Father of All M***********s by Green Day

Father of All M***********s [Green Day] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 2:31
2 1:52
3 2:51
4 2:39
5 3:44
6 2:10
7 1:54
8 3:06
9 2:08
10 3:17
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Father of All M***********s by Green Day Album Reviews

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- Boop1 star

This “stuff” is Green Day?

- Really good4 star

Out of all the Green Day albums I listen too this one i listen to the most .I don’t hate the other I love them but this one it’s different has a different sound it’s a good change father of all, stab you in the heart and ready aim fire are great songs if you wanna try this album out try those songs the other songs are alright but out of all that it’s a great album I recommend it

- Bought this album with no regrets5 star

“Father of All...”: 8/10; Great song, but it could be improved. This song is easily the song of 2020, mainly because today we worry about rioting in major cities all across the nation, the song stating “we are rivals in the riot inside us” which seems very true in major cities. The guitar is UNREAL in this song. Lyrics sound like you put Billy Joe in a blender but it’s great anyway. “Fire, Ready, Aim”: 9/10; NHL BAYBAY this song is perfect for the NHL’s Wednesday night theme. For a song that’s under 2 minutes, this song definitely takes the cake for this album. When Green Day has songs that are under 2 minutes, normally they’re “ehhh” (except for “Jaded”) but this one is PERFECT. “Oh Yeah!”: 10/10; BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM. HANDS DOWN. this song is a daily anthem for my life. It brings vibes from old day Green Day while staying in the new era of Green Day. It sounds like a little bit of everything that they’ve done in their musical career, with a twist of the new stuff. Rock on Green Day! “Meet Me On The Roof”: 6/10; love the music video, Gaten Matarazzo was perfect for the music video (and stranger things is LEGIT FIRE), but this song doesn’t really hit me as a... well... a hit. It’s decent, but not as good as some other songs from this album. “I Was A Teenage Teenager”: 9/10; Alright, Alright, alright. This is a vibe for sure! I was skeptical for the first 20 seconds of the song, but then the hook hit and I knew that I loved this song. I’m a nut for new music so I can see what a band is doing now and not judging based on what they’ve already done. This is one of those songs that is just [email protected]%#ng awesome! “Stab You in the Heart”: 9/10; from the first scream I knew this was a vine and a half. I love The Beach Boys vibe that it has in the hook, and this is a great song all together. “Sugar Youth”: 10/10; “Oh Yeah!” is the best song on the album, but this is my favorite song from the album. The lyrics sound like they’re pointed towards me when I listen to it because it totally relates to my life. I’m never gonna “@$%# the prom queen”. This song is an awesome banger that should’ve gotten huge. “Junkies on a High”: 6/10; questionable. It’s not a terrible song, but it’s not a fantastic song either. It’s okay at best. “Take the Money and Crawl”: 8/10; Okay! Noice! Noice as @$%#! Very vibe-ish! This is a great song and the lyrics are laughable (in a good way) and it’s awesome!!! “Graffitia”: 7/10; ...ehhh... okay I guess... this song didn’t strike me as a fantastic song, but it wasn’t a total train wreck... it was decent but I hope they can make more fantastic songs in the future like they have been for the past 30 years. Rock on and live on Green Day!

- Green Day Fans Won't Like It5 star

But I do.

- It’s still Green Day5 star

People can say all they want about how Green Day’s music has changed throughout the years. They aren’t the same people they were 8-12 years ago. This album is great.

- Pretty good4 star

Doesn’t sound quite like traditional Green Day, but still like it. Especially Oh Yeah! and Fire, Ready, Aim.

- Retire1 star


- The band photo up top says it all1 star

Even the singer looks disappointed in this album.

- Love it5 star

I don’t know why this album is getting hate, it’s good music, it may not be like Rock and Roll but it’s nice good

- Uhh?3 star

I’ve got paranoia, Green Day... I will admit that there are a couple of good songs, but idk about this album. I was born in 2006, so if you’re trying to draw in new listeners, try going back to the early days. I’ve always liked grunge and punk rock, and my friends listened to some of my favorite songs and liked them almost as much as the newer crap they listen to (any sort of rap or pop). If anyone can bring back music like the 90s, it’s Green Day. I get that you wanted to try some new things, but it’s hard to dislike the pure sounds from the past. I wasn’t a fan of this album, but hopefully you’ll go back to your roots and write something better.

