Fear Inoculum

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Artist:   TOOL
Album Name:   Fear Inoculum
Genre:   Metal
Relase:   30 August 2019
Tracks:   10
Country:   USA

Fear Inoculum (TOOL) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Fear Inoculum10:20
3.Litanie contre la Peur 2:14
5.Legion Inoculant 3:09
7.Culling Voices10:05
8.Chocolate Chip Trip 4:48
10.Mockingbeat 2:05

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Fear Inoculum (TOOL) Album Reviews

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  • j2damfnj

    5 stars
    C’Mon. It’s TOOL... of course it’s gonna be amazing!!
  • RockNRollStaaaa

    4 stars
    Good. It’s grown on me since the first couple of listens, but I’d still say it’s less interesting than most of their other work.
  • Droceankiddd

    1 stars
    The math:. I am a lifelong fan, but I did the math. It’s not just me. MJK only sings on 23.426% of this album. No soaring sustained notes, or even fully projected notes. What a massive absence of arguably the most crucial element of the group. Imagine TOOL had all their teeth pulled, no power, no urgency, terrible production, it’s mixed so very quietly without any of the engineering artistry they showcased in all their previous releases. Nothing that made TOOL what they once were remains here, outside of the bass player and drummers technical chops. The lack of Maynard’s vocals on Descending and 7empest are so glaringly absent, and the composition on 7empest is so half baked and sputters to such a rickety ending that it sounds unfinished. I know it was a leftover from AEnima, you’d think MJK would’ve managed to think up some lyrics/melodies in 23 years. I’ll always love tool first four albums. But if you’re an old school fan give it a couple whirls before you buy.
  • lvfreerdi3

    5 stars
    Album of the year/century. Beautiful raw rock n roll. Sophisticated flows that come together so beautifully. This is real rock. Go listen and go on a journey. I sure hope this isn’t the last album from TOOL. They are extremely gifted and the best rock/metal band of our generation. I can’t thank you enough MJK and TOOL for releasing your albums on iTunes. I immediately downloaded their entire catalogue. Please please please, I bed you TOOL, keep em coming. You have so much more, left to explore. Anyone who doesn’t love this albums, simply doesn’t have ears to hear. Unfortunately, with TOOL releasing all of their albums on ITunes, I believe it could be a message, that Fear Inoculum was their swan song. I sure hope I’m wrong though. They can do so much more and MJKs other side projects like APC are good, but nothing they do compares to TOOLS work. Hopefully they just released their albums on iTunes so everyone can experience their music. I pray that this isn’t it. I will be devastated if my favorite band calls it quits, with so much more material left to discover. Their sound NEVER gets old. Every album is timeless and they should NOT stop now.
  • GusfromTarget

    4 stars
    Amazing album. One of my favorite Tool albums. It feels like a new sound while it doesn’t. It’s very Tool-y. Clear connections: Schism and Pneuma, Jambi and Invincible, Reflection/Pushit and Fear Inoculum, and 7empest being a callback to their Opiate/Undertow material. Great album. Not their best, but still crazy good. P.S. Descending babyyyyyyyyy
  • Dead Black Head

    5 stars
    Come on, Folks. Breaks my heart to see so many negative reviews. I fully understand that some are disappointed because the album differs so much from the rest of Tool's oeuvre, and some may genuinely not like the songs. I get it; I was uncertain at first, too. However, to dump on Fear Inoculum so mercilessly seems unfair. The songs, musicianship, density/complexity, and production all are very high level. I'm 100% convinced that if this were the 1st Tool album long time fans heard they would be blown away. It's worth being in everyone's rotation for Danny Carey alone. My humble advice to all: Wait til no-one else is home, play it at max volume in a dark room. Stunning and moving and revealing.
  • Billyg79

    5 stars
    Amazing. Months later, still listening and loving it. No, actually I am loving it more. Would stay on 7emptest and Fear Inonculum, but as a let the whole album play out, then i realize what Descending and Culling Voices and Pneuma and Invincible are. They are simply AMAZING. Thank you to the band, the producers, the sound engineers for this.
  • jmorales1950

    1 stars
    Why isn’t all the songs downloading even though I pay for it. t all the songs downloading even though I pay for it??? Apple?????
  • Browncoat77

    1 stars
    Garbage. Waited so long for garbage...skip this record. Listen to old tool.
  • Monte39

    5 stars
    Perfect album!. Absolutely worth the wait. Very very dense...repeated listens are the key. This album requires some effort but it’s 100% worth it. You will find this album grows on you more and more with each listen. New sonic details are revealed each time.

TOOL - Fear Inoculum Album Wiki

Fear Inoculum is the fifth studio album by American rock band Tool. It was released on August 30, 2019, through Tool Dissectional, Volcano Entertainment, and RCA Records. It is the band's first album in 13 years, due to creative, personal, and legal issues band members encountered since the release of 10,000 Days. The album was released to critical acclaim, with reviewers generally agreeing that the band had successfully refined their established sound. The album topped the US Billboard 200 albums chart, their third album in a row to do so, selling over 270,000 album-equivalent units. The album topped five other national album charts in its opening week as well. Two songs off the album received Grammy Nominations, first single "Fear Inoculum", for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, and album closer "7empest", for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance..