Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Del... by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell & Christophe Beck

Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition] [Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell & Christophe Beck] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
D1-1All Is Found 2:05
D1-2Some Things Never Change 3:29
D1-3Into The Unknown 3:14
D1-4When I Am Older 1:51
D1-5Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People ... 0:26
D1-6Lost In The Woods 3:00
D1-7Show Yourself 4:20
D1-8The Next Right Thing 3:36
D1-9Into The Unknown (Panic! At The Dis... 3:09
D1-10All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Versi... 3:03
D1-11Lost In The Woods (Weezer Version) 3:05
D1-12All Is Found (Lullaby Ending) [Outt... 1:54
D1-13Home (Outtake) 2:56
D1-14I Seek The Truth (Outtake) 4:01
D1-15Unmeltable Me (Outtake) 1:25
D1-16Get This Right (Outtake) 3:46
D1-17All Is Found (Instrumental) 2:07
D1-18Some Things Never Change (Instrumen... 3:27
D1-19Into The Unknown (Instrumental) 3:16
D1-20When I Am Older (Instrumental) 1:52
D1-21Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People ... 0:14
D1-22Lost In The Woods (Instrumental) 3:01
D1-23Show Yourself (Instrumental) 4:18
D1-24The Next Right Thing (Instrumental) 3:36
D1-25Into The Unknown (Panic! At The Dis... 3:08
D1-26All Is Found (Kacey Musgraves Versi... 3:01
D1-27Lost In The Woods (Weezer Version/I... 3:02
D2-1Introduction 0:59
D2-2The Northuldra 2:35
D2-3Sisters 1:05
D2-4Exodus 1:21
D2-5The Mist 2:42
D2-6Wind 3:06
D2-7Iduna's Scarf 4:37
D2-8Fire And Ice 3:16
D2-9Earth Giants 1:57
D2-10The Ship 4:55
D2-11River Slide 2:32
D2-12Dark Sea 2:47
D2-13Ghosts Of Arendelle Past 2:58
D2-14Gone Too Far 3:43
D2-15Rude Awakening 2:05
D2-16The Flood 3:34
D2-17Reindeer Circle 1:40
D2-18Reunion 3:50
D2-19Epilogue 3:25
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Frozen 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition] by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez, Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell & Christophe Beck Album Reviews

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- Frozen two💠❄️

Very amazing. I love it. It’s my favorite songs.

- Omg into the unknown

I’m literally singing this song everyday


I love the Frozen 2 songs and especially show yourself it’s great I loved the whole album

- 66 year old man and love both Frozen movies

I have no children/grandchildren near, but I've watched both movies several times, in sequence. I enjoyed the Frozen 2 best. Great story as we as the music.

- OK

into the unknown is pretty good

- Lost in the Woods 🔥🔥🔥

That is all I have to say.

- ❤️❤️❤️

This is my childhood. #1 and #2 luv them both soo much

- OMG 😆

I Love Weezer singing Lost In the woods

- 😮😮😮😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄 speechless amazing specially the movie and the songs I am addicted

😮😮😮😁😁😆😃 I Love the m movie 🎥 songs are the best. Just amazed 😎🤩🤩. My Favorite song is into the unknown! Are you better than the original frozen.

- Pure Magic

Literal magic✨

- Will not work

I purchased the entire deluxe album and it says it is not available for my region. Disappointing Christmas when my four year old wants to hear this album.

- Amazing😍

Amazing lyrics. Amazing music. Amazing vocalists. Amazing in every way.

- 😍🥰

It wasn’t as good as the first one but it still praise worthy. The song are very catchy(have to be careful not to get them stuck in your head lol 😉) clothes are AMAZING!!!! I LOVE YOU OLAF!! Plot could use a little work though tbh.

- Great songs

I absolutely loved frozen 2 and there songs were a hit

- The musical journey continues!

This deluxe edition soundtrack of "Frozen 2" contains all the musical numbers, the instrumental score music, and the outtake/demo songs. You also get the digital booklet. It's as great as the deluxe edition soundtrack of the first "Frozen" movie. I hope this deluxe edition soundtrack is released in CD format at some point.


HECK YES🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩!!!!!!



- Hi This is a good movie

Users five stars

- Sofeya

Wow India you are extraordinary awesome 😱😍🥰😘😇🤩😻👍🏻💋🎶🎵you are good at singing into the unknown!

