Closer Than Together by The Avett Brothers

Closer Than Together [The Avett Brothers] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 3:36
2 3:22
3 6:23
4 4:05
5 4:33
6 3:21
7 4:06
8 4:12
9 3:50
10 4:04
11 4:22
12 3:18
13 6:10
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Closer Than Together by The Avett Brothers Album Reviews

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- Outstanding new album5 star

Love the Avett Brothers and the heart and energy they bring to every album! Anyone who gave this a bad review must be a little defensive about the truth they write in their lyrics.

- Band lost it aloooong time ago1 star

Band has become so overproduced. Sound so generic now.

- Listen5 star

As with almost all of the previous Avett albums, one listen was not enough to appreciate the depth of the album. It’s not for everyone, and that’s ok. Listen and learn or ignore and complain, we all have choices

- Long time fan. This is unlistenable1 star

Sorry guys. This one should’ve been shelved. I don’t care about any political innuendos; it’s just not good song writing.

- The_Clerk2 star

High steppin' is a weird pop sound that is NOT AB - in it they're railing against society and it's stresses, yet the frame it in a musical context which is the exact thing which AB has NOT been.... pop. Sad. Then they're sound moves to 'Bang Bang'. Wow. As in "wow, that's sad they'd write something like that and put it on a record." First they try to pop you out and then they try to dumb you down by preaching at you how bad commercialism is yet they frame the sound of the song in a commercialism 1920s crap piano rhythm. I get it, they're making a statement - but the music is.... not good. It's very artistic but it's upsetting that they'd dumb down their musical talents to make a point. It's like finding out Einstein wrote a piece on how the earth is flat just to prove how stupid the flat earth thing is....except in the end he sounded like he actually supported the flat earth. CRAP! Where they struck a middle ground was 'Tell the Truth' and 'Better Here." Those two songs are the START of moving back to what AB was and should be. The remainder of the songs on this album are what I'd classify as "meh". They don't grab me and they don't keep my attention the way many of AB's previous songs did. In summary...they could do better. They clearly became comfortable with fame with this album so maybe now they'll get back to what drew us to them to begin with - their sincerity and feeling.

- A Big Miss1 star

Sad to say but it's obvious that they are at the end of their creative lives.

- Worst Avett album1 star

If you dig a college dropout’s version of Anti-American lies, then this album is for you! Cringe-worthy, embarrassing lyrics. The Devolution has begun. Give-to-your-enemy torture music.

- Old School Folk5 star

The more I listen to this album the more I love it. Reading the reviews what you come to understand is that people have had a knee jerk reaction. There is no merit in th eargument of this album lyrically being lazy. I think some of the reaction to it is because it isnt lazy its hard to listen to. The nuance in the song We Americans is brilliant. Nobody tries to thread that needle. It is an interesting album iun that many of the songs don't contain a true chorus. Which also leads to some of the critique, asgain being misplaced, in my humble opinion. The one song that does seem misplaced is High Steppin. Thats not to say it is a bad song. It just seems like another album. This album marks a place in time. its not about the emotionalism that defies time. It is a throwback to protest and folk music of the past.

- Great album and great message.5 star

There is a lot of truth in the songs in this album.

- Daring & Gorgeous5 star

Listening to these folks pour out poetry capturing the deep joy and deep fears of their hearts has always taken my breath away. Closer Than Together represents a look past introspection of oneself and encourages us to look outward towards our society. With great power comes great responsibility, and this album speaks to this time in history. We Americans are in a dark night of the soul and we have much to answer for. Helping me through these deeply troubling times are The Avett Brothers. They remind me I have one life to live on this planet. They encourage me to be a person with integrity. To move beyond myself. To care for others. To not check out when things get too real, too hard, too painful. To say Love and be of love. To choose good over evil. If you have not heard this constant message in their music over the years, you cannot ignore it now.

- Title: Hollywood Garbage1 star

The Avett Brothers are my favorite music group, but this Album is like a knife to the heart.

- Nothing here worth listening to1 star

The worst album to date! Such a disappointment ...lyrics are literal and seems to be written by a 15 year old. These guys have so many great tunes and it’s a shame they had to “try “ and make a political album when part of their success could be attributed to the fact that there music doesn’t lean either way and they never seem to alienate their fan base....until now

- We Americans...4 star

There are a few really good songs on this album (just like all AB albums). I think We Americans is the best of this lot.

- Change doesn’t come from playing “safe”5 star

The mixed reviews on this album show the importance of its message. Deviance creates needed social change. Bravo Avett Brothers.

- don’t waste your money or your time1 star

i literally cringed listening to this garbage. couldn’t even make through a full song without skipping to the next and all of a sudden i was at the end and $11 poorer

- Poems set to music5 star

I like this album. The lyrics tell a story. The tunes are simple and don’t overpower the words. Simply produced, but fun.

- Big mistake pressing that ‘buy album’ button1 star

Geez, I should’ve spent $1.29 for the one good song on this album. This album is terrible.

- A new low for the Avett Brothers1 star

Wow, what a huge disappointment with this album. They’ve really struck a sour cord with a huge portion of their fan base by blatantly preaching to us instead of entertaining us. We went to their concert last night and it was the first one we’ve been to that wasn’t sold out, in fact the Ford Center in Evansville Indiana was half empty; this I believe is a direct reflection of a disappointed fan base.

- Bandwagon much?1 star

It pains me to write this review. But after True Sadness I was hoping for a comeback album. But most of my hopes were dashed when I heard that Rick-Rubin would also be (over)producing this one. The flaws of True Sadness have become the backbone of Closer Than Together. Rubin seems to subscribe to his boomer generational “more is always better” mentality and it does not compliment The Avett Brothers’ previously honest sound. I support artists expressing their beliefs and would’ve love to hear a slowly produced protest album. But cramming/rushing them all into 1 album? It comes across as pandering at best and bandwagoning at worst. The lyrics are uninspired and rushed, they read like a string of trending hashtags. The melodies are bogged down with over-produced synthetic noise. I’ve deleted all but 2 songs from my phone, that way when I put their albums on shuffle I can pretend like this one never happened. Hoping that by the next time they tour in my neck of the woods they’ll have released another album. Because I wouldn’t spend my money on a ticket to a concert promoting this one. Sorry.

- Sellout2 star

How do you go from writing “I killed poor Sally’s lover” to “bang bang” unless it’s got something to do with the hippy that produced this album. I love the Avett Brothers but if I wanted to hear politics I’d turn on the news. Bleeding White, C-sections and railway trestles, high steppin were still pretty good though.

- Love the Avett brothers1 star

And I love Obama and hate guns. But man this album is very disappointing. Bad song writing. Unoriginal. Please write another album soon!

- It will grow on you4 star

The first time I listened to it I was dissapointed. But after a few more listens it grew on me and I feel like it’s another solid album by the brothers

- Politics Or Not1 star

Politics or not. Whatever side you stand on. Truth be said, this is just a very poorly written/contrived album. I would expect this lyrically from a new artist attempting to find their feet. More shocking is that their producer would even let this hit the market. Hire producers that speak the truth, not provide lip service!

- I can get over the politics if the music is good.3 star

I can get over an artists political leanings if they do it well, sadly it’s the music on this one that’s not great. and I have loved every Avett album thus far. True Sadness was incredible. There is really only one song I like on this album. This album was admittedly much more political than previous albums and for some that will be a major turn off. I’m fine with that. I just hope this wasn’t some attempt to please a crowd that is never happy and could truly care less about their music. Still a huge fan and I’ll keep listening to the album, I may end up liking it more with a few more listens. Update - I've come around on a few more of the songs. There are 4-5 pretty solid songs, and when I couple that with some of the songs that were released earlier this year and not on this album, it makes me feel a little better.

- Depature from grace1 star

The melodic harmony and simple truth that was in their previous works has gone in a haze of political nonsense and serious and profound change to their sound. Like sitting down to your favorite meal only to find it was made with spolied ingredients. Its still technically them, but its not. They are something else now. If you like classic Avett brothers you will not like this nonsense to much Los Angeles and not enough Real America.

- Artists Take Risks..5 star

I think that, for me, there were songs on the album seemed like a departure from the rawness and simple charms of a band.. This band has grown a ton and their songs reflect all of the feelings attached to being an American. It is harsh and diverse, it is also sweet and sincere. It is not like we live in the song “Amazing Grace.” The landscape that we encounter as Americans and it is poetic.. In order to be an artist and avoid mediocrity, artists take risks. To be an artist that grows, you need to bare your heart and soul. Thanks for writing some songs that make us think feel and wonder. I have always counted on you for that.

- Love5 star

Love loves to love love.

- Another Great Album from a Great Band5 star

Great music! Smart, thoughtful lyrics. Extremely well written statement on the times in which we live, set to beautiful music. It’s an album for people who exercise conscious thought. It’s not ‘elevator music’. If the Avett Brothers were going to make a political album, I’d want it to sound like this. It’s perfect!

