After Hours by The Weeknd

After Hours [The Weeknd] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Alone Again 4:10
2.Too Late 3:59
3.Hardest To Love 3:31
4.Scared To Live 3:11
5.Snowchild 4:07
6.Escape From LA 5:55
7.Heartless 3:18
8.Faith 4:43
9.Blinding Lights 3:20
10.In Your Eyes 3:57
11.Save Your Tears 3:35
12.Repeat After Me (Interlude) 3:15
13.After Hours 6:01
14.Until I Bleed Out 3:10

After Hours is the fourth studio album by Canadian singer The Weeknd. XO and Republic Records released the album on March 20, 2020. It is The Weeknd's first studio album since 2016's Starboy, following the release of the 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy. The album is dedicated to a fan, which passed away shortly before the album's release. The standard edition has no featured artists, and the deluxe edition features remixed tracks, with guest appearances from Chromatics and Lil Uzi Vert, along with additional production from The Blaze, Johnny Jewel, and OPN. After Hours' deluxe edition was later updated to include three new bonus tracks. A remix EP titled After Hours (Remixes) featuring the deluxe edition's remixes and an additional remix was later released. After Hours will be promoted with the After Hours Tour, which is set to span North America and Europe. The artwork and aesthetic for the album's promotional material has been described as psychedelic and being inspired by various films, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Joker, Casino, and Uncut Gems, with the last film having a cameo appearance by The Weeknd himself. The two Billboard Hot 100 number-one singles have supported the project: "Heartless" and "Blinding Lights", as well as "In Your Eyes". The album's title track has been issued as a promotional single. On March 19, 2020, a record 1.02 million users pre-added After Hours to their Apple Music library. The album debuted atop the US Billboard 200, with 444,000 album-equivalent units, 275,000 of which were in pure sales. It is The Weeknd's fourth number-one album and marks the biggest first-week sales of 2020 for an album. It also reached number one in 16 other countries including Canada and the United Kingdom. The album received widespread acclaim, with some critics praising the album as The Weeknd's best. Background and release: The Weeknd first teased that he was working on a new album in November 2018, via a performance in which he told the crowd "Chapter VI was coming soon." On January 12, 2019, Tesfaye then proceeded to further tease the project and its sound by tweeting "no more daytime music" to fans, making media outlets believe that he was set to continue the darker music found in My Dear Melancholy. Following a trio of collaborative singles throughout 2019, on August 6, he further reassured fans that he was working on his fourth studio album. Then after five months of silence, on November 24, the single "Blinding Lights" was revealed through a Mercedes-Benz television commercial, with reports of "Heartless" surfacing a day later. The latter song then premiered on the seventh episode of The Weeknd's Memento Mori Beats 1 radio show on November 27, 2019. Which in the hours leading into the release of the radio show episode, The Weeknd announced on social media his return to music with the captions "the fall starts tomorrow night" and "Tonight we start a new brain-melting psychotic chapter! Let's go!" On February 13, 2020, The Weeknd revealed the title of the project "After Hours" through a 48-second teaser. A couple of days after the announcement of the album's name, its release date of March 20, 2020, was shared through social media to accompany the title track's release as a promotional single. In the last week leading up to the album's release, After Hours' tracklist was revealed on March 17, 2020. On March 19, 2020, The Weeknd announced that the album is dedicated to a long time fan and host of the popular XO Podcast, Lance, who died the night before. The album debuted alongside the eighth episode of Memento Mori on March 20, 2020, with The Weeknd also hosting a Spotify listening session upon its release. A deluxe edition of the album containing five remixes was released without any prior notice on March 23, 2020. On March 30, 2020, on the second anniversary of My Dear Melancholy, an updated version of the deluxe edition containing three new bonus tracks was released. A remix EP titled After Hours (Remixes) featuring the deluxe edition's remixes and an additional remix, was released on April 3, 2020. Artwork and aesthetic: The artwork and aesthetic for the album's promotional material has been described as psychedelic and being inspired by various films, such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Joker, Casino, and Uncut Gems, with the last film having a cameo appearance by The Weeknd himself. Tesfaye's physical appearance in the era has been described by journalists as being red-pigmented, with him consistently maintaining a red suit and specific