Fine Line by Harry Styles

Fine Line [Harry Styles] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Golden 3:28
2.Watermelon Sugar 2:53
3.Adore You 3:27
4.Lights Up 2:52
5.Cherry 4:19
6.Falling 4:00
7.To Be So Lonely 3:12
8.She 6:02
9.Sunflower, Vol. 6 3:41
10.Canyon Moon 3:09
11.Treat People With Kindness 3:17
12.Fine Line 6:17
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Fine Line by Harry Styles Album Reviews


This album is everything. Chef’s kiss. I listen to this album every night. It is GODLY.

- Yes



This album is so amazing. Harry deserves the whole world!!

- 10/10

Just let me adore you❤️❤️❤️

- Fine Line

This album is golden. No other album has gotten me so much into music, and all of the songs tell a story that I can relate to. Such an amazing masterpiece, from the lyrics and the tunes, combined with Harry’s amazing voice is just PERFECTION. Thank you so much Harry, we all love you! We’ll be alright, we’ll be a Fine Line ;)

- I LOVE HARRY TO DEATH (in a good way ofc)

This album is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, yes the album has some s*dual songs but some people in the reviews are acting like every other song in the radio isn’t (BREAKING NEWS : they are) my personal favorites are “golden” and “canyon moon” . I love how Harry didn’t make this album to win Grammys or be played in the radio. He deserves the world, but the world Doesn’t deserve him. Not a bad bone in his body.😊

- Harry

I love it

- Beautiful

This album is a masterpiece!!!

- Rude comments

I understand that some people don’t like pop music and I get that, but saying rude stuff about his hard work is rude and disrespectful. An example: I’m not a country fan but do you see me going around bashing them if their hard work... NO. Just because i don’t like the musics doesn’t mean I don’t respect them, I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan I’m saying this because I’m a good person, you should never say stuff like that to a person and expect them not to ever see it. -D Tpwk

- Listen!

This guy is bringing a fresh sound that is not like other mainstream artists.

- Amazing

im in love with it

- For all occasions

In this album I can cry, dance, and scream lyrics within 10 minutes. It’s helped me through COVID and has given me the best late night jam sessions. It fuels my soul. This will forever be my favorite ever album and you’ll be my favorite artist. P.S. release medicine it’s an absolute masterpiece and is a LGBTQ+ anthem. My bisexual soul lives for it.

- The Best

this is one of the best albums i have ever listened to. harry and his music never fail to lighten my mood.

- It’s so pretty.

Words cannot explain how gorgeous this album is. It’s like when you listen to it it puts everything your feeling into songs can we talk about fine line. That song is going to play everywhere I go my funeral, wedding, car everywhere.

- Great Album

I love it it’s truly a masterpiece

- ❤️

No explanation needed this is amazing ❤️😌

- omgg

okayyy so this literally the BEST album i have ever heard likeee i freakin love harry so much and always will!!! but like can we just talk abt how his music make me feel like i wanna cry everytime i hear any of these songs bc i love him and the song so freaking muchhh!!! 10000000% would recommend!!! trust me it worth every single penny♥️♥️♥️♥️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

- absolutely amazing

this man owns my heart. this album was pure magic.

- beautiful

perfect. the man, his eyes, his dimple, his music, the order of the fine line album, the trumpets in fine line, the dadas in golden, the vocals in watermelon sugar, the voicemail in cherry, the guitar in canyon moon and to be so lonely, the vibes of sunflower vol 6. everything is perfect

- Jacob Sartorius <3

I don't know if I could ever go without LISTENING to watermelon sugar!!!!!! I love it. Jacob Sartorius is way better but I respect and support you. You are a great singer. Great job.....

- Amazing

Every single song in this album is amazing

- Everything Good In This World

This album contains everything good in this world. the music is phenomenal and i listen to HS1 and Fine Line at least once a day. 10/10




The album sounds delicious, from when it came out December 13 of 2019 MMM YES TASTY I LOVE IT SO MUCH I LITERALLY HAVE IT ON REPEAT EVERY DAY.

- Best album

Harry is so talented and such an amazing human. I went through a really hard time a couple of months ago and I don’t think I would of gotten through it without him and his music. You truly healed me Harry and I can’t thank you enough. I love you!🥺

- This about....

....eating 😹

- It’s Harry. Enough said


- Great

Overall it’s legendary. I love it but I felt the album was a little to based around sex or was too specific to a person. It makes me want to listen to it less when I know Harry is singing about a model or celebrity. Maybe I just have a dirty mind because a lot of his songs aren’t that sexual but people do listen for hidden meanings in songs. It’s iconic but I feel like... I don’t want to say it’s overrated cause it’s not. I guess it’s just too popular for my taste (but I love it so it actually is my taste I guess).

