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Blinding Lights - Single by The Weeknd Album Reviews

- The weekend

Great song

- It’s lit

Two thumbs up 👍 for the weekend awesome song

- HOLY $hit💥

Wasn't expecting this from and R&B / Soul artist! 🌈 Completely blown away! 👏👏👏

- Great

I listen to this song when I’m high🚀🚀

- I can’t wait for the album

The Weeknd is my 2nd favorite Rnb singer after Christ brown

- ❤️❤️❤️

The weekend always has great music

- Head back to the 80s

Love the 80s vibe


This now my fav song bc I love it idk why😂

- 💯

XO always comes with a banger

- 👍👍✌️

Majorly addictive 😁😁

- Blinding Lights

The 80's rules!

- Weeknd

One of the best songs he’s released in a while. It’s great!

- Blinding Lights

It’s a good song. It brings out the dance vibe in all of us, and I think we all need that.

- Very good

Love the 80's vibe. It's so nostalgic.

- Yep this a whole bop 🔥

This song snapped for real

- Song

Love 80s vibe

- beautiful (:

i can’t say much, it’s too good

- XO 4L


- The Weekend Bringing MJ’s 80s Vibes Once Again! 😎❤️🎤

I don’t know if MICHAEL Jackson got reincarnated or something, but The Weekend is bringing 80s vibes with this hit! Keep it up, man! 😍❤️👍🏿

- Nostalgic feeling

Love this beat gives the nostalgic feeling of the 80’s and 90’s, wish there was more music like this. ✌🏻

- Sell out

Sold your soul

- Best song I’ve ever heard

I’m in lovee



- No

Low key gay

- 80’s VIBES

I am in LOVE with this song! Mega 80’s vibes, and it’s so thrilling to hear this in the present times. As always, his voice is so soothing and just so easy to listen to. Paired with the beats and music of the BEST ERA IN MUSIC, this song is a true winner!

- Meep 🐣 and sweets 💋🍭💓🎵💋!

80s neon summer 😍 late night vibes😍! I LOVE THIS SONG and THIS GUY TO THE FUTURE OF MY NEW WORLD AND NEW OWN LIFE🌈🌉🌈!


this song makes me hella happy tho ahhhhh ;)

- Love

I’m in love right now 😍🤤😂❤️

- The Weeknd Shines

The Weeknd doesn’t disappoint here, the music, beats, lyrics, make ‘Blinding Lights’ an incredible song to all. This song will surely be playing in my head for awhile.


Awesome has an amazing 80s vibe to it!

- 🔥👏🏼

One of the best hits of 2020 so truly happy he’s back this is my jam currently it’s so different and reminds me of throwback 80’s music.

- 👏

Unsurprisingly, another great single from Abel!

- 👌


- Idiots who rate 1 star 🤡🤡

If you rated 1 star you’re a clown 🤡🤡 lol

- 🔥

You gotta move when this song comes on! So good.

- Blinding lights

To good to listen to. The music is great and I love it the most out of all the other songs in the world! by Max Kepets

- I’m blinded by your talent

Can’t wait for after hours to come out!!! Love u and never stop stopping. You have serious talent and a knack for making soulful and catchy songs.

- Fire

Real music

- Hiiiiiii

I think the 80s music vibe is great A plus y’all

- Best song ever

This is the best song I have ever heard please get this song

- Bruh

The 80’s in 2020!!???


First song I purchased of 2020! This is my fave song rn, I just feel it & it was released on my birthday 🤭 I did not know that, oh well I’m really in love. Looked again and how long the song is is me and my exes date we started dating 🥺 he made it for me.

- Song of the year

It's coming!!!!

- I love it

Obsessed with his voice tbh

- Same beat

He does the same beat over and over again do something new already

- Yeah

I found 80’s music guys 🥳👏🏽

- Amazing 🔥

The Weeknd done it again and this time he made Blinding Lights into an 80’s vibe. I can’t stop listening this amazing masterpiece 🔥

- Saving the pop industry

the BANGER we needed to start off the decade. a great direction that pop music needs to be moving towards

- Banger


- bad

i miss the old

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- Blinding is really good style.


- So talented

Just saw him on SNL performing this song. He’s amazing.

- Fantastic

I love the 80s vibes with that piano like instrument

- Perfect nostalgia vibes

Production is alive, wow and the 90s vibes are amazing. Without even hearing the album I can already tell it should be a contender for aoty.

