Over It

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Artist:   Summer Walker
Album Name:   Over It
Genre:   R&B/Soul
Relase:   04 October 2019
Tracks:   18
Country:   USA

Over It (Summer Walker) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Over It 2:11
2.Body 3:13
3.Playing Games 2:23
4.Drunk Dialing...LODT 2:14
5.Come Thru 3:01
6.Potential 2:53
7.Fun Girl 1:49
8.Tonight 2:56
9.Me 2:08
10.Like It 2:51
11.Just Might 3:25
12.Stretch You Out (feat. A Boogie wit da H.. 2:23
13.Off of You 2:05
14.Anna Mae 2:17
15.I'll Kill You (feat. Jhené Aiko) 2:59
16.Nobody Else 3:53
17.Playing Games 2:23
18.Girls Need Love 3:42

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IQ Certificate
  • KDSR1966

    5 stars
    Like the vibe. I like the vide of this LP but...not really 18 songs. I have never seen an LP with songs so short. Kept me from giving it a 5-star. Jus when you start enjoyin the cut it is over.
  • Fortnite###bro

    5 stars
    Pure genius. Great album! First time hearing summer and I’m already in love with her music
  • BadBishZolanski

    5 stars
    Cute. Or whateva
  • indycoltsfan38

    5 stars
    Queen of R&B. Summer is the Queen of R&B period! I bought both copies I support so much!
  • CurleyNOFries

    5 stars
    Over It. She Took Her Time With This One, Thank You Summer Baby 💛
  • GUEZ

    5 stars
    Album is pure!!. Album of the year, period.!!!!

Summer Walker - Over It Album Wiki

Over It Over It (band), an American pop punk band Over It (album), a 2019 album by Summer Walker, or the title track Over It (EP), an EP by face to face "Over It" (Katharine McPhee song) "Over It", a song by Addictiv "Over It", a song by Anneliese van der Pol from the soundtrack of the 2004 film Stuck in the Suburbs "Over It", a song by Ashley Tisdale from Headstrong "Over It", a song by Dinosaur Jr. from Farm "Over It", a song by Macklemore from Gemini "Over It", a song by Jordan Pruitt from No Ordinary Girl "Over It", a song by Tiffany Affair.