- Overly political1 star

They seem to strayed from their roots. It’s no longer simple love songs and poetic story telling. It’s a shame that I can’t listen to my favorite band without politics being shoved down my throat.

- Decide what to be and go be it5 star

I love that you can hear the evolution of the band in every album. I respect how hard it must be to reinvent your music every time you make an album. The Avett Brothers always connect with me with every album including this one. Thank you Avett Brothers for making art.

- Glad I didn’t buy it.1 star

I am glad I bought all their albums prior to the true sadness though. They peaked with magpie. Sorry, not sorry. Just another pop group now, trying to use their fame to push their political views. They aren’t that important. Pure garbage music. Glad I didn’t buy this one.

- What happened?!2 star

Your previous albums spoke such volumes to every person-no political charges. I’ve followed AB since 2009. Sad. I hope to hear more “Open Ended Life” , “Kick Drum my heart”, “ May it Last” etc. I understand the need to get political and express those opinions, but sometimes, we want a break from all that and just listen to music and tap our toes and fingers to great music and let the crap melt away.

- not sure about this one2 star

I've loved their music forever. I knew when they released the statement about this album that I might not love the lyrics on the more political songs. Didn't anticipate that the music would be bad on it too. Still only two songs out, so hopefully even if we don't agree with every political stance they take the music on the other songs will be better. update: After listening to the full album I think musically and lyrically this album misses the mark. I don't mind listening to artists who I disagree with if the lyrics are crafted in a way to make you think. Unfortunately there is very little subltelty to these lyrics. Based on their past work I expected the Avett's to present us with an early Bob Dyan type album that challenged the status quo with excellent and cleverly written lines. Not what this is. This isn't artistry, it's a sledge hammer, and it will just divide the fan base into low reviews and high reviews. Musically it's pretty far from what you expect from the Avett's as well. Certainly still a fan. But if this particular album was released by a different band I don't think most of us would have purchased it. Rating this as art, not as a political statement. Looking forward to checking out their next release.

- Miss the old Avetts1 star

The Avett Brothers have been my wife and Is favorite band for some time now. Love going to see them at Red Rocks amphitheater. (Amazing in concert). They are GREAT road tripping music. Just sit back relax and listen to great artists sing and play great songs. They have always been a great escape for me from this messed up awful world. Now this... This album is one of the biggest disappointments of my lifetime. I thought they would be the last ones to give in to this socio political crap. I get that in every other aspect of life. Work, Sports, movies, Tv, other music, social media... You can’t escape it. Now in my favorite band as well... :(

- Not good2 star

I have been a fan for at least 12 years. Always loved their stuff. However, this album is.....not good. It’s just not. Nothing like their previous work. It’s like bad elevator music mixed with children’s poetry. I wish them much success but man, this album is just bad.

- Disappointing1 star

Have loved most everything these guys have put out until this It’s disappointing when artist get political. It’s divisive, especially in the current. political climate. I don’t care for the music either....I prefer their livelier tunes.....more banjo! Only purchased a couple of songs after listening to the album. Not their best.

- Great Music Overall5 star

Yes this album is probably the bands most political. That said, their message if you actually dig into the entire songs are just about how we should all try to love and care for each other move. It is sadly just a sign of our times that just because at surface level they appear pretty one sided people are rating the album so low rather than listen to all the words and digging into the songs. Forever one of my favorite bands.

- Painful to listen to1 star

I should have known this album was going to be more so like the last few and not a return to form. With the exception of the opening track, this album is garbage. Too many monologues, political nonsense and boring arrangements. Goodbye AB. I’m over you.

- Trash1 star

Longtime fan of the Avett Brothers. Seen them live twice. I could only listen to this album once through. Political messages aside, it’s just a bunch of monologues and boring lyrics. Nothing but refrains over and over.

- It's About the Music, Man4 star

Free expression for the artists and for those who review the artists. Their job is to express and our job is to like it or not. Both are equally valid. I happen to kind of dig the tunes and the weird spoken word, even though it is a little much at times. It's good.

- Just plain bad1 star

Love these guys. Unfortunately all but two songs are pure junk. Anybody who's giving this more than 1 or 2 starts has an agenda. Just bad music period.