- Whoa...

I am old. But I know good music when I hear it. This young man Harry is all kinds of talented. My daughter played Watermelon Sugar for me and I was singing it to myself for days. Decided to buy the album and can’t believe the entire album is amazing. Fantastic.

- Don’t understand the hype

He has the worst voice ever and when he tries to sing high it sounds like he’s losing his voice. Awful album. People need so stop

- Most beautiful album ever made

ART. PURE ART. IT’S A MASTERPIECE. harry, you’ve done it again and you never fail to amaze.

- Album as lovely as Harry himself

The man makes beautiful music. Really is something special.

- Love you hairstyles🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😍😭


- Meh

It’s okay but I kinda expected more tbh, disappointed. This song just wasn’t it for me..... I want to be honest and give my feedback about this song.

- best album in the whole world yes😌

my husband wrote this album and i’m so proud of him bc it’s a masterpiece that continues to receive nominations and break records. i love u harry <3

- Harry has an amazing voice and great songwriting skills

It is a very beautiful album and his voice is literally like an angel


This album is Amazing. I still listen to this day.

- Masterpiece

This album is a lyrical masterpiece. My day is not complete without listening to it




Fine line is just a masterpiece

- beautiful

amazing album with beautiful, meaningful lyrics

- literally the best album ever

i didn’t think it could get better than hs1, but i’m so glad it did!!!!!

- I have something to say...

Even though I don’t really listen to his music this is a really good album

- The fact that this masterpiece doesn’t have more reviews is astounding to me

This album I UNMATCHED the highs and lows and the journey it takes you on is just so unique and, dare I say, perfect. This album has helped me through so much and Harry did an AMAZING job on this album and I can’t want to hear the next one!

- Bad


- Trash

So overrated

- the definition of beautiful

a true artist



- Fine Line

1000000/10 i def recommend. 😌😜

- Trash


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- Harry

So amazing

- incredible

he ate this up. love to see it

- Amazing Songs

Harry Styles is an amazing singer and this album has like the best songs ever!!!!


Hey king Harry you have done it again Constantly raising the bar for us all And doing it flawlessly I’d say I’m surprise but I know who you are I’ve seen it up close and personal BOY YOU MAKE ME SO PROUD AND I LOVE YOU

- absolutely amazing

harry is genuinely so talented and this album is truly a work of art. - soph

- Amazing

I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH! All the songs are amazing

- beautiful

such great variety on this album. i know i’ll be listening to this for the next couple decades, at least. just beautiful.

- Amazing

The best album ever

- .


- Great album - if you’re allowed to listen to it

Just completed my album purchase because I wanted Sunflower and a couple of other songs. Now it’s telling me that Sunflower and Canyon aren’t available in my region (Canada)!? Not cool to let someone pay for something you know they won’t actually get.

- nothing special

it’s such a boring album honestly.


Harry has done it again! All these songs hit me in the feels with this masterpiece. If you don’t think that this is an amazing and emotional album, listen to it on repeat until you do.


Such a great tune! As well as others...

- i cant even describe

canyon moon doesn’t deserve the hate it gets, it’s so vibey and it makes me happy :)

- Not so bad.

It’s good but not so good

- Harryyy

I love harold

- Exquisite


- Amazing

Go off harry

- Beautiful




- Awesome

I’m not a fan of Harry’s but I always saw how much talent and potential he has. I decided to give this album a listen and I love every song. He has such a calming singing voice.

- bestie ate this up



this is a non stop listing song



- 💡up 🥰you and Golden are my favorite songs.

Sounds like Christina Aguilera back in the 90’s. So good 😊😍. ❤️ from 🇨🇦. Btw my name is Alyssa.

- Love it

1960/70s but in 2020. Perfection

- Amazing!!

Love it Harry. My favourite song is To be so Lonely but I love it all. I’ve listened to this album so much and I haven’t gotten tired of it, and I know I will never get tired of it! Well done 🤩🤩

- S

Parfait ❤️❤️

- Deadly like my uncle


- ;-;

He has a great voice but is he gay? I swear his position for the his songs looks weird.

- The amazing Harry Styles

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

- Amazing

Best album ever!!

- love


- sorry

did not enjoy it :(

- Perfectionnnn

This album is amazing 😍definitely one of my favourite albums

- Amazing!

There’s not a day passing without listening to it ❣️

- Just not for me

I don’t mind the songs this album, it’s just not for me

- Great pop album

Love it.

