The Later Years: 1987-2019

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Artist:   Pink Floyd
Album Name:   The Later Years: 198..
Genre:   Rock
Relase:   29 November 2019
Tracks:   12
Country:   USA

The Later Years: 1987-2019 (Pink Floyd) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) [..11:16
2.Marooned Jam 3:19
3.One Slip 5:09
4.Lost for Words 5:34
5.Us and Them (Live, Delicate Sound of Thu.. 7:39
6.Comfortably Numb (Live at Knebworth 1990.. 7:43
7.Sorrow 8:46
8.Learning to Fly (Live, Delicate Sound of.. 5:19
9.High Hopes (Early Version, Unreleased) 6:55
10.On the Turning Away 5:40
11.Wish You Were Here (Live at Knebworth 19.. 4:43
12.Run Like Hell (Live, Delicate Sound of T.. 7:43

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The Later Years: 1987-2019 (Pink Floyd) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • mrmojo1129

    1 stars
    No Waters. Not Pink Floyd without Roger
  • Ben Kenon

    1 stars
    Cash Grab. Does anyone want unreleased demos and remixed live tracks from Pink Floyd? Look, I love PF as much as anyone. I own every single album (except The Final Cut, because no thanks) but come on! Who greenlit this nonsense compilation? Why not do a Dylanesque Bootleg Series-style release for every period of Floyd’s career? Or a Beatlesque re-release/modern remix of their biggest albums, complete with books and outtakes? Do that for DSOTM, WYWH and Animals and I will buy every single one. But don’t go down the “contractually-obligated Odd’s n’ Sods Album” route, please. Nobody asked for it.
  • BJMatthew

    5 stars
    These Are New Mixes People. For those who think there is nothing new here I suggest you take a listen and you’ll see these are different mixes more along the lines of what Gilmore wanted initially. I for one am thankful!!!
  • shank the tank

    1 stars
    Junk. How many of these songs were written after 1987? Completely junk
  • Tommy Hartigan

    5 stars
    Solos Played A Different Way. I’ll buy anything remixes or live just to hear how Gilmour plays the solo a little different.
  • Swordfishman

    5 stars
    Momentary Lapse Remix. Please make the Momentary Lapse of Reason 2019 Remix into a stand-alone album as well. I’d like to hear Gilmour complete his vision of late Floyd. Thanks!
  • rangers08

    1 stars
    Quit already. Seriously there are a ton of albums out already
  • ThatOnePyroNoob

    1 stars
    Oh well. I wish Pink Floyd would do a reunion. Stupid Roger and David always fighting. Maybe one day. Until then, the producer from Have a Cigar owns all the music and will just sell it to us fifteen times over.
  • carl hemmings

    5 stars
    Drooling !!. On the edge of my seat waiting yes it’s old stuff but you can’t keep a classic down mine is already on pre order
  • Gavid Dilmore

    5 stars
    Long Awatied. I can’t wait.

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