hairstyles throughout all of the album's promotional material, such as its artwork, music videos, teasers, and live performances. The Tammi brothers primarily handled the album’s overall art direction with its design being handled by Aleksi Tammi, and its photography and visual direction being handled by Anton Tammi, who directed the music videos for the album's singles, and the project's same-titled short film. The album's creative direction was handled by La Mar C. Taylor. Nabil Elderkin handled the photography and video direction for the promotional material of the deluxe version of the project, in this material, Tesfaye continues the era's "Sin City" theme, with him residing within a casino and donning a black suit in the two teasers for the bonus tracks. Notably, the black suit used in the teasers for the deluxe edition of the album and cover art for the bonus tracks and remix EP was the first time The Weeknd wore a non-red suit in the promotional material for the project since his first live performance of "Blinding Lights" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (dated December 6, 2019), in which he donned a blue suit. On February 20, 2020, The After Hours Tour was announced by The Weeknd through social media. It is set to span North America and Europe. The tour will last throughout the latter half of 2020, with it beginning on June 11 and ending on November 12. Sabrina Claudio, Don Toliver, and Black Atlass are set to open the tour. Performances: On December 5, 2019, The Weeknd performed "Heartless" for the first time on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. With "Blinding Lights" receiving its debut performance the following day on the same show. Both performances received positive reactions from critics and audiences and were compared to those done by Michael Jackson and Prince in the past. On January 22, 2020, "Blinding Lights" was performed at Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tesfaye's appearance during the performance on the show was inspired by the events that occurred within the aforementioned single's music video, which was released shortly before his live performance. The Weeknd was announced as a performer for the March 7, 2020 episode of the 45th season of Saturday Night Live. During his appearance, he performed a comedic track alongside Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd, made specifically for the show, titled "On the Couch", and the songs: "Blinding Lights" and the previously unreleased "Scared to Live", the latter of which featured electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never and interpolates "Your Song" by Elton John. Singles On November 27, 2019, the album's lead single, "Heartless", was released digitally on music stores and streaming services. American record producer Metro Boomin noticeably produced the song. At the time of its release, it was The Weeknd's first solo single since 2018's "Call Out My Name" from the EP My Dear Melancholy (2018). The single peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became The Weeknd's fourth song to top the chart, with it also becoming Metro Boomin's second chart-topper that he produced. Its music video was released on December 3, 2019. "Blinding Lights" was released digitally on music stores and streaming services on November 29, 2019, as the album's second single. The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached number one in various other countries, becoming his first chart-topper in the United Kingdom and Australia. Its music video is set in the aftermath of "Heartless"' visual and was released on January 21, 2020. "In Your Eyes" was released to rhythmic contemporary radio on March 24, 2020, as the album's third single. Its music video follows the storyline of the previously released visuals and was released on March 23, 2020. Promotional singles On February 18, 2020, Tesfaye announced the release of the album's title track with the reveal of the album's cover art. The promotional single reached the top 20 of various countries worldwide, including the United States, where it peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Teaser and short film On February 13, 2020, The Weeknd released a 48-second teaser that announced the album's title. Journalists noted its resemblance to the digital work done in the 2019 film Uncut Gems, which Tesfaye had a cameo in. Its visuals were also compared to those found in the music videos for the album's first two singles. A self-titled short film for the album was first teased on March 3, 2020, with its release occurring on March 4, 2020. It was directed by Anton Tammi and continued the storyline and aesthetics found in the visuals for "Heartless" and "Blinding Lights". The film is set shortly after The Weeknd's performance of "Blinding Lights" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (dated January 22, 2020) and features various snippets of the tracks from the album as Tesfaye navigates a subway. It concludes with The Weeknd seemingly murdering a couple in a secluded elevator. Journalists as being inspired by the films Joker and The Shining noted the visual. Critical reception Professional ratings Aggregate scores Source Rating AnyDecentMusic? 