High Road by Kesha

High Road [Kesha] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:15
2 2:41
3 2:49
4 3:19
5 3:33
6 3:21
7 4:00
8 2:52
9 2:22
10 2:56
11 3:25
12 3:33
13 4:11
14 2:37
15 3:41
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High Road by Kesha Album Reviews

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- Love5 star

How can you not love her??

- YESSS5 star

Old Kesha is back!


Rainbow sucked d. This gives me cannibal vibes, thanks Kesha!

- Amazing5 star

Perfection :)

- HIGH ROAD5 star

I genuinely think this is her best work thus far. It has that spunky-sparky old Kesha ghat we all love & the mature sound she has developed these past years. I really enjoy this album & it’s sound.

- 🤑5 star


- Dull1 star

Unfortunate that there aren't any bangers on this album. Pretty dull.

- Best of luck4 star

I love this

- Kesha feat. Ke$ha: The Album5 star

If Rainbow was Kesha’s catharsis and exploration into life after pausing her party girl persona from Animal and Warrior, then High Road is a wonderful mix of her gravitas from it and her exhilarating musical styles that came before. Aside from the released singles of “My Own Dance”, “Raising Hell”, and “Resentment”, all of which are wonderfully written and executed in this album, there are several other standout tracks. “Honey” returns Kesha to a more mellowly produced but biting version of “Backstabber”, with Tayla Parx providing chorus and extra vocals on a similar sounding sample to “Say It Ain’t So”‘a guitar strumming with lyrics that are hilarious and somewhat lamenting. “Cowboy Blues” has her reminisce about missing the possible love of her life: a cowboy in a dive bar dressed in a Nudie Suit. She expertly convinces the listener on this song of her story and experience all the while evoking a twinge of regret and moments of levity, crafting a song that TSwift would likely be jealous of. It’s quintessential Kesha. “Birthday Suit” is where Kesha explains what we’re all thinking when we just hit it off so well with someone. Need I say more? “Kinky”, which has Kesha featuring Ke$ha, lyrically continues Kesha’s fascination/playful adoration of cowboy boots from “Boots & Boys” in Animals and “Boots” in Rainbow, and is also a positive exploration and affirmation of the sensual in a loving relationship. Overall, Kesha perfectly navigates from fun-loving to serious in her song so well without giving the listener even a noticeable amount of mood-whiplash, incredibly displaying her skill as a songwriter and performer on this. The one drawback is the amount of bass on some tracks makes this sound like the loudness wars may have taken another casualty in this production, but don’t let that stop you from hearing her great work. All in all, Kesha is back, and she’s doing her own dance now. We’re just along for this amazing crazy fun ride.

- i love itt5 star

its actually good

- Kesha!5 star

Very Vibey and Original!

- Not my cup of tea2 star

Rainbow was a lot better musically and lyrically. Also, if Rich White Straight Men was on the album, this would’ve gotten 1 star. At least that didn’t make the cut.

- ....1 star

The Potato Song? Are you serious? 😂😂

- Amazing5 star

Heart heart shines bright

- Really Nice5 star

I listened to the entire album and overall it was really good. Some old ‘Ke$ha’ flavor, which was nice. Really awesome vocals. Father Daughter Dance was reallllly good!

- Love5 star

I’m glad I preordered it. This album is great I’m not disappointed.

- Wow !!4 star

Sooo I love most of the songs except the potato song. Kesha our queen hasn’t gone anywhere, you are the true pop queen! Faves are Shadow Kinky and BFF!!!

- One of the best albums5 star

Absolutely amazing album , as always :) Kesha brought back Ke$ha and I loved almost every single song

- Muah5 star

Beautiful it’s seasoned

- 5 stars!5 star

So happy to have a new Kesha album to obsessively listen to on repeat and memoize every lyric again! Kesha is the only artist that makes me so happy I cry while listening to. I love you girl! Keep yp the great work!

- Kesha - High Road!!!5 star

Never fails, Kesha is a genius!! Love!!

- FLOP1 star


- Oop!5 star


- SO GOOD5 star

Kesha’s back and she’s better than ever.

