Happiness Begins

Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins album wiki, reviews
Artist:   Jonas Brothers
Album Name:   Happiness Begins
Genre:   Pop
Relase:   07 June 2019
Tracks:   14
Country:   USA

Happiness Begins (Jonas Brothers) Album Songs

Song TitleArtistTime
1.SuckerJonas Brothers 3:01
2.CoolJonas Brothers 2:47
3.Only HumanJonas Brothers 3:03
4.I BelieveJonas Brothers 3:37
5.Used To BeJonas Brothers 3:04
6.Every Single TimeJonas Brothers 3:32
7.Don't Throw it AwayJonas Brothers 2:52
8.Love HerJonas Brothers 3:13
9.Happy When I'm SadJonas Brothers 2:38
10.TrustJonas Brothers 3:00
11.StrangersJonas Brothers 3:53
12.HesitateJonas Brothers 3:28
13.RollercoasterJonas Brothers 3:01
14.ComebackJonas Brothers 2:35

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Happiness Begins (Jonas Brothers) Album Reviews

IQ Test

    5 stars
    ARACLIE maffie. Robert maffie
  • Bl00862

    2 stars
    Not a fan. The songs are ok I guess, but I hate sucker.
  • Arsassin Ninja

    5 stars
    Every song is a Hit for me!. Every song captured my heart so easily. I’m usually iffy about comeback albums, but this one is pure gold. It’s rare when I like every single song on the album and I honestly can’t wait for another one to come out, because know I can’t get enough of the Jonas Brothers, again!
  • lex111446636

    5 stars
    Love!!!. 🥰🥰🥰
  • Alyssa Wiser

    3 stars
    Missing the Old Sound :(. So glad that they’re back together, but I really miss their old sound :( the guitar and the drums, just the whole idea of their “rock” sound. I really miss it and I hope they bring it bag in their future music!
  • progamesunited

    5 stars
    I like it. I like the song sucker
  • texas chainsaw addict

    5 stars
    Love this band. I love this band harmony is still alive
  • Slappy900

    5 stars
    💀. ❤️ IT!!!!!!!
  • goldenturtle268

    5 stars
    whoop whoop. this is a FANTASTIC album!! my favorite is only human (sucker is good too but it's kinda overplayed) but all of the other songs are pretty good!!
  • sunshinemox

    5 stars
    Your best album ever!. Great job!

Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins Album Wiki

Happiness Begins is the fifth studio album by the Jonas Brothers, released on June 7, 2019, by Republic Records. It is their first album since 2013's Live, and first studio album since 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times. It was preceded by their comeback single "Sucker" as well as "Cool" and then “Only Human”. It’s promotional single is “Rollercoaster”. The album debuted atop the US Billboard 200 with the largest sales week for an album since 2017..