SuperM - The 1st Mini Album by SuperM

SuperM - The 1st Mini Album [SuperM] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:11
2 3:28
3 3:00
4 3:34
5 3:03
6 4:11
7 3:28
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SuperM - The 1st Mini Album by SuperM Album Reviews

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Yess everything about this album is amazing!! Each one of them being so talented like wow..💗 lol luv you Mark<3

- I Can’t Stand...wow4 star

“I Can’t Stand the Rain” for anyone who would doubt the talent of these guys this is a song that is worth the listening. Yes “Jopping” showcases their stage presence and their dancing skills but this song...the flawless falsettos!! It’s a teaser of an album but if these guys can produce this type of song imagine what they can do with a ballad. K-Pop is an acquired taste and if you’ve loved what you’ve seen and heard does it matter what they’re singing about? Music is music and this song...made me appreciate this new Super group.

- Took a bit to grow on me5 star

But also the dance is great!!

- I loved it5 star

I loved the songs, I disliked the order they came out but I like the album, I would've prefered No Manners as their title track, but this album is perfect, as a Kpop follower since 2005 I say it is great. I love Taemin since he was 13 years old and I wish him the best if this was trash I would be screaming in all platforms get out of there Taemin, save yourself... I am not so it is a good sign.

- Best album ever!!5 star

Jopping is my favorite one!! SuperM rocks!!!

- I wanted to Cry it’s so good5 star

I the concert I wanted to cry it was soo good thus album is great!!

- Mixed3 star

If you’re already a Kpop fan I think you’ll like it. Sounds a lot like it should be an EXO album. But SM isn’t going to get new fans out of this one. Especially in the demographic they want. If you don’t already like Kpop and are familiar with it, you won’t give a crap about this album and you probably won’t like it.

- when we jumping and popping we jopping5 star

Uh, you think you big boi throwing three stacks, imma show you how to ball, you a mismatch, opinionated but I'm always spitting straight facts, throwback I might throw this on an eight track

- Bops, Fun, Vocals, Quality💖5 star

I was skeptical of this group and the purpose (it’s obviously a money grab ) but when you put aside the silly “fanwars” and get back to what this is about, MUSIC and FUN, the songs grow on you. It’s a great first try and I hope the second album gives them more room to mature considering the seniority of some of the members. Give it a try ! 🥰

- Beautiful5 star


- Poor synergy1 star

It’s okay. There’s good songs and catchy beats but I think the members clash and their voices/skills don’t blend nicely. I have been a fan of these groups separately and I find it very strange when the groove gets thrown off and I feel like I’m listening to a different song when it’s still the same one. Nct 2018 empathy was the best in my opinion, and I think things got screwed up this year. I still recommend the album cuz it has potential and I think lots of people will like it. It’s just not exactly my style.

- ❤️❤️❤️5 star


- Bop!5 star

It’s so catchy! 😍

- ❤️EXO5 star

I love it

- nice5 star

💚💛💙💕💕💕💕🌞✨niceeee greattt gooood jopping

- Superrrr massssterrr5 star


- AMAZING5 star


- They have potential that's for sure!5 star

Their songs are catchy, they can dance, sing and not to mention they're good looking! So yeah again, they have potential to be successful.

- Yessir5 star

Amazing asf

- Unbelievable5 star

Putting all these members together was 👌🏻 on point. I love Jopping and I can’t stand the rain ❤️❤️.

- Amazing, talented group put together ever5 star

When they first came out I had no idea who most was like I saw one guy I recognized from kdrama and the rest I was like who are they until I relized I now them lol so slow me was watching the video for a day and a half ahahah I got drawn to the the music listen to spotify loved the album and decided to buy the album for my iPhone to walk with.

- Nice5 star

Has good flow we be jopin

- Great debut5 star

I like how you hear a little bit of shinee,exo, and Nct in all the offerings- very talented group!

- ❌1 star

It’s not that good

- JlovesThe80s5 star

I used to hate that song jopping. But now I feel like the album was like amazing! I really all of the songs of the album. It’s so good! This is LIT! I should start liking Jopping😤😔😌

- Shrek3 star


- Sm is desperate1 star

Y’all won’t get anywhere in the US with this type of music 🤣

- A M A Z I N G 🔥5 star

I already own the physical copy of the album, but I HAD to support my boys on here too! The album is amazing and I am beyond proud of their achievements! Every song is SO good! I highly recommend this album to everyone!

- Knew they wouldn’t disappoint5 star

I’ve had this album on repeat since it came out, and I’m still not tired of it. Every song is SO good. But super car and no manners are really next level. With these 7 members I expected nothing less. 10/10 would recommend.