- Why?1 star

Cmon, I understand taking a stance but why do so in such a way? I am such a big fan of The Avett Brothers... so (I made a huge mistake) I didn’t even think twice when purchasing. They have set such a precedence of great music I didn’t read reviews or listen to any songs. Politics and opinions in music is just a bad idea. It’s not just one song. I’m inclined to think it’s like 80% of the album. And really.... slavery and scars of our nation? Almost EVERY country and civilization started the same way or worse.

- Painful1 star

I thought this day would never come. I have purchased multiple copies of every LP and EP over the years. Given them away as gifts and introduced lots of people to the music I loved. I’ve waited patiently since Emotionalism for the magic to come back and album by album it continues to decline. Now there is this.... I honestly purchased this album, listened to it once and deleted it. I’ll wait this one out and try again. I’m so disappointed.

- 2nd Listen1 star

I adore the Avett Brothers. Y’all can do better than this, guys. You have a long time ago before you landed in Hollywood-Land with Rick R. and all your fawning Hollywoodie Celebrity Fan Base. It’s Friday night, it’s been a week I first listened to this anticipated release. I have had no desire to listen to this album since then. We were bored and decided we needed a laugh: so we are listening to this again. “We Americans” is awful. It’s ignorant. And the music is altogether ridiculous and repetitive. My husband begged me to forward to the next song. The spoken words ruins the beautiful nuances of lyrical art. It’s so blatant and bold, it obliterates and obscures the art experience. You preach instead of leading the listener to think for himself: you insult every listener by this exercise. Do yourself a favor: record an audiobook next time you feel you have to give editorial commentary like this. Hollywood liberals like that juvenile dude y’all got to direct or produce your documentary will lap it up. (Face it, your connections to Hollywood have blinded you. Hollywood is a hypocritical hole.) Avetts, is this album a joke? As far as political commentary goes, you didn’t say anything we aren’t already Force-fed by elite celebrities and people who think they know better than the everyday American.

- Fantastic from start to finish!5 star

The Avett Brothers best studio album to date! It’s not political in the sense people thought it would be after the mission statement before the release. It’s pure and simple truth that everyone can relate to and should relate to if you are a genuinely good person living in this world today. I love all the different pitches of their voices and the push for trying new sounds. New albums are about growth and I am proud to be on this journey with this band! The Avett Brothers are classic in my mind. Think Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan.... love, peace, and music.

- Insufferable swill1 star

“Your angry uncle, that’s depressingly preachy at Thanksgiving, made an album....”

- Something is missing1 star

Will have to think more about it but doesn’t have the same spark.

- Disappointed1 star

After being a long time fan since before swept away and salvation song, I’ve seen them at shows and I feverishly anticipate new content and creativity from avett brothers. The last album was a bit of a let down but This one is highly disappointing to me. It sounds like they just needed to put out another album out of obligation. The music for me was disconnected. The direction the music has gone has been downhill imo. I am not political so it had no bearing on my view. The lyrics and melodies didn’t suit my taste. I’ll continue to listen to the older albums.

- Major buyers remorse1 star

I have 3 albums, counting this horrid choice without research. The 1st one I bought was ok, Inoticed I had another and thought, " they have a new album, I think I'll download it!' "Please Take my HUMBLE ADVICE, don't buy this. Should you purchase this then you too will be leaving a review like mine. Whomp, Whomp, Whomp Whaaaaaaaa!

- Are you lost?2 star

Let us start with "It's raining today, I love this sad little song, it's a feel good hurt ; ) High Steppin was fine after a couple of listening sessions. I pre ordered the album and I am sorry for that, those two songs were all I would have purchased. I am one of the people who were lucky enough to see them in the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland years concert ever! Many times after that, including last month in Cleveland, and in Red Rocks, where I enjoyed them as the warm up band WAY more than the headliner (years ago) I am going to try and be helpful to a band I love, this is my opinion only, but don't make your audience feel bad by putting politics in your lyrics in a preachy kind of way. I can't speak for a man, but I would not like to think that they could no longer be in charge of things, that women should, when the qualified might feel better. I have always loved the lyrics that come from The Avett Brothers. This album feels like someone else wrote this stuff. I will peacefully wait for the next album. Are you ever coming home? Are you lost? : ). How about an album of untilted tracks, Scott?? I would so PREORDER it!!!


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The Avett Brothers - Closer Than Together Album Comments

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The Avett Brothers - Closer Than Together Album Wiki

Closer Than Together is the tenth studio album by American folk rock band the Avett Brothers. The album was released on October 4, 2019, by American Recordings and Republic Records..

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