Ocean by Lady Antebellum

Ocean [Lady Antebellum] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:26
2 2:58
3 3:25
4 4:08
5 3:23
6 5:06
7 3:16
8 3:38
9 3:23
10 3:33
11 4:35
12 3:12
13 3:30
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Ocean by Lady Antebellum Album Reviews

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- Straight up not having a good time1 star

I think my title says if, but I am straight up not liking their music.

- Amazing as always!5 star

Lady antebellum never disappoints!

- ok3 star

just like their last one all the songs were ok, but nothing jumped out and said wow!

- They're Back...5 star

Kind of feel like they lost their way for a bit, but Producer/Session Player extraordinaire, Dann Huff has them back on track.

- Oh Yeah! A Dave Barnes Song -- it's about time!5 star

I've been waiting for more Dave Barnes tunes on your albumns -- and needless to say, the wait was worth it!! Love your rendition -- keep 'em coming!

- Classically Lady Antebellum5 star

Absolutely love it!

- So sad2 star

Why are most of these songs so sad? Not their best album

- NICE!!!!5 star

I love this album. Sooooo good!!!!!

- So happy Lady Ant is back on top5 star

I kinda fell off the Lady Ant train a while ago. Some of their newer music just wasn’t like the old stuff I really liked. This album is amazing. I feel like we are back to the old style with the amazing vocals and harmony these guys have. Thank you for a beautiful album Lady A. Hope to see you in concert one day.

- Great album5 star

There New album is The best album yet

- Best album yet5 star

Back to their roots. Best collection of songs they have put together, and that saying a lot!

- Terrific album!5 star

Lady Antebellum’s new “Ocean” album is so beautifully done! What an incredible album! All the songs are superb! This is one of Lady Antebellum’s best work yet!

- Five Stars!5 star

What if I never get over you…This is the most beautiful song they have ever sung together. The words, the music....All absolutely perfect and magnificent. My favorite group and my favorite song. Oh, and Charles Kelly is the sexiest man alive!

- Love Ocean by not a country fan4 star

Although I’m not generally a fan of country music, I do really like Ocean. It has a lot of crossover appeal to people like me who enjoy easy listening mellow music.

- Love this album5 star

The tunes are perfect for a sunset with your dearest loved ones, and a shot of tequila. The lyrics aim straight to your heart, an God knows they’re on target.

- Garbage1 star

Just more pointless heartbreak crap.


Ocean is one of my new fav songs. that person at the bottom has no clue what their talking abt

- Greatness!5 star

I love this album! I especially love the song ‘Oceans’.. it’s beautiful! Best duo group ever!

- Lame and annoying1 star

This is the music you hear at the mall when you just want it to be quiet, but you are forced to listen bland Disney soundtrack music from a “band” whose biggest influence was obviously Air Supply.

- Best1 star


- The song Ocean is...5 star

Truly mesmerizing and alone worth the price of the album.

- Wow!!5 star

Their most personal and beautiful album to date! I love every song!!

- AMAZING5 star

Buy 10,000 hours by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber

- kat4 star

They have great vocals together, luv Ocean:))))

- Back to Greatness5 star

After a few good but not great albums, this is the best album by far since Need You Now. Great job Hillary, Dave and Charles + writers!!!

- Out of This World5 star

Lady antebellum is amazing. I saw them in Clarkston with my mother in 2014 or 2015. It was right after bartender came out. Wow. Could not get over how beautiful their music is. I can’t get enough of them. I have three songs downloaded off this album already. They seem like a wholesome down to earth group. Thank you Lord for allowing the world to be able to enjoy this group. A must for any country fan. What a second, I mean almost any country fan. It boggles my mind that my brother who is 35 cannot stand them. I am like what they are amazing. This is one of the best albums to date by them. Just beautiful.

- Their BEST album yet!!5 star

I have been a fan of Lady Antebellum from the beginning. But this is, by far, their BEST work yet. Every song is full of raw emotion and that radiates from their stellar harmonies. I can’t get enough of these new songs!!!

- Love Love Love This!5 star

Every note is just precise and perfect! This album is so uplifting and beautiful! Praise God for your talent and willingness to share your stories! Always a treat to listen. Please come to North Dakota!

- I never write reviews - this is how serious I am!5 star

BY FAR their best album! It’s the best because not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it’s so vulnerable and eloquent. Their goal was to go back to their roots, and they unequivocally did just that. I will always love Lady Antebellum and hope they stick around for years, years, and years to come.

