Die a Legend

Polo G - Die a Legend album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Polo G
Album Name:   Die a Legend
Genre:   Hip-Hop/Rap
Relase:   07 June 2019
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

Die a Legend (Polo G) Album Songs

Song TitleTime
1.Lost Files 2:00
2.Dyin Breed 2:59
3.Through da Storm 3:15
4.Effortless 2:51
5.Pop Out (feat. Lil Tjay) 2:46
6.Battle Cry 3:12
7.BST 3:22
8.Finer Things 3:02
9.Picture This 2:45
10.Chosen 1 2:07
11.Deep Wounds 3:00
12.Last Strike 3:17
13.A King's Nightmare 2:47
14.Pop Out Again (feat. Lil Baby & Gunna) 3:43

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Die a Legend (Polo G) Album Reviews

IQ Certificate
  • fortnite 600

    1 stars
    Cringe. I used to love this song but now it is cringe and there is no clean version
  • Yomomois this

    1 stars
    Trash. Terrible.
  • Savge Sqaud Blue

    5 stars
  • dow 16

    5 stars
    Gets me pumped. Dow 16
  • juicy_waffle_savage12345678909

    5 stars
    All I have to say is it’s 🔥. Polo g 🔥 he’ll die a legend no 🧢
  • Postyfan24/7

    5 stars
    AlexR. Polo G really does put passion in his lyrics. So many great things are ahead of him. Great album, really want to see him on tour. Cannot wait for new music❤️🔥
  • Landon Harbison

    5 stars
    love the song .. but i wish there was a clean. this song is amazing . i love every part about it . i especially love the lil ‘ jay part . i really wish there was a better clean version than the ones on youtube .
  • Jay160697

    5 stars
    Too hot. Best rapper, trapper, lyricist, too 🔥🔥🔥. The chosen 1.
  • FatDuck23

    5 stars
    Best Album Ever. No Cap 🧢
  • FGL forever

    2 stars
    Iyt. The only song worth listening to is pop out. It’s a god song. Best song of the year

Polo G - Die a Legend Album Wiki

Die a Legend is the debut studio album by American rapper Polo G, released on June 7, 2019. It features his US top 20 single "Pop Out", as well as the remix to the track titled "Pop Out Again" featuring Lil Baby and Gunna. The songs "Finer Things", "Battle Cry" and "Deep Wounds" were also released prior to the album. The album received critical acclaim from music critics. .