Father of All...

Green Day - Father of All... album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Green Day
Album Name:   Father of All...
Genre:   Alternative
Relase:   07 February 2020
Tracks:   11
Country:   USA

Father of All... (Green Day) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Father of All... 2:31
2.Fire, Ready, Aim 1:52
3.Title 3 0:00
4.Title 4 0:00
5.Title 5 0:00
6.Title 6 0:00
7.Title 7 0:00
8.Title 8 0:00
9.Title 9 0:00
10.Title 10 0:00

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IQ Certificate
  • BobbyP311

    3 stars
    @pass the butter. That is the truth, at least I still have the First Tool Album, on cd though, someone stole my tape of undertow omg I’m like old. F that I’m straight ....but yes the single sounds well, not like music. Plus I hear u got entered into the rock n roll hall of fame? By default? Or there were only 2 picks to pick from that year, they flipped a coin and u got lucky? Go back to American idiot, u know the album that made tons of money and won Grammys?!? Yep that’s the one, let’s try that and then call me.
  • JodyBeeKS

    2 stars
    Who is this?. This can't be Green Day. The album name is misleading. This sounds like some pop sh*t you'd play on one of the "bubble gum" stations on the radio. They could pair up with Taylor Swift and really have something (not). Where's the real Green Day....? I saw their live performance on the AMAs - another yikes. This new sound is really the FOFMFs.
  • ZzjanioZZxc

    5 stars
    FOXBORO HOT TUBS II. If you liked the Foxboro Hot Tubs album.... I can’t wait. This sounds like one of their side projects, though, for sure.
  • Rhys Towne

    5 stars
    GREEN DAY IS LIT. childhood memories
  • Rhinotan Sampler

    1 stars
    A little concerned. I hope to hell songs 3-10 are a lot better than the first 2. The longshot are better than this.
  • a Spector

    5 stars
    i love this new band. i get it why all the hard core fans hating on GD...i never liked them...but this is a new band, reinvanting ur them self after so long, it is super challanging and it looks and sounds so good, the Father of all sounds so sick....can't wait for the rest of the album
  • SLURM187

    1 stars
    Nope. Sounds like early 2000s music you’d hear in a car commercial. Total trash.
  • SSStoopid

    5 stars
    I LOVE THE BLACK KEYS!!. Nice try bruh........
  • 777Domination

    1 stars
    Just horrible.. Please go away.
  • Ultra Super 3

    3 stars
    Trash. What happened to the old Green Day?! This is a joke compared to how good they used to be

Green Day - Father of All... Album Wiki

Father of All Motherfuckers (more commonly known by its censored form, Father of All...) is the upcoming thirteenth studio album by American rock band Green Day, set to be released on February 7, 2020 through Reprise Records. .