- ?5 star

I actually thought the songs were good I don’t know why everyone thinks they’re so bad

- Oh good god.... NO...1 star

The above caption says it all

- Just... Bad.1 star

Bland, Boring, Forgettable Corporate Rock.

- Idk2 star

Sound wise they’re there with the blasting guitars and pounding drums but this is easily some of their worst work lyrically.


How the hell is this Green Day this sounds like a 3 year old forced them to sound like the Jonas bro’s and so 5 year old girls listen to this crap, It baffles me that this is Green Day and I’m 11 THIS IS NOT ROCK THIS IS BUBBLEGUM POP like Backstreet Boys and Taylor swift

- watered down garbage1 star

i used to love this band with their albums from 39 smooth to american idiot, but i feel like after that they started to get kinda soft. i mean i tolerated 21st century breakdown and even uno dos tre and revolution radio but this, well i mean it just sounds like one big car commercial with poorly done balids in between. im pretty dissapointed

- Better the more you listen to it5 star

When i first heard this album i thought it was alright, but then i listened to it more and more and than bought the cd (yes i still use cd’s). While i still prefer stuff like dookie and American idiot, this album is better than most people say it is.

- It’s ok3 star

It’s not horrible by any means but it’s not really all that good either. It has some bangers like stab you in the heart, sugar youth, and fire ready aim. But then there are songs like oh yeah and I was a teenage teenager that are just meh. The other songs are pretty good I guess but revolution radio was better.

- It’s decent but4 star

We’re is the old punk sound

- Terrible1 star

What were these guys smoking when making this album. Not decent at all.

- Absolutely fun upbeat music!!5 star

This will be my favorite upbeat album for years!

- Pretty gud5 star

Wish all the boomers would stop whining about it being so different from everything else Green Day’s done. Who cares? Yeah, other song are better, but what really matters is if the musicians like what they make. And graffitia is a banger.

- Very Dissaponiting2 star

Very Dissaponiting.They should have waited!!!!

- This doesn’t even sound like Green Day1 star

What happened to Green Day ? This just sounds like poppy garbage🤦‍♂️

- Tf is this1 star

0/10 Best track: None Worst track: All

- Just No1 star

This album is like taking Uno Dos and Tre and thinking, “how can I make worse garbage than the trilogy?” There’s more musical talent from a garbage disposal than Green Day’s horrible record. It’s a symphony of multiple dumpster fires going on at once. Not sure what’s happened to the great punk bands of the past.

- The Greatest Green day Album By Far!!5 star

This album unexpectedly came out on my birthday and i speant the whole day lisining to it

- Read this comment5 star

I think that graffita and oh yeah we’re pretty bad but it only gets better and the top of the album is meet me on the roof

- Disappointed1 star

Was so excited for a new rock album full of great hits..... not a “surfer pop” album.... highly disappointed. Hope they play all their old songs during their new tour.

- Ummm...4 star

Okay so their sound changed a bit but its still a good album i just like the American Idiot album a little more

- Terrible1 star

I hate to break it to ya. But Rock bands are not like fine wine. They DON'T get better with age. Think of every rock band you love and try to think of one where their new material is as good as their earlier stuff? Good luck! Green Day hasnt been punk for YEARS!! They are too commercial. Just look at their picture up above. They look like Vegas lounge singers for pete sake!

- The songs grow on you!5 star

The songs grow on you!! I really really enjoy this album!!!

- What the hell?1 star

I’m glad I didn’t buy this! Never thought I’d see these guys sell out like this. You do you Green Day. Enjoy your new fans while all your old ones move on.

- A joke?1 star

This is pure garbage. I really want to believe that this is Green Day’s way of getting off their record label. This isn’t the Green Day I fell in love with in the 90s...their new albums were ok but nothing will beat smoothed out slappy hours or dookie or nimrod... let’s hope that they will drop magnus opus soon after this crap has been released. It’s supposed to be their actual real record.

- Stop hating on this5 star

This is a great album! Who cares if it doesn’t “sound like Green Day” these are 10 fun, rock songs that are a blast to listen to. They really did a good job experimenting on this one! At least they are actually trying something new unlike most bands their age.

- Amazing!!!5 star

Amazing, butch walker helped so much- love this album!!!!!


