The Search by NF

The Search [NF] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.The Search 4:08
2.Leave Me Alone 5:08
3.Change 3:54
4.My Stress 4:12
5.Nate 5:02
6.Time 4:00
7.Returns 3:52
8.When I Grow Up 3:16
9.Only 3:45
10.Let Me Go 4:37
11.-Interlude- 0:49
12.Hate Myself 4:20
13.I Miss The Days 4:29
14.No Excuses 3:21
15.Like This 3:27
16.Options 3:26
17.Why 3:07
18.Thinking 3:12
19.Trauma 4:07
20.Time (Edit) 3:50

"The Search" is the fourth studio album by American hip hop artist NF. It was released on July 26, 2019, through NF Real Music and Caroline, and was preceded by the singles "Why", "The Search", "When I Grow Up" and "Time". NF embarked on a North American tour in September and October 2019 in support of the album. It debuted atop the Billboard 200, becoming NF's second US No. 1 album, and received generally mixed reviews from critics.

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The Search by NF Album Reviews

- 🔥


- It is a good album

Juicy It’s is the best album by far.

- Best album you can buy

This is the best album you can buy on iTunes until his next one drops, and if anyone says different, it’s because their mad he’s winning.

- Means so much

Every single song in this album is a song I can relate too and millions more I can speak for. This man is one of the reasons I can feel in a sense, close to normal and safe. He has inspired me to live every day like it’s my last reminds me that I am never alone, and fills every hole in my heart with love in the form of rap music . 🎵 ❤️🙂

- Da best

I love every song the song I love most is when I grow up

- 🔥🔥



Sounds just like someone I know

- Great Album


- An amazing album

This album came out when I was on a mission trip with my Youth Group last year. I literally stayed up every night listening to it while I was there. It’s such an amazing and beautiful album (true it is dark, but that’s his whole gimmick). You’re such an amazing artist! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us in the future! :)

- Kilt It🔥

He Kilt it.

- Everyone interprets differently

I found this album to be healing and relatable. I went through a divorce in recent years along with other issues and life has hit me hard since. I was always down but found this and his past albums to be helpful in working through my issues, through workouts, long car rides and digging into the lyrics. Thank you for your music. God Bless You. You have helped me in more ways than just good music. 🙏Truly, Thank you. God Bless You Nate and your family.

- Read this nf

I have no idea why anybody would not like you . Stupid fricking haters. Just keep going Nate.

- 💯💯💯 clean in any way

Listening to the song wile writing this but I feel bad because he has gone through all these things makes me feel like he needs a better chance

- Crazy

Nf is insane on this album These beats are all hard All these songs are amazing lyrically There are things wrong with this album but compared to other rappers It ain’t even a problem

- Raise Your Fists the Search Begins!!! ✊🏼✊🏼

Can’t wait for his new album!!!

- ?

Why isn’t this an Apple Digital Master?

- 👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽

👏🏽👍🏽👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽 Still number 9 after two years. Dude is awesome.

- 2800

FIVE STARS! But I find him on Cliff Beats channel on YouTube to find this guy in 2021!?! Tells ya something huh?

- The Best Rap Artist! No Debate.

There are some other reviews that are saying things like "He just writes about his depressing life. Just write about anything else. No one cares." And " His lyrics are stupid. So sad." I just have to say "I am very disapointed in these reviews. I think he is putting his life into EVERY SINGLE SONG. I really appreciate how all of his songs are clean. And how he praises the one and only God, and how he is working through all of his depression, sadness, and relationships, through Jesus Christ's help and guidance. And how he is actually concerned about how God looks at him. I feel everone should. He is just my role model. "You are the best Nate."

- Amazing

Gonna be go honest here. I found NF just a few days ago and have been hooked ever since. Literally the best rapper ever

- Hey Nate, How’s Life?

“I don’t know, it’s alright” That question, and the fact that it starts off the entire album, was an instant hook to me. Nathan’s music shows that life isn’t always alright. Nathan’s music is REAL, and the Search is absolutely NOT an exception to that. These songs are some of, if not the, most real music I’ve heard in my life. Well done, Nate. I hope life really is alright for you right now.

- NF is the bomb🖤

My fave rapper and can not stop listening to him. NF is G.O.A.T (Trauma makes me cry😓)

- Best music of all time

When I first heard some of these songs I cried. You put my emotions into words when I can’t.