- mmmm

mmmmmmmmmmm yeah❤️

- Harry Rocks!!

My fave song is “Falling” but I can listen to it all. Going to his concert, unfortunately postponed until next August. It’s so weird though. I lost “Adore You” when I purchased the album. Song 3 is showing purchased while the rest say play. Very disappointing as it’s one of my favourites and I love the video on YouTube!!!

- The best album

This album is so beautiful it deserves a Grammy! No one is doing it like Harry Styles!!

- Awesome

Awesome album start to finish.

- yass okay harry

no skips💅🏻✨ he ate, no crumbs left. A SERVE BOO


so angelic

- Harry killed it once again

Every single song is a bop. so proud!

- Literally died when I heard this

Can I just say Harry styles is like a dream. Fine Line is magical and so angelic✨ when ever I listen to this album I’m in the mood to just dance and have an amazing time! I have no words but he’s ✨KING✨ and he deserves everything! ❤️

- Absolutely Beautiful

This album feels very carefully thought out, with a genuine effort to produce beautiful and meaningful music, that doesn’t feel forcefully commercial. The type of content that can only be compiled over time to capture the authenticity of the human experience. The sound is uniquely Harry - soulful and intuitive.


I’ve never been a person to ever sit down and listen to an entire album. With Fine alone however, I do. I find myself doing it continuously. From putting the CD in and driving in the car to putting it on YouTube on my TV to my phone at night to go to bed. I listen to it just play and enjoy what a beautiful album it is. Harry is truly a beautiful composer. (Kiwi from his first self titled album is my ring tone, and or of my two year old daughters favourite song)

- “She” has my heart

One year after release and I’m still in love with this album. I could cry.


you can tell harry put his all into this album and it came out better than amazing!<3



- Fine line is a masterpiece.

enough said.

- Harry Styles Was Always Meant To Be Solo

Who wants One Direction back when Harry can keep bringing music like this? It’s fantastic. I applaud his work.

- about Harry styles

I like his songs

- Y’all are incredible


- I’m proud

This album is everything and more than what I expected from Harry. It’s got such raw emotions in the songs and it is truly my favourite album ever recorded

- Incredible alt-pop

This album has its own unique sound. It is pop but with a bit of a twist within. I would say that this album has better music compared to his debut solo album.

- harry styles is a king

this whole album is gold. actual gold. he’s so talented and amazing, i’ve loved him since the start on one direction and he’s such a great human being who spreads positivity. this album is INCREDIBLE. 5 stars forever.

- Harry is love Harry is life

Would love to be able to hear this album for the first time all over again 🥰✨

- Good

This is a very good song and I hope one direction come back together this year in 2020

- My love

THE best album. I would give this 100 stars

- masterpiece

such an incredible album, soooo proud of harry 💛

- Amazing

I love it it’s really good even adore you it’s a great as song. Harry’s got my vote

- Amazing

Harry has had a set back in the 2 years, but this album is amazing!! ❤️

- excellent

i was never a big fan of harry but this album was amazing and has lead me to listen to more of his other works that have made me into a massive fan. the album is like a rollercoaster. it starts with golden which is where he sings about being open then leads us to songs like watermelon sugar which is about the initial feeling of when u first start to like them. then falling comes which is the heartbreak of the whole album, the vocals were excellent in this, especially in the BRITS live performance. Cherry is another magnificent song where harry sings about not wanting to let his loved person go (camille rowe). the ending song which is personally his best song and my favourite is fine line. the instrumentals were just perfect to end the album off. the build up was climatic and marvellous. This album deserves a grammy and is hands down AOTY.



- Seriously GREAT!

I have to be honest, I was sceptical. But since hearing this album, I am believing Harry is an old soul indeed. You will play the album from start to finish..... seriously no skipping for me. Granted it sounds like easy listening, but remember this is a 26yr old!! I love listening to it while driving.... Lord knows you need a good distraction on your merry way. Thanks Harry Love your work

- Literally amazing! It’s a work of art

Although it’s one year since this album was released, i want to say that these songs by this one man connected with me on a spiritual level and I love it so much. As I saw in a review somewhere below here, i would give it 10 stars if I could! Maybe even 100!


Absolutely amazing. Every song is so beautiful and unique. There's a song for every mood and I definetly recommend. ❤️



- Harrryyyyy

He’s honestly so talented 10/10 100% you’d have to be dead to give this album any less

- If I could give it 10 stars I would

love everything about this album! ❤️

- Harry Is amazing

stream stream stream

- Excellent

Golden, Adore You and Watermelon Sugar are such upbeat, well composed songs. The chill vibe and quirky lyrics lift me out of low moods. Thank you.

