Ghosteen by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Ghosteen [Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:43
2 4:52
3 3:54
4 5:07
5 6:46
6 4:14
7 4:02
8 4:47
10 3:23
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Ghosteen by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Album Reviews

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- Beauty5 star

I’ve never listened this artist/band, nor have I heard an album so instantly stunning and beautiful.

- Concern for Nick4 star

This album of songs are clearly beautiful and poetic. I didnt know what to expect. This is more of a requiem to his son than was Skeleton Tree, if that is possible. So sad, to the point of concern for Nick. I hope he can get through this period in his life. He is my favorite songwriter, and his audience feels his pain.

- Wow5 star

Very haunting this is definitely a 4.5 out of 5 album

- Another masterpiece from a legend5 star

This album is beautiful and so heart-wrenching, the layers and lyricism detail such a tender and broken soul. I love this album.

- Gets Better with each listen!!!!5 star

This record is a gift of sorts. Each song takes you on a different journey and begs for an attention to the stories/ narratives being told/ written. The beauty of this record is that it, on a generic level, revolves around dealing with loss. At face value these are touching, beautiful sad songs but when you dig deeper there is an element of sublime celebration. Love is a wonderful, beautiful gift. I think at it's heart, that is what this record so beautifully exudes. Thanks for taking us here Nick Cave! Masterpiece!

- Wow!5 star

All that could be said

- The Second Nick Cave album I will not buy!1 star

Absolutely horrible!!! This is monotonous spoken word drive, not music!l! Every "song" sounds exactly the same...boring and contrived!!! The Lyrics mean absolutely nothing!!!


Incredible - haunting - gorgeous - painful -healing - I've been a fan of Nick Cave - Ghosteen sits in my soul - a masterpiece by one of the greatest! Just listen - headphones on - I promise.

- R.I.P. Bad Seeds1 star

If this were billed as a Nick Cave solo album, and if it were just him at the piano, it would be fairly good. As it is, Warren’s synth loops are an affront to everything the Bad Seeds once stood for musically. This album is good for millennials, but for old fans of the band, it’s an unlistenable atrocity.

- Surprise masterpiece5 star

Out of nowhere with only a week’s notice, nick cave announced the release of this album with album art that fittingly contrasts that of Skeleton Tree. The album follows the spell cast in Push the Sky Away, relying on pads, ambience and loops to create amazingly dense soundscapes and atmospheres. This time the idea is complete. The songs forgo almost all drum work, relying on mood and melody and voice, yet somehow it is just as captivating as The Bad Seeds more bombastic work. The album is in a word “Gorgeous”. These are easily some of the most beautiful and enchanting pieces Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have ever created.

- Hauntingly beautiful!5 star

This album is amazing on so many levels! It is complex yet so simple and elegant, raw and nourishing! The innovative sounds change the experience of the listeners ten fold, it calms and it invokes thinking. There are so many complex layers of emotions it will take awhile to peel them apart. The music is a state of meditation flow. It is for the intellectual and the everyday listener. Get this amazing album now!

- So hard to hear so rewarding...5 star

This is deeply affecting art from extreme grief. Hard but profound and ennobling. I cried a little when I listened in a coffee shop with my daughter studying across from me. Full of love.

- Takes you away...5 star

I really like the music. His voice is so great for this type of mystical music that takes you to another time and place.

- Absolutely haunting5 star

It's as if his entire career has been pinpointed directly towards this effortless, overwhelmingly beautiful release; capable of conjuring up heavenliness and despair all within the crooned uttering of every single word. This album has struck me in a way nothing quite else ever has, and I am humbled and overjoyed to comprehend its exsistence in this world. Nick, thank you. Thank you for pressing on. You are an absolute hero

- Unexpected....4 star

I will be the first to admit that Nick Cave is not one of my favorites. I have a few of his albums and some selected cuts, but they are rarely listened to. However, this album has some of the most beautiful recent recordings I've heard. Give it listen.

- Bright Horses4 star

Is a masterpiece

- Impeccable5 star

Practically perfect in every way ❤️

- Beautiful5 star

A beautiful new release from Cave.


Thank you, Nick. Congratulations!


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Signal2Noise - No Mastered for ITunes???2 star

Seriously? Better off buying the physical CD for audio justice.

KodyFox - Beauty & Sorrow5 star

Nick grapples with sorrow and grief and hope and pain—it all combines into a beautiful question of what is it all for and why are we part of it. It’s a perfect album. It’s an experience. If you’re looking for a human experience, spin this. - Skeleton Tree, contines2 star

An hour (& eight minutes) of meandering soliloquy; cathasicfor NC, I hope, but pretty dull going for the rest of us. But if you love the cover art...

