Gabby Barrett is very talented! Her album is so Amazing! I can't wait to see what God has in store for her! She is an incredible artist!

- Love it!

I only downloaded I Hope, and love her voice. Started checking out the rest of the album. Bought the whole thing. She makes me want to sing! Hope to hear more from her. Ignore the haters! Too many people have no balls and hide behind their avatar.


I love you music!!!!you’re sooo good at singing and really pretty. 😁 Your songs have so much enthusiasm and they‘ve got a really good beat to them. Can’t wait for your next albums😜 I loved all the songs except Charlie Puth didn’t sound that great but overall it’s a great album, and dude you can shut the hell up she’s amazing bro.

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