Hot Pink by Doja Cat

Hot Pink [Doja Cat] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Cyber Sex 2:45
2.Won't Bite (feat. Smino) 3:15
3.Rules 3:07
4.Bottom Bitch 3:17
5.Say So 3:57
6.Like That (feat. Gucci Mane) 2:43
7.Talk Dirty 4:01
8.Addiction 3:28
9.Streets 3:46
10.Shine 2:40
11.Better Than Me 3:22
12.Juicy 3:23
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Hot Pink by Doja Cat Album Reviews

- Dope song it’s so my jam


- So SEXUAL Doja cat 😤


- Yup

Muy bien

- Princess of Rap

9/10 album, she gave us flow, versatility, visuals & she’s definitely doing good right music & chart wise. can’t wait for her next album PLANET HER

- Good

I like

- Best album of 2020

There's no skip and so many underrated bops on this album

- She’s actually amazing

If u don’t like her ur either rly old, or rly uncultured😻

- Hmmm...needs more drop D Heavy metal

This was a really good album and say so was so good, but as always pop and hip hop are ALWAYS in upbeat sounds and ONLY uses a synthesizer and some times,very rarely a Austic Guitar, A good song sould have at least 2-3 parts of soft mealodys and not much sound effects then have 1-2 parts of really huge upbeats a good example of this is AEnema by TOOL, it starts off slow and soft then gets really strong and loud and punchy sounding with umph behind it but I think if we combine metal with hip-hop and pop, we will get a new genre that surpasses all, (it’s a same no one likes folk music like Mumford and sons)

- purrr

this album is amazing

- Not trust and us


- Favorite pop/rap record

I listened on release day back in 2019 and have consistently streamed ever since😍

- Tramp

She’s a tramp

- Ughhhhhh

This album’s sound is incredible but the song titles and a few of the lyrics and mAyBe the cover are sorta deterring from parents. Parents might not let their kids buy the album just because of the cover or sing titles ⬅️other artists should listen to this But she Is very talented 🎍😁🍒

- This album is sooo good but...

This album is really good ,but some of the reviews are annoying like one said “ not black” and gave a one star review like bruh.


All of her songs are bops and you can’t argue because it’s true. I’m so happy that she’s getting the fame that she deserved since 2014

- Good!


- I just LOVE

I 1st heard this song for inquisitor master’s b-day it was a HIT to me now I love this song ❤️

- Amazing


- Wow

Wow can this girl write an album. Masterpiece😍😍😍

- Doja Cat

So cool songs I love this album is one of my favorite

- Are u trying to be Ariana grande

It looks like she is trying to be Ariana grande U can’t even be Ariana grande

- Yessssss

She raps, sings, writes her own lyrics, dances, and produces beats- talent.

- Hot Pink

9/10 smash hit

- Ok....

The childish beats with the adult lyrics is genius!!! DOJA!

- Tik toking

Best song ever

- Slaying

Fresh music, creative, unique, bops! Doja Cat is one of the best new artists, keep up the great work!

- Gross

The album photo disgusts me. Songs are bad to

- OMG!

This is the best album ever. You can’t deny it. It’s the best!

- Nah

Sexual song always make me gag, but this is a great album on general.


literally my new favorite rap album tbhh,,, literally perfect.

- Crap

Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap!!!!

- Beautiful

I love the whole album

- Anti black

Anti black

- Masterpiece 🔥

I love all of the songs This is one of those rare albums that all of it songs are masterpiece One the best albums of the year 😉 Keep going Queen Doja 👑

- 💗💗💗


- I won't bite! I said so!

I love say so and won't bite! Good job Doja cat!

- Fav songs

Like that and say so

- Trash

She has no substance. It gets old.

- justice

Doja cat the song was good

- *sigh*

These days it’s so rare to find a good rap artist that doesn’t talk about thus stuff. I mean like, how many people actually want to hear about this stuff!🤢

- Ewwww

Dumpster fire.

- This is. PHENOMENAL.

I love every song and Doja Cat is the bestststststst🤪

- 😮 wow

I love shine and won’t bite I don’t know why those songs don’t get the hype 🔥

- Hot Pink

super versatile and the songs are so catchy omg

- Amazing 💕

I love Doja Cat sm and this album is a bop , change my mind 🙃

- Good voice

I quite like her funky style too. It’s refreshing when you compare it to typical pop.

- ❤️🖤❤️🖤 :o

Amazing :> (mom approved)

- She’s a legend

Best album of 2019/2020

- Like it

She is one of the best If her music wasn’t so how should I say... gross then she would be past the point of the best. Other than that she is awesome 👏🏽

- Why does this sound so good?

Kinda of sound like side b : hell

Wise 💸

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- Liar

She lied to us!


why every single song is a tik tok trend it’s so goodddd

- pre good

some are the songs are a hit or miss but it’s pretty good!

- Tiktok🤪🤪


- I love the vibe

My favorite songs are Say so, Like that, Juicy, Streets and Addiction. I just love the vibe, it totally fits mine lol

- 🚮

Hate. Zero stars.

