NoSong TitleTime
1 3:28
2 3:28
3 4:27
4 3:06
5 3:17
6 3:46
7 2:50
8 4:46
9 3:32
10 3:03
11 3:52
12 3:13
13 2:32
14 6:16
15 4:41
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- Great album5 star

He’s an artist that has stayed true to his style that has made him popular...this album accentuates his vocals more than his previous albums, I’m still a fan for sure!!!

- BAD and BORING1 star

All I remember is Rihanna is on it some where

- Amazing!!5 star

love this style of R&B #PND

- Happy see him back5 star

Been waiting for awhile for a new album he underrated artist needs more talk makes good music beats on point love tracks 4,5,6 are my favorite 5/5

- I love it!5 star

Love it!

- The Album Is Perfectly Fine5 star

If people don’t understand the concept, the story, the music details in his songs, then they aren’t open minded to THAT TYPE of music, and that’s okay this isn’t your forte. But don’t come on here talking crazy! people fail to remember that PARTYNEXTDOOR’s music is a sub genre of R&B. It’s more of a unique vibe rather than mainstream R&B. To me, all his music is a story time line. His albums mostly consist of strong lyrics and the type of instruments he uses to create the transition/ flow that draws his fan base in. it’s a genuine feeling in his music, if you don’t like it you’re either not listening to the words or you can’t feel or relate to what he’s saying. People are commenting absurd things on here clearly you don't hear the form of music he makes. ALSO PND IS JAMAICAN let him sing on his reggae beats. Unique music is what keeps music different !

- loved it5 star

I’ve been waiting for another album and he delivered! The flow of a story throughout the entirety of the album makes me love it even more!

- 😎3 star

it’s’s not like the old partynextdoor vibes I use to get

- So easy!5 star

This whole track is an interesting twist on something new to listen to nowadays

- This Is Art!5 star

Over the years, I’ve been presently surprised at how much better PARTYNEXTDOOR’s projects get. PARTYMOBILE is no exception. These vibrations is exactly what I needed right now. I first stared streaming with no interest in purchasing, but I quickly changed my mind. Some of my favorites in no particular order are, TOUCH ME, EYE ON IT, BELIEVE IT, & PGT. PGT is on repeat! I can’t wait for PARTY to get to the next level because he get overlooked a lot and it honestly a shame. He is extremely talented. Thank you Jahron!

- YES!5 star

Savage Anthem carried this album.

- LOVE IT!5 star

i will listen to anything partynextdoor put out, he haven’t had one bad song yet!!!! i love it and keep going party❤️ everybody who left a bad review smd🖕

- good4 star

album was good in my opinion. very close to his first two albums which are classics. great job man.

- Classic.5 star

I always enjoy putting on PARTYNEXTDOOR. The sounds are great, and even though his music is evolving I still felt the haziness. The dreamy R&B mixed with tropical flavors is a nice touch.💯🙏

- 😍😍😍4 star

I love his voice and lyrics so much 💕

- What??1 star

Unless your at a club, but not anything to write home about.

- Meh2 star


- Party next time2 star

Pnd needs to stop with this raggae or whatever and go back to his old R&b. New stuff is not working out

- Not Good1 star

Why is a bunch of rap and R&B trying to go in the tropical dancehall direction? It’s not good. What happened to the hazy/dreamy R&B sounds of P&D? I’m all for trying new things but this sucked

- I LOVE ITTT5 star

Reading the reviews I got really disheartened, why must people be so disgusting? Obviously he feels as if this is good enough and for most of us it is way better than just "good enough". He’s been gone since like 2017, and I genuinely appreciate the time and precision he’s put into making this album. If you don’t like it, no need to be rude or mean, just keep it pushing because at the end of the day he’s human. My top 5 are nothing less, split decision, never again, the news and eye on it. I honestly couldn’t even be happier with this album, party you did GREAATTTTT!!!

- C+3 star

I came in with tempered expectations as I've realized that he has slowly but surely gone downhill since PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO. With that being said, this album was definitely worth the listen. I do not see it being in rotation after a few weeks. Not mad overall, just disappointed as I thought this was an artist that would continue to ascend amongst the R&B ranks. I will continue to support in hopes of that next classic album, but not sure it will ever happen.

- Wasted Potential1 star

No investment in the art.

- Love it5 star

Stop living in the past and enjoy the present

- Disappointed2 star

I liked party’s last album and some of his earlier stuff but this is bad. I like the Rihanna track and I like the news. But the rest is kinda forgettable. It sounds like he is trying to be young thug a lot of the time also.

- Is this what you call music?1 star

I’m not really sure what to say. I tried to like this album, but good lord it’s just trash from beginning to end.

- Goat returns5 star

Album is great from start to finish

- Disappointed1 star

Idk why drake approve this album, I don’t get it.

- Amazing Album5 star

I have been waiting for the return of PND and he didn’t disappoint. I love the album great work!

- Re:1 star

Didn’t sound like nothin to me should’ve never drop this

- 2 stars2 star

2 stars for 2 good songs.

- 🐐5 star


- Party’s Wife5 star

This album so dope. My baby did what what he had to do.

