High Road

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Artist:   Kesha
Album Name:   High Road
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   10 January 2020
Tracks:   15
Country:   USA

High Road (Kesha) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Tonight 3:15
2.My Own Dance 2:41
3.Raising Hell (feat. Big Freedia) 2:49
4.High Road 3:19
5.Shadow 3:33
6.Honey 3:21
7.Cowboy Blues 4:00
8.Resentment (feat. Brian Wilson & Sturgil.. 2:52
9.Little Bit of Love 2:22
10.Birthday Suit 2:56
11.Kinky (feat. Ke$ha) 3:25
12.The Potato Song (Cuz I Want To) 3:33
13.BFF (feat. Wrabel) 4:11
14.Father Daughter Dance 2:37
15.Chasing Thunder 3:41

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IQ Certificate
  • Redo621

    5 stars
    Hoping for a look at her career with new style added. I hope this album ends up combining and drawing from all her different styles and eras she’s gone through with her career. But there’s so much with her music she could do. I want her to try introducing a new style here as well. From the first two singles, “Raising Hell” featuring Big Freedia, and the Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons collab, “My Own Dance”, the album is promising and that seems to be what she’s doing with the album. The trailer, which teases other songs from High Road including the title track (which sounds great!), make me excited for it as well. I hope the rock influences from Warrior aren’t left out here and are explored way more since she was very limited in what she could do there. It would be amazing if a song like “Machine Gun Love” was on here. I’ll have another review when the full album drops!
  • Babygirl Josie

    5 stars
    Lit AF. She’s unapologetically herself.
  • alwaleed..

    5 stars
    Kesha ... I love it ..
  • IronTrigger

    1 stars
    Someone put her out of her misery. Tik tok, your time’s up! (career-wise)
  • Rhys Towne

    1 stars
    Go Away. Her mouth's full of lies after she drank her own pissing. She used Gaga & Katy for her comeback of her career but her career is trashy.
  • K3021

    1 stars
    🥱🥱. Your career ended years ago.
  • CryasRosw

    5 stars
    Feat. Ke$ha. How does Ke$ha get a “featured” tag on her own song on her whole album? Lol... anyways, love what’s out so far! So free and inspiring!
  • Jbob24505

    5 stars
    Queen is back!!! 😭❤️😍. This album is gonna be INCREDIBLE!!!
  • BobintheCloud

    1 stars
    What crap. Useless garbage.
  • Wizard legabsbbs

    5 stars
    SHE IS COMING. i am excited for this era. she is always coming up with something new and she’s versatile.

Kesha - High Road Album Wiki

High Road or The High Road .