Griselda - WWCD album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Griselda
Album Name:   WWCD
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   29 November 2019
Tracks:   13
Country:   USA

WWCD (Griselda) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Marchello (feat. Raekwon) 2:11
2.Chef Dreds 2:48
3.Moselle 3:59
4.Cruiser Weight Coke 3:52
5.Freddie HotSpot 3:52
6.DR BIRDS 4:25
7.The Old Groove (feat. Novel) 6:56
8.Scotties 2:31
9.Kennedy (feat. Tiona Deniece) 0:42
10.City on the Map (feat. 50 Cent) 3:12
11.May Store (feat. Keisha Plum) 4:46
12.Lowery (feat. Bro A.A. Rashid) 1:57
13.Bang (feat. Eminem) 5:08

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WWCD (Griselda) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate

    5 stars
    FROM THE GROUND UP. i listened to this album and it's fire im really impresses with these guys if you listen to all they body of work you will see the grind from the bottom to the top conway the machine lyrically is a beast everytime i listen to it something else gwts my atttention solid project i suggest listen to all the other albums they have also and you will see the growth
  • Mata-Leao

    5 stars
    GxFR. The illest
  • WBC71

    5 stars
    Best Crew around. Great album...🔥🔥🔥...these guys are the truth; however, hearing Ememin on a track with them made me cringe...50 was ok, don’t know who Novel is, but I would have rather heard Skyzoo, El Camino, or any other Griselda affiliate featured instead of Shady/G-Unit crew...
  • Eternal Wun

    5 stars
    Instant Classic. Only mumbling heard is from the haters....
  • Rhinoman42

    5 stars
    Rhinoman. Dope album is fire!!!💥💥💥
  • edogg 21

    2 stars
    Mouth-made Machine Gun Sounds. Too many
  • Capt. Nino

    5 stars
    Boom Boom Boom. Boom Boom Boom
  • Frieweezy

    5 stars
    There is nothing better. While everyone waits for a black hippy album, Griselda is putting out solo project after solo project all top notch quality and then they drop this album to cap it off. There is nothing better than Griselda . True rap fans know. Anyone else doesn’t need to.
  • DDogg81Wu

    5 stars
    Str8Fire. Real rap with tight tracks and lyrics. Been putn it down since game was sippn a bottle @kelquicks
  • YaniselG

    5 stars
    Great album! 🔥🔥🔥. Griselda signing with Shady Records was a great move for them because they’re getting huge exposure. My friends and I just started listening to them and these guys are insanely good lyricists. Shout out to Em for putting me on to them.

Griselda - WWCD Album Wiki

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