Without Fear by Dermot Kennedy

Without Fear [Dermot Kennedy] Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1 4:05
2 4:07
3 3:26
4 3:37
5 4:31
6 3:21
7 3:44
8 3:22
9 4:05
10 3:46
11 3:20
12 3:48
13 5:19
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Without Fear by Dermot Kennedy Album Reviews

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- Perfect5 star

Amazing album. Poetry to music. Bravo.

- Fabulous!5 star

Powerful and captivating voice. Intense and exceptional lyrics and the music is lovely.

- Legend in the Making5 star

Just wait.

- Favorite artist5 star

Beautiful in all the ways.

- Loved it5 star

Music knows no age. I discovered this artist by accident. I love every song. Accidental discoveries, at 3AM, can change a person. Love, anguish, friendship, hope, dismay.... it’s all here.

- Amazing5 star

Every song will hit you. He is An amazing singer, musician and songwriter. Seriously one of the best albums I’ve ever hear. He can invoke emotions from you. I love this talented man! Can’t wait to hear anything he puts out next.

- Very Good Album5 star

This album has really grown on me, I love it.

- Solid Album from a talented artist5 star

Great album full of real life, painful relationship situations. Great mix of piano, rhythm beats and the occasional violin to create his unique sound which backs an impressive array of clever and powerful lyrical content. While this album appears to be a watered down re-release of his now unavailable self titled album, lacking some of the raw emotion of it's predecessor, it is still a remarkable album full of passion and loaded with what has been a rotation of favorite songs for me.

- Ehhhh2 star

I’m sorry but I’m breaking the chain of 5 stars. But it’s really not my taste in music. I don’t know what’s the hype about to be honest. It not that good of an album

- Amazing Artist5 star

Soulful and heart wrenching singer. Even better in concert must see and hear

- One of my favorite albums!!5 star

This is a masterpiece! It breaks my heart

- Without fear5 star

Love the remix on Evening, and Outgrown/What have I done totally blow me away

- This dude is so freakn talented and inspires me!!!!4 star

I’m in love with this guys style!! So fresh and different!

- 10/105 star

Love it 💙💙

- Pure bliss5 star

Can’t get enough

- His voice is lovely.5 star

His voice is magic. I can feel it moving inside me. Changing my mood, changing my mind. It makes me smile, dance & remember wonderful memories that I had tucked away.

- Touches your soul!!!5 star

This is my favorite album of all time. Honestly he is able to make you feel so much with every song!!! He should be number one in the US also! His lyrics are masterful!

- Perfect expression!5 star

Masterful!!! Rarely can you feel a soul’s unbridled passion. Funneled, filtered and infused strait to the heart in amounts that fulfill the longings of life and yet leave your essence longing for more.

- Takes my breath away5 star

I haven’t been caught off guard and completely swept away by an artist in years. He popped up on a shuffle and I’ve fallen in love with his lyrics and music ever since! Absolutely breathtaking in concert as well. A true talent.

- Emotional and thoughtful5 star

This is not music to play in the background. Dermot Kennedy is a true poet and an inventive, passionate musician. His voice and turns of phrase command your attention in all the best ways. I'm in my 60s. I have a few lifetime favorite music artists and bands; now, Dermot has vaulted to the top of that list. I'm a relative newcomer to his music but I can see how those who've been following him for a while must be beyond excited for this long-awaited debut. For those who are bothered that he put a few of his "oldies" on this album, please consider he hoped to give the best representation of himself with this collection, and those early songs are so integral to his personal story. There is beautiful new instrumentation and new vocal effects in "An Evening I Will Not Forget" and "Moments Passed" in particular that make those lyrics all the richer. Don't pass this up. Dermot Kennedy will touch your heart and make you think.

- Unreal5 star

Beautiful music

- Heavenly5 star

Dermot Kennedy is a gift.

- The Five Star Ratings I Don't Understand1 star

He's trying to rap but obviously failed BAD

- A True Authentic Artist5 star

Dermot Kennedy is honestly my FAVORITE artist of all time! I still remember three years ago when I discovered his music for the first time I was smitten. There is absolutely nothing else out there like his music! The world has needed Dermot Kennedy for a long time. I think the main reason I love the songs is because it is so raw and authentic. Every word flows in such a poetic, beautiful way. I can’t wait to see him in concert soon!

