Fire & Brimstone

Brantley Gilbert - Fire & Brimstone album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Brantley Gilbert
Album Name:   Fire & Brimstone
Genre:   Country
Relase:   04 October 2019
Tracks:   15
Country:   USA

Fire & Brimstone (Brantley Gilbert) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Fire't Up 2:56
2.Not Like Us 3:03
3.Welcome to Hazeville (feat. Colt Ford, L.. 3:01
4.What Happens in a Small Town 3:23
5.She Ain't Home 3:21
6.Lost Soul's Prayer 3:28
7.Tough Town 3:26
8.Fire & Brimstone (feat. Jamey Johnson & .. 5:22
9.Laid Back Ride 3:18
10.Bad Boy 4:01
11.New Money 3:11
12.Breaks Down 3:09
13.Man of Steel 3:05
14.Never Gonna Be Alone 3:08
15.Man That Hung the Moon 3:30

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Fire & Brimstone (Brantley Gilbert) Album Comments

Fire & Brimstone (Brantley Gilbert) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate

    5 stars
    Not just a title but a way of life. There’s not a lot I can say to those who don’t like him other then your not like us and you will never understand B because you haven’t been down the same kind of road I can say this through my dark time B was there for me there no other artist that I turned to then him because I’ve never seen an artist open up like he dose to me this isn’t just a title it’s a way for us to tell people about the journeys we have been on thanks for all you do for music Bg you have Ben a big inspiration in my life
  • akj_jbm03

    5 stars
    Yes!. I’ve been a fan of BG since Modern Day Prodigal Son. He still has his Southern Rock songs that you can’t help but blast. There’s also songs that make you feel how much he loves Amber and his children. I love hearing this growth in who he is as a man. One of my favorite BG albums.
  • sndjdjsj

    5 stars
    BG 💀💀🤟. Amazing album !! 🤩
  • Biggfigg111

    1 stars
    Not as good as the previous albums. Just not as good. Just dnt have that original BG to it...... last album was better. But ant none of um been as good as the original hell on wheels
  • S&D03

    5 stars
    BG NATION STRONG. love it!
  • LaraCroft_NYC

    1 stars
    Same As All the others: Loud, noisy, Same "Tone". Same As All the other country singers these days: Loud, noisy, Same "Tone".
  • Dub from La

    5 stars
    Awesome again!!!. Been listening for years. Love, love , love me some Brantley. New Money & Break Down have to make it. Keep those tunes coming😊
  • Country life_jonahkatybay

    5 stars
    Why hate?????. So for all of these people commenting that this is trash, get over yourself. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. No one is forcing you to buy it. If you don't like how country is evolving, go listen to your old records. I don't care one way or the other. But... don't take other people down just because you don't like something. You never know how your words can change someones life. BG keep doing your thing. AMAZING album by the way. By the way, I played on the softball team country wide coached by Tyler Murphy. #BGnationrocks
  • Stevansbabydoll

    5 stars
    Love it!!!!. I love every single song on the new album!!! I already have 1/2 of the songs on my phone. I listen to them daily—all day! Also seen him in concert for the first time on September 22, 2019... AWESOME
  • Don Niahen

    4 stars
    Song. Good

Brantley Gilbert - Fire & Brimstone Album Wiki

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