- Best album ever😍

This is so good!!!!!

- Harry Styles

This album is amazing

- 🍒🍉 Simply Amazing 🍉🍒

Love it. Have been streaming it non-stop since I downloaded it.

- best. album

it’s amazing. it’s a masterpiece. it’s personal. it’s raw. it’s poetic. best album ever. periodt. TPWK ❤️

- 10/10 would recommend

Harold. Love your work. Great good haven’t listened to the whole album yet but definitely fine work. Hehe. Get it? Fine. Because the albums fine line. Haha haha. Yes I know. I’m hilarious. Anyways. Peace out ✌️.


i listener and fell in love with the album the day it came out. i love one direction and all but i reckon this break was the best thing that happened to harry ❤️❤️




beautiful amazing show stopping never done before art 19749272/10


Hi. Harry styles has definitely changed since 1D broke up. This album is soooooooooooooo good. My favourite song by him in this album is either ‘Watermelon Sugar’ or ‘Adore you’.

- soo gooodd

love him and this album

- Iconic

That’s all

- Every song is good!


- My fav

This is best album I have heard since 2015

- Love it!!

Love listening to it and never get bored of it!!

- yeah

i’m super duper proud of harry and his achievements

- Fine Line

Absolute perfection.


Absolute masterpiece I have it on repeat and never get sick of it. Thank youuuuuu

- Wow, amazing

He’s music is beautiful and he is extremely talented. Highly recommend buying this album.

- Lead up to nothing

I liked watermelon sugar, but I kind of lead up to nothingness really

- Experimental music, interesting result

I feel like I should preface this with the truth that I’m not a fan of One Direction or Harry Styles, as most reviews are just supportive comments for the artist and not talking about his music. I feel like this is the best music I’ve heard from any of these guys - together or solo. I really like the storytelling in these songs, and feel like the rhythm and compositions are more his individual style. The artist isn’t trying to distance himself from (or hold onto) his old fanbase. I felt a sense of freedom in this album. Although some songs are too repetitive for my taste like “Adore You” which sounds like it is simply meant to be played on the radio. Some songs are beautiful like “Falling” where the audience can feel his sincerity. Overall I added a star more than I was initially going to give because I like the direction he is heading artistically with this

- Amazing

Everything about this album is amazing! I love it.

- harry styles is daddy

no joke though this album is superior. harry is probably one of the most advanced lyricists of our generation, he deserves your purchase, you deserve for you ears to be cleansed and for your soul to be blessed. win win you feel me :) love you harry!!

- best album ever

stream it buy it rn nothing else to say

- masterpiece


- Best album of 2029

Love all the songs on this album. All songs Sound very Harry and really happy. Each song you can relate to and sing along to. The songs are also a really good vibe

- Perfect

Harry is amazing. I FREAKING LOVE IT

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- No longer a boy band member singer

This shows his talent and voice is much more than just part of 1D. Love Watermelon Sugar, it’s my summer song choice. A good, grown up sounding album (well, it is to me in my late 30’s anyway lol)

- Music

Can’t see all of the lyrics on the app and that disappointed me very much

- brill

love harry styles xox

- wortahmelon shuger

Wortahmelon Shuger

- Mint

Love this song Harry is so hot

- Trash

What is this crap?

- He’s back

He’s back one again doesn’t disappoint

- harry styles you’ve outdone yourself

this is honestly a masterpiece, there honestly isn’t much more I can say than that. harry styles if you read this I just want you to know i’m so proud of you

- Gotta love harry styles

His songs have a ceirtan aesthetic that I live for 😽

- incredible album🦋

Truly one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Harry is not a celeb to be messed with, love you H💞💞.

- just good

tpwk is the best song on fine line, periodt

- Bit poo



no words, just AMAZING

- Foine Loine

Fine Line really showcases Harry’s musical abilities and freedom to express himself. This has been a huge step since he was on X-Factor 10 years ago and I am proud to say that I am a huge fan of him.

- Brilliant

Fine Line & Falling great songs

- No words.


- Harry styles is incredible

Harry styles never disappoints . Best musician of the decade . Expecting Grammys from him

- wow

love this so much! ly Harry!!!! 🥰

- amazing

best album i’ve ever listened to

- Had to buy!

Love the new sound, very refreshing ! Some great hits, well done 👌🏼

- Amazing

This album is pure genius ❤️ love it . Well done H !