- Great track literal fire🔥🔥🔥

People can say he doesn’t rap about God enough but I think he is trying to convey the struggles he went through and show people there is a light at the end of the tunnel and for all u haters out there who say he is a knockoff Eminem his song just here recently became the theme song for Monday night raw the longest running tv show there is!!!!


jdjdsjjdhdjdj im obsessed

- The Search😍

I❤️this. I have never liked rap, in fact, I hated rap before I listened to this. I am in love with this music. It’s so freaking good. Like 😲. And I feel for NF 😓 @JoostinplayZ - I agree!

- Amazing

Unlike any hip hop artist in the game today. NF actually talks about something a large majority of us can relate to. If his Clouds The Mixtape doesn’t take the top spot he is clearly being held down. All of the mindless mumble rappers have nothing on this guy. Period.

- (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

This is my favorite album Nate is awesome and so underrated 🔥🗝

- love this

love this

- My favorite artist

Best lyrics in the universe 🚀 NATE!!! YOUR THE BEST 🔥

- Woahh

Hate myself slaps hard but the whole album is pretty awesome. Love how he writes about life experiences and not just material stuff.

- Factz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

1 you understand everything he says, he has BARS for days!! He is a Awesome Rapper!! I love the way he tells a story like NAS and Eminem!! I’m definitely Supporting!! Keep making Great Music NF Rap Lyrcist!!

- NF brought some serious fire


- Buy it

Besides of it being a good deal his songs are amazing. They have a good impact and I love how it’s things you can relate too. It’s clean and honestly I highly recommend it

- Mwah 😽✌️✨

Gosh I love you so much Nate. You have no idea how much I relate to your songs👻. And I know you’ll never see this but if there’s even a sliver of chance that you will..just wanted to say that I hope your doing alright :))👍 Oh and this song is epic lol 🤪🤹‍♀️

- Wack af

Not it chief

- Love this album!

I’m 61 & my granddaughters introduced me to NF’s music. I love all of it but especially this album. Normally I don’t like rap unless it’s a short part in a song, but I love NF’s raw honesty.

- Nf is more than a rapper

I remember 5 years ago listening to the radio in my mom’s car, and “I’ll keep on” plays, and that was the first time I ever listened to NF. This was way before he came to fame and tore up the game, but that was when I started listening to him. As I got older, Nf was the only artist my mom and I both were okay with (we enjoy very different styles of music) and so I listened to him a whole lot when I was about 12, right before Perception blew up. The summer before my 7th grade, he dropped “The Search” single, and I remember counting down the days before the album came out. I listened to both “When I grow up” and “Time” within 24 hours after they came out, and I listened to the entire album the day it came out. When school started, my friends and me started going down wrong paths, listening to wrong music, stuff like that, but eventually, I came back to God, and I couldn’t have done it without Nf and his music. He’s not perfect- we all have faults- but he has really helped me. And so I wanted to take my time and (even thought he’ll prolly never read this) thank him. Btw we haven’t had any new music since “paid my dues” and that was in December! I hope this wait is worth it.

- Superb

Must have

- Most

Relatable artist

- The Search

The Song “The Search” is my anthem. Can relate in so many ways. Need to Listen if you haven’t. Great album. Speaks on so many levels. NF Definitely Delivered on this and beyond!

- Best Album ever produced

Perfection ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Realism is key.

All of the one stars are talking about how it’s a dark album, or how he’s talking about depression and other similar stuff. The truth is it’s just Nate talking about his life, and things he deals with. Everyone deals with this stuff and it shouldn’t be shunned if people feel that way. People love the music because he is honest about his struggles and doesn’t put on a facade about who he is or what he’s having struggles with. People love NF and his music because he’s extremely honest. He doesn’t hide his doubts about stuff and will be frank about his stance. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH THIS ALBUM!!!

- Love this album

It’s so good

- Really good

I enjoy NF albums. Hes such a great rapper and doesnt swear but still keeps it interesting. His lyrics are very deep.

- Insane

I didn’t know how easy it is to write a review until now however I have to say this may be the greatest album in music. This is so good and relatable. Been rocking with Nate since his ep when I was like 10 and his music has gotten better and better every time. Purely amazing and passionate he is and I just can’t truly describe how much of a masterpiece this is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Amazing!!🔥💯

If I could afford it I would buy the whole album!! So real. Do it for Christ!! #Mathew3:2

- NF the search

This is my personal favorite album in music history. This is a banger. “Change” is my favorite song right now it’s great. NF is the GOAT!!!

- 🔥Legend🔥

I really need someone to explain to me why this man didn’t get album of the year. NF is one of the VERY FEW rappers nowadays who doesn’t cuss or talk about girls, cars, drugs, or money and is still near the top. He keeps it REAL. Keep it up Nate

- 5 star people.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

To all of the people who don’t give the songs 2 or more stars are crazy. These songs deserve 5 stars each. Also I love all of your songs.