- Doja catfish

Trash. Had one good song “ I’m a cow” now is doja trashfish



- Très bon album

Mes chansons préférées sont Say So, Like That, Juicy. J’ai hâte à ton prochain album! :)

- A light-skin Nikki Minaj

Nothing that special.


smart funny as hell and so sarcastic . Love


this album is awesome i recommend it a bunch people dislike her cause of cancel culture what is dumb but it’s catchy from her amazing vocals to her amazing rapping she’s so awesome. she ain’t a nicki minaj,cardi b,rico nasty she’s doja cat i recommend it my favs atm are say so,like that,streets,cyber s*x and bottom b**ch

- Love


- Trash


- Damn

This is like amazing lol

- 🤣


- I like

Cyber s*x juicy and say so

- JJpupgirl

Nice music 🎵 my fav is Say So

- Gggggggggggghn


- I am obsessed

Much like Doja’s last album, I like every single song! I usually don’t find every song on an album appealing but the vibe and visuals she produces keep me engaged

- 🔥🔥🔥


- Great


- Beautiful Album

Love it Amala! Your personality and art in this album shines. It’s unique, catchy and sweet, but fruity ;) 💕 can’t stop listening!

- Love it


- We were tricked


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- Wow

An excellent project

- Amazing music

So worth it. It’s actually the first album I bought I could listen to the full album for free on Apple Music and Spotify but choose to buy it, because I love her and her music so much. She needs to blow up like cards did

- 😀💥⭐️😃⭐️⭐️

The best say so music I’ve heard in a long time.. Come back wi loads more🙏🥳🎵

- Love

Love it

- 💖💖

Such a good album!! QUEEN 💞

- A breathe of fresh air

Love it !!

- I wish u dont need to buy cuz this is my favriote song

I wish u dont need to buy cuz this is my favriote song

- No talent or creativity

2 albums within 6 months of each other!? She’s a cash grab, don’t give her your money!!

- Decent

I love it but the sassy bit is really not my style and for me not doga cat I like it but ....... meh

- Love it !!!!!!

Love Doja cat amazing this is such a mood

- DojaQueen


- Doing what the others aren’t

It’s really refreshing seeing an artist put so much thought into their visuals and music. She’s doing what the others are not!! I’m really impressed by this album and era. She’s a icon in the making.

- Love her

💎💎💎💎💎💎 worth itttttt

- Lillia

Was so good but swears

- Garbage

New triggered era music. Keep that trash

- Love her

I'm so happy she's getting the popularity she deserves, her music is amazing and has a very creative and comedic quality 💗

- Love Doja

Love Doja love this album makes me feel like a fem boss

- Bad


- Never Disappoints

Only got into Doja recently and she really is out here doing something different from everyone else, every song unique and the visuals are true art

- Amazing!💖

I love you so much💖💖 This album is amazing💖💖

- ❤️

Old school vibes !!

- Amazing

She’s making great music

- Say so

Best music video I’ve seen.. omg.. that dance is epic..

- 🤢🤢🤢

Who like this trash?

- Doha cat is awesome


- meh

literally every song off this album is tiktok famous

- rank



Her music is amazing u can literally dance and sing along to all of these :3 my personal faves are like that and say so but I love ALL of them deffo buy this ;) 💗🤩

- So good!

Doja really killed it ! So many great songs <3

- Dr Luke

Written and produced by Dr Luke. No thanks. (Google him)


I love Dylan is my mama love the world


Just heard Say So on the radio, and loved it!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💖💖💖💖 Unique different...QUEEEEEEEN👑

- Wicked

Brilliant song

- Is there a free version kf this song

Please this is a bop

- 🤩

Original, quirky and upbeat. She wants to make people dance and she does exactly that.

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Nevermind🏳️‍🌈 // finally watching killing eve

@_anhedoniia_ i- hot pink? 😳😳.

Peak Charts

Peak Most Streamed Albums on 2020: #1 Rare #2 Chromatica #3 Future Nostalgia #4 SOUTHSIDE #5 Center Point Road #6 how i'm feeling #7 ALTMYS #8 Glory Sound Prep #9 Montevallo #10 A Star Is Born #11 everything means nothing #12 Heaven & Hell #13 Smile #14 Colores #15 Hot Pink.


@nfrcalifornian hot pink or miss anthropocene.

J’s tia crocheted me a hot pink pancho .


I am so embarrassed that im contacting customer service bc i ordered something in hot pink and received it in baby pink... like wow im annoying but i always want what i ordered lol.

G's New & Used

Tweeted for OldBaloo: No Boundaries Nobo Lace Thong Panties XL/XXL Hot Pink Nylon (NB-1) #NoBoundariesNobo via @eBay.


@farmb0y_ HOT PINK.

Joey Mascia

Rolling Stones Radiohead The Strokes Red Hot Chili Peppers Pink Floyd .

☆ marcel // watching S. C. I ☆

@potatolesbiann pink, blue, yellow, magneta and mayhaps slightly hot pink.

Moth 🎄🎅🏻

You know it’s bad when i do both. *i say with hot pink hair i dyed in the middle of the night after redoing half of my island* .

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Doja Cat - Hot Pink Album Wiki

Hot Pink Hot Pink (Doja Cat album) Hot Pink (The Pink Spiders album) "Hot Pink", by Let's Eat Grandma, from the album I'm All Ears.

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