7.7/10 Metacritic 83/100 Review scores Source Rating AllMusic 4/5 stars Consequence of Sound A– Evening Standard 3/5 stars Exclaim! 8/10 The Guardian 4/5 stars The Independent 4/5 stars NME 4/5 stars Pitchfork 7.9/10 PopMatters 8/10 Rolling Stone 3.5/5 stars After Hours was met with widespread critical acclaim. At Metacritic, the album received an average score of 83, based on 17 reviews. Aggregator AnyDecentMusic? Gave it 7.7 out of 10, based on their assessment of the critical consensus. Writing for Consequence of Sound, Candace McDuffie praised the album, stating, "As he evolves, he continues to reinvent himself, and he knows exactly how to leave fans hooked on havoc. And After Hours is proof that he's not done with us yet; in fact, he's just getting started." Exclaim!'s reviewer Jacob Carey stated in his review that "After Hours does feel like the Weeknd's very own version of Vegas – a place where overindulgence, self-loathing and promiscuity are not only welcomed but encouraged." The Guardian's critic Michael Cragg gave After Hours a positive review, praising the "sense of narrative cohesion" on the album, saying that "songs bleed into each other, with sonic references dotted throughout to neaten up threads that previously he would have left to unravel. By balancing the two sides of his musical personality – not to mention add some levity to that boring, bad-taste id – After Hours feels like the first Weeknd album in a while to offer up a clear, singular vision rather than something frustratingly abstract." Writing for The Independent, Roisin O'Connor stated, "After Hours abandons the danceability of its predecessor in favor of moody introspection. This is the music you listen to when the party's over." O'Connor further compares the album to The Weeknd's previous releases, saying that he on After Hours "still delves into a bad boy persona but there's a tinge of remorse that runs through, in comparison to the cold and often cruel tone of earlier cuts." Luke Morgan Britton of NME called After Hours "The Weeknd's strongest record in some time" and that "It's a record free of features and full of probing self-reflection." Jon Dolan of Rolling Stone gave the album a positive review, stating, "After Hours certainly has its share of pity-partying. But there's also a vulnerability that goes beyond the usual too-beautiful-for-the-world sulking." Dolan also said that the album "hits the best balance yet of the gloomy melodrama of the Weeknd's early EPs or his 2018 release My Dear Melancholy and the pop slickness of his 2016 LP Starboy." Writing for Variety, Jem Aswad praised the album, stating, "The Weeknd is launching the next era with his most fully realized album yet, 'After Hours.' Sonically, the hallmarks are ultra-cinematic keyboards, pulsating sub-bass, hard beats (which are seldom danceable), '80s synthesizer flourishes and caverns of echo, all of which contrast with his high, angelic voice." Aswad ended his review by saying that "After Hours is one of the most successful musicians of the past decade testing the balance between innovation and commerciality as much as anyone today." David Smyth of Evening Standard particularly praised the song "Blinding Lights", while stating that The Weeknd's "in a bit of a fug" on the rest of the album. Commercial performance Despite the album not being released yet during the tracking period ending on February 27, 2020, After Hours managed to reach a position of number 10 on the US Rolling Stone Top 200 through the 36,000 album-equivalent units provided by the already available singles at the time. On March 19, 2020, After Hours broke the record for the most global pre-adds for an album in Apple Music history, with over 1.02 million users pre-adding the album to their libraries. After Hours debuted atop the US Billboard 200 with 444,000 album-equivalent units, including 275,000 pure album sales. It is The Weeknd's fourth number-one album and marks the biggest first-week sales of 2020 for an album. Additionally, after the album's first week of availability, all 14 songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100, with ten of them in the top 40, led by "Blinding Lights" at number one, and "In Your Eyes" debuting the highest, at number 16. The album remained at number one on the Billboard 200 in its second week with 138,000 album-equivalent units, of which 47,000 were pure album sales. It is The Weeknd's third consecutive album to spend multiple weeks. The album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart with over 26,000 units sold, making it The Weeknd's second number one on the chart, five years after Beauty Behind the Madness. It also topped the chart in The Weeknd's native Canada, with 54,000 album-equivalent units.