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- Perfect

The perfection of rap at its finest👀

- Absolutely incredible

This guy is so damn good. You’ll feel like he’s actually taliing to you directly. 10/10. One of the best albums from start to finish. Beats are fire!

- 🔥🔥🔥

I listen to this album like 3 times a day and going to the concert in Calgary!!!

- incredible

his best album, next to mansion. just crazy good lyrically. every song is meaningful. there’s no “filler” song. some songs are so dark, yet so therapeutic. you could tell he puts his heart and soul into his music. if nf isn’t nominated for a grammy, i will be shocked. you have artists like cardi b making trash music getting nominations left, right and center, yet nf, who makes REAL music, has yet to be recognized. hoping it’s his year!

- Amazing

Great Album

- Stop compare plz

NF’s NF bruhh! 🔥🎧✌️💪💪💪

- Don’t stop

Your music is definitely strong and it really helps me get by


Honestly the best ever album he has made! He definitely put his heart into it! But nothing can max How Could you Leave Us❤️. Good job Nate!! Keep up the good work. This music keeps me alive ❤️❤️

- NF + Eminem😭🙏

Waiting for him to collaborate with Eminem 😭

- Wow

Man oh man! NF makes another amazing album!

- Best album ever

Been waiting so long. The songs are so real. PERFECT album

- With out a doubt his best work so far

I don’t think it’s possible for him to make a bad song

- 🔥🔥🔥

Best rap album of the year for sure

- Respect 🤜🏻🤛🏾

Mad respect i got for you bro, up in the 867

- Disappointed

Therapy Session Vol. 3 This is like the 3rd edition to the same album. NF just doesn’t change his sound he has had the same aesthetic for at least 3 bodies of work and there’s not much of a change in his sound his instrumentals are mostly the same, his flows have improved however he seems to take some from Big Sean. The topics are the same, and 20 songs is way to many having Time and then Time (Extended) is lazy the latter not having anything extra put on except an instrumental. These critiques could be said for many artists in the industry however I like to see progression in sound and aesthetic in an artist and NF just got stale to me unlike a Denzel Curry or Ye who always progress and change there sound.

- Masterpiece

Every song is so well done on this album. You can really feel the emotions throughout the entire album. It’s a masterpiece

- Album of the year.

Masterpiece of an album.

- Nf fan

Love it as always

- Amazing

Lyrics are amazing. Sound is amazing. Album is amazing. Thanks NF for making real music.

- Favorite album

Good job nate❤️❤️❤️

- Great/Inspiring/Very recommended


- Quality

By far best rap album of the year

- Great Album

Love it!

- NF

This album is the only thing that helps me get through these days Thank you nf - time saved me, thank you

- NF is the best rapper

He talks about the stuff I’m going through in life. I just started listening to his music and his music has been apart of my day almost every day. Thanks NF. You are really great. Keep it up man. Keep it up. Love you.

- FIRE!! 👍😱🔥

This is NF’s best album by FAR. But now if you have any taste in music at all.

- Best one yet

Another work of art 🖼👍

- Stunning

This music is extremely therapeutic for me. I can relate to every word. This had better take off and get a Grammy!!

- Amazing

I literally have no words 🔥

- Moved

Not much music can move me like this has. Not only did it touch me on a personal but it also is so deep, truly a Amazing artist!

- Surprised

Just heard about this kid, not bad my man

- ♥️🖤

Bought the album apple took the money went to go play it it’s not available I’m my region only song available is let me go get it still took the money


one. hundred. percent. absolute best album YET!

- good

definitely something I like to listen toooo really good!!!!!!!!!!!

- Best

Nf fan

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


- 🔥

the album was worth the two year wait 🥵

- Amazing album!

Each song is epic!

- Amazing!!!

Nate is such an amazingly talented person.. so impressed. I feel these songs. I seen this tour live, it was so special to me!!

- Amazing


- Underrated

How is this not mite popular great job the lyrics are the best rap lyrics ever too👍


Yes. Real music.

- Amazing

This album has so much it’s hard not to sit back and take it all in.

- 👍👍

Great album dude keep up the good work

- Absolutely Incredible

From beginning to end this is an emotional journey that speaks volumes to how real NF’s music is.

- Hi

I’m a huge fan of rap, but all rap songs swear, but NFs songs don’t, and that why he is the greatest singer of all time

- LOVE this ALBUM❤️

Honestly the best album EVER!

