Rescue Story

Zach Williams - Rescue Story album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Zach Williams
Album Name:   Rescue Story
Genre:   Christian & Gospel
Relase:   04 October 2019
Tracks:   10
Country:   USA

Rescue Story (Zach Williams) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Walk With You 3:47
2.Less Like Me 3:43
3.Rescue Story 3:57
4.Stand Up 3:14
5.Slave to Nothing 3:35
6.Under My Feet 3:28
7.There Was Jesus 3:43
8.Heaven Help Me 3:22
9.Baptized 3:24
10.Face to Face 3:23

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Rescue Story (Zach Williams) Album Reviews

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  • akj_jbm03

    5 stars
    FINALLY!. I loved Chain Breaker and was excited for this album. Zach Williams did not disappoint. There is not a song on this album that isn’t fantastic. There a few Christian artists that I like to listen to, so thank you for being one of them a continuing to make amazing music.
  • 0p108vomd$

    5 stars
    Very good. 👍🏻
  • J. Pearl

    5 stars
    Amazing. Always been a Zach Williams fan, but this album surprised me and in my opinion is as good if not better than his first album!! Very well done!!
  • The pillow monster

    5 stars
    Another great album. I love this Album and his soul wrenching lyrics with every song. Another great one brother
  • jcb444

    5 stars
    His heart and soul sings for Jesus. I am deeply moved by his music and heart for Jesus. The fact that he is an incredibly talented instrumentalist as well just blows me away.
  • TekSavvy

    5 stars
    Beyond Powerful. I had never heard of Zach until I saw him perform in Orlando a few months ago. He was beyond amazing, as is his new album. Stay true “to you” Zach, as your music is inspiring and your voice and lyrics are nothing short of award-winning sir!
  • nicktmayer

    5 stars
    Love it!!. This record is really special. Heartfelt songs and honest lyrics. Love it!
  • 4301 sk

    5 stars
    Profound. Williams is in a league of his own. The way God moves through his lyrics and reaches your heart is nothing like anything else out there today.
  • Jet mac

    5 stars
    Our new son “Israel”. We have been finishing up an adoption and this album has inspired us along the way. The song Rescue Story has been our theme throughout the journey. Thank you so much for this album every song as you released it spoke directly to me.
  • dkozak20

    5 stars
    Amazing. New album is nothing short of amazing blend of gospel country choir. Best thing to happen to Christian music in a very long time.

Zach Williams - Rescue Story Album Wiki

Zachary Stephen Williams (born March 5, 1981) is an American Christian rock artist from Jonesboro, Arkansas. From 2007 through 2012 he was a member of Zach Williams & The Reformation (acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals). He was also the lead singer of the Christian groups Brothers of Grace, renamed as Zach Williams and the Brothers of Grace. In 2016 he went solo..