- It SLAPS5 star

Kings only, Baekhyun and Taemin are vocal legends, Taeyong and Mark and Lucas are rap legends, Ten and Taemin and Kai are dance legends.

- What is this?1 star

The beat and lyrics are meaningless and confusing.

- A must buy5 star

Just buy it. It's a must have, and I'm obsessed

- Super Synergy!5 star

It definitely has the sounds of those four different groups they come from! 2 Fast is very Shinee No Manners is very EXO Super Car is very NCT/WayV I'm excited to see what else they have to offer!! Super M fighting!!

- I love all the songs!5 star

This is on of the GREATEST KPOP GROUP EVER! All of them are talented and handsome! I'm amazed by this album!

- phenomenal5 star

all extremely talented members,,, couldn’t be any more proud 💞💞

- Wow5 star

This is fire 🔥

- On REPEAT!5 star

I can’t stop replaying this album from begging to end!!!🥰🥰🥰

- stream jopping5 star


- SuperM is fabulous5 star

I love all the songs on the album... I never get tired of listening to the album...way to go Taemin, Kai, BAEKHYUN, Ten, Mark, Lucas, TAEYONG...

- stan superm 🤘5 star

this album contains nothing but true masterpieces! they worked really hard on this album and for this group so pls support them & stan the avengers of kpop !!

- Grew on me5 star

When I first heard about the title song before it came out I’ll be honest, I was skeptical and VERY afraid. This group is comprised of pure talent and quite legendary artists so they deserve nothing but the best from their label. Once the whole album was released, it grew on me- all songs are pure bops from the get-go. The beat to each song is very catchy as are some of the lyrics. And about the guys themselves they DELIVERED massively despite whatever was abruptly thrown at them. They sound SO fluid together and are working tirelessly to maintain perfection. Their voices, the visuals...this truly is an incredible group. I can’t help but support them and this is coming from someone whose ultimate group is from a totally different label ❤️

- Trash1 star

They’re trash

- Sleek, modern, SuperM.5 star

The entire album is as epic as their namesake—and very, very quintessentially SM. You can feel influences from the individual groups while still maintaining a cohesive sound. The Apple review has encompassed everything else I want to say. An amazing album from an equally amazing group.

- No Manners5 star

No Manners is SOTY 🔥✨

- IN.SANE!!5 star

This song is sooo good!! And they killed it live on Ellen!!

- SuperM 1st Mini Album5 star

The kings have done it again!!! I’m so proud of each and every one of them🖤 Each of these songs could be a title track! #SuperMtheFuture

- SuperM5 star

Fire Album!!!! #TAEMIN

- Meets expectations5 star

EXOL here and Kai and Baekhyun delivered!

- When we jumping and popping we jopping!5 star



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Craftyfox81 - great5 star

No bad songs on this mini-album! Wasn’t sure what to expect from SuperM, but I’m very pleased with the results

Jelene Mae - Amazing!!5 star


EH0221 - Great songs!5 star

Love Taemin!

shawol_mvp - SuperM Hwaiting5 star

Taemin!!! <3

Enfermita - Perfection5 star


Starlite62 - AMAZING! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖5 star

I really didn’t know what to expect. You have 7 artists who individually have so many talents, are well respected and loved. 💖 I’m so very happy and excited that all their hard work paid off. Jopping is high energy, deep beat with great vocals and rapping. The other songs on the album are also amazing and wonderful to listen to. You won’t be disappointed. 💥👍💖

taehyungs waifu <3 - centre taemin5 star

i’m going to combust ,, their power 🤭

Xbelleglamx - Truly Amazing5 star

This album has so many great songs and the rap on jopping was fire!!! These men did amazing on the album and I can’t wait to see more from them

Sider Haqani - amazing5 star

this album exceeded my expectations and I’m very proud of the boys ❤️ you all worked so hard and it shows in your music and performances!!

Venus Rae - AMAZING!5 star

AHH! Mark Lee let’s get it!

foxy_b46 - Amazing5 star

Luv it! Saw this collab & had to buy it!

~Vampire Girl 14~ - THE BEST GROUP EVER CREATED5 star


Gstone20 - Super Saviors5 star

Thank God for such blessing. I promise to be a girl woman from now on. My Super amen have saved KPop for the entire world - Fighting 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🎉🎉

Chantesp - SuperM Group Album5 star

Excellent! To be expected these are all highly successful and talented professional Kpop individually they excel at everything they do!

y358🐬ྀི - Amazing!!!5 star

Way better than what I expected when SM first announced this unit. Slay!!

haechanieeee - AHHH5 star


Loveleen S - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star


lilyeni - THE BEST5 star


Kaluzna - Amazing!!!!5 star

This group is amazing and the album is amazing, and the music video is even more amazing.