- Could be better3 star

Some few good songs I liked. Rest....just sounds the same.

- Refresh for PND5 star

I was on the fence after the first listen but after the 3rd or 4th listen I can say I thoroughly enjoy this project. I appreciate an artist taking the time and effort in trying not to sound mainstream and carve his own sound. Production on album is very clean and vocal peformance is innovative. And please don't listen to people who expect an artist to continue giving the same 'P1/P2 vibes' 6 or 7 years later. Let artists grow.

- C’mon1 star

This album was hyped as having a huge Rihanna feature and the album is a whole is lackluster, with the Rihanna feature not even having a huge part in the song......

- 💪🏾🙏🏾5 star

Dope Art bro 🔥

- Love it5 star

I love this album, only song I did not like was “touch me”.

- RIHANNA!!5 star

Hopefully this is the beginning of Rihanna’s comeback!

- Needed this5 star


- 🔥🔥5 star


- 4 years for this1 star

Really bruh this is the best you got

- A vibe.5 star

Rihanna brought me here. Lol but this s smooth album.

- Bro1 star

That Rihanna collab can’t save that disaster of what you call an album💀

- ppppppparty5 star

It’s a vibe

- Love it5 star

Dope af 🔥

- Exactly what I am looking for5 star

Party knows his vibe and sound so very well. He is consistent and delivers every time. This album is no different, among his most dynamic. From a chill evening cruise, daytime hustle, or nighttime house party - this album has it alll

- Amazing5 star

To have a such a long hiatus, and return just as fluid, poignant, and real as ever is a musical reward to PND fans before, and likely new ones. A solid effort collectively. Shout out to PND & OVO.🔥 🙏🏼🤙🏼

- PND is back.5 star

Mannnn. It’s been a long time coming. Glad to have new timeless music from the GOAT!

- Incredible5 star

My all time favorite artist he cant write a bad song :) 10/10

- 🥰5 star

I love this 💯❤️❤️


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ABPalijah - Wack1 star

And people actually like this album

Heeeeeeeaaaaal - Who is this?2 star

This is some forgettable nonsense album. I waited for this? Just stop. He ain’t getting better than his first two. Facts. Party is over.

samantha yordel - ok2 star

i only like a few songs from this album and i totally miss his old music. he tried sort of a new sound which appeal to other people just not me. i pretty much only LOVE “another day” which i found out was an older song and he decided to put on so, ya i just miss his old beats and tone 🙈 still love him tho

falkamainia - Party?1 star

Party? more like sleep

tupace - I like it but...3 star

There were a few songs that I liked from the album (not gonna name any) but overall its a step down from PND3. There were a little changes.

mariorunner3 - it's great5 star

this is so worth the wait $$$

EmBack - Blem5 star

After the singles was not pump’d for this but theres like 8 fire af songs on here

Godson9ja - Straitgt from twitCH5 star

Love u bro 416

ovokav - OVO SOUND 20205 star

Going to be one of Jahron’s greatest albums!! Congrats to the entire team

Paul Nelson II - PARTYNEXTMONTH4 star

If the latest single is any indication of what is to come then we can tell this offering will be far and wide from the gorgeous productions heard in PND1 or COLOURS, and will most likely be closer sonically to PND2 The good news is that are no hints of PND3, although it had its gems The bad news is that unlike 7DAYS and COLOURS2 there does not seem to be any clear cut hit record(s) to lead with which is an absolute shame for such a talented songwriter who has created multiple hit records for so many other artists for nearly a decade All-in-all, listeners will soon get to decide where this album lands among the rest of his catalogue come March

#GodBody - Drop the album already #%@3 star

This album better be straight🔥

AngleFace12 - UNDERATED5 star

Αγάπη μου

Miki9810 - Top5 star

The Party we love!

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Gooty96 - Boring1 star

Not one good track

2PAC 1991 - 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Real fire album I have played this classic a lot already super cool album keep the flame coming

jordb__ - CRAZY!!!5 star

Amazing album. Favorite tracks are Split Decision, Loyal with Drake, Trauma & Believe It with Rihanna! 🔥🔥🔥

Agshdjkdkdj - Bang average3 star


§Hackerz§ - Boring.1 star

And just like that, Rihanna became irrelevant.

kikilouz - Boring1 star

Rihanna can’t sing

kumblina - TRACK 10!!!5 star


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@partynextdoor: PAYMOBILE out now

Kmkuuuuuuuu5 star

i lieddd i LOVE partymobile 🥺 im sorry party baby

SwaggiiP335 star

@zayy_jett: TL Sleep? Partynextdoor’s Partymobile album will forever hit

Zayy_jett5 star

TL Sleep? Partynextdoor’s Partymobile album will forever hit

Dportillo7x5 star

PAYMOBILE in rotation tonight

Issaaagem5 star

PAYMOBILE is really hittin for me tonight 😩

AdollazZ_5 star

@BeardedPrinceB PAYMOBILE. It dropped in March

XxBuRRiToZzxx5 star

That PAYMOBILE record was hitting until all the tracks started to sound the same. Had to turn it off after that Drake ft.

HEISENBERG04065 star

PAYMOBILE hits different

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