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Artist:   Lil Tjay
Album Name:   F.N
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   09 August 2019
Tracks:   6
Country:   USA

F.N (Lil Tjay) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.F.NLil Tjay 3:44
2.LANESWITCHLil Tjay 2:30
3.BrothersLil Tjay 3:30
4.Ruthless (feat. Jay Critch)Lil Tjay 4:04
5.LeakedLil Tjay 3:40
6.GoatLil Tjay 4:02

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IQ Test
  • mouse25

    1 stars
    mosquitos. I rather get mosquito bites than hear this listen TROUBLED ONE
  • K!ch!ga!

    1 stars
    Utter garbage. Who buys this garbage? Really, for real? You could record a collection of wet farts and hype it enough with people still flocking in by the thousands to buy it. Idiot generation.
  • Boobooboy1265

    5 stars
    Straight fire. Don’t care they’ve been released. They’re all so good! He has a bright future in rap🔥🔥🔥
  • ghkgkgi

    5 stars
    Hogging. Gkgkgkgkh
  • shehsbdjejdbejwksk

    5 stars
    Betta than ya think. Why ya hatin for this song was lyrically good if ya even know wat lyricism Is and speakin from the heart this EP wasn’t supposed to be just new music he obviously put these particular songs for a reason Plus Ya actually think this is an Album no nothin bout music this is a EP not an LP or an Album SMDH
  • You shaknow

    4 stars
    ❤️. HE went in he did good on this one
  • AppleItuneJunky

    1 stars
    Garbage.... Shaking my head at all these trash rappers. Another one who has no metaphors or story to tell. Garbage!
  • Acbutler

    3 stars
    Good Sound. Current, like it. Keep all your notes to Continue. 15 minutes Practice. No Journaling. @
  • FinesseHBTL

    5 stars
    Amazing song. Imagine wasting your time writing a bad comment about dumb stuff lol. Idk about those 1 star people but I know that us 5 star people know potential when we see it. He is only 17-18 years old doing huge things let him be. But I feel like you have to be trolling to come out a bad review on a song fr
  • Bruinsfan770

    3 stars
    Literally one new song. Fire but FN is the only song thats not out

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