Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion ... by John Williams

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [John Williams] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:34
2 2:49
3 4:18
4 3:16
5 3:21
6 5:12
7 3:23
8 2:51
9 3:17
10 3:42
11 2:50
12 3:57
13 2:51
14 4:16
15 3:59
16 5:14
17 4:04
18 1:47
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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by John Williams Album Reviews

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- The Score Deserves a Better Film4 star

After the Last Jedi I thought Williams might just phone in the last Star Wars Score. No, its just not in the man to do so and this score shows a lot of love he has for his fans and the material. I would say that the Force Awakens is probably the best of the sequel scores due to the introduction of new character themes but I find this overall more enjoyable to listen to. I also found the "Rise of Skywalker Suite" to be an inspirational, hopeful, moving and satisfying end to Williams work of what is now being called the Skywalker saga. Although the music certainly elevates the film on the screen and adds considerable entertainment value, I wished Bob Iger would have listened to this score and then decided to spend more time getting the last film right. Williams is owed nearly as much credit for Star Wars success as its creator George Lucas. I read a review that says the only thing that brings all of Star Wars fandom together presently (OT, prequels and sequel fans) is Williams' music. His legacy of music is perhaps greater than the great classical masters he emulated. Growing up these 40 years with is music has been a blessing.

- The Rise of a Wasted Finale4 star

Let me start by saying that this OST is amazing. It has all the emotion, action, and intensity you could want from a Star Wars soundtrack. The Rise of Skywalker, The Force is With You, and Reunion are highlights in my opinion. The problem is not with Williams work, it’s with the movie. I’m not saying that I disliked it, but because of what a hatchet job it is, the score suffers. There’s SO MUCH POTENTIAL and it had to be wasted. Additionally, Williams isn’t given a chance to let his music pan out. There are no long battle sequences or anything of the like; the longest cues tend to be about two and a half minutes. So much potential wasted, but what we got is amazing nonetheless.

- Love it5 star

Love it. So amazing

- Really? 5 star?2 star

Disney must be hurting with this horrible movie they try to call Star Wars! First of some of the music is good but not all of it was great. For those that giving it 5 stars are fake.

- ❤️5 star


- The best Star Wars album5 star

This is the best album it has some of the best Star Wars songs and for a cheap price

- Gracias5 star

John Williams is a legend.

- Another gem5 star

John Williams has released the best Star Wars album since Empire Strikes Back. So many great themes. The Rise of Skywalker theme is great. A fitting end to the final Skywalker chapter. Absolutely love John Williams.

- The Secret Sauce of Star Wars4 star

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker made its debut in theaters on December 20, 2019 to conclude the Skywalker Saga after 42 years of storytelling. One of the constants of these films has been the muscial scoring by Composer John Williams, who, I assume, everyone reading this review knows. Star Wars sountracks are a big part of my music library, and have been since I was a kid. I enjoy each and every piece, and there is no other music that automatically puts a smile on my face than that glorious fanfare with every opening crawl. Although I enjoyed music from this particular soundtrack, I was disappointed with the choices made as far as which pieces of music to include. The soundtrack lacks many of the epic songs we heard during key moments in the film such as Rey's training in the forest, as well as the arrival of the fleet during the Battle of Exegol. Overall, the soundtrack delivers the nostalgic sound that is, as George Lucas put it in 2017 at Star Wars Celebration, "the secret sauce of Star Wars". However, having said that, this soundtrack needed additional songs that were in the film that I believe fans want.

- Is good... buuuuuuuuut4 star

They left out one of the best tracks from the movie, won’t say because spoilers, but it includes a very upbeat version of the theme that is epic and a masterpiece... so the left it out.

- PERFECT!5 star

Love John Williams! This is the best way to end the saga! The new themes are amazing and the original themes mixed in make it such a heartwarming soundtrack.

