Manic by Halsey

Manic [Halsey] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:06
2 3:54
3 3:01
4 3:25
5 2:47
6 1:16
7 2:51
8 3:54
9 3:21
10 3:41
11 2:41
12 2:23
13 2:18
14 2:33
15 3:31
16 2:54
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Manic by Halsey Album Reviews

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ausefan - what a great piece of work

Finally//beautiful stranger is a masterpiece. I usually hate love songs but this song is so honest and real.

knightly.bee. - 🌚🦋

Frickin poetry that I can dance to.

Patterson44 - Ashley is the best❤️

My favourite on this album is probably either 3am, More, or 929 but they are all awesome:)

Co_oralie - You should be sad

The emotion of the song 🥺

Thatpatsgirl - LOVE LOVE LOVE

Halsey is just amazing. I enjoyed this album way more than I thought I would. I HATE EVERYBODY is complete perfection.

6969697 - Best album of 2020

I don’t consider myself a fan of Halsey, however I’m a huge fan of this album! Manic is nothing short of a masterpiece the flow and structure album alone is enough for a 5 star rating.

mee1228 - Best ever

If you love Halsey’s songs get this!!

diego.costa123 - Really Great

Every Since Halsey Released Without Me, I Knew That We Were Going To Have Good Album And This Album Lived Up To My Expectations. It Was So Beautiful And Deep And That’s Why I’m Giving It 5/5 Stars

nat_walker - Manic


BLHFKM - Stunning

That’s it. Stunning.

Sfvfehryjdtyjsryhrstbsrgb - Famboi889

First Halsey Album I’ve ever bought and I’m glad I did. It tells a story ever song and I really like the songs they are raw

Queencassreigns - SHE IS TALENT

Halsey continuously amazes me with her multifaceted voice (she can switch to practically any genre and still make a cohesive album), the power behind not only her voice but the lyrics is absolutely beautiful.

tbh.its.bruce - Ummmm this is technically not my favourite album

I’m kinda confuse with some of the lyrics in most of the song, I’m not gonna name them, takes too much time, but some of the songs on here are okay like without me and others, but most of them are confusing to me, especially some of the instrumentals, but the lyrics are decent and I love the lyrics, but I might need some more time with this album

hesterina - Amazing

such an amazing and personal album,i feel like there is a song for everybody in this album, i was scared that she wouldnt be able to top hfk but she didd!!! a literal queeen!!

Tanners212 - Amazing

You absolutely need this

lilywerthington - Unbelievably amazing

Halsey inspires me so much. She is amazing and this album really shows that she is capable of making a creative album that is art. She will always inspire me with everything she does, I just love her and her music so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hoohgdyjgb - Amazing Album

From start to finish this album will take you through all the emotions

Rachkinzi - queen tingz

10/10 bruh

JoshhSuxx - AMAZING

I love her so much! Every album is incredible

Foundationsofmath30 - Wow

Goosebumps, and tears. This is a beautiful album.

emma.vlaicu - AMAZING


lyydiaaa - Halsey’s best album!

raw and real her best album lyrically and sonically ..pure art! 💓

Splashy fish player26494 - masterpiece

every song is so carefully crafted and flows together with perfection. unlike anything i’ve heard before

analaqnskaka - a masterpiece.

i am failing at expressing my thoughts, i have been following this angel for 7 years and i have been there since barely anybody knew who she was and i am absolutely speechless after listening to this absolute work of art. a masterpiece, without a shadow of a doubt her best album so far. it is so raw, honest, pure and beautiful i have shivers. i don't even have words to describe how i am feeling right now. this woman is the most talented human alive. that's all that i'll say because i am failing at collecting my thoughts properly. #ManicIsHere and wow Halsey thank you for sharing this absolute dream with us. you're the soundtrack to my life. forever. 🎀🖤

JennyferCorneau - Manic

This album is perfect from start to finish. My favorite album of all times.

nessabiebez - Can I give it 1000?

As a Halsey fan since before Badlands... this album has topped everything she has ever done. She opened up her chest and opened up her heart and poured it out for us all to hear. From heart wrenching lyrics, to gorgeous production, to sounds that emulate rising heartbeats & ultrasounds from inside a womb.. this woman has put everything she has into this album and you can feel it. It’s nice to meet you, Ashley ✨

KSP18 - Amazing Album.

This is probably her best body of work she’s put out. I’ve been a fan since Room 93 with each album/project she puts out, she experiments with different sounds and continues to show growth. I’m interested in what the future holds for her! 3am, More, Still Learning & 929 are my favourites. Definitely listen to this album in it’s entirety!!!

Asher286 - Astounding

The effort halsey puts into each and every second of her work is just incredible.

angel929 - THE BEST

Waited two years for this album and I couldn’t be happier. Halsey brings her authentic self which is beautiful to listen to.♥️

Bonchicken24 - A masterpiece

I love all the different sounds in this album, let’s be real Halsey’s voice is so magical here, I connect to her music so much.

mking0076 - Talent work

Wasn’t a fan of you for while until I Hurd strangers ...fell in love with it then I did some research on ya and listen to other albums then I realized you are amazing and say what’s really going on in this world ...every song on this album you put out so far as touch me so many ways keep doing what your good at thank you for making me realize I should speak up more and come a stronger person ...can’t wait for this album gonna be the best one for 2020 !!


Nice fresh pop.❤️

yaymovies - Whoa


ptitegen - Manic

Wow. C’est tellement différent de Badlands, mais tellement bon. QUEEN 💙

03712 - !!!