- All my love5 star


- Love it5 star

I enjoy the entire album from start to finish. I love cheesy pop music 😂

- Please keep making pop5 star


- Love5 star

Another great track! Some new Kesha with a Ke$ha vibes

- Meh2 star

It is very evident that Kesha didn’t set out to make a masterpiece with this project, and you can tell she is having fun. That being said, I find this album to be quite dull. There are only a few tracks I find enjoyable, and that’s a big let down for me. I am a huge Kesha fan. This is nothing like 2017’s “Rainbow”

- Great everything5 star

Love the lyrics, rhythym, and mix of slow songs and then the classic Kesha party songs.

- Kesha is QUEEEEEEN5 star

This album is life! I listened to it at least 10 times already! “Father daughter dance” and “resentment” made me cry. “Birthday Suit” and “Tonight” made me dance. And “Chasing Thunder” empowered me! This album is everything you could ever want/need.


love her so much; makes my heart so happy

- A few good classics4 star

A few good classics. Go listen to both of my artist Rotary Ryan and Free Champagne!!

- It’s not “Rainbow” but it’s still a stand out5 star

What I appreciate about this album is how free Kesha sounds with her music. She truly has grown some much since “Rainbow”, and it shows. I’d give this album 4.5 stars if iTunes let me.

- Kesha is Back!!!5 star

I seriously love this album. It’s the perfect blend of upbeat and ballads. Kesha does her own thing and tells it like it is. Every album she puts out she continues to grow, but also keeps her signature sound. “Resentment” is undoubtably one of the best ballads I’ve heard in a long time. “Cowboy Blues” is fantastic as well. I also love the fact that she has done away with auto tune. Kesha has a powerful and unique voice. I’ve always thought of her as a modern Janis Joplin.

- Loveeee5 star

This is an amazing album! I have been a fan of Kesha since 2010 and I have to say this is one of favorite albums from her. I can literally listen to this album on repeat and never get bored.

- Git it girl5 star

It rocks. She rocks. The end.

- Empowering5 star

I love everything about this album. She’s so passionate and raw.



- Wow!5 star

This album brought me back to the early 2010’s when pop music made everyone happy! She definetely did a great job with this and is for sure one of my favorites of the year!

- Masterpiece 😊💗5 star

Kesha is one of the best musicians in this industry and I just hope she gets all the proper recognition she deserves 🙏 Another masterpiece of an album!! High Road is one of the best albums in history right along with Rainbow not to mention how also amazing her other albums/ep’s are 🤗

- Everything you want and need5 star

Kesha gives you her a mix of her old pop and her new style introduced in rainbow in a perfect combination. So many great songs.

- One of the best pop albums of the last 5 years5 star

Kesha is back— REALLY back. She combines the fun pop we fell in love with ten years ago with her more recent style, as well as new stories and experiences that have more depth than ever before. Every song, whether an anthem, or ballad, has a signature Kesha touch. The best song on the album is Kinky, where she features her past self, Ke$ha. The song is near pop perfection, and deserves to be atop every chart, and streamed through every airwave there is this year.

- Kesha never disappoints5 star

I’m in love, ur the best Kesha 💛🎉

- Best album yet5 star

So diverse and AMAZING

- Crap1 star

Pee on you

- You go girl!5 star

Powerful and staying true to herself!

- Her best work yet5 star

After Rainbow and the difficult topics explored on that record, Kesha “got her balls back.” The result is a body of work that explores every aspect of her personality. High Road contains everything from hard-hitting ballads, party songs, and chill acoustic tracks. Best album of 2020 so far!

- A FIGHTER5 star

An excellent record, Kesha never disappoints.

- Awesome5 star

Love her!!


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Peter36nba13 - Excellent5 star

Always and forever

Logan5025 - The Perfect Balance of Old and New5 star

Some tracks on this album make me want to party like it’s 2010, and others have me in my feels. “Honey” in particular is SUCH an unexpected bop. It sounds like Kesha was thrown into a 90’s R&B girl group (think All-Saints) and it SLAPS. But this album. It’s worth your 11$. Just skip the Starbucks run this week and it will even itself out. Show Sony that Kesha is still capable of getting those numbers!

boijoi - YASSSSSSS!!!!5 star

Slaying it! Jesus my ears are having orgasms over here, may you never stop making sweet music!!!

oh my goooooood !!!!! - Wow5 star


xjcolax - Classic Kesha with a twist!5 star

I love everything and anything that Kesha comes out with, but she really outdid herself this time. She’s fun, strong and powerful and you feel that in her lyrics

ElijahPWG - !!!5 star


SteveBertrand666 - Kesha : Highroad5 star

I absolutely love Kesha’s new album Highroad - If you are a huge Kesha fan , you are going to love it . Kesha is having a Fun Time being herself and there’s some new singles you will love and want to hear . Some of her best stuff . Definitely a must have !

