Lindsey Stirling - Artemis album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Lindsey Stirling
Album Name:   Artemis
Genre:   Electronic
Relase:   06 September 2019
Tracks:   13
Country:   USA

Artemis (Lindsey Stirling) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.UndergroundLindsey Stirling 4:24
2.ArtemisLindsey Stirling 3:53
3.Til the Light Goes OutLindsey Stirling 4:46
4.Between TwilightLindsey Stirling 4:19
5.ForeverglowLindsey Stirling 3:58
6.Love Goes On and On (feat. Amy Lee)Lindsey Stirling 4:06
7.MasqueradeLindsey Stirling 3:21
8.SleepwalkingLindsey Stirling 3:47
9.DarksideLindsey Stirling 4:07
10.The UpsideLindsey Stirling 3:47
11.GuardianLindsey Stirling 3:20
12.AuroraLindsey Stirling 3:35
13.The Upside (feat. Elle King)Lindsey Stirling 3:48

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Artemis (Lindsey Stirling) Album Reviews

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  • nerdallaround

    5 stars
    YEEESSSSSS!. It’s so weird that Lindsey is getting into anime about the same time I am. This is an AWESOME album.
  • braedonC

    5 stars
  • Dahrk

    5 stars
    A Familiar Sound, But So Much More. "Artemis" is Lindsey Stirling's 5th Studio album, hot on the trails of her last debuts, "Brave Enough" and "Warmer in the Winter" (a holiday-themed collection). The underlying story incorporates fantasy and sci-fi, with literal focus on the Greek Goddess, Artemis. These elements can be heard, but especially seen in her Music Video releases from this album. It's like if you mashed up "Ghost in the Shell", "Alita: Battle Angel", and the Greek Mythos. And frankly, it deserves a film based on concept alone. As many will note, Lindsey's album "Artemis" recalls elements from her early YouTube days. It's hard to describe exactly how, other than "the vibe", but no one is complaining. Many tracks on "Artemis" have that early sound, likely due to less gritty dubstep elements, instead favoring cleaner electronic beats and crisp, energetic violin melodies. Each track has it's own unique flavor, whether it's the Hans Zimmer-esque "Underground", to "The Upside" - which hearkens back to one of Lindsey's first hits, "Electric Daisy Violin". Amy Lee's vocals are lended to "Love Goes On and On", and is beautifully haunting. "Masquerade" is a playful yet mysterious song reminiscient of its very namesake. And "Guardian" may just be the next empowering anthem you were looking for. Needless to say, Lindsey pours her heart and soul into her music. She always has, but something about "Artemis" takes it to new, inspiring heights.
  • popstar_girl

    5 stars
    Artemis ❤️. Me and my mom both love Lindsey Stirlings music. Her violin music is always beautiful.
  • daizuked

    5 stars
    love it. everything she does is just awesome

    5 stars
    Lindsey is a mega talent!🎼. What a talent 🙏it’s a little bit of Rock, Pop, Soul and Dance. Bravo Lindsey 👏 Get her genius Christmas album too. Amazing!
  • Alex Knauth

    5 stars
    I love most of the songs!. I love most of the songs on here! The songs Artemis, Between Twilight, Love goes On and On, The Upside (without the singer), Guardian, and Aurora are all in the realm of my favorite Lindsey Stirling songs or better, and the others on this album are also better than the lower half of the two previous albums. As a whole this might be my favorite album yet!
  • Ps2fanatic

    5 stars
    ❤️. Love it! 🙌🏻
  • MJBGalaxy

    5 stars
    Best Album Yet!. I loved every song on the album...highly recommend!
  • Scattershot666

    5 stars
    Amazing. Title says it all

Lindsey Stirling - Artemis Album Wiki

Artemis (; Greek: Ἄρτεμις Artemis, Attic Greek: [ár.te.mis]), in the ancient Greek religion and myth, is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the patron and protector of young girls, and was believed to bring disease upon women and relieve them of it. Artemis was worshipped as one of the primary goddesses of childbirth and midwifery along with Eileithyia. Much like Athena and Hestia, Artemis preferred to remain a maiden and is sworn never to marry. Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities and her temple at Ephesus was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Artemis' symbols included a bow and arrow, a quiver and hunting knives and the deer and the cypress were sacred to her. The goddess Diana is her Roman equivalent..