Super excited to see what the album sounds like as a whole since I really enjoyed the singles :)

Laurie1976 - Purchased

Apple, why tell me I have purchased songs through preorder, message me and tell me it’s available and then I can’t download those songs?

Awogirl - Halsey

Way to excited. One month to go

ttaylinn - wow that’s all i gotta say

i cri this is beautiful

Tonya Ann Khloé - Halsey’s Millionth Fan :P

Can’t wait for Halsey to release this album!

Ineedabetternamee - Can't wait 😍

I've been dying for new music. This is going to be amazing.

Diane_CakePeace - Never better

I absolutely love Halsey

music is da beast - Yep

The songs describe me

Taleah_Gaming - It just gets better and better!! ❤️

Halsey has had a fall back in her songs, this album is just so original!! ❤️

smithvana - It’s grate but it’s not badlands but that’s okay because it’s still good

I luv she becuz she hav foot

El Benji - Garbage


dfjdkckfk - No

F*** off

kitty cat sasha - This is beautiful even the one with suga

The song that she did with suga is epic

Bonnie 777 - Amazing

Never disappointed with a Halsey album!

Sarinaxo - A masterpiece - This is Art.

Cant stop listening .... every single day. A masterpiece. Pure Perfection. So much heart. Self reflection. Raw honesty. Vulnerability. REAL.

killingbois - pure art

this album is dripping with ashley’s soul that she poured into every ounce of this album

Floydie92 - Manic Mania

Halsey’s sound is ever changing, but still manages to remain unapologetically Halsey. Does she have the most groundbreaking voice in the industry? Nope. But does she know how to use it? Absolutely! Just when you thought there wasn’t much more to her, she then lets you in for a glimpse of what goes through her head; behind the production of the music is a rawness and vulnerability, of which a lot of songwriters don’t reveal until much later into their careers. I was a fan from the beginning, and just when Halsey was losing me with collaborative songs like ‘Closer’ and ‘Eastside’ (not a fan, sorry), she reeled me back in and reminded me how much she stands out on her own. I love this album the most out of hers so far.

Mario95832 - Great vocals

Much better than expected

rurplen - absolutely stunning

her best album yet

RobboC - Very poor!!

Overacted performer. Music boring....get some talent

ADeMaine - Okay.

Liked about two songs. Exciting now, but will it stand the test of time. Guess we’ll see. Wouldn’t listen to it too often. Wasn’t very impressed.


I LOVE YOU ASHLEY & HALSEY!!!! So much talent!! Have this album on repeat and i cant stop listening. Every song is unique and she is truly a talented soul. Keep going you gorgeous human. I cant wait for even more songs and to see you perform again in Australia!! 💜💜💜 lots of endless love 💜💜💜💜

Webby 33 - Album to remember!

Just Awesome!

Saladismydad - frick

forever is a long time is 10/10

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjv - Excited to listen

Halsey Deserves Grammys

clairemillxx - Beautiful but also...boring :|

I’ve loved Halsey’s previous albums. Like LOVED! And while I know this was her most personal album yet, I still found the music itself to be pretty boring. The lyrics have been beautiful but I wish it wasn’t the same slow boring melody. Nightmare was AMAZING and I’m disappointed there wasn’t more rock or even pop, like her previous albums, on Manic. I miss the excitement of Badlands or HFK. Sorry, Ashley!

Maddiekate16 - 3AM 😍

Raw, honest and amazing

TK71098 - The Bomb

Great Tunes by Halsey


The soundtrack my soul needed to breakdown and heal all over again 🥺❤️

ab08bcb942 - h3

Why is every album of hers getting better and better?!

Nikkithickky - Best Album

Best Album

dalli-kayee - Soul touching

Manic. Many words to describe this album but to keep it short. As expected Halsey has taken me back. The different genres compacted into 16 tracks. Voice as pure, raw and touching as ever. These songs climb into her mind and her tone shows how personal each song is. Three albums and she’s found her voice. This album deserves so much attention and recognition, if this was Halseys last album I would be more than satisfied… ✨✨✨✨✨✨

Holly.Skkle - Diff for Halsey but LOVE

At first I thought these are really slow and different for Halsey but the more I listen the more I adore and love every fkn song ♥️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

dclxvii - Beautiful

Wrote a review for the clean version but my review still stands: Halsey has experimented with a sound different when it comes to certain songs and there is nothing wrong with that. Her range of emotion still drives in the music and the interludes are all wonderful. This album feels refreshing and it feels good to see Halsey has delivered once again.

Julietbieber - Speechless

I don’t have any words to describe how much of an incredible experience it was to listen to this album for the first time. Ashley, this album is beautiful! So proud of you and thank you!!

quynh-an - <3

a masterpiece

@iovemefranta - !


katedey - BEST ALBUM!!

best album ever. the lyrical masterpiece that is manic. every chord every lyric is perfect. what’s even more perfect the diverse sounds and instruments and collaborations.

fruitloverxxxxx - Graveyard !!! 👌👍

Why is graveyard not getting SOO much recognition 💚👏❤️🌈

nicki65😘 - OMG

The songs r awesome

daisy Marguerite - jskgfffgkkksshjgjjkjh

cant believe that we’re now bout to enter the new era yeahhhhhhhhh 🦋 her voice is my remedy

jaymieeleigh_ - 💙💙💙

breathtakingly beautiful

MelJordan13 - 😍

I love you Halsey

1ugh - Great

I really like these songs , I’m loving it

Bec1970 - Where is nightmare?

Great singles. Can’t wait!

🍌💜🐤👼👎🎍🍋😘😅 - MANIC!


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Manic usually refers to being in a state of mania. Manic may also refer to:.

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