This is by far Green Day’s best work. They have truly grown up and left theirs idiotic punk fans behind. They’re still eating dog food while Green Day are going stronger than ever! The Kinks, John Jett, Lennon, Eagles, The Clash just to name a few of the CLEAR influences on this record. This has the hooks for Warning, the Social Substance of American Idiot, the Lyrics of 21st century Breakdown, the guitar work oh the trilogy and the dark tones of Rev Rad! It’s all of their best work wrapped in a gut busting 26 min ride of old, new and wild!!! Must listen! 5 stars!!!

- It’s real not bad.4 star

Sure it may not be classic Green Day but it does mean these songs aren’t good.

- Horrible1 star

Simply horrible

- Horrible.1 star

This sound like a 26 minute iPod commercial. The hell were they thinking?

- Shame2 star

What a shame, we just got noise shoved down our throats and no water to choke it down with

- Disappointed is an understatement1 star

Let’s just hope this new direction these former punks are taking is just one bad music experiment that ends with this terrible album. Never again

- Good album4 star

Classic Green Day album just a bit too short, I hope their next album will be at least 60mins

- Classic !!!5 star

Sounds like their originals but not like they’re trying too hard. Not denying themselves a new sound.

- Better than I expected4 star

Haven’t been a big fan of Green Day since probably 21st century even doe I bought the deluxe trilogy (big mistake) but I mean this one isn’t even that bad it’s been on repeat for a good week or so 👌🏼 could be a little better but good enough

- They peaked a long time ago1 star

This album shows how much this band has sold out. Moving on. 1990’s albums were great and then they decided to go mainstream and now here we are.

- Repetitive1 star

Not worth it.

- This ain’t Green Day1 star

I’m a fan of Green Day and own all their albums except this one but this Album is a letdown and by far the worst album by them. You have Sum 41 who makes a new album and keeps the same style while Green Day on the other hand goes to complete trash and changes styles completely

- Huh?2 star

I was expecting a pretty good modern alternative rock album with a little bit of a classic green day flare and I got a pop album about meeting billy on the roof, being a teenage teenager, and sugar youth (whatever that means). Oh Yeah! That’s just what I needed!

- What5 star

This is surprisingly upbeat for the cover


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orenoihcco nagol - I think Greenday just made an album of songs for car commercials2 star

If that’s what you’re into, then you’ll love the album. But not me. I get it. They can do whatever the hell they want. They can choose to go in this direction, but I can choose to go in the other direction after listening. But I actually did like Stab You in the Heart. Not that it sounded anything like Greenday at all. It has a bluesy thing going on with it.

Ermac898 - We all get older...4 star

This is not a classic Green Day album, cause they're NOT 20 year olds anymore. This album does sound refreshing in terms of what they wanted to inspire (as per the description of the album). Very snappy and hand clappy sound from the 60's. Nostalgic GD fans should look at Sugar Youth & Take money & crawl. Junkies on a high is the best track ;)

Mr. McCain - no1 star

give us green day back

My gosh so good - Garbage1 star

This is funny that 4 Metallica songs is the same time this whole album lol this garbage (not worth your money) Make rock better 🤘🏻

Fred blais - Album so so2 star

Pas terrible comme album. Toujours le même beat.

Noah Weafs - A different kind of... MASTERPIECE!!!!5 star

This isn’t a usual Green Day album, not in the slightest! Even if it’s their worst of the century, well that doesn’t exactly mean it’s bad in anyway! It’s so short and sweet, the perfect pick me up in the morning or at the gym! Some songs are truly divine, I think ‘Meet Me On The Roof’ is a contender for being one of the top 5 Green Day songs ever! The 3 minute closer ‘Graffitia’ feels closer to a 8 minute opus like Jesus of Suburbia than a quick radio hit! An open mind and good ear will adjust to this new (yet familiarly old) Green Day sound and you’ll see yourself never pressing stop from playing this album over and over again (and isn’t that what it’s all about)!

Winstonsmith - $10 for 26 minutes of snooze control2 star

For a band that used to set phasers to stun it's now set phasers to meh. They have nothing more to say or have no interest in saying anything more which may be closer to the truth. As ferociously brilliant as American Idiot was (and some of the follow ups to a lesser extent) I guess one look at our world tells you that not enough people were listening.

connortherawkgod - An example of why rock music is in the dire straits right now1 star

This is most possibly Green Day’s absolute worst record. Instrumentally, it sounds cheap with guitars and drums that sounds like they could be used in a car commercial or the product of a failed garage rock band from the 2000s. Cringeworthy lyricism and trashy production makes this sound like the end for the band Blatant ripoffs of glam rock and garage rock revival songs from decades ago makes the music seems dated and formulaic. A disaster of a rock record from what used to be one of the most respected pop punk groups despite their sound going downhill since 2009. It’s time to hang it up guys

ValleyViper81 - Teeny bopper blues.1 star

A far cry from the early days. Not for me

arnette64 - Oh good....that’s....terrible!1 star

Seriously what is that crap!!???