- Brilliant5 star

If you don’t know who he is yet, you will soon. After years of following him it’s spectacular to see him release this album. It’s complete artistry and soul grabbing.

- A masterpiece5 star

Truly the most magical, poetical, lyrical album ever to grace this world!! His voice and power set your soul on fire!

- 💗5 star

I looooove this album!!! he speaks to my soul!! everyone needs to listen to it!

- Amazing5 star

Sometimes an incredible talented songwriter, musician comes along that is incredibly talented. That person has arrived in Dermott. I am so looking forward to watching and listening as his career grows. But for now I am going to enjoy listening to this album many many times.

- Love him5 star

His voice is absolutely amazing.

- X5 star


- i like4 star

nice nice

- Absolutely incredible artist and album!5 star

One of the best albums I’ve heard in a while, his voice is unreal!

- Flawless5 star

Dermot Kennedy is a very talented individual. He’s a singer/songwriter that tells beautiful stories with both his words and his voice. The ability he has to transport you to a place and time you’ve never been, through his songs, it’s refreshing. This album has been a long time coming and it did not let down.

- Love❤️5 star

nothing disappoints with Dermot.

- On repeat ❤️5 star

How does he make me feel like he knows me? I’ve been following Dermot for a few years now and this album was worth the wait. It’s mesmerizing. Every song takes you on an emotional journey. And that voice. 🔥 This album is what music is all about. It’s rare and I cherish it. Can’t wait to see you live in AZ.

- Dermot’s music has heart!5 star

This guy is the real deal.

- A Poet and an Artist5 star

I’ve been following Dermot’s music for years. Streamed his songs on poor YouTube recordings a thousand times over. Drove 10 hours to see him live last year and it was one of the best performances I’ve ever witnessed. This guy is one of the greats, and this album is just the beginning for him. His music is sonically approachable, but it’s his lyrics that keep you. It’s purely poetry, and I think what he writes about and the way he writes it is what really moves people. It certainly does in my case. A powerhouse. Great, great album.

- Dermot can do no wrong5 star

Mastering previous songs and some new ones, Dermot can literally do no wrong musically in my mind.

- Amazing Album5 star

Followed him for a while and was awaiting this first full album and it didn’t disappoint! Great sounds and his voice is unique with depth. This one is a must listen!

- Awesome5 star

Pure, Raw, Emotion - Fire 🔥

- Everything an album should be5 star

This is masterpiece quality filled to the brim with hope, longing, and sorrow. So many emotions.

- Lyrics will shake you to the core5 star

Such a wonderful display of his talent, range, and poetry.

- From the soul5 star

Highly underrated artist, he truly sings from his soul and brings tears to my eyes Everytime and Goosebumps to my arms

- Best album I’ve heard from any artist in a LONG time5 star

Every song, every lyric, so so good ❤️

- Goosebumps Everywhere - Incredible5 star

This album is amazing - I haven’t been this excited for a release in a while and my expectations were exceeded. Because it’s his first feature length LP, there are some tracks that will be familiar. But these songs were carefully placed and new versions were created for this album specifically. “An Evening I Will Not Forget” is a perfect way to start the album and a beautiful version of this song I fell in love with a while ago. The album has fantastic production and is mixed SO WELL. Make sure to listen in good headphones so you don’t miss being surrounded by the power of Dermot’s voice... or the emotional piano playing... or the building percussion... or those digital sounds that add layers of texture to the tracks. This album and this artist are incredibly special and I can’t recommend it enough - I’m going to make sure to tell “All My Friends” and I hope you do the same.

- Magic ✨5 star

Everything this man touches is gold!!! I love his voice, his words, the music. So refreshing ❤️ The world has needed Dermot Kennedy. I’m glad he’s arrived.

- Brilliant5 star

Love is not a strong enough verb. Incredible talent. Great album!