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After Hours by The Weeknd Album Reviews

- Naw

No thanks



- 🤯🤯🤯


- Stupid

It’s so Stupid

- Not a fan of the music

But he definitely deserved a couple Grammy nominations!!!!

- I love you so much bro i’m a girl

By IOU’s

- 🤩

To Bobinthestars: And you aren’t someone who deserves to be loved. You are nothing. You are whiny. You are immature. You are a brat. You should drink bleach and die. And if you do GOOD RIDDANCE!!

- 🔥🔥🔥

Simply fire

- Album of the year.

Grammys don’t mean sh*t!

- Best album of 2020

No questions asked. Screw the Grammys

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


- 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hottest album of the year!! F the Grammys! Abel got robbed

- Nksmmfbtnlrnhjykfll mflkhkkktlrlntnrnkfkd


- Great


- 10/10

Abel was in my playlist in 2011 and still is now. Loved After Hours. Although being different from his other albums, still an amazing amazing masterpiece. XOTWOD ⭐️❤️

- Amazing

Thank you Abel you always help me heal, I love the album keep it going. I listen to this album all the time I just love it that much <3 I LOVE YOU ABEL

- meh

I mean I have this song and it isn’t bad but like, you can’t listen to it over and over again without it getting boring. It’s like that one thing that was hot for a week and you got it and you used it up way to much now it is just kinda, well, dead. I honestly expected better. 😕

- Album is pure art!

For those of you who aren’t a huge fan of this man this album will make you want to become XO. Every time he releases an album he tells a story. This man is different from other artists in a way how he delivers his music through art. His visuals are aesthetically inspired by cinema or legendary artists like MJ, Prince to Elton John, you name it this man has a mind of a genius! Listen from beginning to end as the melody slowly fades away till we get another chapter. After Hours is full of darkness/vulnerability/love/happiness and melancholy. You get everything in a nutshell. Thank you Abel for existing & blessing us with your music!! I’ll forever stan you! XO’TWOD.

- Another great album from Abel “The Weeknd” is coming 💎

Abel always delivers great music and this one will be no doubt amazing. After hours is a haunting song and builds into 6 minutes of perfect listening pleasure.🎶 I’m sure the rest of the album after the first 3 single releases will be incredible. Bravo👏 I predicted this would be great after the first 3 singles, wow! One of his best, is not the best 👍 Grammys got this one wrong! He should have been nominated for song, record and album of the year! 🤨


SUCH A GOOD ALBUM WTFFF!!! Best album of the year in my opinion 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨. SUCH A GOOD ALBUM. ABEL really killed it this year!

- The best album ever!!


- Love your passion

I can feel your passion in the music you create ♥️

- You already know this album is everything

Thank you for this blessing of an album.

- Eh

Not bad not good so 🤷‍♀️


Other than Folklore this is THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR

- overdone

too 80’s

- Grammy? Big Baby 🙄

If everyone complained every year that they didn’t get a Grammy nomination, they would be sore losers. Tons of artists are skipped over every year that deserve a Grammy nomination. I liked this guy until he went and complained like a big baby about not getting a Grammy nomination. Bye, Felicia! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

- Wait.....what?

kinda all sounds the same......gone are the days of true artists......where are they hiding?

- Nope.

It’s a thumbs down for me.

- Amazing

I love this album

- Just because theres so much hate in these reviews

anyone who feels this album is TOO slow doesnt mean this album is trash. he is an r&b artist what did you expect? universal genre artist. dont talk about music when most of you probably listen to youngboy and think his music is the best thing youve heard in years.

- Besttt

Even though every song is sounding the same but the vibe it carries matters the most and every song has it sown chills

- One of Abel’s Best🔥🔥

The mix of traditional pop and trap sounds mixed in with Weeknd’s R&B melodies makes for some of his best work to date. This album will age and already has aged like fine wine, can’t find one flaw in it.

- Blahh


- Amazing

ROBBED!!! A great album. The scammys don’t appreciate talent

- Isharted

Great Album🔥🔥

- The Weeknd

The album is trash. It has a cheesy 80s hook and no meaning.

- built different🥶

goated album

- Psychotic Art

The talent cannot be denied however I hope this album is complete fiction otherwise it sounds like a narcissists admission of psychological unraveling.

- love u


- 🥴🥴


- Amazing

The Weeknd does it again! Amazing album full of nonstop hits. Again he takes us to another place this time a crazy night though Vegas.

- Absolute Classic

Time and time again Abel showed us why he is the new king of pop. This album is going to stand the time of testament when it comes to redefining the genre of pop/r&b

- Blinded lights

We need the remix

- Love it!

Best thing to happen in all of 2020

- Best ever!

This is literally the best album I’ve ever heard

- Pre-release: 5 Stars. Post-release: 0 Stars

Notice all the five-star reviews were done prior to the album being released? Silly fans will give praise to content they never even heard. You would be wise to check out the reviews posted AFTER this trash was released. One good song drowned out by a whole bunch of whining. Such a lazy effort. Heavy pass.