D8CH - Confident and cool - a blast5 star

A solid evolution in the bands sound and songwriting. It has all the production quality you’d expect from Green Day but this is a band pushing themselves in terms of the songwriting and style. It might alienate fans wanting them to just mimic previous albums but this is a delight. Handclaps? Falsetto vocals? Some new groove? Yes please. And such a concise set of songs - the whole thing clocks in at less than 30 minutes. Take a bow lads. This is great.

Nogginflogger - Just no1 star

Terrible. New sound is garbage. Went back and listened to dookie after this to calm my nerves.

DriftKiller98 - Ehh...3 star

This album definitely needs time to grow on me. But hey, if the singles have, I’m sure the whole album will! Right now, though, I just don’t find many of the songs very special or memorable. But if I give it a couple weeks, I’ll probably love it.

Skyler Tanche - Green days dead1 star


mel and son - WoW5 star

Avec ce disque Green day nous surprend musicalement ils nous prouvent qu’ils sont capables de faire un excellent disque pop tout en gardant un peu leurs styles punk rock qu’on connaît tous ,est ce que c’est le fait qu’ils vieillissent peu importe après warning qui était pas si mal,ce disque est supérieur et meilleur que warning justement et Green day nous prouvent aussi qu’ils font à leur tête on verras avec leurs prochain disque 5 étoiles sur 5 Par mel and son

Ludeuvac - Good album5 star

Stop being thrash just because they changed their style

Beujeumin - This is awesome5 star

Cmon they can't always be like Dookie. Respect their brand new voice-edited alternative VIBES

Oliguecan - Bad2 star

The singles are bad and sometime, the vocals are awful! I don’t know what they do musically because this is not what Green Day is made of.

Jag696979 - Not great1 star

Bring back the Greenday that I remember, disappointing album.

El Yo Ann - Not bad but not what I expected!3 star

It’s easy to listen, definitely not bad but I wonder if I would buy this if it’s wasn’t Greenday.

ish ish slo - Love the sound5 star

You should got yungblood on one of these tracks, would’ve been awesome.

Rndlshrvy rnsmfbglf - AWESOME!!!5 star


Thepill94 - Bad1 star


Amazing at it all - Greenday is back5 star

I really like there new album. Good job Greenday.

Jay Canning - Love it!!5 star

It’s different from all of Green Day’s other albums, and in my opinion, that’s what makes it unique.

Matnofx1997 - Green Day ?1 star

What? Green Day are you serious? It is a big joke!!!! Mat🥶

no this is the krusty krab - Best song I’ve heard in a while5 star

Rlly good see

THEFIRESTARTER9 - Could be worse4 star

Father of all is catchy and the lyrics are original, but definitely not their best work

RaiD Star - Umm1 star

No more voice editing please For me to give this a good review they are going to have to blow everyone away with the rest of the songs

johnnybp7 - What happened?1 star

If the first two tracks are an indication to what this album is going to sound like I will no longer be supporting Green Day going forward! Change can be good but so far both new tracks sound like my cat picked a fight with the weed whacker and lost!

ValerieGiguere - Grew on me5 star

I was not sure about the voice editing at first. After a few listens, it grew on me and I Love it. Refreshing change, nice to see this band's evolution.

StephSeg0487 - Green day died after Nimrod...1 star

I thought the last few albums were trash... this takes the cake that they are washed up and ever more of sellouts then they already shown....

RockMusicManiac - Damn5 star

Loving father of all

emery1399 - why2 star

i’ve got a couple questions -why the voice editing -who’s even sing -green who? -where’s green day

michaelibillig - Fantastic5 star

Love this song! Green Day is fantastic because they don’t stick to one style. They’re not afraid to change up their sound

marvalle - Green who ?1 star

Have they changed lead signer ??? Where is Billy Joe on that song...

David0666 - This is terrible1 star

This is horrible. It doesn’t sound at all like Green Day but a really bad Black Keys/White Strips song.

