The Cadillac Three - COUNTRY FUZZ album wiki, reviews
Artist:   The Cadillac Three
Album Name:   COUNTRY FUZZ
Genre:   Country
Relase:   14 February 2020
Tracks:   16
Country:   USA

COUNTRY FUZZ (The Cadillac Three) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Bar Round Here 2:34
2.The Jam 3:10
3.Hard Out Here For a Country Boy (feat. C.. 3:28
4.Slow Rollin' 2:44
5.All the Makin’s of a Saturday Night 1:53
6.Crackin’ Cold Ones With the Boys 2:34
7.Labels 3:04
8.Raise Hell 2:54
9.Back Home 3:18
10.Dirt Road Nights 3:11
11.Blue El Camino 2:09
12.Jack Daniels’ Heart 3:47
13.Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That 2:30
14.Heat 3:08
15.Whiskey and Smoke 3:08
16.Long After Last Call 3:22

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COUNTRY FUZZ (The Cadillac Three) Album Reviews

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  • Dyno_Ryno

    5 stars
    Absolutely the best music you can buy. This band is all about great songwriting and having a good time. When life gets tough, crank up The Cadillac Three! I truly appreciate a band that is authentic to the core. TC3 fan forever, “it ain’t my fault”...
  • campalthiser

    5 stars
    Awesome music. Love the clips of the new music, can’t wait to see you in Binghamton, ny , this Friday
  • Gary the baddass

    1 stars
    This is awful. If you want actual country/ southern rock music listen to an actually good band like Drive By Truckers
  • Zackery1776

    5 stars
    Perfect. TCT can do no wrong. I cannot wait for the album to be released. The singles have been nothing less than amazing.
  • B-rad Tulaa

    5 stars
    Worth The Wait!. Obviously, I haven’t heard the entire album, but what I have heard is a helluva good time. I cannot wait to hear more. I’ve followed these guys since 2012 when they were still The Cadillac Black. On each album, they reveal their growth as musicians and fill our world with new sounds without leaving their roots. Country Fuzz is no different. If these guys are anywhere near you, go see them. You will not be disappointed! Congratulations to Kelby, Neil and Jaren! Come on February!
  • NillaIce32

    5 stars
    Southern Rock. TC3 is back!
  • G. Fletcher

    5 stars
    Swamp-rock revival. I don’t care what you classify their genre as, Southern rock? Country? The Cadillac Three puts out great music. Their unique sound accompanied with songwriting genius outperforms other new ‘pop-country’ top hits any day of the week. TC3 hit it home with Country Fuzz. Outstanding album.

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