- An emotional lyrical masterpiece

Lyrical genius. So much emotion. Relatable af. Beats are amazing. Should be the number one rapper out rn

- NFfan

Goosebumps listening to every album... Thank you NF ..... The world needs a lot more people who are REAL!

- Yes

Is good

- So underrated

He’s to good

- Amazing

The best album I’ve heard this year

- Love it

My fave album in agggeess

- Goat

Bars coming back to rap!

- Nf

NF is a GoD

- 😴😴


- Brilliant

NF sounds like a lot like Eminem and I love it! Keep up the great work!


Even though I have Spotify, I bought the album 🤷‍♂️

- First two songs: Incredible

The first two songs that have been released are deep and hard, showing NF's journey out of the darkness and search for the light.

- Masterpiece

This is brilliant. The story telling, the flows. This is right up there for hip hop album of the year.

- Ka okte newfoundk:).; s r££€

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- A nice app for you dee

Hi there just a few hours I’m injoing deee

- YEET& dance

I just want to dance to this songs 👏

- 🤩

This is to good

- 🔥

Next level🔥

- Best album of the year so far!!!

He’s gotta be one of the best rappers in the world these days and he keeps getting better!! I’ve loved every album he’s released and this one probably tops them all 🙌🏽


This man is incredible. I love his two new songs and he is so raw and honest with his lyrics and look at his fanbase now. Good on u NF

- I love Luke punch

Straight fire 🔥👌

- Great album

Every song had feels. Real music

- Amazing

Best album of the year by far

- Best Album Since Kamikaze

NF is killing it with these dramatic flows and lyrics, definitely should have an award, people wanted rap, NF has delivered


Best album keep it up Nate

- 😵

Every song of his reminds me why I love his music

- Insanely creative

His deepest, darkest, most emotional album yet. ❤️🔥

- Real music that triggers every emotion

Best wordsmith I’ve ever heard, bars are made of gold And he knows exactly what’s going on and taking every fan a long with him on the journey. He’s releasing chapters of a story.

- Real Music

NF is an absolute Legend!! I really relate to his music and it has helped me a lot over the years. This album is going to be Epic!

- I

I was fine for 11 years Suicide is rapidly approaching I have started shaking tears are some what common I... I can’t get the help that I need I always told myself that I was gonna grow up have a job then I started seeing how purposeless I was I.. I’m trying my best to stay alive but I. Think I’m going to pass soon

- The search has helped me so much thank you Nf

Thank you so much for this album nf it has help me to get through some stuff

- Been here for ages

Keep doing what ya doing man amazing songs, constantly stuck in my head (it’s a good thing tho)

- Awesome

Literally best album since Recovery by Eminem

- NF is a legend

This album can’t come quick enough

- Great so far

I love what he has done so far, I’m super keen for the rest of it to come out!!

- Amazing as always

Nate, The Search, When I grow up, Only, Hate myself, Why, Time, Let me go and Leave me alone are all some of the best tracks Ive heard all year. Great work, and keep it up! 10/10

- Best Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The search just wasn’t get ya dancing


this man is truely inspirational and this album is amazing! so good. 🖤

- One of his most open albums🖤

Been waiting a year, so worth it🛒🖤🔥

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- 🙌🙌


- ❤️


- Omg this is sick

Only been out for bout 25 mins Already in love

- Outdone himself again

How does he do this so flawlessly? I love this album after track 3

- I can’t relate

But I listen to it like a story

- 🔥

Insane! No other words needed

- Who is the one kid who wrote the 1 star review

Your wrong

- The Wait Is Over

On the third time round listening to this album already. The wait was well worth it, The whole album is unreal. You can tell he puts in a lot of energy in what he writes, which makes it easier to connect with I can’t decide which song is my favourite because there all that good! 2019 is your year 🎵🙌

- Amazing

Another amazing album from nate himself!

- Amazing

Having found Nate a little over a year ago I’ve constantly had his songs on my playlist and all I can say is this album is so compelling, so open and honestly just beautiful. Made me cry a few times, this man is a true genius and should be proud of his achievements🗝

- Legend

This guy is on another level every album is absolutely 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

- Incredible

It feels so relatable yet so different and I love it

- So real

Raw emotion

- 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Best album I’ve ever listened to, every track is 🔥🔥

- Amazing


- Work of art

Love every song

- God bless

It’s never easy to open up to billions of people but he’s willing to be honest and make music that could potentially help others. All the best to his future plans!

- An undisputed masterpiece!