- Perfect5 star

The best album

- Greatness5 star

Wow I’ve been following him for 4 years now and he worked very hard on this album. This by far his best music

- Amazing!5 star

Everything this man does is pure magic. Even when he re releases songs, they are so different 😱❤️


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Awesome Neufeld - 👌5 star

New favourite artist🙌🙌🙌

MStarhunter - An Instant Classic5 star

What a fantastic album of music. Even if I didn't love every song on this record (I do) I would owe this man a purchase for the countless hours I've spent listening to the various live versions all over Youtube. Very, very happy with my investment. Highly recommended.

imaRhymer - Amazing!5 star

Blown away by the talent, the lyrics and the impact this artist and album have on me. So amazing!!

Uzman18 - Amazing!5 star

Best ever music 🔥

Kayla Hoff - An album you can listen to on repeat!5 star

I have been listening to the album ”Without fear” on repeat for 2 days now. ”Power over me” was the first song on the album I had heard and that was what hooked me, then ”Outnumbered” came out and sealed the deal. While the wait for the whole album felt long, it was well worth it. It's captured me, I have fallen in love with his voice and this album.

aveias - Art for Ears5 star


🌙Moon Godess🌙 - Musical masterpiece5 star

Dermot Kennedy is a musical genius

Madnad03 - Best5 star

❤️ music to my soul

KTBROX1988 - I’m dead5 star

Bury me now.

Bex Bodanis - STUNNING5 star

I have been highly intacpating the relase of this album for months. I was a bit worried because sometimes artists who release accoustic, vulnerable music, return with an over produced radio worthy full length album. But I can assure you this is NOT that. It has been mastered beautifully and still contains all the reasons we love Dermot. The raw attention to detail and the musicality we have grown to love is packaged up so nicely. Such a great follow up to all the ep's and singles.

allie_ecker - This is art5 star

It's currently 12:30am on October 4th, album just released, and I'm sitting here with tears falling down my face because I've never heard anything more beautiful than this music. This art.

RustyDemarco - yoooo5 star

thought that was tyler joseph for a second so 5 stars just for kinda of looking alike in the slightest.

Airwick Punz - Biggest beauty & amazing band members5 star

It doesn’t get better than this guy. I’ve gone to every one of his shows in Toronto so far, and every single time my mind gets even more blown. His band mates and coordinators, specifically Quinn, Kieran & Jonny are the biggest beauties and just totally down to earth. It’s time for dermot to take over the world, and this album will for sure do the trick. LFGGGG baby

Kirsten79 - The Most Important Artist of Our Time5 star

Dermot sings to the deepest part of our souls. Every person who hears him feels heard, and connects to the intense emotion that flows so naturally from his massive heart. He is poetry in motion, and his voice heals. His new single Outnumbered was perfect as of the first listening. Verklmept. His talent is beyond the beyond. And he will forever be my favorite. Thank you Dermot for existing in the same timeline as me.

My Therapy! - LOVE IT5 star

This is one of the best albums i've heard, its deep, well thought and very well made!

Ankles12 - Great debut5 star

Was so excited when he announced his debut album. It does not disappoint

Gunzo82 - Dermot Kennedy is such a great artist5 star

Been waiting a long while for Dermot Kennedy's 1st Album to arrive and he has not disappointed. A superb mix of songs I've heard from him before and new material. Looking forward to seeing this guy perform live one day.

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unicorn manuigc 4&*t - It’s alright3 star


OlliePNo1 - Such an album5 star

Such a beautiful album. Outnumbered ❤️❤️

reece8765 - Woah5 star

The power in all of these songs... I very rarely post reviews on albums but if you’re looking for an album to listen to, THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST TO CHOOSE FROM Seriously, outstanding work on this album, I wish I could make music half a good as this!

Chloegarrett - Amazing and soulful5 star

I listen to all his music on shuffle, love all his songs and put his music on to fall asleep every night. The soul, the feeling, the emotion, the meanings behind the words and the songs are breathtaking

Reggie2186 - Great album5 star

Every song he releases is gold!

meepysheeps - Wow5 star

Love this song it is just calming and the song is beauty within the lyrics. You should listen to it RIGHT NOW!

