Brightest Lights

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Artist:   Lane 8
Album Name:   Brightest Lights
Genre:   Dance
Relase:   10 January 2020
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

Brightest Lights (Lane 8) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Groundhog Day 3:44
2.Road (feat. Arctic Lake) 3:58
3.Just 4:50
4.Brightest Lights (feat. POLIÇA) 6:52
5.Sunday Song 4:29
6.Shooting Arrows (feat. POLIÇA) 5:03
7.Yard Two Stone (feat. Jens Kuross) 4:29
8.The Gift 4:06
9.How Often (feat. Kauf) 4:15
10.Howling Hand 4:45
11.The Flood (feat. Nevve) 4:47
12.Don't Let Me Go (feat. Arctic Lake) 4:34
13.The Rope (feat. POLIÇA) 4:55
14.Brightest Lights (feat. POLIÇA) 4:01

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IQ Certificate
  • joeeik

    5 stars
    Great so far.. First two songs available from new album are ridiculously good.
  • Dr. Crocodile

    5 stars
    The grasped soul. They capture me, circle me, they embrace me, hold me, they talk me from the ledge of routine.

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