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Artist:   Miranda Lambert
Album Name:   Wildcard
Genre:   Country
Relase:   01 November 2019
Tracks:   15
Country:   USA

Wildcard (Miranda Lambert) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.White TrashMiranda Lambert 0:00
2.Mess with My HeadMiranda Lambert 2:33
3.It All Comes out in the WashMiranda Lambert 3:34
4.Settling DownMiranda Lambert 0:00
5.Holy WaterMiranda Lambert 0:00
6.Way Too Pretty for Prison (with Maren Mo..Miranda Lambert 3:14
7.LocomotiveMiranda Lambert 3:13
8.BluebirdMiranda Lambert 3:29
9.How Dare You LoveMiranda Lambert 0:00
10.Fire EscapeMiranda Lambert 0:00
11.Pretty Bitchin'Miranda Lambert 3:31
12.Tequila DoesMiranda Lambert 0:00
13.Track RecordMiranda Lambert 0:00
14.Dark BarsMiranda Lambert 0:00

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  • Reddeadcountry

    1 stars
    Redemption for country. I love Miranda as a country artist but if she is going pop then she should go pop and do something new. 🥃🍺🤞☝️🌙🦁💙😭😢🥺👻💀💀👽👽👾
  • Sherrilynn1212

    5 stars
    Loooove it!. Love love love it!
  • Rockman0007

    5 stars
    Not Country.... Good. and she’s doing just fine by the rest of us. Kind of like how Taylor Swift did, as she crossed over. Deal with it crybabies!!
  • Ash and Indy

    1 stars
    Not country but also just not good. Bad songwriting, terrible vocals, bad tempo and vibe. Imagine this album next to any one of Kacey Musgrave’s or Carrie Underwood’s. How is Miranda even considered in the same league as those talented ladies? She must buy her awards.
  • Jackson Bryant

    5 stars
    Artistry is much improved - love “bluebird”. Country has evolved... wake up people! You can definitely tell she’s happy now! So let her be that ...
  • gemsbysky

    5 stars
    Variety is the spice.... RanFan for life. Keep being that wildcard girl and keep them guessing. Love you! Just ignore the haters!
  • J. Martin

    1 stars
    Horrible!. I like Miranda, but this album sounds horrible.
  • BrooksKryshak

    5 stars
    I love you Miranda. You make me feel so good about myself❤️ don’t listen to the haters
  • CChamberlain4444

    1 stars
    Love Miranda but don’t love this album. I always have adored Miranda and her music but this is not country to me at all. Unfortunately this is an album I wish I hadn’t pre-ordered as I don’t like any of the songs :(
  • MKhan85

    1 stars
    Oh come on.. It’s astonishing to me how her fans come here and lie. This is awful music. She’s always worse when she talk sings. None of these songs are selling or streaming. Album of the Year. Are you serious. PA album which is far superior didn’t get nominated for any awards. She will be 36 in November. These songs are for someone younger.

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