10,000 Days by TOOL

10,000 Days [TOOL] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Vicarious 7:05
2.Jambi 7:28
3.Wings For Marie, Pt. 1 6:11
4.10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2)11:13
5.The Pot 6:21
6.Lipan Conjuring 1:11
7.Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) 3:46
8.Rosetta Stoned11:11
9.Intension 7:21
10.Right In Two 8:55
11.Viginti Tres 5:00

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10,000 Days by TOOL Album Reviews

- Individually good

This album has good individual songs and is great for introducing new people to tool.

- Finally...and hopefully more to come

I have been waiting a long time for TOOL to be on iTunes. I have all their physical cds from before I had a smartphone/mp3 player to download music. For TOOL fans this is good news. Hopefully it means the long awaited new album is coming soon. Now I have my fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞that TOOL’s Salival (live) album also becomes available.



- Tool is the best name for this band

They are all tools

- Finally

All is right with the world now that TOOL is on iTunes.



- Reason for Album title

It took 10,000 Days for them to make a new album.

- Top Shelf

98% of my music taste is EDM or deep house. Tool makes up the other 2%. This was the first Tool CD I heard and that was in 2008. This is one of a few albums that I could listen to for another decade and still love it

- After 18 years!!!

since 2001 i’ve been waiting for iTunes to have Tool. Finally!!! 10/10 gold

- Surreal

This is one of the greatest albums of all time of any band. Call it rock if you like, to me it's a sort of Rock/New Age hybrid and definitely transcendental.

- the pot is forever iconic

tool always makes my mind wonder and explore

- Well.....

It’s a step down from previous albums but the opening 2 songs, Vicarious and The Pot made it worth the purchase way back in the Jurassic period when it was released. The rest of the disc is like the just released single, Fear Inoculum. Dull and plodding, with some good moments here and there.

- Amazing album

This is an incredible album, love it.


It’s about time.

- Crazy huh

People on here bought this album like it just dropped this week. But hey that’s Tool for you. Great band great album. Would recommend to Anyone and everyone

- I cry every time is listen while drunk!!!!

This CD and music is so good that whenever I get drunk and listen to this I cry like a baby. One of the best bands and albums of all time.

- Who are you to wave your finger!?



The Pot & Rosetta Stoned !!!! Yes!!!!!!!

- Exceptional

A great follow up to Lateralus.

- I did a double take when i saw this on iTunes

If it isnt tool, it isn't good

- Still relevant

I love how ahead of its time that this album was. It is still so relevant today if not more relevant than before. Vicarious is spot on with today’s world and the whole album is a work of art. You can get away with starting track 1 and listening to the whole thing without skipping ANY song or skit


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- Finally

Tool is back!

- 10,000 Plays

My favorite Tool album. Fantastic all the way through. Initially (since I started listening to them five years ago), I loved Aenima and Lateralus and didn’t care for this one, but over time, I’ve come to enjoy the former two a little less (still great though), while this one has done nothing but grow on me.

- Solid 10/10

Tool at its best

- Hmmm

I was looking for Disney music and saw 10,000 Days. Now i don’t remember the song I was looking for.


Tool keep making fantastic music I hope metal becomes mainstream again pummels rap and pop. I love this album and AEnima is my favorite album🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

- No Words

Greatest band of all time

- Fleepin fire 9/10

Fleeping good album. This is defiantly a buy.


Thank you...

- Track 10 will not authorize on my computer

despite me having paid the full amount required and several attempts to authorize it. After it claims my computer IS authorized, it continues to require authorization on the first attempt to play and any and all attempts following. Please open the PATHWAY and provide me with the music I've purchased the right to enjoy. THANKS in advance.

- Mentally detoxifying

Tools just perfect

- Modern masterpiece

10,000 days and Rosetta stones are life changing pieces of music.

- Listen at work all the time...

One of my favorite albums to jam while at work. Right in two is probably my favorite.

- The Best, Hands Down

While every album TOOL has ever made is outstanding, this is by far my favorite album to date! It literally takes my breath away at points. Invades my soul.

- Well it’s about time

Love this album and have been waiting what seems endlessly for their music to drop here

- Sqmqrqh



Because it’s TOOL, duh

- Disappointed

Just doesn’t do it for me. I loved everything up through 10,000 days and then they took a turn in sound that I can’t absorb. Same with APC’s latest one, Maynard is just going a different direction.

