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Artist:   Sheryl Crow
Album Name:   Threads
Genre:   Singer/Songwriter
Relase:   30 August 2019
Tracks:   17
Country:   USA

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  • Johnny Lo

    4 stars
    One of her best!. Only gets better with each listen. What a glistening collection of songs!
  • hippdog

    5 stars
    Masterpiece - double album for the price of one. Written in genre of her guests.....each song is unique in presentation, arrangement, and attitude. There is a duet with johnny cash that is soooooo dark, and yet hopeful. How long has this album been in the making? Absolutely brilliant work. I've been listening non-stop for 3 days and it just gets better and better. Songs with Bonnie/Mavis, or Joe Walsh, Chris Stapleton, Lucius, st. Vincent, James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Jason Isbell, and on and on. This is something, what a great price for essentially a double album.
  • OnlySethDavis

    1 stars
    Weakened voice. Wow Sheryl sounds like an actual crow on this album. Her voice is shot like elastic. No wonder she doesn’t want to release any more albums.
  • vjskls

    5 stars
    Another Gem from Sheryl. Man. What a great album. Don’t stop Sheryl.
  • Wheeliegirl

    5 stars
    Not a single bad track. I can't find a single track that I don't like. My faves are "Dont" because it reminds me of a 60's girl singing group and "Wouldnt Want To Be Like You" which reminds me of the girl Alt band Northern State. Colaberations with new artists I had never heard of that will make me seek out their collections, like St Vincent and Lucious, and a lot that are beloved legends, Joe Walsh, Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, James Taylor and oh so many more!
  • Road Gripper

    5 stars
    A gift wrapped treasure.... Sheryl has the presence to pick up the phone, call anyone in the music industry, and ask them to join her for a song. Beyond brilliant, every song is a treasure of talent wrapped around warm and heart-felt songs. Her duet with Johnny Cash is goose-bump worthy, her soft melody with Willie Nelson reveals a simple tenderness that unfolds in layers. Enjoy the wealth of true talent on display, it's music at it's best.
  • 247horseman

    5 stars
  • Dlee All in One

    5 stars
    Anywhere. This Lady can go anywhere in music she wants. This album brings some of the Greats in Rock & Country right along with her. The whole album is alive. Thank You Sheryl!
  • G38vt

    5 stars
    Fantastic. Great album. Every song on this album good.
  • SpikeHobbs

    5 stars
    Top Notch. Love the collaborations, love Sheryl and the vibe of the entire album. No hesitation claiming this as one of the most innovativeand musical albums released by any artist in the past decade. Thank you for the heart, soul and vibe, Sheryl Crow and Big Machine!

Sheryl Crow - Threads Album Wiki

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