- Abel The Man

Any one who gives anything under 5 Stars clearly doesn’t know him and his music

- Album of the year

The weeknd never fails to release nothing but greatness and he doesnt break that streak here

- Nicegagwhaiwnajwjsjsnsbwjsbs


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- Thank You!

Without this dope I could probably go insane under the COVID work from home situation. Thank you for the good music!

- Yall are wack

This album shows his artistry.. Sounds expensive

- Best album since Trilogy


- So Boring

Bring back the mystery and intensity of House of Balloons. This is awful.

- Perfect in every way


- A big no from me

Every song is a disappointment.

- Wow..

Been a fan of the weekend since he first came out, was still in high school. I loved how all his albums are different and hands down this is my all time favourite one. Amazing!

- cool

il like this dude

- After Hours 🔥

Straight fire 🔥🔥🔥 Heartless, Faith and Save your tears are my personal favorite. But they’re all great.

- 🔥🔥 The Weeknd ❤️❤️


- where’s the grammy?

whatever this album is too good for the grammys

- Um, what?

Really enjoy his music, but this is soooooooo auto tuned that I can barely make it past the first few lines of each song when he starts to sing. Why, oh why did you do this???

- Amazing

This album has Less “Banger” but more “Jammer”. I didn’t feel it at first but it grew on me fast. i love it.

- amazing

new sounds and experiences with a hint of his old sound. insane❤️

- his killer fresh vocals and the damn perfect production is everything


- Incredible

It's definitely different from his other work but it shows growth and maturity. Well done Abel xo

- Trash

A souless fad club mix

- Woow

The type of album to make you text your ex

- Another Canadian rip off

I’m no fan. But this guy had best song of the year😠☹️

- Best Pop Song of 2020

Beautiful and exciting song with amazing vocals! Abel is the most talented musical artist of 2020!

- This is call it art so far best singer as usual

Thank you bruhhh this is amazing 😉 album of the year no need comment because the songs speaks by itself big love ❤️

- XO

Can’t stop playing this lmao in love with Escape from LA and Until I bleed out! jk i’m in love with every single track thanks abel

- 🔥🔥🔥

After Hours is 🔥🔥🔥

- 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


- Best Album Yet

I am in love with the 80s sound to this album, and these are probably some of his best vocals. But I can say that I did not care that much for the first two tracks. They were fine but not my favourite.

- Still got it

He’s still doing great things

- Dam


- Magnificent

Great tone

- No skips

Just pure heat

- Disappointing

Starts off not so good, picks up in the middle and dies by track 12. BEST SONGS: Heartless, Blinding Lights, Faith, Scared To Live, In Your Eyes WORST SONGS: Too Late, Alone Again, Escape From LA, Snowchild

- Goat


- Another Classic

Album of the year 🙏🏽

- garbage for teenagers who are clueless

sad that this is considered good listening nowadays. I feel sorry for young people that this is the music they are being forcefed...depressing as hell

- Good vibes

Very mellow, beautiful lyrics and of course the vibes you get from each song leaves you feeling euphoric.

- Trash

Absolute garbage

- Too many other versions

I would like if there was only one version and not remixes. Other than that, it’s great i ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️it


This is such a great album, I listened to this around 15 times in 4 days and eveytime im more and more surprise by his work (sorry for the mistakes, im canadian french)

- :)

Mes 4 chansons préférées sont Blinding Lights, Heartless, In Your Eyes, Faith.

- Grammy Winner Alert

As a Fan of The Weeknds early work, such as House of Balloons and the entire Trilogy, it is safe to say he lived up to my expectations. He has this thing with consistency and has a deep understanding of his style and knows his audience. Each song is crafted to perfection and has had deep consideration- rather than pumping out hits after hits, he creates one whole masterpiece with an underlying message and theme. As I like to say, After Hours is like if HOB and My Dear Melancholy has a love child. Definitely a contender for the Grammys

- meh

it’s very basic & i feel like every song just songs the same. i honestly thought the album was one big song 😌

- perfect


- This is art


- Love it


- Excellent!

Different from the past album but it’s still a great album love most of the songs! good work Abel XO Descripti

- No skips

Major improvement from his last project

- Classic!

XOTWOD This is an instant classic! I love all the songs! This blew my mind! The Weeknd is the GOAT XO🖤 I’ll never understand people who don’t like this.

- Monsterpiece

I’m speechless

- Blinding light

Wowww :)

- Sooooooooooooooo bad

Soooooooooooooooooooo bad💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😒😒😒😒1

- love it

there's a consistent vibe throughout the album that i love. it's different from his last one but still so amazing.

- George chammas

Best album ever created 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

- Not even good

The song is so whiny and repetitive

- 🥺❤️


- Most iconic album of the century

This album supplies all the feels. Pure raw emotion and brilliant catchy tunes that will cater for any mood.


In your eyes and blinding lights my absolute favs , loving this 80s vibe 💪🏻 💃🏻

- Very good


- love it!

on repeat 24/7

- Album cover

Self explanatory title a

- After hours

This is gonna he album of the year.

- Hate this song

His song is just nad

- inspiration

working on my own album at the moment, this has really inspired me!

- In Your Eyes is the 🐐

So many 80s vibes goin on in this album and boy oh boy I’m lovin it


All the tracks are singles Abel is the best pop star of past and new decade 🇪🇹🇨🇦

- Amazing but that cover was a horrible choice

The only 3 good albums by the Weeknd are beauty behind to madness, starboy and after hours. After hours is a great album! Just one thing... I HATE THAT COVER SO MUCH!!! You should regret that cover The Weeknd. Hope others believe this is the problem of this album too.


Our music industry seriously needs a pick me up. This album is slow and dull, and the vocals have the same tone on every track. Zzzzzzzzz!

- The cover 🤢

The songs r good but looking at the cover makes me sick!

- Amazing

Truely an incredible album

- This is a banger album! The Weeknd deserves some form of award for this!

Honestly has to be one of the best albums of the year and decade and we’re 4 months into the year! The Weeknd has killed this album, even with the addition of the bonus tracks released recently! My favourite songs from this album have to be Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes, Hardest To Love and After Hours! When you look into each title of the song, it makes up a story (this is what I think it is): The Weeknd starts with his significant other walking out, leaving him “Alone Again” and unsure of what to do. The realisation of what he has done finally hits him and realises that it may be “Too Late” to win her heart back. He believes he is the “Hardest To Love” because it seems he always screws it up at some point, which causes him to feel “Scared To Live”. He thinks of her as his “Snowchild” so he follows her to LA to get back with her. However, after seeing her with someone else and his fame coming into question, he feels like he needs to “Escape From LA” in order to feel better. This leads him into falling back into his old ways (drugs, alcohol, one night stands) and, essentially, becoming “Heartless”. However, it hits him that by doing this, he’ll fall back into these behaviours and lose the “Faith” of getting back with her. The Weeknd is blinded by the lights (Blinding Lights) of Hollywood and his fame, because all he really wanted was to be with her and live a happier life. He realised this after looking in her eyes (In Your Eyes) and knew he wanted her. He asked her to “Save Your Tears” because he didn’t want her to feel bad for leaving him as all he wanted was her to “Repeat After Me (Interlude)”. In the “After Hours”, he always thinks about the ‘what if...?’ and what he could’ve done differently. He knows that his actions have caused a downward spiral, which has affected him too much. This feeling is similar to someone bleeding out (Until I Bleed Out), and he can’t imagine going through it again.

- Love it

The Weeknd never disappointed me. Hell yeah


It’s a masterpiece. Album of the year. My bby u did it!

- Already know it's gonna be amazing. XOTWOD.




- In your eyes and Blinding lights are the best

The whole album swears to much


There will be puristist who don't like this, but I think The Weeknd and Max Martin are a match made in heaven. I love love love catchy electronic pop and the Weeknds voice is incredible. I have followed his carreer from the beginning and for me this is perfection. i love everything he does, but for me, this is my favourite album so far. it is a different style and very commercial but that's no necessary a bad thing.I LOVE IT.

- Hate the cover

I really think the sales of this album would be higher if the cover was different. I hate looking at it and won’t be buying it even though I am a fan.

- I only like one

It’s blinding lights

- After Hours

this album is amazing!!! i have no skips

- A King !

King of the Fall is bringing us a masterpiece. XO

- Still the king

Never stops making amazing music



- After hours

Don’t get me wrong I love The Weeknd but I paid for all of the songs before it came out like pre ordered it and then it says I have to pay again I have the screen shots for proof as well

- OMG amazing. What an artist!


- 80s music is back!

I'm in love! All music should bring back the 80's style! The Weeknd has a great taste of music! Well done!!!

- Disappointing

He has an amazing voice, and there are great beats but where is the poetry of some of the songs on the first r n b album? Where are some amazing lyrics? It's just so boring and he has so much poential

- Love album

it feels like 80’s and my daughter loves dancing to it!

- Well then...

I’m underwhelmed


This hasn’t even released yet and I’m here to cement the idea that this album will indeed be album of the year and of all time too. XOTWOD

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- Good to have old Abe back

After awful and boring album with Daft Punk finally we get to listen old school and real The Weeknd! Incredible cohesive and well produced album that will become his best one! Hats off

- I swear this was made in like 2012🤣


- Best album release of the year!!

Abel has done it again with this masterpiece of an album. I mean no one else creates and forms music like him these days, he’s a living legend and people should cherish him whilst he’s still active. You already know he’s ruling the R&B category when it comes to awards shows at the end of the year. In fact he’s gonna be the top artist this year, the rest are behind by a mile. No cappp!!!❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

- aoty

100% the current album of the year, great album by the weeknd once again! deserves the hype and praise its receiving

- Another CLASSIC

So great to see The Weeknd improve as an artist. Maintaining his original sound whilst exploring new ones. Always hear elements of Trilogy, Starboy and Kissland which is great. Bonus tracks go perfect with the album, just wish they were included in the original project.

- Predictable

Abel has made fantastic, original, unpredictable and constantly fresh music in the past; Trilogy and Kiss Land were arguably a cultural reset. However, in this album, many of the wounded to me as if I knew them already and I could predict his melody. It is by no means subpar and I understand the 80s influence, but I know Abel has some more classics coming.

- Great!!!

I love it!

- Why is it popular

So crap


His whole album is too good!!


This album is a whole masterpiece, I never do these reviews but this is probably my favorite album I’ve heard in a long time. No skips, favorites have to be Blinding Lights, Hardest to Love, Alone Again, Snowchild, Faith, After Hours, Save Your Tears, Heartless - basically the whole album!

- Very epic 👌🏻


- Nope

This album is taking over the charts and it’s not fair on the other artists and the album is poop

- Beautiful album

One of the greatest artists in our generation


This song is sick!

- Good

Blinding light is a gorgeous song!

- Great

It’s amazing

- Blinding lights

Honestly it’s probably one of the best songs he’s created to date

- The weeknd 5/5

The best album of 2020! Not one song on this album that is below my standards for him. All amazing 👌🏼🔥🔥

- Chips and beans

I used to like chips and beans , but , the only food I knew was chips and beans ,I’m guessing the people who like this , like chips and beans , this music is the equivalent, or even a mc music quarter pounder , it’s that complex , the corporations of this world use an algorithm to find what people like , this is the result , it’s utterly devoid of any soul , a cardboard box with less flavour , it sounds like 70% of the market ,

- Nothing is better than this

Great album by the greatest artist. Not one bad song

- I absolutely love this song Emilylou920

Blinding lights, this song is on just dance 2021! I can believe it’s on the game! Thanks iTunes!

- A cinematic multiverse of perfection!

Once again Abel has reinstated his throne as Artist of the Century. The Grammys do not deserve this man ever! Each song is impeccable, and they all unite to create a record breaking work of art. Not to forget the individual historical achievement of Blinding Lights. This is his most brave piece to date, yet it will forever be remembered as the Album of 2020 by the Artist of 2020 and beyond

- Best album in years

The weeknd has once again created a masterpiece, amazing lyrics and production


10/10 his best work yet!!!! XO for life🤩🤪⭐️

- colstar7 & The Weeknd

Whew! Luckily for The Weeknd colstar7 appears to just be an oddball who knows very little about music.

- After Hours

Just on fire -

- :(

Not feeling it

- Great

Good playlist I love blinding lights . REALLY GOOD SONG!

