Without Fear

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Artist:   Dermot Kennedy
Album Name:   Without Fear
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   04 October 2019
Tracks:   13
Country:   USA

Without Fear (Dermot Kennedy) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.An Evening I Will Not Forget 4:05
2.All My Friends 4:07
3.Power Over Me 3:26
4.What Have I Done 3:37
5.Moments Passed 4:31
6.The Corner 3:21
7.Lost 3:44
8.Rome 3:22
9.Outnumbered 4:05
10.Dancing Under Red Skies 3:46
11.Outgrown 3:20
12.Redemption 3:48
13.Without Fear 5:19

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Without Fear (Dermot Kennedy) Album Reviews

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  • Avbinder

    5 stars
    Takes my breath away. I haven’t been caught off guard and completely swept away by an artist in years. He popped up on a shuffle and I’ve fallen in love with his lyrics and music ever since! Absolutely breathtaking in concert as well. A true talent.
  • bibliopile

    5 stars
    Emotional and thoughtful. This is not music to play in the background. Dermot Kennedy is a true poet and an inventive, passionate musician. His voice and turns of phrase command your attention in all the best ways. I'm in my 60s. I have a few lifetime favorite music artists and bands; now, Dermot has vaulted to the top of that list. I'm a relative newcomer to his music but I can see how those who've been following him for a while must be beyond excited for this long-awaited debut. For those who are bothered that he put a few of his "oldies" on this album, please consider he hoped to give the best representation of himself with this collection, and those early songs are so integral to his personal story. There is beautiful new instrumentation and new vocal effects in "An Evening I Will Not Forget" and "Moments Passed" in particular that make those lyrics all the richer. Don't pass this up. Dermot Kennedy will touch your heart and make you think.
  • Slydel47

    5 stars
    Unreal. Beautiful music
  • novaragirl

    5 stars
    Heavenly. Dermot Kennedy is a gift.
  • The Yeeting Cow

    1 stars
    The Five Star Ratings I Don't Understand. He's trying to rap but obviously failed BAD
  • sb_2

    5 stars
    A True Authentic Artist. Dermot Kennedy is honestly my FAVORITE artist of all time! I still remember three years ago when I discovered his music for the first time I was smitten. There is absolutely nothing else out there like his music! The world has needed Dermot Kennedy for a long time. I think the main reason I love the songs is because it is so raw and authentic. Every word flows in such a poetic, beautiful way. I can’t wait to see him in concert soon!
  • Monkey122703

    5 stars
    Brilliant. If you don’t know who he is yet, you will soon. After years of following him it’s spectacular to see him release this album. It’s complete artistry and soul grabbing.
  • Hscudder85

    5 stars
    A masterpiece. Truly the most magical, poetical, lyrical album ever to grace this world!! His voice and power set your soul on fire!
  • Kat.Wooten

    5 stars
    💗. I looooove this album!!! he speaks to my soul!! everyone needs to listen to it!
  • The Music Lives Forever

    5 stars
    Amazing. Sometimes an incredible talented songwriter, musician comes along that is incredibly talented. That person has arrived in Dermott. I am so looking forward to watching and listening as his career grows. But for now I am going to enjoy listening to this album many many times.

Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Album Wiki

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