RefinedArts - Beyond our wildest dreams5 star

Demonstrating music can touch the soul and share all that emotion with the world

Sparked by plug - Some beauty in music structure but mostly misery in lyrics and vocal delivery3 star

After following Nick Cave and associates music since the late 70's. It's time I part ways with his intensity and leave to others. When you have some personal miseries you are best to seek out bright sounds. May he continue to write the same song and lyrical formations for the next to decades. Without Nick the music would be and interesting soundtrack. Go for it if your maudlin.

hey_jupiter - Beautiful!5 star

I didn’t know I needed Ghosteen until I heard it. Mesmerising, sad, beautiful, hopeful. Thank you Nick.

VH1959 - Classic Cave - The Wordsmith5 star

You can only listen to this alone in private with Nick.

Tizzletess - Perfect5 star

Music that speaks to that part of me which I refer to as my soul. When I close my eyes I am floating. Soft, gentle, honestly achingly pure.

violetene - Brilliant as Always5 star

I love this new album. A pure poetic feel!

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revoxx - A new direction3 star

A subdued continuation of the Skeleton Tree. Even the slow motion police siren drone is here. Bright Horses is the strongest song. But having indulged heavily Tender Prey and The Boatman’s Call this album is disappointing. Sure the playing, the lyrics and strings are tremendous but the songs are weak. The second cd particularly so. I imagine this live will be fantastic as NC and his band are great live. But It makes me sad to feel that the light is dying on this album. Push the Sky Away and Skeleton Tree Set a standard of burning. And yet So many love this album.

talkultra - Album of the year!5 star

A deep, sad and melancholic Nick Cave has always been my preference to his loud and raunchy punkesque music. And Cave does moody and miserable so well, admittedly it is not for all. On his latest album he takes things to new depths. This is his first complete album since the untimely death of his son in 2015. Oh my word. It’s so, so magical. This is even deeper than ‘Skeleton Tree’ and takes the listener to places of intense sorrow, reflection, wandering and gravitas. It may well be my album of the year and that is saying something... One review says: “Listening to these 11 songs requires a ready supply of absorbent materials, some rehydration salts – it is so very sad – and perhaps a metaphysician on call.” I urge you to listen. Then listen again. And then go back time and time again. It needs quiet. It needs a desire to find what Cave is offloading. For some, it will be too sad, too deep and maybe too depressing. But if you can find the rewards this album can bring. It will be a wonderful addition to your life IMO.

stgriffi - A return5 star

I kind of lost touch with Nick Cave after the Birthday Party, where emotion was raw and passion spoke with violence. This is the first time he has truelly stopped me in my tracks since.

Denchanter - Gave this a chance5 star

I finally really listened to this man. Beautiful.

hghydfh - Is it a comfort or pain5 star

The timing of this album for my circumstance, or rather my mother’s circumstance is almost as unbearable as the pain of the composer. I didn’t like it on first listen, yet was drawn back, it’s an album that will bring me many unhappy memories, yet at the moment in a strange way it offers a sympathetic ear to the time when my mother will find her tranquility. It’s all gobally gook but in a funny understandably way its pain is beautifully compelling. Life is beautiful, but so can be, it’s release.

Tommy198227 - Mesmerising5 star

An utterly transcendent experience for me. Enchanting, ethereal, melancholic, haunting, hypnotic, profound, spiritual, searching, inspiring, hopeful and heartbreakingly beautiful are just some of the words that spring to mind when trying to surmise this towering achievement of musical cohesion. The album, upon first listen, appears deceptively simplistic, but further plays reveal nuanced layer after nuanced layer; a bounty of subtle intricacies gently teasing to the surface. Analogue synthesisers are used to great effect, complimenting the openness of the lyrics and creating a warm, vibrant cloud of ambient energy that builds and dissipates like a weightless dream. Part catharsis; part therapy, it's clear the making of this record has helped pave the way for Cave's rehabilitation from grieving father (in its immediacy – Skeleton Tree), to a more functional, of sorts, version of himself – one of hope and optimism. In short, if you aren't moved by the power of this record then I'd have to assume you're a heartless, emotionless husk or already dead. Either way, you're missing out on a truly rewarding experience.

bubblebuttdog - Ghosteen5 star

Beautifully peaceful. Honest and haunting.

Lesmack44 - Poor1 star


BaltimoreRavens1 - I don’t like this kind of music2 star

It is just a man talking to piano music 🥴.

whatis2 - Wow5 star

Brilliant! Haunting!Emotional!

