Kanye West - JESUS IS KING album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Kanye West
Album Name:   JESUS IS KING
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   25 October 2019
Tracks:   11
Country:   USA

JESUS IS KING (Kanye West) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Every Hour (feat. Sunday Service Choir) 1:52
2.Selah 2:44
3.Follow God 1:44
4.Closed on Sunday 2:31
5.On God 2:16
6.Everything We Need (feat. Ty Dolla $ign .. 1:56
7.Water (feat. Ant Clemons) 2:48
8.God Is 3:23
9.Hands On (feat. Fred Hammond) 3:23
10.Use This Gospel (feat. Clipse & Kenny G) 3:33
11.Jesus Is Lord 0:49

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JESUS IS KING (Kanye West) Album Comments

JESUS IS KING (Kanye West) Album Reviews

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  • Tseluk

    5 stars
    Fantastic!!. There is raw truth in this album. He speaks from a honest place...there are preachers that will not go where he has gone. Excited for his journey and all that God will do through him. He is human... regardless of his “status” he is still human and far from perfect, as the rest of us. Don’t mistake people’s imperfections for the love and will of God has on West’s life or yours. You are loved and God is amazing, forgives and transforms . God can transform anyone and everyone. Revelation 3:20, Romans 15:13, John 17:17, Ephesians 1:13-14 Hallelujah
  • nmohe

    5 stars
    Love it!. I bless you Kanye W!
  • Jsonjo

    4 stars
    Only thing thats weird is the production quality. But the songs get to me. “Its a hard road to heaven.” PREACH. This world suxxxxxx
  • Snakeman556

    5 stars
    Praising God first!!!. I pray that God Will continue to use Kanye as his vessel to deliver Gods word. We (me) Christians swore Kanye off when he professed to be a deity in some of his previous work, and I was a skeptic until I listened to this album. I hear God speak to me in this music so I will pray you up Kanye! Keep up Gods work!!! Pleas don’t let satin slip back into your life, you can do a mighty work thru this album. Praying for God to continue to use you for our kingdom!!!!!
  • YaniselG

    1 stars
    Don’t waste your money. I think I speak for many of us when I say “we miss the old kanye” cause this one ain’t it. Even the production was bad. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m disappointed with this album
  • SpanishPavito

    5 stars
    Great. Love it
  • Abumifu

    5 stars
    Love it!. Uplifting encouraging music from a creative mind! Keep it up Kanye!
  • Chris09131979

    5 stars
    We need change. This is the beginning of the change we need in music thanks Kane.
  • Moooooooo!!!

    1 stars
    Absolute crap. 🤮💩
  • Corpsepeeler

    1 stars
    Most worthless album of the year. Why do christians feel the need to express their ridiculous beliefs and childish faith in imaginary beings, so ostentatiously. It’s to a point that’s it’s just as rude as it is annoying!

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