Lady Antebellum - Ocean album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Lady Antebellum
Album Name:   Ocean
Genre:   Country
Relase:   15 November 2019
Tracks:   13
Country:   USA

Ocean (Lady Antebellum) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.What If I Never Get Over You 3:26
2.Pictures 2:58
3.Crazy Love 3:25
4.You Can Do You 4:08
5.What I’m Leaving For 3:23
6.Be Patient With My Love 5:06
7.Alright 3:16
8.Let It Be Love 3:38
9.On a Night Like This 3:23
10.Boots 3:33
11.The Thing That Wrecks You (feat. Little .. 4:35
12.Mansion 3:12
13.Ocean 3:30

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Ocean (Lady Antebellum) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • Yuh hchbkygkc

    5 stars
    OCEAN ICONS. Ocean is one of my new fav songs. that person at the bottom has no clue what their talking abt
  • Samiam1023

    5 stars
    Greatness!. I love this album! I especially love the song ‘Oceans’.. it’s beautiful! Best duo group ever!
  • gringo99

    1 stars
    Lame and annoying. This is the music you hear at the mall when you just want it to be quiet, but you are forced to listen bland Disney soundtrack music from a “band” whose biggest influence was obviously Air Supply.
  • Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

    1 stars
    Best. Best
  • LightHousesound_News💯

    5 stars
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  • B_C_E

    5 stars
    The song Ocean is.... Truly mesmerizing and alone worth the price of the album.
  • Lis18girl

    5 stars
    Wow!!. Their most personal and beautiful album to date! I love every song!!
  • MyWattpadx

    5 stars
    AMAZING. Buy 10,000 hours by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber
  • Kat6463

    4 stars
    kat. They have great vocals together, luv Ocean:))))
  • HillaryScottLAFan

    5 stars
    Back to Greatness. After a few good but not great albums, this is the best album by far since Need You Now. Great job Hillary, Dave and Charles + writers!!!

Lady Antebellum - Ocean Album Wiki

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