The Blue - EP

Death Cab for Cutie - The Blue - EP album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Death Cab for Cutie
Album Name:   The Blue - EP
Genre:   Alternative
Relase:   06 September 2019
Tracks:   5
Country:   USA

The Blue - EP (Death Cab for Cutie) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.To the GroundDeath Cab for Cutie 5:15
2.Kids in '99Death Cab for Cutie 3:13
3.Man in BlueDeath Cab for Cutie 3:02
4.Before the BombsDeath Cab for Cutie 3:41
5.Blue BloodsDeath Cab for Cutie 5:40

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The Blue - EP (Death Cab for Cutie) Album Reviews

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  • bigest catest

    2 stars
    Ewww. Zzz wake up
  • Teton Gebster

    1 stars
    DCFC and Ben continue in the wrong direction. Huge fan of everything in the time between Something About Airplanes up to The Open Door EP and I am just not liking this this latest EP and another giant step in the wrong direction away from the DCFC sound and style
  • adamapple10

    4 stars
    a vivid blue. a short but sweet collection that reminds you why you fell in love with death cab all those years ago
  • ...yea

    1 stars
    Embarrassing. At this point it would probably be best to just retire.
  • Toefingerz

    5 stars
    The Blue Ep. Great two first singles.
  • iceeeee

    5 stars
    Based on a single so far!. It was Xmas morning when I saw a new song and a SOON to be dropped new EP!! I wasn’t sure how they would continue with the same top notch tunes minus Chris Walla. Well to this fan they did just fine with the newest album🤟🏽 Seems like they have been reignited inspiration wise with the new band members and their chemistry together. That being said I hope this EP leads to a full length album in the coming months or early 2020 as well. It’s realistic to hope.. years ago they would drop new albums every couple of years instead of the normal 4-6 yrs between albums with popular bands. Anyways .. GREAT SONG that holds up with the rest of their catalog !!
  • rcschad

    5 stars
    “Kids in ‘99” is classic DCFC. Anyone who thinks DCFC best days are behind them hasn’t listened to this wonderful new single (or their latest album). Great beats surround a lovely minor-key melody. Don’t miss this EP.

Death Cab for Cutie - The Blue - EP Album Wiki

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