LinkWray1959 - Fresh!!5 star

Good R’n’R sound!!!

appletreestake - Fantastic5 star

Best song they ever released period

Abcdzzzzzzzz - Interesting4 star

To the people giving a poor review, sure it’s different, but honestly it’s for the band to end their contract that’s why they’ve released this album. Also, I believe it’s an interesting change (& reminds a lot like UNO DOS TRE).

Toma 78 - Toma785 star

Thank GOD not the end of Green Day. I know they would come out with new album again. Keep on making great music 🎶🤘🏻☠️🎶

iTunesSucks^ - Amazingly bad1 star

This is ridiculous. If they’re going to go that far off the tracks, call it a side project nd use a different name. This is absolutely not Green Day. I’m totally baffled as to what the F is going on. Go listen to Dookie, then hit this and watch your ears enter a full state of confusion and disappointment.

thenewsight - B-Side Foxboro Hot Tub Material2 star

If the first cut off this record is any indication of what’s to come, then expect nothing better than a collection of B-Side Foxboro Hot Tub material. I’ve loved Green Day since I was a teenager and have admired each change in direction (however imperceptible) the band has taken, and I understand the need for groups that have spent 20+ years together to grow and change, but this first cut in my humble opinion is garbage. If Billie really wants to veer this far from what Green Day is, and has been, then do it under another banner; The Longshot, Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Network, whatever. That being said, I’ll buy the record and give it a fair chance. Who knows, maybe I’ll eat my words. It’s happened before.

Sage24x - Awesome bday surprise 🤟🏻🖤5 star

New green day, weezer, and fall out boy in one day can’t wait

MeliødasAtTheDiscø - Ok but could’ve been better3 star

This album feels like an experiment, and, to be honest, it’s alright. If you’re a classic Green Day fan (like me), I would suggest Sugar Youth (the best song on the album in my opinion). The rest of the album is ok, but let’s just pray that the next album is something more like Revolution Radio

hawkerbhoy - Disappointing2 star

Love Green Day and this isnt what I grew to love. None of the punk hard edge and is almost just an extended EP. Hopefully when they are back touring, there is none of this in the gig.

fizzingwhizzbee - What the....?1 star

Don’t bother with this album. You’ll be as bored as a fat kid with a bowl of vegetables.

kanye_fan - Awful1 star

This album suuuuuuuuuuucks

JacksonJS - Brilliant5 star

This album contains some of the best songs I’ve heard in a while, classic rock and roll and a return to form for the genre

jacku30 - Ok4 star

Some good tracks on here, clearly experimenting a few things that aren’t going well with fans.

fayIine - Trash1 star

“No features. No Swedish Songwriters. No Trap Beats. 100% Pure Uncut Rock.”

audrey wisteria - Worst green day album2 star

Title track is a killer song... but that’s it, every other song is incredibly weak and doesn’t do anything interesting.

Pep & Leonie - Nothing compared to previous albums :(1 star

This album is nothing like any previous green day album’s in a bad sense. It doesn’t have that iconic green day feel to it. Feels like they took the exact same approach as weezer and fall out boy did, with their new albums not being what they used to be and instead incorporating rash elements of pop into all of their new songs. BOTTOM LINE: Don’t get this album if you want the og green day experience and sound.

BrainstewJ - Bland2 star

Billie talks about how rock'n'roll is boring, and has made an album to prove his point. Derivative, unfocused, overcomplicated sound and generic lyrics.

NikkyFlippers - So sad...2 star

It really seems the guys just tried to appeal to the mainstream pop-trash masses and made a bunch of radio-friendly songs. Why did they mess with Billies voice so much? It should never be distorted like this, it’s terrible. There’s a difference between going in a new direction and completely alienating the sound your known for. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken. So many unanswered questions. I never thought I could have a least favourite album than ¡Dos!... I am genuinely saddened. I’ve loved the boys for sixteen years now. My favourite band my whole life. I’ve been pulled onstage and sang Longview with them. I showed Billie my heart handgrenade tattoo on my hip. No other band I connect to, honestly. I try to listen and like this album but I really just can’t do it!

Runturambi - Continues a great legacy4 star

Having been a fan since ‘90s, my first green day album (dookie) and having followed them since, to include several concerts over the years, I’m very happy with the latest album. Like life, we change our style as we grow, as have the band. Like that they can still evolve.