ProgMax - Beyond words5 star

I have owned this album for just two days and played it repeatedly. Words almost fail as an attempt to review this work. It is the sound of catharsis. It is the sound of raw grief seeking some kind of direction. It is an immersive, emotional experience and it is a work of bittersweet sublime beauty. This is an album to cherish, and, in the face of his own terrible grief, Nick Cave has imparted a most generous gift that I have no doubt will be of immense help and succour to many people,and to him I say; Thank You!

NetDes - CAPTIVATING.5 star

CAPTIVATING. Mr Cave, please add the world premier YouTube video, with lyrics and visuals, to this albulm.

fudgedill - " Tonight Matthew ..... im going to be Leonard Cohen "1 star

He is trying to nick Leonard Cohen's Act .

carl cox01 - Ear4music1 star

How the hell is this number 1 it’s utter rubbish!

fison - Devastating5 star

I have watched the global preview on You Tube a few times now and it just floors me. If you love the man and the music to share the pain and the beauty in such a personal and physical way is a rare and pure privilege.

loumack71 - Gorgeous5 star

Just a beautiful album. Painful, stunning and magnificent.

RKFoley - Like he want you to hang yourself1 star

Very dissapointed and music is very unpleasant

Cronan - Beautiful and heat-rending5 star

And yet somehow almost hopeful, that things won’t always be this bad, and that life can be brutal and beautiful at the same time.

whaleshark2014 - Beautifully traumatic and terrifyingly profound5 star

This is an astonishing album of overwhelming emotion and awful sadness. But there is also incredible beauty. It’s not often that artist’s ever create an album that occupies as rarefied intellectual territory as this and as such I can see that some may find it too personal. Not me though; this is as good as music gets.

Cynical Charmer - Not Your Typical Bad Seeds4 star

Some people are going to really dislike this album. Similar to the effect Skeleton Tree had on the fan base, this one will have that divisiveness even more so. I personally have really loved this album, but I think liking Cave & Ellis’ film scores helps better with the new minimalist sound. If you’re not into those, it may come as quite a shock. Songwriting however is still potent as ever, and filled to the brim with deep thought. So anyone that stays for that, will appreciate it.

Jay_geicho - Truly Beautiful....5 star

If Skeleton Tree, my interpretation, is the grief of life in what ever why you feel as the listener, Ghosteen is the hope and beauty of life. This record has really blown my away, it is an outstanding album. I can’t wait to see how the Bad Seeds will perform this record live. Not many artists get better with time, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds defy this principle.

Morgiebabe - Morgs5 star

Just brilliant!

People persons - N4 star

I just got in the car and y to Love I just B I’m just going P Yeah it’s not bad M L Yeah

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ChrisMilIington5 star

Ghosteen is the best album I’ve ever heard.

ValeriaLandaet65 star

Quiero ver qué opinan: Si postulas tu currículum para una empresa, se comunican contigo e incluso asistes a una en…

Maciej534756195 star

@DotanAlon: Nick Cave full discography ranking! From The Boys Next Door all the way to Ghosteen, each one of Cave's 23 full length album…

NPortnell5 star

@mayernissim @CornershopHQ Thanks, great thread. I would definitely agree that Nick Cave continues to improve with…

Melesdomesticus5 star

@discogs Nick Cave, Ghosteen.

Nyimq5 star

@fzkomori: Qué se sentirá que te ghosteen.

Fzkomori5 star

Qué se sentirá que te ghosteen.

Carolea995 star

Es que el pedo no es irme como mi ex en tobogán, si no que me ghosteen después JAJAJAJA, da miedito y un chiiiingo

VideoN4sty5 star

living in a house with people who stopped buying Nick Cave records 10+ years ago means that I've got to listen to G…

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen Album Comments

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ghosteen Album Wiki

Ghosteen is the seventeenth studio album by the Australian rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It was released on 4 October 2019 on Ghosteen Ltd and on 8 November 2019 on Bad Seed Ltd, both the band's own imprints. Ghosteen is a double album—the band's first since Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004)—and the final part of a trilogy of albums that includes Push the Sky Away (2013) and Skeleton Tree (2016). Produced by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Ghosteen was written in the aftermath of the death of Cave's son Arthur in 2015. It was recorded primarily in Malibu and West Hollywood, California in the United States, with further sessions in Germany and England. Cave's lyrics, which continue his deviation from his usual narrative-based writing, explore themes of loss, death and existentialism, as well as empathy, faith and optimism. Like Skeleton Tree, the album features extensive use of synthesisers, loops and ambient elements, particularly the minimal use of drums and percussion. Upon its release, Ghosteen was met with widespread critical acclaim. It received several perfect scores and is the highest-rated album of 2019—as well as the second-highest-rated album of the 2010s—on Metacritic. The album placed in the top 10 album charts in several countries and was included in several publications' year-end and decade-end lists of best albums..

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