CelineA24 - It’s good5 star

So good

Di_B - It’s better than I ever expected. We have gold!5 star

I can’t wait!!!!

LIEisabop - amazing5 star

absolute masterpiece. i love it

Love bts ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - ouff5 star

sooo good

izubat - SuperM coming to save 20195 star

can't wait for the album to drop, the instrumental is so beautiful, preorder it ASAP

Ads/surveys - amazing!!5 star

i love this group! the music and performances are incredible. Keep up the great work, guys 🖤🖤

city_feli - SuperM Super Amazing5 star

Very enjoyable album and all tracks are amazing. Supporting SuperM, supporting talent.

haepuduchann - Pure amazement 🥰5 star

The combination of all of them just created the most unique sound and it's definately a must listen!! 10000/10 would recommend. Adding it to all my playlists 🔥

hgdgnkljh - you think you’re big boy throwing three stacks5 star

everyone in superm is so incredibly talented and jopping is so cool and the album is amazing

little mix stan - SO GOOD5 star

The collective talent and powerful presence of SuperM is absolutely iconic. Fully obsessed with this album, every song on this album is stellar. So proud of all of them for working so hard. I highly recommend anyone to listen to this album. Stan SuperM! 🖤

alicia.mcm - POWERFUL5 star

THE POWER THE HOLD IS UNDENIABLE. Such a talented group💎

Mijin1204 - 11/10 and I’m not exaggerating!!!5 star

Been looking forward to their debut every since they put out the announcement... I was nervous and excited for it and now I’m so hyped... It’s literally like an Avengers Assemble movie Wished the MV will continue... Australia has a stadium called Marvel and it’s in Melbourne, I hope the boys can go perform one day before it is renamed again... Let’s get it on with SuperM !!!

i love Taylor Swift❤️ - I can’t find my wig5 star

They really snapped with this didn’t they?

Hottest hits - Worst kpop group1 star


nadradiab - Spectacular5 star

Lovinggg itttttt

Miss aDIORable - Kai all the waaaaaayyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍5 star

Here for kai!!!! 💋💋💋

Soh-Hyeon - I already know that it will be a 10/10 album.5 star

Let’s support them all!

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SJ.BTS.EXO.TVXQ - Not bad not bad at all congratulations4 star

Not bad not bad at all congratulations .. it okay

#nottoday - Excellent album5 star

I am impressed with the album. In fact it was much better than I expected. I heard Many people were giving negative comments towards this project debut, however I think I can confidently say: ‘the haterZ got proven wronG’ : )

Aria9 - Hm3 star

It’s okay

donna24657 - Lovely5 star

Love the album and waiting for their next album love love love

PrincesLas - Jopping5 star

Definitely a new level of Kpop music!! SupperM has so much power!!

JussRari - Stan SUPERM5 star

This is a good album was actually very pleased with it and also literally this album has no skips that’s how it was. For the antis writing bad comments,get a life and go jop to cure your hatred. Please while your here help in streaming and because your already a obsessed fan. SHINEE, EXO, NCT, WAYV. LETS GO.

5saucefam - Lit rally madness luv5 star

Truly iconic

DoraHime - Quality4 star

To sum it into one word, this is a quality album. The production is top- notch as one would expect of an SM release, and the songs themselves have a nice variety of sounds. Wish there were 2 more songs, which could make the album more cohesive and tie it up nicely but cohesive is not necessarily what they are going for this time. It was very nice to see each individual group little influences.

Pewdieplierseptic - Shawol 💕5 star

So proud of all boys!! They’re doing so well for themselves. The album has bops 👏🏼

MsFlashMonkey - Epic5 star

EXO forever. But this mini album makes great listening, esp when Baekhyun is singing.

