Melanie Martinez - K-12 album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Melanie Martinez
Album Name:   K-12
Genre:   Alternative
Relase:   06 September 2019
Tracks:   13
Country:   USA

K-12 (Melanie Martinez) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Wheels On the BusMelanie Martinez 3:40
2.Class FightMelanie Martinez 2:41
3.The PrincipalMelanie Martinez 2:56
4.Show & TellMelanie Martinez 3:35
5.Nurse's OfficeMelanie Martinez 3:22
6.Drama ClubMelanie Martinez 3:45
7.Strawberry ShortcakeMelanie Martinez 3:04
8.Lunchbox FriendsMelanie Martinez 2:49
9.Orange JuiceMelanie Martinez 3:37
10.DetentionMelanie Martinez 3:56
11.Teacher's PetMelanie Martinez 4:01
12.High School SweetheartsMelanie Martinez 5:11
13.RecessMelanie Martinez 3:50

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K-12 (Melanie Martinez) Album Reviews

IQ Test

    5 stars
    Perfection!. This album/film is the best thing I've listened to (watched) in years! It's legit been on repeat non-stop. The wait was definitely worth it.?
  • shdhhdbdhdbdhdbbdd

    5 stars
    very good !!. you can see how much melanie has matured since crybaby . i love this album so much . i love how songs on this album tackle problems such as , bulimia , bullying , fake friends , being different , & many other things . 🖤🖤
  • Me myself and me and myself

    5 stars
    Best ever!. Best album anyone will hear! We need more singers like you🙂😊
  • hkg g

    5 stars
    K-12. I love it it’s sooooo good😁
  • 8989nurs

    5 stars
    I’m literally traumatized. This is ART
  • Thebossofallyall

    5 stars
    It’s is amazing. This album is one of the few best ones out there
  • Tcshewolf

    5 stars
    💞K-12. Best Albummmmm ever
  • Arianna_Jill

    5 stars
    Still the best. Amazing social commentary and aesthetic film with beautiful, meaningful stand-alone songs. Proud to be a Melanie Martinez fan.
  • Jessicacudi

    5 stars
    Amazing. Love this album so much
  • Leo123455678

    5 stars

Melanie Martinez - K-12 Album Wiki

K–12 (spoken as "k twelve", "k through twelve", or "k to twelve"), for kindergarten to 12th grade, is an American expression that indicates the number of years of publicly supported primary and secondary education found in the USA, which is similar to publicly supported school grades prior to college in several other countries, such as Afghanistan, Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Iran, Philippines, South Korea, Turkey..