- What happened John??3 star

I have been getting all of the John Williams Star Wars soundtracks since I was a kid with the Star Wars LP. I grew up on the OT soundtrack albums and was happy when the supplemental material was later published to fill out what was missing due to space constraints in those days. This album, in several instances, does not even contain the actual music that plays in the movie that it references. For example the "prologue" portion after the opening SW theme. The most obvious is "Journey to Exegol" when in glimpses sounds like it, but this was imo a standout piece of chase-like music with strings in the movie as Kylo Ren and similarly later when Rey goes to Exegol. Not the same music. Each Star Wars soundtrack has several pieces of unique music that are added with the new movie. Not really so with this one, although there are some nice variations to Rey's theme. In this album are a lot of regurgitaed old Emperor themes from ROTJ and the "finale" sounds like a compilation musical piece that touches on all major themes from OT and ST. I've never been disappointed in any of John Williams' SW soundtracks until this one; on the most part they are iconic, the guy is a composing legend. Just don't know what happened putting together this one and why some of the music is different than in the movie.

- Wonderful score to a terrible trilogy4 star

Williams can always be counted on to deliver inspiring and affecting work and once again he comes through. The tragedy is his work on this trilogy is far better than the movies themselves deserve. It is with great irony that such unimaginative and poorly thought out mega budgeted cash cows are blessed with such wonderfully conceived and executed scores.

- Better than I thought4 star

The sound mixing/editing in the movie is so bad and loud that you lose out on hearing most of this score, the title track in particular, which I adore. A real shame, as Williams work has always elevated Star Wars, whether it’s a good moment or a bad moment. But at least we have the album to listen to and imagine what could have been.

- GREAT!5 star

John Williams does not disappoint. Lots of old and some new themes.

- Fantastic!!5 star

The usual awesome John Williams!

- Like the film itself, it's ok at best.3 star

Wlliams is a legend, obviously. No one disputes this. And there are some very good tracks here. But most of it's pretty average. And one track (The Speeder Chase) is actually bad. Nothing here rises to the level of The Spark from The Last Jedi soundtrack. This one's for SW and John Williams completists only.

- Thank you!5 star

I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I want to say my appreciation for Williams’ latest masterpiece, but I can’t find the words. All I can say is “Thank you. You have given me an amazing childhood. Thank you so much.”

- Hey Hey!5 star

Baby Frik says it all. Another great SW score from Mr Williams.

- Fantastic5 star

A few of the most popular old tunes are weaved in to some of the new tracks, but they’re still great. As for the purely new tracks, many are quite good, in particular The Rise of Skywalker and Anthem of Evil. And, the movie was really good and the trilogy on a whole was pretty solid despite what all the haters say.

- Perfect5 star

If this is his last soundtrack to compose, what a way to go. Easy 5 stars!

- I ❤️ Star Wars5 star

John Williams is the best dude ever . Rise of Skywalker s da best movie EVER YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT

- Boring music for a terrible movie1 star

JW was paining this one in. Everything new is dull, which fits for this trilogy.

- Some of Williams’ Best In The Most Underrated Star Wars Film5 star

Of course John Williams’ soundtracks are legendary. The Rise of Skywalker is no different. With its various callbacks to previous films in the saga, while adding beautiful new melodies and motifs one could hum to, this soundtrack may possibly the best out of the new trilogy for me. Rey’s theme and the motif for Kylo Ren are for sure standouts for the entire new movies, but Williams’ new theme (track three) is delightful. It has a very somber heroic and adventurous spirit. Overall this soundtrack is a worthy addition to the Star Wars score library as it is epic 5/5. Too bad people can’t actually enjoy the film he music is for. One thing hopefully can do it appreciate Williams’ last in a “galaxy far far away...”

- Thank you5 star

John Williams is the best composer ever

- The music Inspired me to want to see the movie.5 star

I haven't actually seen the movie yet, but the music moved me & I want to see it. A shout out to the Hollywood musicians who recorded it!

- Magical5 star

This is without a doubt one of his very best works! I just cannot stop listening to it! Really great!! Moments of real musical magic! It’s up there with anything Mr Williams has done before!

- epic5 star

words cant describe how awsome john williams work on the rise of skywalker. all i can say is thank you john williams for making the music of star wars epic and memorable

- Grand Finale5 star

Williams ended the saga with a masterpiece! All the tracks are excellent! Just like the original trilogy, all the songs are great.

- very good4 star

however you feel about the film itself, you cannot deny the strength of this score.

- Instant classic!5 star

Beautiful score by John Williams... but so much missing. Come on, Disney, give us the opportunity to hear the complete score.

- Thank you Mr. Williams5 star

The Rise Of Skywalker (the track) is my new favorite—it soars! To say this new album another masterpiece is an understatement. At a perfect addition to the Saga. Mr. Williams ends in a gorgeous flourish with Finale.

- Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I am not disappointed today!!!!! Now that I have this one problem is solved!👍

- John Williams5 star

The only constancy we got out of this epic saga. Thank you for making Star Wars the culturally impactful film voyage it is today and will forever go on to be.

- An Epic conclusion5 star

Once again John Williams nails it! A fitting end for what he said would be the last Star Wars movie he will score. Thank you John for all these amazing songs over the years!

- Love it5 star

It amazing and I can’t stop listening to it

- Has more of a classic feel5 star

John Williams is as amazing as always! This score definitely felt more like the music from the original trilogy in a lot of ways, mixing in the awesome new themes with the classic old ones. Great movie too!

- John Williams does it again!5 star

John Williams scores have always been consistantly GOOD throughtout all 9 films. Without Williams, there would be no Star Wars

- Well done5 star

Movie and music was fantastic, great ending to the saga.

- Good but not great3 star

Obviously John Williams is still a master composer and his Star Wars music is always a pleasure to listen to but this album, like the other two before it, suffer not from a lack of quality but from the director’s style of filmmaking. Williams just doesn’t have the time or material to write epic cues like those found in Empire or Return of the Jedi, and is stick with quick cuts to write what he can, which is good music but not nearly as sprawling and epic as the original films, or even the prequels. And, as usual, pieces are missing which is a real shame.

- Best soundtrack Since Revenge of the Sith5 star

Legit is amazing

- John Williams is the greatest of all time. Period.5 star

I thought the movie was a thrilling, beautiful end to the Skywalker Saga, and once again Williams makes sure his score is one of the movie’s greatest assets. For over forty years we’ve known and loved themes from Star Wars, and I’ve absolutely loved all of the new themes he has made for this trilogy. What a beautiful score to enhance what is a stunning end to a saga. Thank you, John Williams, for so many decades of absolutely mesmerizing music.

- Love the music5 star

Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant!

- A Great Finale to a Life’s Work!!5 star

Williams comes to play as always! The man is the greatest composer of our time and Star Wars is his Magnum Opus! Bravo Maestro!! Bravo!!

- Love it5 star

I have only heard the finale and after watching the movie opening night I have to get to full album. The five stars is just for the finale alone.


Too bad this production was not the score for a film that is worthy of it!

- Worthy send-off for Star Wars Saga5 star

This is another solid entry from John Williams!

- John your the best! 😍5 star

Love love love! He never disappoints!

- Phenomenal.5 star

John Williams does it again. Spectacular stuff in his last Star Wars score.

- eh1 star

nothing new


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A$H1997 - Dunk Review5 star

7/10 with a phaaatt lightsaber

Rainmonkey - Out with a Whimper1 star

John Williams’ last score for the Star Wars saga (or, at least, Disney’s “capitalist-in-socialist/feminist/post-modernist clothing” repackaged zombie version of the Star Wars saga)is less than inspired. Where at least the Force Awakens introduced the moving Rey’s Theme, the catchy chase music in “Follow Me” and the classic villain tones in Kylo Ren’s theme, this album consists of a mediocre “uplifting” piece in “A New Home”. The rest of the album is recycled orchestrations from previous soundtracks (and even concert album arrangements) stitched together in the musical notation equivalent of Microsoft Word. At least the recording is new and sounds nice. This soundtrack certainly did not inspire. For a good soundtrack, get ALL the Mandalorian soundtracks by master composer Ludwig Göransson. Much more inspiring, as Star Wars is supposed to be. This is the way. I have Spoken.

Aqzwsxedbr - Amazing5 star

A beautiful bookend on 42 years of amazing music from John Williams. We got to revisit some old themes along with some awesome new songs. A great score for a great movie!

1312dave - Only downloaded the first 9 songs. Why? It says I purchased the others5 star

Any help?

Hoth genral - Another amazing Star Wars soundtrack5 star

Loved every minute of John Willians latest Star Wars release.

Jasonh1234 - Loved this movie5 star

And love everything John Williams does.

Chris and Carriss - Great soundtrack5 star

Great soundtrack from a great movie

Stefaaaan25 - 😲5 star


Gianlethal2 - ...5 star

Identity theft

TheForceIsWithJesse - The maestro delivers again.5 star

John Williams provides, once again, a beautiful score that breathes extra life into a stunning film. Full of excitement and emotion, this score has everything to make you feel.

EDA84 - Why are tracks 4-19 saying “purchased”??5 star

I can’t download 4-19... irritating.

Pawsup99 - CINEMATIC LEGEND5 star

John Williams (hands down) has created some of the best cinematic scores in the history of Pop culture/cinema. Here we cop a final blast of orchestra greatness in the form of the final Star Wars score for the Skywalker Saga. Williams ties the entire saga up perfectly, with elements of music pieces that have been scattered throughout the entire series, while including a brand new sound for the final film (and possibly THE BEST of the sequel trilogy). 5/5 🥰😍

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Rowanred💋🍁 - Beautiful!5 star

Once again stunning music. The movies play such a huge role in many people’s lives and when you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you are a part of the Star Wars universe.❤️

Hoggoe08 - Best film ever!5 star

Great film ,great characters love the end battle 10 out of 10.

Parcel man - Great film accompaniment but not a stand alone score.3 star

With all the leitmotif’s featured over the years this was always going to struggle to fit new themes in. It’s a trip down memory lane and really does go with the film but as a stand-alone score it just doesn’t hold up (If this is your first SW score it may be ok). Maybe Williams really is tired of the franchise, I’m not surprised and I wouldn’t blame him if he was.

narcoman - not his strongest work3 star

in the SW universe - but works very well with the film, especially in underscore. 3 stars because the recording and performance are average - 4 for the writing.

Monkeyboyy1138 - Beautiful, it’s John Williams after all4 star

Although by no stretch Williams’ best Star Wars score, this soundtrack is beautiful from start to finish. Particular highlights include ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ and ‘We Go Together’ 👌

? JOKER ? - Young Jedi5 star

Totally fab, love from start to finish

Coilb - Perfection!5 star

An absolutely beautiful swan song to Star Wars by the greatest composer alive today. Worth every single penny and brings great tears of joy to my eyes

MDN/A - Weakest link3 star

Sounds very generic until you hear the familiar themes. Disappointing.

Darth Vile - Not so much ‘Rise’, but a dip...1 star

Not so much ‘Rise’, but a dip. Firstly, I love John Williams soundtracks, but The Rise of Skywalker OST lacks in several key areas, most notably with the lack of a single standout new theme. Lots of throwaway musical cues, but much of this is background and lacks structure. To be fair to Williams, Abrams doesn’t give him much quality to score against. A disappointing conclusion, both cinematically and musically.

Renegades09 - A perfect score to end the greatest saga of all times !4 star

Williams has the impossible task of giving us something new and at the same time capturing the magic of the earlier films ! He does it well considering the many themes he had to cover ! Only heard it once so far & I loved it. John Williams is the composer of the last 100 years. Period !

jon-81 - One Final Time!5 star

I write this before I've seen the film but having listened to the soundtrack a few times. If this is how arguably the greatest movie composer of all time bows out then it's very much on a high. This soundtrack blends together moments from all three trilogies. In some instances, it's so subtly done its beautiful. Obviously, it utilises a number of themes from the previous 2 films (more so from The Force Awakens than The Last Jedi) with Rey's theme and March of the Resistance appearing a number of times. The final 5 or so tracks will bring tears to the eyes of any Star Wars fan - even without seeing the film. John Williams added so much to the films I have enjoyed since I was a child and now mean so much to me 30 years later, its sad to think there will be no more Star Wars themes composed by him.

musicman 62 - The master5 star

Once again the master John Williams rises to the occasion, by writing the last Star Wars score,amazing to think,that it was popular in 1977, and 32 years later it still sounds great,I have many many John Williams scores and long may he continue to entertain the world.Martin H.

AJDarkstar - Most Underwhelming Soundtrack Yet2 star

I love John Williams for all he has contributed to the soundscape of not just Star Wars, but all cinema, but this is his laziest soundtrack to date. The callbacks are nice, but there’s very little new, and nothing particularly gripping. The lack of a Duel of the Fates-esque final duel track is disappointing, but so is the film’s final duel, so there’s probably little John Williams can do to help that. Still, we’ve come to expect so much more.

ThePMeenan - Just seen the film5 star

Wow, this just moulds all the into a new extension. Works brilliantly and all the classic stuff is styled to an amazing movie! Williams is the GOAT!

kyleflude - Love it5 star

I love John Williams songs

Harvey1G - Trash1 star


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