- Frozen 2

Best movie ever! Did you like it?

- I ❤️ Frozen 2

I love the music just as much as the movie itself!!!🤩

- 😀

I love the movie and soundtrack and have already given it a good review I just saw someone said the vulie in the middle of the movie wasn’t there. It actually is. If you listen to the score song indunas scarf (sorry I cannot spell the weird words) it is in the middle of it. Just a helpful tip.😀

- truly attractive👍🏻❄️

Amazing songs, lyrics and scores

- Frozen 2 love that movie

I love into the unknown and show yourself these 2 are my favorite songs and every night in February and March I will go up to Erica apartment and watch Chloe closet old rabbit new tricks and listen to into the unknown and watch sailor moon and Pokémon on my phone I love that movie it’s make me so happy and for that I thank you disney for making me the happiest man in the world!!!!!

- The last sound track was horrible and one is crazy awesome

Wow that last sound track was bad but when this this one came out I thought it was going to be just better and I was so wrong this time it was incredible the best track ever.

- I love all of the frozen movies

I love all of the frozen movies so much

- I’ll


- Love frozen and frozen 2

Tell the creator make more frozen movies

- Amazing songs

I LOVE frozen 2 better than the 1st one❤️

- Frozen

Best movie ever!

- So Amazed

I love this album and the music is so much better and more jazzy and fun than the music in the first movie! I love the first movie but this one had great music and I listen to it legit all day. But It gave TONS OF SPOILERS but I forgive them 😊 and you peeps that are like “this is a bunch of girly trash I hate it”... don’t listen! It’s a Disney princess movie! Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s meant for kids. Young girls who want to dream. Like me. If you want to be rude and hate on children’s albums, just think about this: why are you here? Just to brink ppl down and be rude about something you didn’t like? Deal with it! Jesus, just go live your life! Peace out.

- Let’s admit it

Into the unknown IS WAY better than “Let It Go!”

- Into the unknown

Hug gfc


So cOoL CoOloooooooOOOOOoOoOoOoOo

- 😍😃😆😘💯🤯

I love it it’s like my favorite movie I can’t wait to see it on February 25

- The Frozen II Soundtrack rocks as hard as the Frozen Soundtrack

❄️I loved Frozen II as much as I did with Frozen. Let it Go is my favorite song from Frozen. Into the Unknown and Show Yourself are my favorite songs from Frozen II. Idina Menzel has done it again! She nailed it as the Snow Queen/Fifth Spirit herself, singing and speaking voices alike. AURORA nailed it as the Voice. Disney’s animation squad nailed the visual effects for this movie. The Foley guys nailed the sound effects for this movie. Buying this for sure! Thank you so much for bringing me more Frozen stuff for me to enjoy. The message that’s shown in the movie is powerful like it’s supposed to be.❄️ ❄️Be yourself, embrace who you are and unleash your inner Snow Queen!❄️ ❄️Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!❄️ ~IcePrincess66

- SweetMelody

Super romantic & sweet songs!!! Loved the movie and songs.Keep it going!! How did you manage to make such great melodies?! These songs are better than let it go, the one in frozen.

- Look, it’s a review!!!1!!1!

Okay, so, Frozen 2 was really good. A lot of people will say it was better than the first one, but I don’t think the two should even be compared because they were two very different kinds of movies. However, I much prefer the music from this movie. I don’t have a specific reason why. It’s literally just my opinion. Also, to the people leaving terrible reviews because they don’t like Frozen, GET A LIFE.


My child fell in love with them!

- Love the music

Lovely songs throughout.

- I AM AMAZED 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍

I that

- I Love Frozen 2 better than the first

I just love it better than the first movie

- Not really a fan 😧

It’s not that I don’t like the song it’s just I don’t really like that music.👍But good

- Frozen 2

This is an amazing freaking movie also when I’m older is my second favorite song and into the unknown in my first so YAH😀😃😄😁😆😍🥰😘😋😛😝😜🤪😺😸

- Love it

I’m late but this sound track is beautiful and show yourself makes me cry so much

- I’m surprised

Great voices!!!!!

- Best

It is the best movie ever and it has great song it is like my second far song but better

- Frozen 2 story


- Great album

I loved the movie, and I love to listen to the songs again. This album is great.