- Too mediocre


- amazing, so proud of him

stream this pls

- The music of the generation

This album is by far the playlist of the generation. With everything he sings you can relate to in your Own way , you don’t have to have experience of heartbreak to feel how broken he was , you don’t have to had experienced feeling lost to feel how lost he felt and you don’t have to experience love to know feel how much he loved someone . This album is amazing and deserves all the awards and love it could possibly get!

- Incredible

A song for every emotion

- wow


- 🤩🤩

speechless, phenomenal mix of genres.


I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH , Harry has done a great job with this album . U should definitely buy this album . The best song is cherry personally to me x


the song fine line is one of my favourites!! it makes me feel an emotion i’ve never felt before it’s truly unique. the rest of the album is absolutely great i love it so much. so proud of harry and one of my favourite albusb ever

- incredible

he is amazing

- .

bro this is just a sick album what can i say

- ...


- I hate all of the songs

These are boring and repetitive. Go back to writing amazing stuff like Sign Of The Times

- amazing


- Superb

Great album , love his voice , the lyrics , everything thank you for the music 🙌

- Watermelon sugar high?

Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high Watermelon sugar high. What’s the song called again?

- Wow

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow


I love Harry’s music so much

- Rides my emotions

If you are blessed enough to find song that makes you swell with happiness, but want to cry at the same time it’s so precious... but when you find a whole album of songs like that then you’re life is complete 😂 This is honestly the first album where I love every single track; so emotional, but also some really good bops! Whenever I listen to fine line, golden or she I never know how to express my emotions, it’s so powerful. Thank you Harry x

- Amazing 🤩

I love this album is a banger the songs are amazing the best are 4 Golden, Adore You, Light Up and Watermelon Sugar. These songs make a great album (all of the songs) it’s so amazing and insane

- ✨✨✨

the most incredible, beautiful and heart warming album, in my opinion. not only has harry’s music inspired me and made me feel happy and confident but so has harry himself. couldn’t be any more prouder of him ☺️


Such a good album!

- This is an a rocketpocket of a body of music.

I’ve been a fan of Harry since the audition on X Factor, and it’s safe to say he holds the place of rock legend power with Bowie, Elton, and Ozzy. I can not wait for the next music he brings. This generation needed a star after our parents rave about the 70’s and the music, it’s nice to have a sprinkle of that magic too. Thank you fineline.

- Couldn’t stand 1D but this album is perfection

I heard and loved ‘watermelon sugar’ on the radio, so I decided to take the plunge and download the full album, having never enjoyed or purchased a single 1D song or album. I’m blown away by ‘Fine Line’. It’s got some serious old school vibes with the some of the songs. Like something from the 1960s/1970s but refreshingly modern too. I’m really pleasantly surprised. Well done Harry!

- too good

What do I expect from my husband it’s beautiful

- Cooool

Love song getting it better !!

- Amazing !

Such a good vibe !! 🕺🏻

- Everything

His vocals were absolutely amazing but funny enough they weren't even my favourite part of the album. What sold me completely were the instruments, Oh the instruments!!! From the second Golden started, I knew, I just knew this was album of the year for me. Harry styles, chapeaux!

- Fantastic

best album of the year

- Crap

Not being funny but all you silly little girls who buy this crap cos you think he might want to put one up you are deluded.

- Saved 2020

Best Album! I love everything about this album! Worth it ❤️. I could still listen to this album after many years. This is not just an album this is life experience. So much about this. Thank you Harry for bringing an amazing album.

- Jam Styles

I LOVE YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Hey queen! Harry, girl, you’ve done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised, but I know who you are, I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud, and I love you. STREAM FINE LINE!!!

- So fine fine fine line

I could live listening to one album and this is it!🥰

- longhairslickback

Love you forever Harry.

- 11/10

Love you harry 🖤

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P. adores H. & will see him in 2021🍉🥝🍒🍓🌻

Non-uk Harries, we need to help as well, we need to set up new Spotify account while using uk VPN and stream fine Line there, this is the least we can do. We can also help donating @fundsforharries, so they can help too! .


Fine line just jumped to 3 ahead of Taylor on iTunes 😭😭😭.

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Harry Styles Updates

“Fine Line” has re-entered the Top 10 of @Spotify’s Top 50 Most Streamed Album around the world 🎉 .



Maria ×͜×🦋

@adoresoned fine line.

Tim Smith

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@zjmfallss fine line e hs1.


OH WAIT NO fine line stays .

Harry Facts.

UK Harries we need y’all to do better. @fundsforharries can help you buy Fine Line, just go ask them! Stream every song 10 times a day on every platform. Buy individual tracks if you can afford it too, ask your friends and family to buy. The #1 is possible and Harry deserves it..

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Fine Line .

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