- Love the 80’s vibe


- Fiyahhh

Never disappoints 🔥

- 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Over 60 plays boi

- Love the 80’s vibe

Another great hit! 😎

- Should be number 1!

Best composition of notes and singing in a long time! Also sounds like from the past (80s)and the future at the same time! XOTWOD

- :3


- Awesomeness

I can’t say anything else. I can’t stop listening to this amazing song. It is incredible!

- Please...

Bring your dancing shoes

- Huh?!!!!???!!

Who’s this guy????

- Best song of 2019!

I want a whole album of songs just like this, brilliant.


Can’t get enough of it.

- Awesome

Never disappoints!

- Good 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


- Blinding Lights is Amazing 😁

Thank you The Weekend. I want to listen to the whole album now. Totally Awesome Song 😉



- So much effort went into this song

It was really nice to see a throwback vibe brought to this day. Keeps everything modern! Well done!

- Take on me + she’s a maniac with the weeknd’s touch

This new album is gonna be great

- Big love

Stay blessing 🙏us with your music ma man love you 🥰

- Forgettable 😕

In a word: catchy. But heres another one that soon comes to mind: forgettable. This long-awaited song from Abel does not even begin to compete with recent hits like Selena Gomez's Lose You to Love Me, Billie Eilish's Everything I Wanted, or even Jessie Reyez's Far Away. The difference between Abel's work and those of the others is that the others are filled with depth and authenticity you can hear through the lyrics as well as the cadence of each singers voice. It makes their songs compelling, inspired, and unforgettable. While this feels like yet another forced conceptual piece to add to the endless pile of average pop songs. Where is the emotion Abel? Tell us about your life, your coming of age, and what you've learned along the way. You know, something that will stick with the listener and resonate long after the song/story ends.

- A-ha

The Weeknd's take on Take On Me

- The 80s are back!

Such a good song, love the 80s sound so much 😍

- Phenomenal


- Such a Vibe

love love this song, such a good song to blast and just vibe to, been listening on repeat over and over, can’t wait for the whole album!

- Loving It!!

OMG! Absolutely love this song! Need more like this!!



- can't stop moving to the deep sound




- Period

Love the nostalgic feel, awesome bop!!!

- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Had the melody of this song stuck in my head all day. Was very pleased to find it at #1 on the Aust Charts just now

- 🤩

I’m loving the 80s vibes throughout this song making me love it even more.

- Love this

Love this song...but so disappointed in iTunes I bought it like 3 times. They charged my 3 times Still it won’t download iTunes suck. I just want this song...iTunes have ripped me off.

- WOW!


- The weekend

Always delivers, Chapter 6 will be amazing. 80s vibes love 💓 as always

- Live for the Weeknd

All week I look forward to the weekend

- Oooooooof

So bad😂

- i am obsessed

the 80’s vibes in the song are amazing stream blinding lights and heartless for clear skin

- Blinding lights

Ripped off iTunes! Paid twice & song won’t download 🤬

- Love this 👍🏻

Best song The Week end has ever done ✅ ❤️

- Like

Don’t love it just like it like Heartless just this is better. I brought this song and my mum is addicted to this song.

- Just amazing

Soooooo good

- OmgN

Its my freaking favourite song!🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍👍👍

- 80’s perfection

Love love love this, just amazing, the 80’s and The Weeknd never sounded so good!!!

- Love it

Very catchy tune, love the sound


You finally managed to knock Tones and I off the number 1 spot. What a track, ❤️ the 80s vibe. Well done Abel.

- Incredible

The 80s style incorporated with his voice 🙌🏼🙌🏼

- Wow

Really bad

- Best song of 2019

I normally don't like the Weeknd's music, but this song has to be one of the best of 2019 (no, that there was much competiion). The new wave sound is really pleasing with his vocals. So glad that this has managed to usurp Tone & I's 'Dance Monkey' at the number 1 spot.

- Dud If I was a girl


- King is Back.

Let’s indulgent this amazing song. The Weeknd is ready to get you faded with this song.

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- Blinding great

Great tune can listen to this all day long 😎😎

- KSI Fan

Hate this album it’s the reason that Babatunde hasn’t reached no.1 yet

- Blinding lights

Great for work outs and listening to if you need a bit of fast paced motivation. Edgy video too.

- Not good


- Stay up there at #1


- Great

Beat✅ Great vocals✅

- Typical

He’s never taking any risks. Always the same musig

- The Weekend

Excellent As Always Has To Be My Favourite Song it’s just perfect

- Wicked track

Love it! What a tune! Gives me goosebumps...