Musicfan612 - YES!!!!!!!!5 star

What an album. Such a talented singer. All my friend needs a lot more love

Vucsi86 - D O P E5 star

An evening I will not forget is killing! Loving Dermot’s voice!

you better play it - Wow5 star

Absolute musical genius 👌🏻 love it

Marzbar1627 - Ughhhh 🖕1 star

This is sooooo bad I would have given no stars if that was an option.

YenWools - Amazing singer!5 star

Love love his voice! I can listen to it over and over again, and still want to hear more! :) Outnumbered and Power over me my favourites!

John from Durham - Radio version5 star

Can they release the radio version of outnumbered ,it very good 😃

lindalou2222 - 💫💫💫5 star

Breathtaking! One of the best albums I’ve ever purchased

mrldoublee - Class singer5 star

What a absolute banger of a album, Dermot’s voice is amazing and the album is top, top quality. 10/10

Nomadic Heart - Poetry brought to life5 star

I cannot explain how captivating Dermot Kennedy’s voice is. So raw and powerful that it transports you from a rainy day into whatever the song is about. I cannot fault this album - it makes you want to sing your heart out!

roscopicotrain88 - Totes emosh!5 star

I have been looking forward to this album for a very long time having first seen Dermot two years ago. It is a belter.

Ajohnh - 👍🏽👍🏽5 star

Such a good album.. well worth the wait for it

Twinkle555432 - Beautiful ❤️🌟5 star

No other words to describe this but a beautiful continuous poem brought to life through the incredible voice of an incredible writer

Tune91 - The best album I have ever heard5 star

Literally cannot stop playing this album. Absolutely amazing vocals and so powerful. Love it!

kieran 07 - The best5 star

I listened to it and it reminded me of many things also it’s so relaxing

benj0rd - Beautiful5 star

Love it

Cuthbert10 - Brilliant album5 star

On repeat since release... even if it does remind me of an ex 😅😂

Emilyy N - Amazing5 star

The rating speaks for itself

Dizzytim - Excellent Live!5 star

We went to the intimate album launch gig at The Brook Southampton and it was a stunning performance from Dermott. He was absolutely pitch perfect, charismatic, humble and an all round passionate performer. He sounds exactly the same live as he does on the CD and you can’t say that for too many artists! 10/10 Roll on the Dome Brighton in December 👌🏻

Sarah-lou-89 - Obsessed.5 star

Can’t wait to see him in December

JJ Daley - Dermot Kennedy5 star

Never disappoints! Deserves so much more recognition🙌🏻

JustDave123456 - Needs more attention his way !5 star

incredible and impactful music!

alllllleeeycat - Beautiful5 star


fpuurrddyy - THE BEST!5 star

Been waiting for this album for years. Worth the wait! Thanks Dermot x

Kateohara - Sounds of my soul5 star

Simply beautiful

courtneynel21 - loml5 star

the actual love of my life

Anna_Easton - AMAZING5 star

Dermot Kennedy’s music touches the soul with every single song. His music is so special to me, its simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing this Dermot.

Onilot - What if the love you deserve is love you never find...5 star

Awesome Dermot!

did you send the number - Ireland cancelled1 star

Music cancelled

BaltimoreRavens1 - WOW5 star

I prefer this to Lewis capaldi this is godly

EmilyBethKing - Amazing5 star

Can’t wait for the rest of this album! 😍 going to see him in December! 🙌

Emma Raf - Outstanding!!!5 star

Just heard Dermot on Sunday Brunch, amazing, powerful and I wait to see his career boom!!!!

Keri.nash - Just WoW!!5 star


Shanstar2013 - Soul touching5 star

Definitely worth pre ordering or buying when it’s released. A very talented artist

Conoorrrrrrr - 5⭐️5 star

If I could pre order this a million times, I would. An incredible songwriter 💚

Luke_Bowden31 - Unreal5 star

I don’t even need to hear the album to know it’s gonna be amazing!

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Cat_Clifforan5 star

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Prdslix5 star

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KratomMontana5 star

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NF_Libby5 star

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Calsvalentyne5 star

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Calumgivenchy5 star

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Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Album Comments

What do you think Without Fear album? Can you share your thoughts and listen experiences with other peoples?

Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Album Wiki

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