True 2 Myself

Lil Tjay - True 2 Myself album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Lil Tjay
Album Name:   True 2 Myself
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   11 October 2019
Tracks:   17
Country:   USA

True 2 Myself (Lil Tjay) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.One Take 2:48
2.Hold On 3:09
3.F.N 3:44
4.Dream That I Had 2:45
5.Post To Be (feat. Rileyy Lanez) 3:09
6.Ruthless (feat. Jay Critch) 4:04
7.Mixed Emotions 3:01
8.Decline (feat. Lil Baby) 3:45
9.Sex Sounds 2:42
10.Leaked 3:40
11.Laneswitch 2:30
12.Brothers 3:30
13.Goat 4:02
14.Top of My Game 2:27
15.No Escape 3:44
16.Brothers (feat. Lil Durk) 3:30
17.Leaked (feat. Lil Wayne) 3:20

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True 2 Myself (Lil Tjay) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • SG_Bruce

    5 stars
    TJAY A Goat. Album is fire💯🤝🔥
  • TJ______2088

    5 stars
    Fire. This man writes with passion. I can understand everything and can sing everything fluently. Keep doing what you are doing lil tjay
  • Shdjfgfjwhdjehdjdjdbdj

    4 stars
    First half is amazing. The first half of this album is really good. The second half is just not good u fortunately. Best songs one take, hold on, dream that I had, ruthless, and mixed emotions.
  • Jerryberry522

    5 stars
    perfect. i feel as though this album was a success for young tjay. his style of emotional singing/rapping when he needs to appeals all. his ability to switch up the flow and the transitions are amazing. he’s also proven that he can switch away from the slow bittersweet tones of f.n in his other songs like leaked where he adds excitement to the track. he proves his stamina and lyrical genius on his songs “goat” and “ruthless” and with his song “hold on” he displays a completely different vibe. his reminiscing on his success without hate in “dream that i had is perfect. overall the best songs in the album are as mentioned before: goat,F.n.,ruthless,leaked,laneswitch,one take,dream that i had,hold on,post to be, and brothers
  • dreamy.b

    5 stars
    Really enjoyed. Breakout album for the young artist.. he’s perfecting his craft for sure
  • chase pringle

    5 stars
    🔥🔥. By chase
  • pat33422

    4 stars
    Ight. Seems pretty good so far he has different flow than usual
  • Ebani Ochoa

    5 stars
    This is fire. This is one of the best albums of 2019 Best songs F.N, Dream that I had, Ruthless, Hold on, and Decline
  • Risoke229

    5 stars
    🔥🔥. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • wd gf dfvvdcvb Bc dth

    5 stars
    This was amazing. Lil Tjay has really delivered on this long awaited album and he goes all in . There is not one song that I won’t listen to again, there all so different and I hope to see this on all this other music videos in the future . My favorite ones are the brothers and leaked remixes. I thought It was great for us and him to add new lyrics to some of our favorite songs. I hope we get more remixes like that maybe long time or resume . Keep doing what your doing Lil Tjay.

Lil Tjay - True 2 Myself Album Wiki

True 2 Myself is the debut studio album by American rapper Lil Tjay, released on October 11, 2019..