Melanie Martinez - K-12 album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Melanie Martinez
Album Name:   K-12
Genre:   Alternative
Relase:   06 September 2019
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

K-12 (Melanie Martinez) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Wheels on the BusMelanie Martinez 3:40
2.Class FightMelanie Martinez 2:41
3.The PrincipalMelanie Martinez 2:56
4.Show & TellMelanie Martinez 3:35
5.Nurse's OfficeMelanie Martinez 3:22
6.Drama ClubMelanie Martinez 3:45
7.Strawberry ShortcakeMelanie Martinez 3:04
8.Lunchbox FriendsMelanie Martinez 2:49
9.Orange JuiceMelanie Martinez 3:37
10.DetentionMelanie Martinez 3:56
11.Teacher's PetMelanie Martinez 4:01
12.High School SweetheartsMelanie Martinez 5:11
13.RecessMelanie Martinez 3:50
14.K-12 (The Film)Melanie Martinez32:06

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K-12 (Melanie Martinez) Album Reviews

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  • ghsfvs

    5 stars
    This is a masterpiece. I’m in love with k12 the movie amazing the songs even better and the advice beautiful I truly recommend for you guys to watch it.
  • ZachW93

    5 stars
    Love!!. Her music is absolutely fantastic and is always about everyday issues. Anyone can release to her music. :) happy I purchased this!!
  • emilia vela

    5 stars
    Blown Away. I was never a huge fan of Melanie, but I did like a few songs. This album and its production and the way it was marketed through the movie really blew me away.
  • GET THE GAME!!!!

    1 stars
    STRAIGHT 7MAR 5ARA. ABSOLUTE TRASH. stream Hollywood’s Bleeding😗✌️✨💛
  • kristeenthomass

    5 stars
    Beautiful. Such a beautiful album that Melanie has created. Definitely makes me think about life in a totally different perspective. It helps me feel better about myself in ways I can’t describe. I would recommend k-12 to everyone in this world.
  • ashlyn0315

    5 stars
    5 stars. I think that this whole album is good and love the movie, my favorite song is probably high school sweethearts though.
  • Liv4LV

    5 stars
    Her themes are awesome. My husband turned me own to Melanie Martinez through her video “Soap”. I then explored her other videos, finding myself impressed with “Dollhouse”, “Pity Party”, and “Mad Hatter”. I bought the deluxe version of Cry Baby. I have been hooked every since. I was floored by the way she approaches concept. When I heard K-12 was going to be released, I was apprehensive. There is always the curse of the second album of an artist sounding like crap. Melanie did what is so rare, she made a comprehensive, thoughtful, and social discussion album. I truly enjoy it, with “Strawberry Shortcake” (about body image), “Drama Club” ( about society’s demand for conformity, and “High School Sweethearts” being my favorites. The whole album is awesome. Yet, if you watch the K-12 movie, the story becomes quit clear.
  • ue mo

    5 stars
    💗💗💗. this was gold💛
  • MelgoesRawrr

    5 stars
    um. yes.. she killed it again.
  • amanda c 😛

    5 stars
    loveeee. melanie is such a queen this is amazing

Melanie Martinez - K-12 Album Wiki

K–12 (spoken as "k twelve", "k through twelve", or "k to twelve"), for kindergarten to 12th grade, is an American expression that indicates the number of years of publicly supported primary and secondary education found in the USA, which is similar to publicly supported school grades prior to college in several other countries, such as Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Iran, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey..