Gigaton by Pearl Jam

Gigaton [Pearl Jam] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 5:10
2 3:49
3 4:25
4 4:46
5 3:43
6 6:14
7 4:18
8 3:41
9 3:36
10 6:02
11 5:22
12 5:52
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Gigaton by Pearl Jam Album Reviews

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- Love it!5 star

Definitely what PJ needed to do.. change it up by not too much. Favorite song is Take the Long Way. It’s a classic rocker that can be put on Vs. I’d say this is their 3rd or 4th best album they have made. Great work fellas and perfect for this quarantine

- Trying to Hard3 star

At least that is what it seems to me. Like they were trying a little too hard to push the boundaries of the band, and explore a new sound. Don’t get me wrong, it has its moments. But if you were hoping, as I was, for another album on the level of Lightning Bolt, after such a long break, well. . .let’s just say lightning didn’t strike twice.

- The grungiest album in AGES5 star

I’ve listened to EVERY Pearl Jam album and I can honestly & without any shame say that Gigaton is their best album since Vitalogy.

- I can’t help the permagrin :)5 star

If Robert Johnson signed a contract with the devil for his musical talent, then the Yang to Roberts Yin is here! Pearl Jam must’ve signed a contract with the Almighty himself to rock this earth! Long live inspiration and creativity!

- Awesome5 star

Album is a grower but amazing music nonethelesss. Pearl Jam continues to blow my mind.

- Fading Away2 star

Grew up on Pearl Jam and bands if that era. I was lucky enough to see PJ at Lollapalooza along with Soundgarden and the Peppers in ‘93. As much as this hurts me to say, I just don’t like this album or most of their recent music.....

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star


- Good5 star

Can someone tell me what &39’s means? I see it everywhere.

- Gigaton2 star

I guess Berry was a fan , Trump 2020 🖕🏻

- It’s Pearl Jam!5 star

It’s new it’s different. Can’t wait to listen to the album as a whole. So for now I’m going to say 5 stars but I’m a fan of everything they have done. Ok comes out tomorrow 3 songs in and so far it’s a great PJ album no a great rock album! I’ll update once I sit with the whole album for a while! It’s been out for about a month yes it’s very good! Love every song!

- Pearl Jam?? More like Toe Jam!!!1 star

I’ve listened to PJ my entire life, and this album is absolutely garbage!! Such a disappointment and embarrassment to the rock/grunge genre!!

- At long last!5 star

I've been a fan since Ten, but have to admit, while I love everything they do, the last 2 releases didn't grab me as I anticipated, but still respect this band being together for so long and exploring so many different avenues in their music. When I purchased this offering, I didn't listen to it from beginning to end for about a week, but after hearing some snippets on the radio and seeing Eddie perform River Cross live, I finally decided to give it a try. I have now listened over and over, like I did with Vitalogy, No Code (my favorite). This is the introspective, thoughtful, jamming PJ I know and love. Thank you Matt, Stone, Boom, Jeff, Mike and Ed for making music whose time had come. It's gotten me through some tough quarantine days, but gives me hope for better days ahead. Love, Love, Love!

- At first wasn’t convinced....Now in Love5 star

This album has grown on me in the best possible way. Not every song is a masterpiece, but each one certainly has its moments. Some of those moments are extraordinary. And the ones that are masterpieces (looking at you Seven O’Clock) are Pearl Jam at their absolute best. It took a few weeks but now this album is coming into focus for me. This one should be listened to on vinyl, forcing you to hear each and every track in sequence. They work together to paint a picture of the modern times and troubles we face today. No wonder this took seven years to produce, feels like a very personal album for the band and as always EV’s vocals bleed with urgency and resolve. Reminds me a lot of EV’s “Into the Wild”, an album that slowly and insidiously infects your musical soul and lifts you with each and every subsequent listening. Hate to say it, but this effort feels like a huge leap from Lightning Bolt which was a fine album but never really had a chance to reach (excuse the pun) immortality for me. “Sirens” is just way too ham handed for me. This one is much more delicate and ethereal, having the legs to go the distance. Bravo, five stars. I’ve always understood the pull of “Ten” which may be the greatest album of all time. If that’s more your cup of tea more power to you! But be forewarned “Gigaton” is far, far removed and 30 years beyond “Ten”.

- I want a whole album that.......5 star

I want a whole PJ Album that sounds like or simular to Dance of the Clairvoyants! I love that track!

- Fresh new sound from PJ4 star

I’m really digging this new sound from Pearl Jam!

- Well worth it! Beyond worth it!5 star

I waited for this review. My first PJ show was actually a Millie Blaylock show when they opened for the REdHotChillies in 91. Close your eyes, you can take any song off Gigaton and relate it to anyone song on any one album over the past 30+ years. Can’t deny in this time and age, this is a pure ROCK Album. There best or a close #1 album they have ever released. Heart, Soul, anger, survival, it’s all on display. Must have to your PJ catalog. The other bad reviews should be removed, then review the album. Take a song and relate it to one off Ten or lighting bolt! It’s all packed into this well made album. Best rock album in 7 years. Especially seeing we’re in an era were Rock Is dead!

- Fantastic5 star

Great album by PJ. Wide array of styles. Love the creativity. Great work as always gentlemen.

- Depth.......5 star

Simple minds won't get it, it's too much for them to understand without simplicity of lyrics or sound comforting their way of thinking. Those humans that seek to evlove or continue to grasp the process of evolving still have a chance to witness something great..... Good luck to you all, you are always welcomed on this journey called music....

- Worst PJ Ever (Comic Book Guy voice)1 star

This is just not good.

- Innovation3 star

Finally something new. Hope the rest of the album is adventurous as the single Edit: album starts out strong but then peters off into a handful of boring ballads.

- A Fairly Bright Star3 star

PJ’s creative output since Backspacer has waned and at sometimes seemed to be completely gone, and I’ve bought and listened to all of their records at length. This album has given me hope as to their future, almost like a peak at new Pearl Jam that looks to be exciting. A couple tracks on here I’ll return to, but nothing emotionally resonating or fantastic. Three stars, a compliment but I’d really love to see something as exciting as past albums. I don’t want a rehash, I want something that invokes regular folk despite them being millionaires.

- Meh?3 star

Used to be a time when Pearl Jam was a garaunteed great album. Bands always evolve, I get it. Some just go in the wrong direction. Think their too bust hating Trump to make good music anymore.

- It rocks, go listen to lady gaga5 star

Pearl Jam once again does not fail to impress. As a drummer, they've definitely emphisized the rythym side of this album. It simply Rocks. The recording of the drums sounds fantastic! I love the ring of the snare drum and the tone of the toms. I love the fact that this band plays real instruments and uses creativity to lay down some good music. Who's 1 starring Pearl Jam? Oh yeah, it's those who consider Cold Play and Fall Out Boy good bands. Peace out Felicia's.

- Clunker2 star

While I need to spend some more time with the album and I appluad the switching of instruments and writing colaboration and I disappointed. Regardless of the era, the year or the political enviroment, PJ always has a knack for driving riffs and great harmonies. Not here. Yes, the two singles are unique and evoke some emotion, the rest of the album feels like a clunker. Trust me, I hate to say that and it's cool that the band evolves, but I dont hear evolution. Reminds me of No Code and Riot Act which I couldn't stand the production, the constant "live" feeling of everyone jamming at once. I feel like I am being play "AT" instead of being played "TO".

- It’s Pearl Jam5 star

I hope the rest of the album is not like the first single, too much influence from Julian Casablanca’s. Wolfblood alone deserves 4 stars. Keep on trekking boys. After listening to the full album. I got to say, this album rocks!🤘🏼 can’t wait for them to come back to LA BEST ROCK ALBUM IN YEARS!

- I'm done2 star

I suppose nothing stays the same, nor is it intended to. So Pearl Jam has every right to grow and evolve and make whatever music moves them. I couldn't make music if I tried, but I'm not listening to Pearl Jam anymore, because we've grown too far apart. I loved them in the early grunge day and that's how I will remember them, not this new album or many of the ones before it. Times change, congrats to the people who like this and congrats to the Band for doing what they love. It's just not for me. Peace

- Diverse5 star

Evolved they are, if you don;t like this album you fear change and don't like Pearl Jam

- Different, but eh...2 star

Pearl Jam hasn't been the same since Ten. I understand about evolving as a band, but Vedder's voice just keeps getting worse. He sounds like a billy goat now. Also, the music has lost the edge that made them interesting. There are a few lights on the album, but nothing that really is something that will make you hum, sing, or even remember it. It's a shame really. They were such a quality groove rock band early on, and now they don't can't even put together a rock song. And like I said, Vedder can't sing anymore.

- Sooo Over rated are they! not even top 5 seattle band and they know it !1 star

I always thought they were cliché wanna be activist band they try way to hard to be something Relevant!!!! horrible Lonf time original born and breed Seattleite ( unlike eddie v. yet another California transplant who RUINED SEATTLE )

- BORING!!!!!!! BORING!!!!!!!!!! BORING!!!!!!!!2 star

The title says it all. This album once again demonstrates the unity and superior musical collaboration within the band but lacks the one thing they were once known for....the hits. ......Disappointing.

- There’s just something about it....5 star

Not as hard as previous offerings, but everything seems to flow together.

- This is garbage1 star

I have been Pearl jam fan since Ten. They have always been my favorite band. This sounds less like Pearl Jam and more like Bernies presidential soundtrack. Perfect for snowflakes.

- Another Gem5 star

Pearl Jam in their 50's rocking and rolling like one who picked them up in 1991 would hope. Great record. "Quick Escape" is McCready, Ament, Gossard, Cameron, and Vedder unleashed; the last minute plus is on fire. "Buckle Up" and "Comes Then Goes" will stretch your ears and "Never Destination" will have you hopping. Thanks Pearl Jam. Never go away.

- Pearl Jam 😘5 star

Although, some of new content may “not sound” like what I’d expect, I understand, that one of my favorite bands of all time, may want to take me on a different journey... go ahead!

- Great album5 star


- 2 stars2 star

Pearl Jam Gets away from their iconic sound, this album is ok, just doesn’t really sound like Pearl Jam

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star

Loves it! Yes it could be seen as a departure or different but you should expect that from these fine fellas! I have gone thru this album at least 20 30 times now and my favorite song keeps changing. Dance, then River, then 7:00 now Who Ever said is on loving this as a whole from top to bottom, thanks PJ :)

- Masterpiece5 star

Easily their most complete album since Yield, play this album from start to finish and listen to the different ebbs and flows of energy and song styles. Great album!

- Give it a chance! Trust me5 star

I went into this album with low expectations due to their political views assuming it was going to be a Trump bash.. I put politics aside and let the music play! Glad I did, it’s a very solid Pearl Jam album!! I love how their music grows on you, then you find yourself sneaking out to listen..River Cross, Retrograde & Seven O Clock are my favs... this week 😏... great album guys!!

- Awesome Surprise5 star

Being an 80s, 90s kid I always loved PJ. I lost connection with them around starting college. Kept up a bit but not really. This album is really good. It does stall in the middle for me but the songs aren’t bad. The first and last few songs are great and it feels like the magic of their first few albums that mean a lot to me.

- Solid5 star

It’s just good from beginning to end. Turn it on, turn it up and tear off the skip button

- Great job PJ5 star

Gracefully done, so much talent. Grateful for you guys to keep rocking through the years. Many more to come, thank you and keep on keeping on.

- Garbage1 star

These clowns call this music? I’m guessing their ego made them believe they could do some acid and eat some shrooms while banging on some garbage cans inside somebodies garage while Eddie screeches and screams at the top of his lungs. Done. These clowns are done. Irrelevant while tarnishing their legacy. Good job PJ.