- Disney movie music

I love this soundtrack because it has better songs than the first frozen movie 🎥 soundtrack that is why I like it

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- Frozen

I love the movie but I need to rest of the album and idk what songs to get next. Should I get something never change or the next right thing

- Frozen II

Why do I love Frozen II? Yes, its story is awesome, but only music can give it such power! Very big thanks to Robert and Kristen-Anderson Lopez for putting so much time and effort into the score for the film! Take a vacation; you’ve earned it!

- Into the unknown

I 😍🥰😘🥰🥰😍🥰😘😘🥰😍 it!

- cash grab crap

terrible movie giant cash grab for that paaaaapppeeeerrr

- Brilliant!

The songs are all great! Frozen was a great movie and soundtrack. I can’t wait to see the slightly darker Frozen 2! (Yes I bought the album before seeing the movie) I’m also currently reading a Frozen novel. So far my favorite song is Into The Unknown by Idina Menzel!

- Into the unknown by Brendon Urie is the best version ever.

Not my favorite album. Plus I’m not a ❄️ fan. I’m a huge Tangled fan. 👸🏼.



- Beautiful Soundtrack !!!

The music and songs are phenomenal!!!

- 👇

Great albumin

- BIG let down 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

There’s really nothing memorable about these tracks unfortunately and they don’t even come close to the first film tracks

- Epic


- Loved it

I loved the movie and it’s songs!

- Jack’s opinion

It is so garbage

- Frozen ll

Unbelievable good sound track. Better than the original

- Astonishing

I loved it

- Best soundtrack

Usually I just like one song in a new movie soundtrack but all the song are different in the best way possible

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- This is amazing in to the unknown


- Frozen 2

Amazing and beautiful songs

- Better than the standard release!

Outstanding but why isn’t this advertised more on iTunes!! The standard album version isn’t nearly as good! This collection has some wonderful outtakes, truly wonderful songs that never made it into the film, plus instrumentals and score!! This should be the one Disney advertises and they should have released the deluxe version physically in the U.K!! Maybe they will and if they do, it’ll be the only physical version I’ll buy!!


More sonically complex and mature than the first movie. Beautiful vocals and beautiful songs. All Is Found, Show Yourself and The Next Right Thing are the stand-outs.


The songs are so good. Even better than the songs from the 1st Frozen movie. Josh Gad is great at playing Olaf with the song when i am older. Idina Menzel sings her heart out with Into the Unknown (with Norwegian singer AURORA as the voice) and Show Yourself (which makes me cry everytime I hear that song), Jonathan Groff goes all 80s-inspirational with Lost in the Woods as Kristoff and the Svens surrounding him, and Kristen Bell stands up for whether you thought something has made you upset and tries to make herself happy again in The Next Right Thing. This is the soundtrack I would definitely have on repeat 24/7. And this is where either one or two of Idina's songs should be nominated for best song in the 2020 Oscars. And I can't wait to see the movie itself!!! Seb Sandford

- Outdoes original

Beautiful writing.

- Better than original

The songs on this album are incredible! Show Yourself and The Next Right Thing are my particular favourites... but thank goodness Jonathan Groff got to use his heavenly voice in Lost in The Woods in this one. Was such a waste in the 1st movie.

- Into the unknown

INTO THE UNKNOOWWWWWWNNNNN OOOHHHHHHHHHH 0.0 sorry it’s just really stuck in my head. I’m even writing it! Great movie and soundtrack ^_^

- No

No Aurora version of into the unknown, very unimpressed.

- Frozen 2

Great movie and has great music to go with it. Frozen 2 is the best of all time and the songs take it further, especially “Show Yourself” and “Lost in the Woods”. “Into the Unknown” was overplayed and overposted on YouTube. “Show Yourself” was the best song out of the movie. Elsa...lets just say, finds something and is happy about it. “Lost in the Woods” shows how Kristoff loves Anna, but shows that he thinks he is having to chase her. 😁 I don’t think Frozen III could get better.

- Muhamed


- Love it


- Absolutely amazing ❤️👍

I haven’t stop listening to this soundtrack the music is just so beautiful and amazing definitely recommend ❤️👍

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Lvcas 🍂 #SexySluttySad

First Listen! .


When i had my movie theatre job, i used to despise hearing these songs, now look at me... willingly listening to them😭 .

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