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Artist:   Demun Jones
Album Name:   Demun
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   09 September 2019
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

Demun (Demun Jones) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.My Name's DemunDemun Jones 3:08
2.The Long WayDemun Jones 3:02
3.Good MorningDemun Jones 3:24
4.The Leaves (feat. Long Cut)Demun Jones 3:45
5.Dreams of Mine (feat. JJ & Sissy)Demun Jones 3:17
6.Town Like Mine (feat. Nate Kenyon)Demun Jones 3:31
7.Signs (feat. Struggle Jennings)Demun Jones 3:06
8.DirtyDemun Jones 3:00
9.Sidewayz (feat. Sam Grow)Demun Jones 3:26
10.RegardlessDemun Jones 3:00
11.SunriseDemun Jones 3:29
12.The WorldDemun Jones 3:20
13.A ForeverDemun Jones 2:55
14.JessicaDemun Jones 3:44

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  • cyphur

    5 stars
    Another one. overall this was a great release by Mr Jones.. each track showed a part of him.. it was a break out of his usual releases.. he kept to his roots and yet showed that he can do more than just redneck rap.. guy is talented.. i'm still amazed that he isn't bigger than he is.. however that being said i'm glad that he keeps things real and stays in touch with his fans makes sure that we feel like a part of his adventure.. been a fan for awhile and i don't see that changing.. keep on going Demun.. we're here for you brotha..
  • lennox krivinsky

    5 stars
    Demun for Prez!!!. Consistently the dopest of his genre. No question. Real Quality. Real Talent.
  • gmost520

    5 stars
    Oops, he did it AGAIN!!. Love all of his hometown and family references!! Keep ‘em coming, Demun!!
  • Rev_John

    5 stars
    Get yours!!. My favorite album by Demun Jones yet. Can’t wait to see these songs LIVE!
  • Mimiforreal

    5 stars
    10STARS!. Perfect!
  • Wardsdogspa

    5 stars
    On another level!. Every album Demun drops just get better and better!!!
  • OG_K13

    5 stars
    NOBODY is touching this dude!. Another HEATER for sure! Keep making these great tunes.
  • Handjacked jr

    5 stars
    Awesome music!. I love listening to your music while I’m gaming!
  • HandJacked

    5 stars
    Demun is a modern day Bocephus. A very talented and humble guy making a new a different sound in the music world!
  • kcheadland

    5 stars
    Best yet!. Demon Jones never ceases to deliver!

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