Green day Rocks 🎸 - To Green Day3 star

New Album is alright but Revolution radio album was best one yet later 2016 they released it so far but new album I can’t describe it but can’t wait for full track of this new album I hope they make better songs then track 2.

PcP101 - Wow1 star

If this is the best they could put out to get attention and build suspense for the rest of the album, then I’m not excited for the rest of it. Guys seriously get back to your roots!

BlackDeathMetalGod - Looking for that familiar Green Day sound?1 star

Look elsewhere, this doesnt sound like the classic Green Day that everyone loves. This sounds like a band trying to stay relevant by changing their production to sound appealling to whats on current alternative radio. The slope that started to go down hill over the past couple of albums is now gaining some significant momentum. Hopefully it slams and hits the ground by the end of this new album and they go back to what works again, great songs with that familiar sound. Cause here they have clearly lost their soul and sold out.

HeroHaxo37 - Great Song4 star

Great song, but it’s pretty short and not the best they’ve put out. Still pretty good

father of none, son of a gun - An ok single- hopefully won’t define the album5 star

This song is different to a lot of other green day we’ve heard, but the instrumentalism has subtle throw-backs to dookie and American idiot. Green day has plenty of songs that don’t sound the same as the rest- take back, time of your life, wake me up when September ends, etc. I like this songs, but I wouldn’t like an album that has nothing vocally but Billie’s new distorted falsetto. I can’t wait to hear the full album.

AwakeHercules - Green Day are the Father Of All...5 star

Wow! What a sound, you wouldn’t think there would be any another epic rabbit (or should I say unicorn) that these boys could pull out of their hats but alas here it is! This sound is still Green Day firing on all cylinders and everything true fans could ever want... And more!!!

Mikkiboy98 - Green Day Is Unrecognisable Here - Sold Out1 star

This new song...I can’t really describe it. Clinging on to a meandering, dying form of music, Green Day here is unrecognisable to say the least. I can’t hear a shred of semblance between the Green Day of American Idiot and the Green Day of 2019 which started formulating around the time Revolution Radio was released (which they had started selling out completely to the establishment they once held a mirror to so long ago in their earlier career.) That album, like this song, wasn’t good but with this single alone, they’ve made that whole album look better (which is not a good thing.) Sold out is a term thrown around these days but when it comes to what this Album could potentially be if this single is an accurate representation of the final product, they most certainly have now sold out completely and utterly. The song itself sounds rushed, lyrically it’s drivel and devoid of any of the intelligible lyricism of their earlier works. There’s nothing here to grasp onto, it channels sounds from old Foster the People and others in a way that is so lazy and so cheesy. Where’s that punk-rock ferocity that everyone wants from them? Where is the raw, uncensored and unwavering satirical look at society and the world in a way that points fingers at everyone and everything, not just the “eye-roll” inducing social justice propaganda (which just shows that clearly they didn’t actually care about anything they wrote on American Idiot considering that scathingly portrayed America, both ends of the political spectrum and the childish morally grey society inheriting the delusions of political propaganda and a lying media.) There’s no bite here, just yawn. Considering this new Album’s coinciding with a new tour, I actually do believe this whole project is like a rush-job, this single itself is a rushed job. They should be ashamed of what they’ve turned into: everything they hated. It’s a no from me.

MacoArmatrong - Father Of All5 star

This new preview song is amazing. I love how they have enhanced a whole new genre!

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JGBthing - Great songs....but songs are a little short.5 star

Really enjoyed this collection of songs. My only gripe is that the songs seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I still like it none-the-less.

TheGLiz98 - Love it5 star

While this album has taken a slight turn in style, it still has the rock vibes that define Green Day and is definitely worth a listen!

Gouldster - Definitely Not The Early Years.2 star

It’s well just flat and pop. When you have albums like Nimrod, Warning & American Idiot at least you got some difference and also still enjoying the band. Like others have said it’s like the energy has gone which does happen down the line. I felt Billy Talents last album was like that. What would have been better if they had done this into a separate band project like they did with The Network & Foxboro Hottubs.

Owen2802 - Lazy1 star

Just seems so half assed. No thought into these songs. Production and mixing seems so off as well. Only explanation for such talented songwriters to come up with such crap is that they didn’t try. My favourite band but this is their worst by long way.