Nate's lastest album is nothing less than a masterpiece of genre. It's earnest, serious and cinematic in tone, themes, musical cues and execution. The production value is clear and the songs are thoughtful, introspective and above all inspiring. Helpful tracks to any fan or listerner who's going through 'stuff'. The man is a vital rap artist in my opinion. Skilled. Brilliant. A beautiful album. This guy deserves every bit of his success!

- Unbelievable

This guy is unreal. Every song on every album is absolute quality. Most albums give 3 or 4 good songs and the rest are fillers but this guy just gives unbelievable value for money and he does it all without swearing.

- Simply Awesome!

NF strikes again, simply an awesome album! Bigger things coming Nate! Keep it up!

- Absolute fire

By far his best album yet this guy gets better and better in every album very underrated his the best in the game

- Masterpiece

Nate’s best record yet, he is undeniably one of the most unique artists right now. He deserves all the success in the world from this album and I hope to see him selling out every show at his upcoming tour.

- Wow.

Nate always outdoes himself. By far one of the most under appreciated artists!

- Good nat#%,es album is great

I like his style of music and some of the songs are playlist-worthy.

- NF

This album has such a wait but is so good

- Amazing

Every single song on this album is a masterpiece in its own right. It hits every note. So many different emotions, you have a certain feeling and this album will get you through it. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful songs. Thank you NF!

- Can’t wait

Been a fan since Therapy Session and can’t wait to listen to this master piece, been waiting patiently.

- Real

As per usual real music amazing work mate

- Best NF album so far

This was soooo worth the wait. Amazing stuff!

- Amazing

Love this album, Nf gets better by the album

- 🏆

This album is one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to not just by NF but everyone I’ve ever listened to. He’s going to one of the greatest rappers of all time

- 5/5

What else can you call it, it’s NF the best rapper right now

- What a lot of us needed to hear.

This album too me, is someone pouring out their heart about struggles with life and mental health. How it changed them, how it affects them and how it moulds them. This album too me is a huge sigh of relief that i dont feel this way alone, this album is bigger than a beat and words, this album is closure, its a pat on the back, its a sigh of relief to not be alone. Thank You NF.

- Must have in your playlist

For any mood

- Best Album I've ever bought.

I've listened to all the songs multiple times and still get chills from every single one.

- Yesssssss

Nate is back with fire.

- Mind Blowing, just beyond incredible 🖤🗝

I am honestly astonished and breath taken once again, by Nathan’s talent. Every word, every lyric sends me goosebumps, sends me into my own world, allowing me to feel safe and like I know I’m not alone. Thank you Nathan. This world needs more people like you man, I swear ❤️

- Goosebumps

Proper US rap, meaningful lyrics with great chorus’s

- 🥰

Another excellent album - one of the only rappers who can master so many styles



- Straight 🔥

Just NF being real af

- Love this

Been a fan sines therapy session, there’s not a single bad song on this album nate is amazing, COME TO SCOTLAND NATE PLEAAASSE

- .


- Incredible album

Album structure is very good. Can listen to the album start to finish over and over. Thank you for creating such real and passionate music. 10/10.



- Another absolute banger just like all of his other albums!!!

This album is awesome! Just like his other albums, it tells a story and tells you what Nate has been through in his life. He expresses and shows it in such a creative way and the quality of this music is like nothing else I have seen before. Each album has Nate has made it keeps getting better and better! I can tell he puts all the passion he has into his music! He’s not like no other ordinary mumble, flexing and cocky rapper, he is himself all through every album he has created! His music videos on this album is like a TV show episode every-time, continuing from the last music video! that’s how amazing and incredible the creativity and quality is! In the songs, he raps and sings about events and things that people may relate to. This music helps so many people from reaching out and getting help with life to stopping suicide. If you are suffering from depression or even have trouble with any other symptoms that effect your life in a negative way then I highly suggest this album and his others! In my opinion, this is the deepest and best album he has made. I will support this man through everything he has gone through because he deserves all of the support! If you are reading this I highly suggest you stream this album or even go and purchase it. It is definitely worth it. - George.


this album is amazing. you need to listen to it. it’s so raw and honest and just shows Nate’s brilliantness (yes i know that’s not a word) ITS AMAZING ITS AMAZING ITS AMAZING

- Just wow

Incredible Nate. So proud of you

- Nf

I’m glad we have an artist like you in this world

- One of the best albums ever!

The songs in this album are perfection with every song having lyrics that speak to your mind.NF should have a Grammy.

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NF - The Search music album wiki will be updated very soon...

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