Coda Bleep - Everything I wanted and needed!5 star

Kesha is back and her new music is AMAZING! I LOVE THIS ALBUM

MusicXisXmyXbiatch - A Masterpiece5 star

Truly a phenomenal work of art. Every song is a masterpiece, and the energy of this album is fabulous. Kesha did it yet again! QUEEN of whatever she wants to do!!

Colt455 - Everything plus more5 star

What a way to leave a footprint in the word, rock on 🤘🏻👽 phenomenal album!

GersonRamirez96 - SHE DID THAT5 star


iLoveAbdulKarim - Masterpiece5 star

A mixture of old and bold. Classic Ke$ha and new Kesha. A solid album.

Drama--Man - Amazing5 star

Kesha’s voice is so diverse. And her writing talents are impeccable 💕

I love her New album Rainbow - Great Album5 star

Great Album I love it soooo much!!

JoshhSuxx - YES5 star

Kesha is amazing

Music_Lover6933 - Love5 star

Absolutely love the lead single “Raising Hell” it’s a BOP!

Bonchicken24 - PROUD TO BE AN ANIMAL5 star


Jacobtott - RAISING HELL5 star


The MC (Music Critic) - High Road5 star

raising hell just made me forget about any other song i’ve ever heard. it’s my favourite. ever. also, music video is perfection. thank u miss kesha <3

party popper263826284 - 😑3 star

Most of the songs r great but the potato song...... it was so stupid

konikiwa - Album of the Year for me5 star

Once again, Kesha showcases her incredible and versatile talent in her fourth album. A solid body of work, this is a natural progression from her last project.

Jhaninemareewalker - I C O N I C5 star

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never-the-same, totally-unique, completely-not-ever-been-done-before

Iamtherainbow - A nice mix of animal and rainbow5 star

In my opinion this album takes a step from rainbow back to the warrior and animal eras and is equally great. Some songs are reminiscent of tik tok pop kesha and some are emotionally charged like the songs on rainbow. Others are aimed at hardcore kesha fans and might not be for the occasional listener, but there is so many different layers to this record. I really enjoyed: summer, kinky, chasing thunder, bff and birthday suit. Standout track for me is definitely father daughter dance. Hives praying a run for it’s money

Peterevier - Stun5 star


SuRaKaSoErX - A serious bop5 star

Kesha came for all these other girls throats and pressed her 7” Louis Vuitton heels into their necks. Billie Eilish? Never heard of her. Meghan Trainer? Don’t know him. Kesha came for them and dominated them in her full body leather suit, as she should. All I have to say is PERIODT, cause Kesha owns this industry and that’s on PERIODT. Stream High Road, and follow my Twitter @surakasoerx pyramidt.

nauticarlauren - Love Kesha Since 20095 star

Her music is always so refreshing, different and fun to listen and dance to! Good job well done with HIGHROAD ❤️❤️❤️

Poshreany - AMAZING5 star

Fantastic versatility. Kesha slays us again. This album has some amazing pop bangers, old school kick backs, gospel, Mario theme music and some really emotional depth tracks. The versatility is on point.

Dylastian2002 - Kesha is (and will always be) fantastic!5 star

Going back to her party roots, with all of her comical genius, but with a modern vibe. She will always beautiful!

JORDiK. - Pretty good.4 star

This a solid body of work. Natural progression from her last album. Worth a listen!



Facey yo! - BOP5 star

This is an album of the year!!!

ggirle23 - no1 star


joel0_0christie - I’m taking the HIGH ROAD!5 star

I’m in love with this album

JackCamlbell - One of her best!5 star

Probably my favourite album of hers!

reploverstan - Ke$ha is back5 star

Yassss the songs already released are amazing, can’t wait to see ke$ha make a return on kinky 😻

christine amy - Yaaaaaas Queeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!5 star

Just yes!!! So much freaking yes!!!!!

TrevahB - QUEEN!5 star

The b!tch is back! 😍💙 keen for this!

Thegameiscrap - Why are all songs explicit5 star

Hopefully there’ll be songs like praying

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Aljoooooo_5 star

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Spencergrraff5 star

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Ikdoyou5 star

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JamelHerring5 star

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High Road or The High Road .

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