Miranda Lambert - Wildcard album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Miranda Lambert
Album Name:   Wildcard
Genre:   Country
Relase:   01 November 2019
Tracks:   15
Country:   USA

Wildcard (Miranda Lambert) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.White Trash 3:09
2.Mess with My Head 2:33
3.It All Comes out in the Wash 3:34
4.Settling Down 3:17
5.Holy Water 3:14
6.Way Too Pretty for Prison (with Maren Mo.. 3:14
7.Locomotive 3:13
8.Bluebird 3:29
9.How Dare You Love 3:37
10.Fire Escape 3:49
11.Pretty Bitchin' 3:31
12.Tequila Does 4:01
13.Track Record 3:19
14.Dark Bars 4:46

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  • LightHousesound_News๐Ÿ’ฏ

    5 stars
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  • Bajapete

    5 stars
    First country album ive purchased in years. Easily her best album. Great songs, production and players. Not sure what the haters are whining about but thats the world we live in now.
  • Stan the man!!!

    1 stars
    Stan the music man unusual. Have no respect for a cheating Bโ€”โ€”
  • katrina43215

    5 stars
    AMAZING. Country/pop/rock IS amazing and anyone who thinks this isnโ€™t country doesnโ€™t know music. Shania Twain changed things for country and made it relevant to a wider audience and Miranda is now the Queen. All comes out in the wash is suuuxh a good song who cares what genre it is. Good music is good music... Period
  • MMB_19

    5 stars
    Awesome Album. Love it!
  • cgc432

    5 stars
    Pretty Bitchinโ€™. Best new music Iโ€™ve heard in forever. Smart, Fresh and Creative. Miranda thank you for this gift.
  • heavnbnd

    2 stars
    I donโ€™t like it at all. Wardog15 thinks if you canโ€™t say something positive you shouldnโ€™t review at all, what an narrow minded soul!!! This is the first ML album I havenโ€™t liked & sorry but I donโ€™t need to be positive if it isnโ€™t good & I donโ€™t like it ๐Ÿ™„ And I donโ€™t!
  • Mabbey2

    5 stars
    MABBEY11. Great
  • Sing a long songs. All the songs are great to sing along to and I bet sound great live. It was a different sound at first but it has grown on me and I love it!
  • Harley32

    5 stars
    Country Rock. Sheโ€™s keeping it country with a rock twist. I love it!!!! Keep it up!!!

Miranda Lambert - Wildcard Album Wiki

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