I am The Musicman🎼 - MrMusicLover4 star

Good. Better Than Expected 🙂

lilooh88 - Bad1 star

Wish i could give it 0 star for it is a waste of your time

SamRose1986 - Rubbish Green Day’s St Anger1 star

Been a Green Day fan since the beginning and they have got gradually worse. This album is awful don’t waste your money. I can appreciate bands taking a new direction but the only direction Green Day have took with this album is off a cliff. AVOID

True Child Of The 90s - Money1 star

This is an in it for the money album The songs are short and generic. Sad to say this as a fan of over 20 years but this album is not only bad but an insult to the fans

The real Fernie - It was ok3 star

Green day have been my favourite band for a long time and I love them but I did not like this album as much as the other twelve. Sure there are some good songs like oh yeah the last one and even father of all that after awhile a liked. The thing that annoyed me was I loved revolution radio so I had high hops for the next one but it was you know ok at the most. It felt a bit rushed and lazy, but it was ok on the hole, it is a solid short basic rock album and I kind of like it.

Squidrockz - It just isn’t that good?2 star

To say I was disappointed with this release would be quite untrue, because in fact this album was exactly what I imagined it to be... mediocre at best. The songs for the most part end too soon. An extra bridge really could have kept the momentum going for a lot of these tracks. That’s my biggest gripe with the album, the length. (2.5/5) At least they sound like they were having fun recording it.

sp00kyd00kie - Never liked them before4 star

I’ve never liked green day before but this new sound is actually super clean I rlly like it

Motoroshuligan - Smashing album5 star

Might be short, but one of the best album they have. All songs are cool

Mastermind30410 - The Death of Green Day1 star

When this album makes me want to listen to Maroon 5’s entire discography in the last decade. You know you failed.

ImperfectSwift - Actually pretty good5 star

Not quite punk but you know what bands evolve and to be fair give it a few chances this album really rocks

Rasjahmouse - Terrible1 star


[email protected] - Not punk rock2 star

A trump speech sounds better. But after listening to the hole thing ... trump speech is still better bar 3 songs ☠️☠️☠️☠️

beckers19 - Why’ve they changed so much.2 star

Nothing like they other albums. They’ve changed their style to much on this album. I’ll listen to it. But not their best work 😪

79GB - Over produced commercial tosh1 star

The worst production from Green Day that strays purely into commercialised nonsense trying to sound like Yungblud but without a single rock / punk / pop anthem to be found from beginning to end.

LaurenceD89 - Father of all...5 star

Not as bad as feared, catchy riffs and fun lyrics.

oblivioustodayssociety - Bouncy punk glam rock.5 star

Blimey, really this is what Green Day are doing! Initially was taken a back buy Mr Armstrong’s falsetto style singing and more than overproduced kinda wall of sound vibe. But hey, something actually new and bouncy. The lyrics tell of a morally ambiguous society for today’s political imbalance, but that’s what Punk is meant to do, just this record has a sense of fun about it. If you like a nod to the 70s and a punchy party/summer feel then this is for you. If you’re a grumpy clash lover then don’t bother.

Anxiety! At The Coffee Shop - Solid listen3 star

It’s rather good

mrmoody2001 - Same old1 star

Same old.

alfrancis2 - Retro and Different4 star

What a delight to listen to a new CD which is not 80 minutes long. So this new Green Day album only comes in at around 28 minutes but boy what an action packed album. Each track has me foot tapping in a retro sort of way. Personally I think its great and so unusual to hear nowadays. It's like a throwback to 1960's LP's in style but bought up to date with a modern sound.

Joe199219 - Different yes but good4 star

This is a great album from green day, it is a change of sound from them but i think they needed to change it as the last few albums werent great and sounded too alike. My only annoyance is it is short and a little over produced at times. But overall i enjoyed this album more than previous (other than the first 5)

Reecey uuhh - Changed but for the best?3 star

When father off all came out I skipped most of it to see if Billie was actually going to sing but that was his vocals, it was weird to say the least but the tracks really grown to me as a party rocker. fire ready aim bumped into my first problem, the drums are cut out a bit for the more trappy sorta drums, it may be actually be drums and I’m being stupid but from live performances it doesn’t seem like it, but the track was actually good (even if it was for the NHL). Oh yeah was definitely my least favourite, the lazy drums, bad chorus and it was just a weird song, but I did like the bass but I didn’t really come back to it. When the full album came out I was quite surprised, the guitars were loud, Billie’s vocals were good and the general instrumentation is good, but the drums still had the same problem but they did shine in tracks like sugar youth and graffiti. It’s probably my least favourite green day album but it’s still a decent album in my opinion

@sifarrar1 - Aweful1 star

Never thought I’d say this but worst Green Day I’ve ever listened to. One quick run through then deleted. If you can stream it first, do so before you buy it.

