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Artist:   Steven Universe
Album Name:   Steven Universe the ..
Genre:   Soundtrack
Relase:   02 September 2019
Tracks:   38
Country:   USA

Steven Universe the Movie (Original Soundtrack) (Steven Universe) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.The Tale of Steven (feat. Christine Eber..Steven Universe 1:17
2.Once Upon a TimeSteven Universe 0:55
3.Message to the UniverseSteven Universe 0:36
4.Let Us Adore You (feat. Christine Eberso..Steven Universe 1:00
5.Home Sweet HomeSteven Universe 1:14
6.Happily Ever After (feat. Zach Callison,..Steven Universe 5:10
7.The ArrivalSteven Universe 0:53
8.Other Friends (feat. Sarah Stiles, Zach ..Steven Universe 2:47
9.One on OneSteven Universe 1:02
10.system/BOOT. PearlFinal (3).Info [feat. ..Steven Universe 3:01
11.With Friends Like TheseSteven Universe 0:59
12.Crystal Gem HuddleSteven Universe 1:52
13.Who We Are (feat. Uzo Aduba, Zach Callis..Steven Universe 2:53
14.Hijinks Will EnsueSteven Universe 1:56
15.Isn't It Love? (feat. Estelle)Steven Universe 1:26
16.Search PartySteven Universe 0:20
17.Echoes of FriendshipSteven Universe 0:30
18.No Matter What (feat. Zach Callison & Mi..Steven Universe 2:11
19.Our HandshakeSteven Universe 0:26
20.No Ordinary InjectorSteven Universe 2:12
21.Disobedient (feat. Kate Micucci & Michae..Steven Universe 2:27
22.Let's DuetSteven Universe 1:06
23.Independent Together (feat. Ted Leo, Dee..Steven Universe 3:16
24.Running Out of TimeSteven Universe 0:32
25.Feelings Flooding BackSteven Universe 0:40
26.A Special WorldSteven Universe 1:09
27.Drift Away (feat. Sarah Stiles)Steven Universe 3:13
28.Found (feat. Sarah Stiles & Zach Calliso..Steven Universe 1:26
29.Downward SpiralSteven Universe 2:40
30.True Kinda Love (feat. Estelle & Zach Ca..Steven Universe 4:54
31.The Missing PieceSteven Universe 2:06
32.Change (feat. Zach Callison)Steven Universe 1:33
33.Not Good at AllSteven Universe 1:20
34.There's No Such Thing as Happily Ever Af..Steven Universe 1:07
35.Are We Interrupting Something?Steven Universe 1:55
36.Let Us Adore You (feat. Christine Eberso..Steven Universe 1:52
37.Finale (feat. Zach Callison, Deedee Magn..Steven Universe 2:02
38.True Kinda Love (feat. Estelle & Zach Ca..Steven Universe 2:37

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  • HelloMyNameIsStaticShock

    5 stars
    I ❤️ Steven Universe!!!!. Simply Amazing 😉! The best cast that I’ve seen since “Futurama” plus these people CAN sing. I kinda wish that Peridot had a solo. (Maybe if they make another SU movie). The non-singing soundtrack was kinda average , unfortunately. Nothing extraordinary like “Sardonyx’s Theme” or “Twilight Run”. But you can’t have everything. “Let Us Adore You” made me cry.
  • Alexcool10902

    5 stars
    This is great. The movie was amazing but without the soundtrack the movie would be terrible.The soundtrack is insanely good.You should try it out.
  • skeetus universe

    5 stars
    Yes. Perfect
  • KVlovesBTS

    5 stars
    Beautiful. I can’t believe it’s actual people singing, they sound wonderful!
  • gfixhna

    5 stars
    Nice. Nice😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • Virote328

    5 stars
    The best. It wasn’t even a question if I should buy this. Of course I bought it! I’ve been with Steven universe since the beginning and the songs are a big part of it. The tv shows have songs that cover a wide variety of genres and are a bit random. The movie however presents a batch of songs that fit well with each other. Listening to all the songs take me through the movie in a way that just “gets it right” If you are a Steven universe fan don’t hesitate to buy this!
  • Eviecat25

    5 stars
    Love, Love, Love!!. Ever since I watched a movie on Monday, I have been listening to the soundtrack oN LOOP! 💗 The songs are so good, and the instrumentals make the songs even better! I love Steven Universe so much and I love that the movie was a musical, I just love it so much! 10/10 would recommend! :))
  • Washi Mori

    5 stars
    I love the soundtrack. This is one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard and I can’t stop listening to it!
  • Electroyay

    5 stars
    Other friends. I heard the song over and over again, gee it’s swell to have it on itunes, yeah I heard the song really love how it ends, I love having it on iTunes! (Lol I did my review other friends themed)
  • NinjaGamer305

    5 stars
    Yes. Very enjoyable to my ears

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