Oh My Messy Mind - EP

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Artist:   James Bay
Album Name:   Oh My Messy Mind - E..
Genre:   Alternative
Relase:   10 May 2019
Tracks:   4
Country:   USA

Oh My Messy Mind - EP (James Bay) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.Peer Pressure (feat. Julia Michaels)James Bay 2:56
2.BadJames Bay 3:45
3.RescueJames Bay 2:54
4.Break My Heart RightJames Bay 3:23

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Oh My Messy Mind - EP (James Bay) Album Reviews

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  • melzzzzzie

    5 stars
    Amazing. I love James Bay so much. His last album was a disappointment because it felt like he lost his identity and soul as an artist. This album speaks to me on so many levels. Hits me right in the feels. Makes me happy and sad. And there are only four songs, I’m excited for what is next.
  • Mamaz526

    5 stars
    I missed you.... That last CD couldn’t have been you. And you went with it because you’re a people pleaser. But there are plenty of pop-producing, leather wearing artists out there... we listen to you, because of your originality! Because of the comfort you showed in your own skin. Because of you being you. So stay you! Thank you for finding your way home again. I never gave up hope... and you didn’t disappoint. 💜
  • Go Seminoles

    5 stars
    He’s back. Amazing Last album was the industry getting ahold of him. Tracks like these are what got me to listening to him.
  • Mana Mahani

    5 stars
    Love it. I really love this album, makes me feel better
  • StrangeCrab

    5 stars
    Great addition to his music repertoire!. Oh his messy mind has managed to create a reminiscent formula from Chaos and the Calm (freshmen album) and added some Electric Light (sophomore) ballad hint to his music! Definitely a refreshing organic singer/songwriter compilation of music in this sea of commercialized music!
  • Roobee Doo

    5 stars
    Bad.... ...is so good
  • TinaMarie1023

    5 stars
    **Standing Ovation**. James Bay Can Do No Wrong! His Stunning Vocals, And Musical Arrangements Are Flawless. Definitely Playing On Repeat.
  • Thewiffle

    5 stars
    Yes king!!. So glad he’s back
  • Minner laine

    5 stars
    Love❤️. He’s so talented, yet so under rated. I can’t wait till everyone figures out how good he is!!!!!
  • Ryan160

    5 stars
    Back to it. James Bay's EP puts him back to what got him going. I liked his last album it was fun but this is what I like to hear from JB.

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