Livvytapp💕 - So proud💞5 star

Such an amazing album so proud of all of them. Can’t wait to see if this group goes further. Amazed by Baek’s and Jongin’s vocals and I really hope they come to Europe💖

tenisty - wowcha5 star

the talent ! the artistry ! everything about it is *chefs kiss* if you want to listen to REAL music, this is it. stan talent. stan superm

georgiaweir - This must be satire right?1 star

Such a blatant attempt to copy a ‘formula’ for an artist that doesn’t have one and the songs are crap and trying to hard to be a western pop track which you can see by the lyrics and poor attempt at making ‘Jopping’ a thing , ‘stop trying to make jopping happen Karen’ , anyways was getting into kpop this has set me back wannabe white boys typical

Mich👑 - good job~5 star

as a fan of nct 127, wayv, exo and taemin’s music, i am very pleased with this album. it falls nothing short of perfect, it sounds like a combination of all their original groups’ music. show us a good performance and i can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

agn_brk - A bop5 star

Worth waiting for.. amazing

Johny Hillburg - MASTERPIECE5 star

Every song on this album is amazing! It’s so good seeing all of their talents coming together with them being in SuperM! Jopping is such a good title track and I’m so proud of all of you guys you’ve come so far and I hope you’re proud of all of your hardwork!❤️

yolo ❤️😂 - Deserves more attention5 star

Album is amazing love the whole album this group is gonna do sooo well this album is what 2019 needed!!!

shixuns - review :)4 star

I’m writing this album as a fan of all groups I tried my best to listen to this album with an open mind, so this is a review after a few hours of listening intermittently and is vastly different from my first impression. Quite honestly, it’s not my favourite album by any means but it’s still good. I’m giving it 3.5 stars (rounded to 4) as I am not typically a fan of this music style, but I still find it listenable. It’s not the most cohesive sounding album in the world but I wouldn’t call it bad because of that. I think the choice of members for this group was well done as they’ve picked some of SM’s most talented performers and it lends itself well as the rapping (Taeyong, Mark, Lucas) is complemented very well by strong vocal talent from Baekhyun and Taemin. Dance wise, the powerful combination of Jongin, Taemin and Ten is amazing and I’d recommend watching the performance video released predebut(?) just to see how good a combination they are. Of course it would be nice if some of music was less of the ‘noise’ variety so we got to see their voices stand out more / line distribution was better (Lucas & Ten should have definitely got more lines, and I wish they did) but it’s still a pretty good debut nevertheless! If you like NCT’s songs you will probably enjoy this (it’ll be different for everyone of course). My favourite songs are No Manners and 2Fast.

drewzumaki - roty5 star


myreviews00 - Very impressed5 star

Collabs like this should happen more

PatTheEve - Absolutely fantastic5 star

All the best in one album

Meow Biatch - Yes.5 star

Bops! All bops. Super M are extremely talented!

Jack Avery's Wifey - yes5 star

best song stream rn

Sheeeeeels - JOPPING ON REPEAT5 star

Super love the songs and the members!! SHINee x EXO x NCT x WAYv 🔥🔥🔥

黄仁俊ssi - SHINee EXO NCT WAYV Super M Jopping5 star

It’s great. Love the album really hard

AchieOng - 파이팅!5 star


Xlyn1230x - SuperM Daebak!5 star


Florkim28 - Super M5 star

Love the songs... more power to you guys especially to my one and only bias Taemin. Love you all \( ^.^ )/

jojohannectp - Proud of these boys!!!!5 star

Everyone did a good job!!!! But I would like to highlight Baekhyun's vocals he really did well.

Cltumimbang - TAEMIN!5 star

Always with Taemin

iloveyoulalisaaaaa - SuperM fighting!!!!5 star

Love all the songs 💚 💚💚💚 Love my kids Lucas Ten Taeyong Mark 🌱🌱🌱🌱 Let's get it! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

realllllrica - BAEKHYUN IS THE BEST5 star


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ToniStyles85 star

@superm: SuperM Concept Photo #02 : #MARK #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMtheFuture #SuperM The 1st Mini Album 'SuperM’ Worldwide Release Octob…

Tenny10mom5 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

Kekememe_5 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

Auiskyee5 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

Spktue95 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

Strawhatessa5 star

@SuperMGlblUnion: SuperM on Billboard World Albums #13 SuperM - The 1st Mini Album And we keep Jopping!! @SuperM #SuperM #Baekhyun #T…

Myten155 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

Ok_yoong5 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

Lovetaetennaja5 star

@forSuperM_TH: 🌟 Billboard Chart 🌟 • World Albums Chart The week of May 30, 2020 13. SuperM : The 1st Mini Album ขอแสดงความยินดีกับ…

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SuperM - SuperM - The 1st Mini Album Album Wiki

SuperM is the eponymous debut extended play (EP) by South Korean pop group SuperM. It was released on October 4, 2019 by SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. The CD version of the EP has eight different versions: one individual edition for each member and a "united" version. The EP debuted at the top spot of the United States' Billboard 200 albums chart, becoming the first Korean act to top the chart with their debut release..

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