- Lyrics to ‘blinding lights’

I’ve been tryna call I’ve been on my own for long enough Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe I’m going through withdrawals You don’t even have to do too much You can turn me on with just a touch, baby I look around and Sun city’s cold and empty, no one around to judge me I can’t see clearly when you’re gone I said I’m blinded by the lights No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch I’m drowning in the night When I’m like this, you’re the one I trust I’m running out of time, cause I can see the sun light up the sky So I hit the road in overdrive, baby The city’s cold and empty, no one around to judge me I can’t see clearly when you’re gone I said I’m blinded by the lights No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch I’m drowning in the night When I’m like this, you’re the one I trust I just calling back to let you know I could never say it on the phone Would never let you go this time I said I’m blinded by the lights No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch I’m drowning in the night When I’m like this, you’re the one I trust I’m blinded by the lights No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch

- Clean version costs twice as much. So F**k you Apple

What a load of rubbish

- Amen


- Amazing


- Amazing

It’s an amazing song

- Just great

So good this band never gets old

- Amazing

This album is one of the best released this year alongside Dua Lipas “Future nostalgia” this album definitely deserves numerous Grammys Save your tears is my personal favourite !!!

- After Hours

Abel dedicated this album to “Lance” XOPodcast his friend he’d have rated it 💯🥀RIP

- Potential album of the year?

The Weeknd has come out with a amazing album here. The After Hours era has been a fantastic one for him, my favourite songs from the album have to be In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears & Blinding Lights. Can’t wait to see in London in October now

- twknd

xo forever

- Truly stunning.

This boy has an awesome voice, the songs are catchy and very entertaining, well done.

- mastered

a masterfully put together body of work

- cool

This is an amazing song, highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't heard it!!!

- Mediocre album

The last album was much more original and loved. This is just mediocre at this point.

- Okay!

Not bad only like half the songs but the ones I like I think are very good

- Take the weekend bring back The Dream

What can I say about hot mess, in the beginning there was an artist, an edge, we saw the inspiration and supported the journey, iTunes should have a refund button that notifies the artist that you ain’t cutting it anymore. Maybe being broke is the way forward because it’s like he’s not even trying, like so many artist who barely improve or maybe it’s this new microwave era. OR maybe he’s like Samson and needs to grow his hair back to make good music again.

- Ngl only one good song

So yeah

- Blinded by the light

Very good

- The monumental WEEKND

An amazing album,, LOVE it , CLASS THANK YOU

- Stop explicit I’m ten

Stop the explicit songs pls

- So good

This is a madness

- After hours review

This is hands down Abel’s best studio album yet, one song led to the next in such a smooth way without needing transitions. Blinding lights also deserves to be the lead title track of the album. Hardest to love, too late, escape from LA, until I bleed out, faith, snowchild and in your eyes are on reload atm. XOTWODDDDDDD

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I ordered some reading material. I figure after binge watching hours of free lectures from @jordanbpeterson it was the least I could do. May review it... may not. If it helps, I probably will. If not, I'll roll joints with the paper. .

6 God

@rapisfunn After hours because of the title track..

DJ Kopeman #GrooveTheoryDayParty

@esildn I’m heated. I can’t believe it. 😭😭 I thought after those hours the list will at least be good kmt!! 🤬🤬🤬.


How is Jennifers hands not all wrinkly after shes been swimmimg in a pool for 3 hours .


Ether Soars Above $1,000 for First Time Since 2018, Hours After Crossing $800 /r/CryptoCurrency .

Ryan Elder

Checking in on @ProducerSpenc... how you doing after the last 7 hours bud?.


@gee_shenka @Sauda_Fathiyya They said we'll hear from them after 48 hours.

‏ 🔪🥀رئيسة خالد ابن الرشيد

@fireheartmar I dnf’d after he tied her up and left her for hours. Nico and Elena are everything to me 😭😭.

🗡Ivy Wants A Sword 2021🗡

Finest example was being unable to complete one (1) portion of one hw assignment bc I couldn’t understand it, couldn’t find help online after hours of looking, and was promptly sent to what is essentially lunch detention to do the homework I still did not understand, epic win.


I'm finally back at my apartment after being up for 28 straight hours and driving the last 7, excited to be back with my dual pc so I can stream not at the detriment of my fps, so expect some ranked streams this week, but not every day since my term starts tomorrow as well :(.

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