Lateralus by TOOL

Lateralus [TOOL] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.The Grudge 8:36
2.Eon Blue Apocalypse 1:04
3.The Patient 7:14
4.Mantra 1:12
5.Schism 6:47
6.Parabol 3:04
7.Parabola 6:03
8.Ticks & Leeches 8:10
9.Lateralus 9:24
10.Disposition 4:46
12.Triad 6:37
13.Faaip De Oiad 2:38

Lateralus (pronounced /lætərˈælɪs/) is the third studio album by American alternative/progressive metal band Tool. The album was released on May 15, 2001, and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. On August 5, 2003, Lateralus was certified double platinum by the RIAA. On August 30, 2004 the album was certified Silver by the BPI for sales of 60,000 in the UK. On August 23, 2005, Lateralus was released as a limited edition two-picture-disc vinyl LP in a holographic gatefold package. As with Ænima and Undertow, the album is replete with time signature changes, more than ever. Overall, Lateralus was critically well received and its complexity provoked many responses akin to what Ryan Rayhil of Spin magazine had to say about the album, calling it a "monolithic puzzlebox". Lateralus and the corresponding tours would take Tool a step further toward art-rock and progressive rock territory. Rolling Stone wrote in an attempt to summarize the album that "Drums, bass and guitars move in jarring cycles of hyperhowl and near-silent death march... The prolonged running times of most of Lateralus' thirteen tracks are misleading; the entire album rolls and stomps with suitelike purpose." Joshua Klein of The A.V. Club in turn expressed his opinion that Lateralus, with its 79-minute running time and relatively complex and long songs — topped by the ten-and-a-half minute music video for "Parabola" — posed a challenge to fans and music programming alike. Drummer Danny Carey said, "The manufacturer would only guarantee us up to 79 minutes... We thought we'd give them two seconds of breathing room." Carey aspired to create longer songs like those by artists he grew up listening to. The band had segues to place between songs, but had to cut out a lot during the mastering phase. The CD itself was mastered using HDCD technology. The album was a commercial success in the United States, reaching number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart in its debut week. Well-received by both fans and most critics, it was named Kerrang!'s album of the year in 2001, and the band received the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song "Schism". During the band's acceptance speech, drummer Carey stated that he would like to thank his parents "for putting up with ", and bassist Justin Chancellor concluded, "I want to thank my dad for doing my mom." Digital Dream Door ranked the drumming performance by Danny Carey on the song "Ticks & Leeches" number one on the 100 Greatest Rock Drum Performances, and ranked the whole album number one on their list of the 100 Greatest Drumming Albums.

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Lateralus by TOOL Album Reviews

- Saw Tool live when they were touring this album.

Buy the whole album, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you buy just a couple songs. This album was designed to be listened to as a whole

- No Words

Greatest band of all time

- Outstanding

Absolutely master crafted.

- Their Finest Hour!

“Lateralus” is, by far, Tool’s finest hour. Heavier than “Opiate”, more progressive than “Ænima”, and Adam Jones at the very top of his game. Superb!!!!

- Trash



Genre Tool.

- Timeless

A final musical glimpse of the world pre-9/11..

- Delete all of your other music

Only listen to Tool

- The Best Album of all time.

This album has changed my life for the absolute better and I 100% believe it’s by far the best. There is so much to find and discover in this album whether it’s sound, or motifs, or ideas inside the lyrics, or what the songs are about. You can hear this 1000 times and still find something new to experience with every song. Best album ever. Buy this album. Listen to it with headphones, loudly. Focus on the music and let yourself go to it.

- Lateralus Review

I can’t get enough of this album, it is simultaneously good for working out to and good to help falling asleep to. It is perhaps the best rock album of the entire 00s, if not the century.

- Yes


- Amazing

Another masterpiece by TOOL, the best rock band to grace the earth.

- This is it.

This is an album that’ll last forever. Throw away everything you’ve ever known about music, open your mind, and learn from the instrumentation and lyrics in front of you. Progress towards perfection folks.


Thank you...

- 👌

I know the peace’s fit!

- Tool album

Tool album. 10 rate

- Incredible

This bands great . It like spirit of Mozart has possessed this band to produce a unique variation of rock music . A bad TOOL song is good, a good TOOL song is a masterpiece. They don’t try to pander to any specific group of people either they just make great music .

- Unreal

Drums alone are phenomenal. If you’re into working out and like this kind of music, listen to this while lifting weights and the adrenaline rush will make you feel invincible.

- Some of the most complex songs ever written

Parabol/parabola is a piece of music that every single person needs to listen to. It’s empowering and humbling. It is bigger than a song. And there’s an entire album of music with just as high of quality surrounding it.

- It’s Lateralus

Listen From beginning to end, it’s a journey. Spiral out.

- Best album to trip Acid too

It was around 2004. I dropped lsd with my buddy David. We listened the the entire album during our peak from start to finish very loud on my brothers sound system. I think it’s the only way to see what Tool tries to teach us. Separate the body from the mind. Master piece 🤘🏻🤘🏻

- Tool

Awesome album; owned the cd when it came out, and now finally downloaded it and it’s amazing

- Not playing track 13

Tells me to authorize my computer to play song. I do that. It tells me my computer IS authorized. Doesn't play track. Please open the pathway Apple so I can enjoy the music I gave you money to hear. Thanks in advance.

- Absolute masterpiece


- Still awesome

This album is by far one the best. The different moods each song evokes gives you something to listen too for heavy or chill.

- Excellent Sound Quality

We all know Tool is great and this is their Opus. Real question though is this: Is this worth the money from iTunes? Yes. This digital master is excellent. Reward the boys for staying the course. Buy the album.