- Blinding lights

Like my fav song of all time can’t stop listening to it love it


Screw this song buy wake up call by ksi !!

- Trash

Go to hell let babatunde win


Number 1

- Bad

Get KSI number 1



- Pamps

Awsome tune 👌😎

- Grow up

Absolutely horrendous behaviour by everyone who is buying this song. Fork out an extra 40p and buy ‘wake up call’.

- Bad




- Blinding light

Fantastic song. Love the weekend.

- Bad job

Is this even music


Screw this! Buy Wake Up Call - KSI

- So unique

Class 80s vibes, a lot different from his other stuff, but it’s an absolute banger, rarely hear anything like this these days anymore

- Let KSI get number 1 you pufter

Insta: @tobystancombe 🥶

- 👌

Best song ever ✔️

- Awesome!!!

Me and the kids dancing in the kitchen,haven’t done that for a long time so it must be really good!!

- Love his work and charms of the songs!

Who’s Ksi? 💁🏻‍♂️

- KSIOlajidebtHD


- Ksi

Everyone stop buying this buy the “wake up call” by Ksi

- Uk Has Bad Taste!!!

How Is This Even Number 1? Awful!!!! Lady Gagas Stupid Love Is Far Better Than This


Brilliant song. Brilliant lyrics. Brilliant Artist. Every song Abel puts out is amazing. Blinding lights just proves that. XO twod

- Ksi No.1

get wake up call to first

- Bapatunde

kSi Fan Dont buy this

- Dead song

Dead song

- Boring

Sounds like A-ha take on me ...... #reductive

- Ew

No this ain't it sis

- ksi

sym get him to the top




get ksi number one

- Ksi

Wake up call

- Terrible and Generic

Awful song by a feature artists , the weekend should stick to his features

- KSI to NUMBER 1!!

(Ps. Not rlly vibin with this tune)

- Wake up call is better

Buy KSI wake up clal


Hey ksi to number one

- Great!

This song is really nice because the beat is sick!

- Don’t really like it

Not my kind of song Go download something else instead!

- Who’s KSI?

Absolutely brilliant track... perfect pop music

- Yes


- Let wake up call through


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Spotify Stats

Top Single Day Stream Peaks on the Global Spotify Chart in 2021 - #1, DÁKITI - 5,065,542 #2, drivers license - 4,601,934 #3, Blinding Lights - 3,764,813 #4, Mood - 3,591,994 #5, BICHOTA - 3,560,869 #6, Anyone - 3,327,798 #7, positions - 3,289,956 #8, 34+35 - 3,070,054.

🥐🥑wp x noacf ᴮ ᴱ

Every single day till i see this song live 🤪 .


@nour_amous Anyway.... y’all think The Weeknd gonna open with his hit single Blinding Lights 🕺🏻🕺🏻.

Erik Marcial

Wow pop radio is finally playing Save Your Tears by the Weekend, I didn’t know they released it as a single! I did sound the most pop and it was definitely my fav after Blinding Lights got boring in March..

κ.i.η.g 🤴🏾

I’m watching the NFL Wild Card games and every time a commercial comes on I hear “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. It baffles me that this man didn’t get a SINGLE Grammy nomination 🙄.


The Weeknd has 4 worldwide hits and he has become bigger with each hit but given how Blinding Lights is one of the biggest songs of the century, where is he going to head next? It's almost impossible to have a single be bigger than that. Will he prioritise his album now?.


@theexoprinttt @pIayboikesh Pls Blinding lights literally set up camp at the top of TTH and every single playlist on Spotify, title and Apple Music 💀 it literally had the highest radio out of the entire top 10 at one point ... give it up he’s a payola junky.


[📰 | Forbes] #BTS’s Dynamite has officially been named the bestselling song in the U.S. in 2020 & it wasn’t even close... Dynamite outsells the second-bestselling song in the U.S. in 2020, The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights, more than twice over. 🔗 @BTS_twt.


I know today’s kids are soft cause they were tik toking to blinding lights for months but when i was 15 i was memorizing the lyrics to every single song on trilogy.


[email protected]'s "Save Your Tears" rises to a new peak of #4 following increased streaming, radio, and the premiere of the music video earlier in the week. This is now the second highest peaking single from "After Hours," behind "Blinding Lights" (#3 peak)..

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