Fire & Brimstone by Brantley Gilbert

Fire & Brimstone [Brantley Gilbert] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 2:56
2 3:03
3 3:01
4 3:23
5 3:21
6 3:28
7 3:26
8 5:22
9 3:18
10 4:01
11 3:11
12 3:09
13 3:05
14 3:08
15 3:30
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Fire & Brimstone by Brantley Gilbert Album Reviews

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- FIRE 🔥5 star

Been a fan of his for a long time, BG never disappoints and he didn’t with this album. This album is just like his other ones FIRE 🔥 this one is just like the name “FIRE” 🔥

- Awesome5 star

Are you going to the concert for this album I am🤗

- Just keeps doing it.5 star

I hate country. Loved it as a kid but as an adult I didn’t connect with it anymore. I had a friend who insisted I listen to bg. He would go so far as to buy the cd and send it to me in the mail with his a note with the songs he insisted I listen to. I didn’t for awhile but once I did I was hooked. This album has done it again.

- ❤️5 star

This album is awesome! Love all the songs! By far one of my favorites

- Love it!!!5 star

Im not a huge country fan. There is a few artists that I do love in the genre & BG is my favorite. I'm a hard rock guy & I love how BG adds that rock flair to his jams. This album is no different for me, like all of his releases I think this one is a masterpiece. I'm also a huge fan of the Christian hard rock band Pillar & I think it's so cool that Noah Henson from Pillar plays guitars for BG. Buy this album, It's amazing beginning to end!

- Generic radio crap1 star

Dude, go back to the halfway to heaven/modern day prodigal son sound. That was genuine. This is not.

- Rockin’ Awesome5 star

Worth the wait!!!! Awesome!!!!! Wonderful!

- What kind or bro down is this?1 star

He can’t make money on pop or rock radio, so he tries to label himself as country. What a waste of time.

- Not just a title but a way of life5 star

There’s not a lot I can say to those who don’t like him other then your not like us and you will never understand B because you haven’t been down the same kind of road I can say this through my dark time B was there for me there no other artist that I turned to then him because I’ve never seen an artist open up like he dose to me this isn’t just a title it’s a way for us to tell people about the journeys we have been on thanks for all you do for music Bg you have Ben a big inspiration in my life

- Yes!5 star

I’ve been a fan of BG since Modern Day Prodigal Son. He still has his Southern Rock songs that you can’t help but blast. There’s also songs that make you feel how much he loves Amber and his children. I love hearing this growth in who he is as a man. One of my favorite BG albums.

- BG 💀💀🤟5 star

Amazing album !! 🤩

- Not as good as the previous albums1 star

Just not as good. Just dnt have that original BG to it...... last album was better. But ant none of um been as good as the original hell on wheels


love it!

- Same As All the others: Loud, noisy, Same "Tone"1 star

Same As All the other country singers these days: Loud, noisy, Same "Tone".

- Awesome again!!!5 star

Been listening for years. Love, love , love me some Brantley. New Money & Break Down have to make it. Keep those tunes coming😊

- Why hate?????5 star

So for all of these people commenting that this is trash, get over yourself. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. No one is forcing you to buy it. If you don't like how country is evolving, go listen to your old records. I don't care one way or the other. But... don't take other people down just because you don't like something. You never know how your words can change someones life. BG keep doing your thing. AMAZING album by the way. By the way, I played on the softball team country wide coached by Tyler Murphy. #BGnationrocks

- Love it!!!!5 star

I love every single song on the new album!!! I already have 1/2 of the songs on my phone. I listen to them daily—all day! Also seen him in concert for the first time on September 22, 2019... AWESOME

- Song4 star


- Amazing5 star

Amazing songs love all of them.

- This album is 🔥🔥🔥5 star

Love this whole album!! BG is always a favorite, but this is the first album in a while where I’ve enjoyed the whole album. His songs are easy to feel connected to. Keep it coming BG!

- Sounds like Brantley Gilbert4 star

Other than the abysmal song with Colt Ford, this album is pretty good. I like his last album more and this one isn’t breaking any new ground, but it’s still enjoyable. But seriously, Colt Ford? He’s complete garbage. Skip track 3 and you’ll be alright.

- Garbage1 star


- Wow!! He does it again!!5 star

The past two days I’ve had “Fire & Brimstone” and “Lost Souls Prayer” on repeat. These songs really hit me hard and have helped me in ways no one could ever know. Along with more songs from the past albums that talk about the struggles of being lost between the Whiskey and God. I relate more to your music than any other artist. Never stop bringing songs like these. Thanks from another “Lost Soul” #BGnation

- Chase R5 star

Great album Brantley it’s been on repeat the whole weekend!! My favorite song is probably “New Money” go listen to it if you haven’t yet!!!!