- Flowing dynamic electric dream orgy

The most perfect sounds ever recorded

- Best album

Tools masterpiece

- YES!!

Good call, Tool! I lost my CD collection that had your entire collection in it. Thank you.

- They’ll triangulate this position really really soon


- Pure work of ART!

This album is Tool PERIOD...... Nothing else needs to be said. Ryan Meredith Conroe,TX

- Can I give 6 stars?

They follow up a historically good record with a potentially better one. Although still a heavy album, they bring it down slightly and step up the progressive elements. This album should be listened to in its entirety and not just in snippets. Disposition/Reflection/Triad is one of the highlights, at least for me, of the bands discography.

- Best Album of Our Existsnce

Anybody giving this under 5 stars can take my stinkfist

- Finally!

Took is back!


I first heard Schism on KROQ and I was hooked. You rarely hear bands with such great music like Tool.

- The Whole Album Flows Together

Every song builds off each other to tell a narrative. This album is a favorite for sure.

- Lateralus

Nothing sounds like this.

- I was too young then

I purchased this album when it first was released played it didn't undersatnd it at all and stopped listening to it. Turn the clock maybe 10 years later and it hit me how amazing this album is! I agree this is music "self discovery" can't wait for the new albulm we've waited awhile but thats ok!

- Fiap de Oiad

If god made an album, this would be it

- Defined

I feel this album solidified them in the rock world as all time greats if not the greatest

- everything is tool

tool is everything


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- great album by tool

i like the guitar & drums in the album lateralus alot of different sounds in every song they do o this album would highly recommand buying it again if you have it on cd

- Epic


- Awesome album!!

A must !!

- 🤘

Best album of all time

- Epic

This star rating should go to 11. Listen to it all the way through and ride the spiral.

- Hey

The patient is the best Tool song. Fight me


ever since I created my iTunes accounted searched for tool. even though I have there cd’s I wanted to know they were on iTunes & at last it’s here. thank you maynard

- Great album

This is my favorite album from Tool.

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- Fantastic


- Euh

Yenhirtfgd tt x

- Spiral out, keep going

“You don’t listen to a Tool album, you experience it” - Some dude

- ya ddese c

I ever vRr rc r tree removal of was coming

- Favourite bad of all time!

Put some headphones in, close your eyes, press play!! Omg!

- Awesome

Best band ever existed

- My favourite album from Tool

This album is everything to me. It is powerful, yet calm. It leaves you satisfied, yet craving for more. It’s a beautiful album with some of the most talented musicians alive! Seriously, I challenge anyone who doesn’t listen to or like rock, to sit down and listen to this album (preferably with lyrics at hand, to get the best experience) and just spiral out because you won’t be disappointed!

- Amazing

I nearly died seeing Tool finally in the iTunes Store.

- Glorious Sounds


- I’m a tool.

Buy it. Enjoy.


I mean, the transition of ‘Parabol’ into ‘Parabola,’ need I say more?

- Greatest album ever created

If you have never spiralled out from this album. You have never lived

- My favourite album

This album is mind blowing and the song Lateralus is a truly a work of art.

- Great album

Spiral out

- Most overrated band of all time!

This is so trash!

- Another great tool album

Lateralus is amazing.

- Pitchfork don't like this record must suck.

- Toooooool

Rock on. My favourite album. Thank you for the music, Tool!

- Masterpiece

We all had the albums before iTunes existed, but i hope these releases by TOOL will bring this deeply powerful music to a new group of people. Intense and skilful commentary on the human condition with some of the most creative musical artistry make this the standout album in all of TOOL's briliant catalogue.

- Amazing

Just buy it...... you can thank me later

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- The best

Best album ever

- Fibonacci’s Finest

A spiral twisted through my heart, released in a beat, shivered my bones and freed the part of me that once screamed alone. Thank you Tool.

- Amazing

Just recently got into TOOL and I can’t believe this music has been around for so long and I’ve not paid any attention to it. This is so good. Downloaded Fear Inoculum a few weeks ago which is just out of this world! This album ROCKS!


I would not be the same person had it not been for this album. Listening to this CHANGED ME.

- Epic


- Absolutely love this album!

About time Tool was available on iTunes!

- Masterpiece

This record is a masterpiece and for me changed entirely the way I think about music. My favourite record of all time.

- Genius

One of the greatest albums of all time, any genre. Danny Carey’s drumming is without peer.

- A prog masterpiece

This album is so good it will ruin other music for you.

- Outstanding musicianship

Heavy, creative, thrilling, Intense.....Perfection!

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Querem sentir-se velhos? olhem os álbuns que fazem VINTE anos este ano: Daft Punk - Discovery Rammstein - Mutter Radiohead - Amnesiac Gorillaz s/t SOAD - Toxicity Tool - Lateralus Destiny's Child - Survivor Converge - Jane Doe Opeth - Blackwater Park Within Temptation - Mother E.

Brad G

@JasonCroft8569 @Wideawake2020 @LindsayBlake @RedDevineRizing @LLinWood you'll see.


@superskrong Lateralus- Tool.

Matt Kersting

@STEVIEFRANCH1ZE Tool - The Grudge . . . Opening track of the Lateralus album.

Whispers From The Void

HEY MORT, REMEMBER (Today's soundtrack second album is Lateralus by Tool.)? GOOD TIMES.

Sean N

@ditzkoff @CommissarJoe Better Lateralus than never..


I wonder how many people who have listened to Lateralus know what a Fibonacci sequence is..

Satyajeet Patil

@AFHStewart Lateralus, Comfortably Numb.

Jim Krenz

♫ Listening to "Lateralus" by Tool (Lateralus, 2001) ♫.


@___jgl___ @gloomybu Eon blue apocalypse - Tool (Lateralus).

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