Dirt Bag

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Artist:   Blueface
Album Name:   Dirt Bag
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   09 August 2019
Tracks:   8
Country:   USA

Dirt Bag (Blueface) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Dirt BagBlueface 2:13
2.Bussdown (feat. Offset)Blueface 3:02
3.DisrespectfulBlueface 2:32
4.Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid)Blueface 2:31
5.Bussin (feat. Lil Pump)Blueface 2:14
6.Stop Cappin (feat. The Game)Blueface 3:32
7.Gang (feat. Mozzy)Blueface 3:04
8.Bleed ItBlueface 2:25

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Dirt Bag (Blueface) Album Reviews

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  • Krazy krisis

    1 stars
    F-. This is hella bad don't buy it
  • Jiz master 5

    1 stars
    Tf. Wish I could give less than 1 star
  • Savagekid112

    3 stars
    Eeh it’s okay. The only good songs on here is dirt bag and bleed it and a bit pricey
  • nik199998

    1 stars
    From Tupac to Blueface smh. trash 🔥
  • a person who likes metal music

    2 stars
    I’d like an instrumental version.... This is NOT rap. Given how slow this guy’s flow is and how unoriginal his voice is, it should’ve been put under ‘spoken word’ for the genre. The only thing that prevented me from giving it one star was the production. It’s good and I’d like to know who his beat maker is.
  • Nik3boii

    1 stars
    Ohh. Ohh no baby what is u raping about
  • daryonna

    1 stars
    Cryp. He should be a blood he should be a shamed and he a crip because that’s why he got the word blue in his name
  • Zxyxxncmmiidduemh

    5 stars
    Good, but a bit pricey. Not a big Blueface fan, but I love this album! The only complaint is the runtime is 22 minutes, if you keep this in mind, you should love it 💕
  • Jayjay the savagggeee

    1 stars
    .... Lmaoo
  • RJ9702

    1 stars
    What the hell is this??!. Horrible

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