- Incredible album

Modern day Pink Floyd

- 🤘


- Emotionally powerful

What is there to say except that like all their other works this is exquisite and crafted to make one think. Tool on iTunes FINALLY!!!!

- Not impressed one bit, out of 500+ 5’s

Like I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that any generic sheeple in these reviews idolizes a track you have to album that I quite think is Rnse&Rpt “Metal” that they claim is “top shelf” rock and roll...there’s plenty of more invigorating music. If you are a die hard condom sniffer for “muh deep meaning”, big rock candy mountain it’ll be...

- Not the Tool album I wanted in 2006

But still really good.. Rosetta Stoned is great. I’ll never look at William Manspeaker the same again. I think the low point is Right in Two. Meh... Yet, the Pot is a great song to sing in the car..

- One of the GREATEST albums of all time!

Must listen to the entire album.... It's a experience...

- Perfect

All of TOOLS albums are sophisticated masterpieces of art. Best rock band to grace this earth.

- 👌🏻

Great album

- Trash


- I love this album, it deep and powerful

This album is great but I personally like all Tool’s albums .

- About time

What the title says

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- Whaaattt?!?

They actually went digital?! No more having to keep buying the same CD’s when they get all scratched up anymore! Makes me wonder if they will actually release the new album or if they’re throwing the dog a bone 🤔 Either way, I’m happy! 👍🏽

- Time has come

I have patiently waited for years & finally greatness has arrived.

- Superb

Excellence for Demanding Ears

- Thank the lords

Moved to Asia 10 years ago.. Obviously no A&B sound or Best Buy so only streamed Tool through You Tube... Very happy to have on Apple, a billion potental fans over here and no where to buy it until know.. Thanks Maynard and Crew!

- Amazing!!

So many powerful, emotional layers to the music!! Finally I got it on iTunes too!

- Just 4 stars!?

Song like Jambi and Right in Two are worth the cost of the album. The song on this album vary from classics to pretty good.

- Listen from start to finish

MJK avoided making Tool albums available to streaming because he never intended them to be one song experiences. This album from start to finish is ABSOLUTE PROOF that he was right!!! Now, do as you will!!! Can't wait until the new album drops!!! High anticipation!!!!!

- Gods

Nothing less.

- Thank you!

Feels like we’ve waited 10,000 days for the new album, but I’m sure it’s worth it. Lucky we’re getting anything at all, I suppose.

- Tool

Every time I listen to this album or a singular track off of it, I’m always hit with a feeling of unease and excitement. Perfect blend of mind bending polyrhythms and haunting melodies.

- About Time iTunes and TOOL did this!

Epic, can't wait until Aug 30th!!!! Long awaited new album drops.....Maybe.

- Tool

Overwhelmed as one would be placed in my position...

- Better with age

In my opinion it is Tools most emotional album. It has a number of hard songs like The Pot, Jambi and Vicarious. Anyone who has ever lost somebody important to them should listen to Wings for Marie and 10,000 Days. It is one of the most beautifully haunting and sad songs I’ve ever heard.

- Tool are the greatest band of all time

Tool produce such incredible works of sonic art that it defies both belief and description, but I will try. This album is so ethereal, brutal, emotive and spine tinglingly perfect that it is a contender for the best one to date. Please I emplore you to discover this band if you have not already and take the journey to other realities and states of mind that Tool can manifest. Jambi is a showcase of what a rhythm section of such incredible power and talent can accomplish, it is outstanding. Maynard's tribute to his mother, Wings for Marie, both parts, will leave you spellbound over his emotive vocals and uncomprimising delivery. And The Pot is so full of chunky brutal riffage that it will bring on spasms of prog metal awakening. Listen to anything from this band you will never regret it!


No more words needed.

- One of the best albums of all time

Music that is also not mainstream

- No words just perfect


- Title

I’ll sell it all to buy it all.

- Trash! Trash! Trash!

Absolute trash!

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- The LATEST album as of August 2nd 2019

VICARIOUS. JAMBI. WINGS PT1&2. THE POT. ROSETTA STONED. INTENSION. RIGHT IN TWO. All masterpieces. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve listened to this album but it’s likely more than any other I’ve ever owned.

- An amazing, transcendental album

Quite simply, one of the greatest albums of all time.

- Epic


- At last!!!!


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