- NO.1 star

No no no no no no no no no no. NO.

- Don’t listen to the naysayers...5 star

This album is definitely PJ. It’s easily one of their best. This is coming from a long time fan and not a singles listening, “Ten” bandwagoner. There is so much amazing content here. A must listen album

- The best Pearl Jam release of this century5 star

I love that the band continues to grow and challenge themselves, and their fans, even after 30 years. Epic album

- Great band terrible album1 star

Great band.. terrible album. Disappointing.

- Breath of fresh air5 star

This is truly an album. Each song builds off the next one and they are all connected. Just under an hour and the album flows better than any PJ album since Yield. The lyrics on this album eerily match what we are going through as a nation......obviously not Vedder’s intentions, but maybe he’s a Claravoyant......and I love them because they are part of this world. This is an excellent album.

- Well Done!!5 star

A great album that reflects maturity as well as the classic grunge

- Really, Why?2 star

I understand trying new sounds, moving on with the times and not been afraid to try new things, but really, why? I've been a PJ fan since 1990, (Ten) their Crown and Jewel! I just can't follow this album. I know I won't change my mind as I listen to more & more. However, I liked one song "Who Ever Said"


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amfmdreams - Hail Hail5 star

In a world gone wrong, Pearl Jam is a bright light. Love the new ground this album is breaking. Best work since the Avocado album. Fresh and inventive while harnessing the energy of early PJ Vs. era.

mickeymoomoo - A Record for Isolation!4 star

Really interesting work - a great one for helping us get through this tough time as you can keep listening to it and hear something different each time. I had tickets to see them in Hamilton, so at least we have this great new album to listen to until they can tour once again. Play it loud, close your eyes, imagine thousands of others, and you'll feel that you are at their show!

Guitar Woody - A home run!5 star

Absolutely brilliant album. I can’t stop listening to it👍

Crutch - Listening honestly5 star

Never mind that this is an extremely strong album song wise, but the production has crushed the last 3 albums, probably more. Musically, this isn't 90's Pearl Jam, and thank goodness for that, it's 2020, although if you listen carefully, you do hear little moments from their past. Wonderful record. The band sounds alive, and this is the best drumming I've hear Cameron do on a Pearl jam album, need I point out "Quick Escape". Pop the headphones on, and drift away..........

jimmy_11184 - Great album5 star

Pearl Jam is starting the 2020s off in fine form, great album front to back

juliana Dants de Lacerda - ISO5 star

Quality assurance of the food provided by the in demanded bands player ministério da saúde and compensação de todos os direitos autoritários em dever.

RockMusicManiac - Take my money5 star

It’s pearl jam, what do u expect??

Toma 78 - TOMA785 star

This is a great album. Pearl Jam never disappoints. 🤘🏻🎶🤘🏻🎶

Dua Lipa Sux - Best album since Binaural.5 star

Best album since Binaural. Worth the wait.

iTunesSucks^ - Solid. Nice production4 star

Superblood Wolfmoon is a beauty with a great solo and breakdown/buildup, Who Ever Said is right there too. Dance is no harm no foul as part of the album, my opinion bad choice for single as it is not indicative of the whole album. The overall sound and production is great! Really well recorded and well written songs. It’s not Ten, it’s not VS, it’s PJ in 2020.

LUG member - Gigaton1 star

To me a real disappointment. Change for sure but not in the greatest way.

Thepill94 - G5 star


ReadyFreddie78 - Hmmmm3 star

sounds like kings of leon which isnt bad but cant listen without thinking molly's chamber haha

Jay Canning - Different5 star

It’s different from the usual stuff that Pearl Jam release, but I like it.

Money -Well -Spent - Hamilton, March 245 star

It's Pearl Jam! Keep making music and I'll buy it.

MarsM66 - Not good!1 star

Those two songs are a POS. I lov those guys. But come on!! Hope the rest os better than that

Clare Voyintent - The Killers3 star

Song- The Man. Pretty much the same song. What a shame.

freddy9119 - ... by Sivman4 star

A bit of a change... sounds like Arcade Fire,,, good

Algonquindude - Missing the 90’s5 star

Molson park 92- best year

RockLivesOn - 21st Century Disco?2 star

Boogie down!

Shaarkdiver - Dance of the clairvoyant5 star

Pearl jam take a nice direction with this song I really appreciate and I do excited to hear the other songs.

chriszouzal - Dance of the Clairvoyants5 star

Dance, has the whole famiy jamming! Fresh and funky, "Stand back, when the spirit comes"!

veyron769 - Undoubtably Pearl Jam only Softer5 star

I have been listening to Pearl Jam for over 20 years since they first arrived on the scene when there music was more hardcore, yet over recent years they have mellowed out with some of their tracks. With this in mind I still love this band and this album is no exception, just brilliant.

Fortuno act - Garage music at its worst1 star

I have been a massive Pearl Jam fan for 30 years but the last two albums have been weel and truly below par. This one scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Time to call it quits boys.

Mattorme - Brilliant evolution baby5 star

They continue to produce such good music of their own style without each song being the same style. Brilliant 12 songs to add to their brilliant catalogue.

"austin" 10 - More of the same3 star

Well, it’s definitely Pearl Jam, at least. But if you’re looking for something new and refreshing, this really ain’t it.

Kardy11 - This is what we have waited 7 years for1 star

Just sad

Woodibee - In Love All Over Again5 star

I really love the creativity behind this album. It feels like forever since I a mad Pear Jam fan has sat down and thought: I’m going to listen to some Pearl Jam. I have fallen in love with that Eddie Vedder baritone voice again and those Pearl Jam grass roots sounds. The Dance of the Clairvoyants straight up grabs my attention taking me straight back to the David Byrne, Talking Heads days it’s exciting Thank you Pearl Jam for taking me back to the Good Ole days 🥰

BBGindi - Thank God for PJ5 star

Seven O Clock will be an epic song to close out a live show. First concert in the early 90s was brilliant and they have never disappointed since.

Jasedavo - Worth the wait!5 star

Such a great listen! Get's better every time. At first I felt the back half was weak, but with each subsequant listen I am loving each song more and more. Such great variety and style and really takes you on a musical journey. Definitely not the same as 10, but you want a band to evolve over 30 years. It would be amazing to see these new songs blended into their already immense live act.

Carl David Gunn - Garbage1 star

4 love songs and a bunch of basic musicianship garbage that belongs on backspacer or Avacado. This band isn’t capable of remotely making a half decent album. Don’t waste your hard earned money. I’d rather listen to Michael Bublé.

Calav - Unbelievable5 star

They have their sound and they stick to it! I love it all! Long wait for this but well worth it!!!!

RamboMick - Great Soud5 star

Great talent and maturity producing some great NEW music. Love it.

Gidgeeboy - Fantastic5 star

Love it.

ladljl - Great Album!5 star

Best PJ release in 20 years 👍🏼

DChilli - Worth the 7 year wait!5 star

Love it. Bold new sounds and experimentation mixed with some nods to legends like Pink Floyd, Springsteen, Zeppelin, Talking Heads but always very much Pearl Jam. Ed’s lyrics are amazing and the band sound as fresh and vital as ever. Some instant classics here and (in my opinion) some of the best stuff they’ve done since the late 90’s. ❤️🙌

FLLOOLL - Good5 star


Tomo styles - Great Album & Great Band!5 star

Awesome songs, Eddie & the guys did amazing once again!!! Love it!!!

Jess Anstee - Pearl Jammer4 star

Enjoyed the first two songs.They grow on you.Always good to hear good Muso's writing good music.Maybe even great.It will grow on you

Killerkarl1 - Carl David Gunn4 star

They moved on and grew. Who wants to be pigeon holed. They come back, it’s a new sound, and they are not pandering making the same stuff. Sounds like music to me.

Steve747474 - Brilliant so far!5 star

Loving the first two tracks

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fudgedill - There is nothing after 103 star

I loved the debut album 10 , after that and i have listened to everything , there is not one song that would get on that debut album . literally a one album pony [ but what a debut ] .

Supersonik11 - Mega Jam5 star

This album has a diverse number of songs. Many of the songs can relate back to Pearl Jams original works. The lyrics on all the songs are diverse. Sides A and B have all the up tempo songs and side C are slower tempo songs. Pearl Jam have evolved and since the early 90’s I would say they are up there with the best. Many of the bands that have been around the same time or later have knocked out a few albums but generally you might find a couple of decent tracks and the rest of the album is not that great. I’m getting on now but I still play rock albums that I bought in the early seventies.

Cty4576 - Lee5 star

Seven o clock is classic Pearl Jam. Unbelievable album Eddie........... you’re a GENIUS

UrbanJam - At Last!!5 star

14yrs since Avocado PJ finally return with an album which delivers. Thumping tunes with heavy bass lines right from the off, fast & slow then switch the mood with the acoustic “Comes Then Goes”. That melancholic deep depressing vibe is back, Ed’s voice sending shivers down the spine. F#@k’n Beautiful.

Bigbadbob270577 - Love it, it’s a grower!!5 star

Love this band. This is up there but not as heavy as albums gone by but if you’re a fan you will appreciate the music, the lyrics etc..... some great songs on hear & can’t wait to hear them played live!!! See you soon PJ.

eBag001 - Classic5 star

As good as always

damccrone - Good but not great4 star

They will never recapture those early years albums,Pearl Jam release good albums with some great songs on them . This is much the same except a few more great songs than some of their efforts this century . A brilliant band with brilliant songs,most of which are on their first 5 albums . Still very worthy of being a Pearl Jam album and worth a listen

Secitini - Flip!5 star

Blimey this mans voice gets you in bits. Retrograde is beautiful melancholy.

Rauridgh - Gutted2 star

One of my all time favourite bands!!! Ed is my idol 😍 Dance is a novelty. Quick Escape is awesome 5/5. The rest is? Something is missing. There’s no hunger,no energy. Shame! In my opinion it hasn’t been the same since Riot Act. Just my personal opinion.

StephHen17 - Not very good1 star

Better albums out there

Loki712 - Perfect!5 star

Reminds me of Binaural, Riot Act, No Code... there’s like an element of their past in every song, and it’s perfect. Each of the members performs outstandingly on this... this album is certainly the best out of their last two. It’s brilliant, the 6 year wait was well worth it. I love you, Pearl Jam, thank you for this phenomenal album❤️

janet bebb - Snooze fest1 star

Hang it up lads

R T Carpentry - Gigaton5 star

Amazing songs so far boys big thanks for your music xx

Gurewittz - Best album since Avocado5 star

Says it all in the title. Need more information? Have a listen!

sonicnurse - Pearl Jam5 star

Dance is pure class and very welcome. It captures Pearl Jams spirit and evolvement. Such talent commands respect as their journey is our source of inspiration.

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Menfiadam5 star

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CAycaCetin5 star

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Kumpirler5 star

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Harbiogrtmen5 star

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Radiodotsydney5 star

Now playing on WHITE: "Dance of the Clairvoyants" by Pearl Jam from 'Gigaton'

K_ubra_byr5 star

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Emir106156125 star

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Aydan_byks5 star

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Mr_podos_0015 star

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Pearl Jam - Gigaton Album Comments

What do you think Gigaton album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Pearl Jam - Gigaton Album Wiki

Gigaton is the eleventh studio album by the American rock band Pearl Jam, released on March 27, 2020. It was preceded by the singles "Dance of the Clairvoyants", "Superblood Wolfmoon" and "Quick Escape". It is the band's first studio album in seven years. The album's track listing was confirmed by the band on January 20, 2020. The cover artwork was produced by photographer Paul Nicklen. Its release was scheduled to coincide with a tour of North America. However, the North American leg was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim to reschedule them for a later date..

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