DylanBrads - Father Of All...5 star

What a album! It is really good I love it!! My favourite song is Graffita

Dylan-Burton182 - Fantastic album5 star

People give them crap for sounding different but people would also complain if they just made an album like their old stuff. I think the album is really good, it’s quite diverse in its track list and moves at a fantastic pace. I respect them for trying something new because in music, that’s highly important. It’s a solid album and I enjoyed it more than I initially thought I would. I reckon people who don’t like it will eventually come around to it, same thing happened with the trilogy and Warning

music lover5555 - This has grown on me5 star

At first I was like what the hell but it grown on me I love it and there new sound is awesome

J_W_02_ - Interesting direction4 star

In my opinion, not their best work however, it’s certainly different and I’m enjoying it no matter whatever other people say

Iain 59 - Oh dear..1 star

Appalling... oh yeah, sounds like 70s Gary Glitter, 🙄 and it simply doesn't improve from that.

Lukeadams1 - I want to stab you in the heart ohhh yeahh5 star

It’s definitely trying something new. It really grows on you !

Ahoit Boi - Oh dear...1 star

What has happened to Green Day? Shockingly bad.

Pilgrimrobot - Good3 star

Whether you think they’re growing old and mediocre or just messing with their label, these songs so far show their versatility as a band to dip their toes in different styles of songs within the genre, but it also shows their limits and the gap between fresh/exciting and bland/bad execution. On their own they're melodic and fun enough but certainly not excellent when compared to the rest of their discography.

greeny dave - What next5 star

great bands evolve! If you don’t like it get off the train!

tattoobeatmessiah - Sounding good5 star

This takes me back to foxboro hot tubs about 10 years ago , very different sound for green day but not in a bad way

Synth Monkey - Nothing wrong with bands trying new sounds but....3 star

Sounds like Beck and the Hives sold their leftovers to Green Day and the results are, meh.... Still, the songs will be in heavy rotation on Kerrang TV alongside the likes of Liam Gallagher, Razorlight!!!

3316619230476 - I hate my ears right now1 star

Have listened to Green Day since Kerplunk and i have no problem with them trying something new but the first song on this is just rubbish. not just a bad Green Day song but a bad sone full stop. fingers crossed the album is 10000 times better

Swimbrit - Off to a great start5 star

Since it was released I can’t stop listening to it. it is 100% up there with one of the best songs that I’ve heard from them, can’t wait to see what the reset of the album has in store and I can’t wait to see them in concert again.

upgraiden - Great start5 star

Sounding very hopeful so far. I like when they experiment, especially when the song is actually great.

Aria9 - Evolving Green Day is back and sound great5 star

When a band changes their sound but not entirely so it still feels like them? That’s growth, evolution, and just shows how talented they are. Like if we keep getting the same style since 21st Century Revolution and American Idiot then that’s just lazy. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s only one gosh darn track so is this review really that informative? No, but let’s wait and see, got faith and trust that this album will be a bop.

Cun0121 - Father of all2 star

The first release off this album sounds terrible , if this is anything to go by this whole album will bomb ..

Grindcore_Head - Let’s stay open minded5 star

Long time and old skool green day fan here. I like everything green day have released, even tracks like night life (from Dos) and my favourite day song of all time is stuck with me (from Insomniac). The new track we were blessed with yesterday is very different, closer to the uno, dos and tre vibe. However looking over previous singles that are released prior to album released we should remember that the songs are generally vary different in style. With that being said let’s stay open minded about the new album as green day have actively demonstrated their ability to excite a variety of their fans. Something for everyone is one way to look at it. Don’t try to compare the new single to older songs, they’re never going to reach the same legendary status but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

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Ag4track85 star

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Mareepish5 star

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HourMahi5 star

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786AHMEDZ5 star

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ADudeFromNowere5 star

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75sabiha5 star

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Mikebravodude5 star

@COsweda: The "experts" are all utterly possessive of "their" knowledge, so they shoot down any attempt to ADD to their knowledge base.…

Mneeser75 star

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