- 😍5 star

This album is amazing😍😍😍

- The Romance!!!5 star

Pay attention cause this man knows just how to make a woman feel like a woman. The respect the love and the support. Everything he writes is real and it’s easy to connect to his songs because they are real stories. 🥰

- Love5 star

I absolutely love this album!!! He keeps getting better and better!! Fire and Brimestone has to be my favorite but I love the other songs as well! Been on repeat! Love it and BG! Nice job once again Brantley!

- Hits EVERYWHERE5 star

This album is just one hit after another. Brantley has done it again!

- His best work yet5 star

Realist country songwriter and artist out there. A real artist writes their own music, performs their own music and tell stories about their life. That’s why he’s the best and he never sells out. He keeps it in his roots and what he knows. I salute this album and the albums before this. Keep up the great art brother. Let them phony’s keep hating. They better stay on the porch.. BG NATION stand up!

- Pop garbage1 star

Is the bro dude trend over yet?

- Brantley at his best5 star

Every new record gets better than the last.

- Best around5 star

Great album

- Country will never die with this guy!!5 star

He’s one of the true genuine country artists left in the genre. And he continues to produce killer songs, keep it up man, you’re killing the game!! 🔥

- Solid stuff5 star

I remember seeing BG at the Devil don’t sleep Tour in Charlotte. A couple of days later after that concert my grandmother passed away. Emotionally I feel like BG the rough around edges battle scarred past life that I struggle with but with faith and hope and prayer for a better future and a better me. I can say that one song I’ll never forget is Outlaw in Me. BG if you ever read this thank you for writing that song that saved my life in one of the darkest hours of my life. If y’all loved Just as I am and Halfway to Heaven you’ll love this album . #BGNation

- Fire't Up5 star

The whole album is amazing. BG tells his stories and makes the songs real and relatable. I purchased the pre-order digital album then went out and bought a physical CD this morning also.

- AMAZING5 star

obsessed ! he never disappoints! Man of Steel is my favorite !!

- Amazing5 star

Fire’t up, tough town, and not like us give the amazing party feel that anyone can enjoy. Brantley is still at the top of his game!

- Fire & Brimstone- just like its title!5 star

In my opinion, another great BG album! This album reflects where I believe he probably is in his life right now, a man embracing his wife and children. As you would expect from BG, there are some kick butt songs as well as many good ballads. If you’re looking for well written songs with real thought behind them, BG has done it again.

- FANTASTIC!5 star

Brantley does it again with an incredible album!!!!!!!!!!!!

- BG Nation5 star

Brantley Gilbert, writes his own music and no matter what, if you are a fan, he writes to tell his story. If you listen to his music and have heard his story you know that he has been through some ish. Keep on Brantley, I can relate to your story.

- Awesome5 star

I was so excited for this BG album. Does not disappoint! Love it!

- Nice!!5 star

Just push play and let it ride!! Great Album, GB!

- Great album5 star

Great music as usual. Love the new songs. Good album to turn up on that radio!

- Album1 star

This album sounds terrible 2 good songs “Not like us” & “The man that hung the moon” the last album was alot better

- Keep em coming!5 star

Great to finally have another BG album to rock to! Don’t stop Brantley; you kill it every time, every album is better & better. I love how he unapologetically sticks to himself and his style, one of the many reasons I love him. Keep up the great work, loving this album!

- Amazing5 star

All the songs released are amazing. I love the stories Brantley tells through his music. He puts me straight in the feels! Cannot wait to hear the full album #bgnation

- Get over it5 star

Just who is “country “ these days. It’s funny how there’s some bashing his music. Yet you you’re taking the time to write a review. So you must be listening. His mission is accomplished.

- Darn Good5 star

My God, some seriously butt hurt folks in here. He does it his way, not one after another. And makes real music. Not trying to fit some goodie two shoes hypocritical mold. Fire it up indeed.🔥

- Losers5 star

All of these idiots saying he’s not country, they don’t know country. People evolve. They will sing what they want to sing. Get over it little pansies. Keep on going BG. Congrats on the kids, they are such a blessing.

- Amazing5 star

I can’t wait


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Tennnnis - Another great album5 star

This has everything every track a winner 👍👍

skyebee81 - Brantley’s the man5 star

If you want straw chewing, tumbleweed blowing country Brantley’s probably not for you, if you want rock infused country with a touch of heart, Brantley’s your man! Can’t wait!

T. Cott - Country Music Is the best form of Music5 star

People just don’t know what they are on about.... hopefully this review stays right next to old mates “horrendous” review. On Ya Brantley keep on producing dam good music!

That's Mr P to you - Country is the lowest form of music1 star


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