- A MASTERPIECE!!!5 star

This is by far the most personal and gut wrenchingly beautiful album I’ve heard in a long while. It relates on so many different levels. Thank you Lady A and Dan Huff for releasing it to the world. (Thanks also to Little Big Town!). Every song is a keeper and there is something for everyone. Thanks for being so transparent and honest about som of life’s ups and downs. Love it!

- Amazing!!!5 star

I’m not a country music fan, but Lady Antebellum has always been my exception. I absolutely love their songs. So excited for this new album! It’s great! 💜

- A collection of beautiful songs5 star

Such a special album!

- Fan from the beginning5 star

I fell in love the very first time I heard their single ‘Need You Now’ in 2007. I have loved all of their albums since but Ocean truly brings me back to that very first moment when their amazing sound spoke to my heart. The first song ‘What If I Never Get Over You’ has been on repeat since I got it but I have a different question to ask What if I do? 💕

- Flawless!5 star

This album sounds like their best so far!!

- What i'm leaving for5 star

what i'm leaving for is a great song!! lov it

- Yes! 👏🏻5 star

I love Lady A!! Their harmonies are perfect and I’m excited to see another album! 😃

- So moving and is mending my broken heart5 star

Best album I’ve heard in awhile. Definitely getting me through hard times. Thank you Lady Antebellum.

- Why is every song sad so far?3 star

All the songs are talking about break ups, drowning, and heart break. Anything gonna be upbeat???

- Alanis Morissette’s Ironic1 star

When I first heard this song, I was like it sounds so familiar. Then I remembered... oh it is Ironic by Alanis Morissette.

- Amazing once again!5 star

Of the rest of the album is ANYTHING like the first three songs that they’ve released, they will win awards. Absolutely beautiful!!!

- So Pumped5 star

Love the return to their roots. These vocals are some of the best I’ve ever heard from Lady Antebellum!!

- OCEAN5 star

This song is incredible if the rest of the album follows suit it swill be incredible.

- Love.5 star

Stop judging an entire album by three songs, you’re playing yourself. I love this so far. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

- Another hit4 star

What if I Never Get Over You! Love this song!

- Yass5 star

Thank you

- Beautiful vocals5 star

I have been listening to Lady A since I was little and I can’t wait to listen to this album! They are sounding amazing! Go Hilary and Charles and Dave!

- Awesome!!5 star

They are awesome as ever!! Waiting on the rest of the album.

- WitchyWoman4 star

I don’t understand how anyone can review an album, based on three songs. It’s not fair to any singer or group!

- My all time favorite country group.5 star

The first 3 songs released are great!! Can’t wait for the rest of the album ❤️

- If you want to slow dance while drooling on yourself1 star

Poor choice of tunes, no party track on here, not worth $1.29.


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Juliuscurvingg5 star

I cannot remember a time me and ocean DIDNT match colors 💀💀

Avacollinn5 star

@drarry_175: เห็นรูปนี้มานานมากแล้วจากไอจีของ Frank ocean แต่พึ่งมารู้ว่าภาพนี้เป็นผลงานของคนไทย เลยไปเสิร์ชประวัติอ่านดู ภาพว่าคูลแล้วส…

GodGivnName5 star

@donnabrazile: Staff at Ocean Grove restaurant receive $1,000 tip from longtime customer via @asburyparkpress

Craig_schwerin5 star

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean (2012) California 10/10


kissed a boy after throwing her dads ashes in the ocean

Raziiberri5 star


You_nekoran_m5 star

@kfm775: ラヂオ気仙沼12時から 【Blue Ocean!】🐬 今日金曜は河合純子がナビゲート📻 Voicesは「マハロくんhappy birthday🎂」🐯 曜日替わりコーナーは、防災まめちしきを⛑まだ雨に油断はできません☔️ 今朝納豆食べました?😋🍚 #ぎょっ…

Suup20005 star

@drarry_175: เห็นรูปนี้มานานมากแล้วจากไอจีของ Frank ocean แต่พึ่งมารู้ว่าภาพนี้เป็นผลงานของคนไทย เลยไปเสิร์ชประวัติอ่านดู ภาพว่าคูลแล้วส…

Kenny_morris_AK5 star

@favellahaley: I just wanna sit in front of the ocean & listen to the waves

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